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View more. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation. Login Toggle navigation. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Data Expeditions. Duke Dissertations Dissertations by Duke students. Graduate Liberal Studies Capstone projects. Masters Theses. Nicholas School of the Environment Master's projects. This paper is a creative work that explores the relationship between psychological healing and the writing of poetry.

Primarily creative, the paper presents poetry written in a variety of contemporary styles, from French Theorists and scholars primarily characterize Michelangelo Antonioni as a Modernist artist who uses Abstract Expressionist techniques seen through the geometric composition of framing: diagonals, counter-diagonals, vertical This thesis seeks to elucidate the relationship between experiences of discrimination and mental health state among the Muslim population at Duke.

Thus, I came up with my own teaching strategy see chapter 5 , which is based on the following linguistic analysis. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Adoption procedures in Bulgaria and Germany: Comparative analysis. Essay from the year in the subject Law - Comparative Legal Systems, Comparative Law, , language: English, abstract: The primary objective of adoption is to provide children with parents. The legislatures all over the world set up the well-being View Product. Ambush Marketing - Cleveres Marketing?!? Die Palette des Angebotes ist lang und nahezu jedes Master's Thesis from the year in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, Die Bedeutung von Marken im 'Internen Marketing'.

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And that is important to me. And that brings me to my second reason, which is that of scale. The readership of this blog is becoming rather large. That would be counterproductive for all of you. So, I limited myself to a narrative description of the elements and organization.

And of course, if opinions differ, follow mine! Just be careful who you ask. There are some terribly ignorant and irresponsible senior scholars out there. Two thoughts: 1. Put name and page numbers in the header so they show up on each page besides the first one. Everyone who will review it knows what it is. At least for humanities and social sciences. Like many practices in academe, it is old-fashioned, like including the snail mail addresses of letter writers in References. But it continues to hold sway. Oh my god, those two!!!!

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That column is one of the primary causes of this suffering! Or perhaps I should thank them for giving me so much business. Dude, think! They work in Career Services! Are you aware of how much damage well-intentioned Career Services people do to poor, hapless Ph. Perhaps you are not. But I will tell you, because I see the outcome of their advice in my business every day.

I know that they work closely with Ph. Let me put this another way. Tenure track hiring is now the equivalent of the Olympics. What was good enough at local, city, state, and national levels is reduced to. Mistakes within the. Sure enough.

This outburst was not actually directed at you personally! You were just the catalyst for a rant. So in that field at least, it looks like this is not required or normal. This may be both a field and a generational thing. I never wrote it out on mine or was advised to do so and I was fortunate enough to score 3 campus interview, one of which was a hire. CV formats are a pretty clear signal in themselves of what the document is.

I like the feel and the look of it, the clarity it brings, and the ease of reference it affords. I recommend all my friends who are on the market to come here whether they are ABD or deep into a TT. Very valuable resource. Thanks for the time and effort you put into sharing your experiences with us. Any thoughts? Not elegant, but clear and more elegant than yucky numbers. Jen, in my field Classics , different colleges and universities of course have widely ranging numbers for courses. First, allow me to make a distinction here with which Karen and others may or may not agree.

But for my external CV, for me to list, e. I tend to list the course title as it was taught followed, in parentheses, by the approximate level as it would translate into the majority of peer institutions. On the issue of US vs. A simple and coherent format could be as follows:. Apparently including dollar amounts for grants, even if relatively small, is becoming de rigueur in my field in the US.

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Casey, thanks for this. It certainly makes sense that in the financial downturn even smaller amounts of funding would carry weight. All types do it, though. I would say this is becoming increasingly expected in both education and public policy two fields that I deal with…. Casey, thanks. I do see a macro-economic logic to this emerging practice. It suggests that even though you are in the humanities, you are competitive enough in a field that it is extraordinarily underfunded to get hard-to-compete external or internal funding, which suggests something about the quality of your research.

I think this depends on the type of person you are. My Ph. I have listed funding amounts for my internal CV which I used for promotion, but I removed the funding amounts for my external CV which I am using for a new and tentative job search. This points to a certain psychological barrier to CV-development that I think is revealing, and might really go a long way toward explaining why the CVs I get are such an unholy mess. I think the CV might just be the very epicenter of guilt, shame, resentment, inadequacy, and fear among young academic professionals… By the way, this is not a judgment of you personally, just a helpful observation for me, arising out of your comment.

Participating in the summer programs is not nearly as prestigious as being a fellow for an academic year, but considered important nonetheless. Do these go in Education although no degree is awarded? Do they go in Fellowships although unfunded? Would blog posts for online publications an arts journal or for a museum be included? If so, where? Tricia, these are the kind of things that get complicated I mean 1. Some people do end up putting these under Education. For those of you facing this question, I would probably opine: if you have one of these things only, put it under Education.

Online publications are absolutely to be included. Charlotte, I see a series of queries by you to this blog post. I unfortunately cannot respond to all queries at this point in time as volume exceeds my ability to keep up. That would allow a personal review of your actual CV. Email me at gettenure gmail.

What if you declined a postdoctoral fellowship? A critical point that I will add to the body of the post. IF the fellowship is a major, prestigious fellowship it would need to be external to your institution , then by all means list it, with the note declined. That is not padding, because the review process of top fellowships is among the most rigorous in the land, so the award itself, as opposed to your condition of having accepted it, is the honor and the evidence. And what if you were the runner-up for a prestigous post-doc?

Also runner-up or semi-finalist for prestigous book award? The book went on to win an award, but I am still up for other postdocs or TT jobs. Sorry, no runner-ups or nominateds, in the Dr. Karen model. I think it looks chintzy and like padding. Hey Karen. I have a question about the ordering of academic awards and fellowships. Is it acceptable to list the awards and fellowships in order of significance like putting a Fulbright at the top , instead of chronologically?

Or might that look too strange? Sorry, no, you must not, under any circumstances, ever change the principle of reverse chronological order. That one act alone could definitively damage your standing and credibility. This is why academics have ulcers. Thank you for the reply. I adjusted my CV to reflect your advice. To avoid having more prestigious awards get buried, I removed some more minor grad school awards, like travel awards.

In the big picture, that stuff is less important, although at the time it was the difference between paying and not paying rent! Meta-question: how consistent are expectations for CVs and other job stuff across disciplines? Is there a way of finding out if a particular department is deviating from the disciplinary norm? It is not typical that a department per se will deviate from a norm, or, in a related vein, demand that external job applicants conform to some odd internal model that is not public.

So, as long as your CV conforms to basic expectations of format, order, organization, etc, departments WILL allow for wide variability. The problems that this set of Rules is meant to address are rather those variations that take your CV into the realm of the unprofessional, amateurish, improper, misleading, self-sabotaging, etc.

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That is why I am not giving a physical model, just a set of rules. Because as long as you get the organization and the principles behind the organization, you can vary somewhat, and still have a CV that works for you on the market. How do you format this so the second and subsequent lines look spiffy? A table is better, IMHO — you can apply paragraph formatting to just one column so that it still wraps in the right place, has indentations, or whatever you are aiming for without having to mess around with adding and deleting tabs in order to get things to line up correctly.

Karen: Having a website that includes photos of fieldwork, etc. Where do you think it is most appropriate to put the website address: in the CV or the cover letter or both? Also, it would be great to see a post on academic websites, if you feel so inclined. I would put it on the CV, at the top, just under the address material. I am at present completely unqualified to opine on academic websites. My years of departure from academia coincided with the widespread adoption of the practice of the academic website.

For academic projects of mine that have or are! I fortunately stumbled upon your blog just a couple of days ago and have been reading as much of it as possible since— I appreciate your straight-forward style and look forward to future posts! This CV post, in particular, comes at a great time for me.

I am not posting a model CV for reasons explained in an earlier comment—mainly, some variability, while still following these rules, helps to retain the individuality of your document. Good luck! Do you still think this is true if you know how to create running headings, i.

I notice you suggest condensing teaching experience when it runs above 15 courses. What about conference papers? I worry that I may be listing too many, but as someone doing interdisciplinary, transnational work, I keep up with national conferences in two fields, and often present in 2 or more countries per year. Thanks for this extremely useful post! I have one more question, not covered by the post and in comments.

In our dept. How can I make it clear that I have been sole instructor in these courses without resorting to verbiage? In this case, a little bit of verbiage is necessary. No need t elaborate—i designed, taught, graded, etc. Those responsibilities are understood. Thank you so much! The CV doctor post has me opening mine up and cringing at the unnecessary things!

Though, I try to keep a running list of everything in some file so that I can pull things out when necessary As far as instructor on record etc I think some times it depends on the fields. I think in our neck of the words it is understood that foreign lit grads teach primarily language courses with no other instructor present.

Though, I suppose it does not hurt to make it abundantly clear that you were the only one responsible for the course. Sally raises an excellent question, one with which I wrestled about 7 years ago when applying for my current TT job. At my Ph. I addressed the matter in 1 dynamic but short sentence in my cover letter, and avoided mention of it on my CV.

By then my CV already had 1 post-doc and 1 tenure-track position on it. For a variety of personal reasons my CV will have very few publications and no teaching experience outside TAing. Thus, I am wondering what is the best way to present a sparse CV and discuss its shortcomings in the cover letter — if indeed I should address them at all. I also have the following questions: — If I was a guest lecturer at a high school and community college while I was a graduate student should this be included on my CV? How should my CV reflect this? I have done work in organizing, served on the executive committee, and gone to a couple of conferences.

Now, having said that, yes, I do hear rumors that union activity works against candidates! This makes me want to vomit. But I want readers to be aware. Sadly, I recommend leaving off. Or is this considered padding? And if so, I suppose the Publications section should take precedence over the Conference Activity section, right? An interesting subtlety. I think they should be listed twice, since the first represents participation at a conference, while the second represents a later vetting process and the publication cycle.

What do you think about putting your name at the top of the page in a font that is non-traditional? If you want a different look, small caps is an option. It came to my attention recently that some folks are listing job talks under Invited Talks in their CV. I hope the good doctor addresses this point, because I had the same question. What to do with job talks? Does this make me deceitful??? So, Dr. I know! The Professor is unsure! I guess now that there are two comments about this question, I will crowdsource it to learn what the prevailing view is. I see totally persuasive arguments on both sides.

Mulling over this as I just had an unsuccessful interview at a strong institution. To me it seems like advertising a failure. It forms most of my departmental work and, as a potential doctoral student in rhetorical composition, it is a strong selling point. Hi Karen. Just found your site, and I love it. Since many of the schools to which I applied were teaching-oriented, and my TA reviews and adjunct teaching reviews are stellar, I put a short section summarizing my average 5 point ratings on a few questions, and maybe four student comments. Your thoughts? Amateurish or helpfully innovative?

Sorry, but deviations like that make you look desperate and unprofessional. Deviations tell the opposite story. Put that information where it belongs, in the teaching portfolio, and let your record calmly speak for itself. Hi Karen, I am a new immigrant in Canada. I have gone through most of your correspondence online and I feel you can be of assistance.

Do you have any advice for how to present creative work on a CV? Many programs in my field Theatre expects faculty to be active as both artists and scholars. Excellent question, but one that requires an answer from an expert. Please do start gathering the cvs of senior faculty in your field, and follow their general practice. For the field of theatre creative work is the equivalent of scholarship. It also is evaluated according to its scope— acting or directing or designing more a major regional theatre is more valuable than a local community theatre.

Whether it is Equity or not may determine whether the work is considered professional or not. A fellow theatre professor. Like anything, it depends on your creative work and discipline. However, if you are a dramaturg, or a theatre history professor, or something else that would necessitate a PhD and not an MFA, your CV will probably be different than mine, even though we may be in the same department. He did, and I have used his model ever since. My best suggestion to you is to do the same, for whatever part of the field you are in. I have had two tenure-track jobs and am now on the hunt for another.

I follow the model I think search committees in my discipline are looking for, but learning more about the professionalism of the entire document is very helpful. Thanks Karen. Thanks for these notes. I am a recent Ph. Should I list them on my regular CV? Thanks for this site, MW. Oh, excellent question! A couple of considerations. If your Ph. Two have innocuous titles though one of these makes fun of Trump , but one is about my life as a graduate student in the voice of Werner Herzog.

Should I leave all of these off my CV, or is there a reason to leave them on? This is a judgment call. But if by English you mean English lit, then there is no inherent reason you have to include it, and no requirement that you NOT include it! Or you can leave off. If I did writing for a club newsletter or something while i was still an academic I would not have listed that work on my ac.

So in short, this is a question with no clear answer! Pingback: Jill Bohle jill. Would you recommend just listing my position as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and the years held, and leaving off the list of course titles? TA experience does pretty close to nothing for you on the market.

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Where does a book under advance contract go in the order of publications subsections? What exactly should the subsection be called? It seems like a book contract should be worth more than a book review. Any ideas? Others may disagree, and I would accept their logic, but this is what I did and suggest others do.

Great website! I have a question and a comment. Obviously you would keep your own working copy in non-PDF format, but that one would not switch computers and platforms all that frequently. Swimming: Absolutely not! Research Interests: yes. MA Thesis title: yes.

Undergrad awards: Yes, for now. When you have more stuff, remove. I am applying for Ph. I have been a Roman Catholic seminarian, and I also intend to return to the seminary which means I will eventually be ordained a priest and work in ministry, although professorships in seminaries is not entirely out of the picture.

I have occasionally cooperated with another individual in planning and teaching the classes, but for the most part I have been solely responsible for the preparation of and teaching the courses. While it does not particularly apply to my area of study phenomenology , it does help paint a picture of who I am.

Should I include any of these things? Thanks for your guidance! I have a lot of teaching experience, because I have taught since my first semester in grad school. However I have also taught several courses multiple times. Do I only list the first year I taught it, or do I list the last date I taught it?

Any recommendations would be appreciated. People do this differently. Karen, I love your blog and you will definitely be hearing from me in the future, as I get closer to the job search! Would it go under Research Experience? Does it get its own subheading? If I was in my field site for a summer, do I include the months and years in the date column on the left, or do I include the duration, e.

What should the entry itself say? It goes under Research Experience. Do list it there. The grants are a separate thing, even if they funded the research. Never include anything but year in the column on left. Put the months not days, and not duration in entry. Your proposed research wording si fine. Should fieldwork conducted for an undergraduate dissertation and field school experience be included under research experience on an ABD CV? This is actually a good question.

Conference Abstracts

The titles would of course give it away that these are similar presentations you are making, even if the content is not exactly the same in both cases my research may have evolved between presentations, say. Is choosing to selectively present information on your CV unethical?

No, actually you continue to mention each and every one. I personally recommend not recycling the identical title each time. But some people do. Any thoughts on discrimination of publications based on your position in the author list? This may be particular to the physical sciences, but it is common in my field to have papers with 50 or more authors. Readers of your CV will naturally give less weight to your inclusion on those publications than, say, being the first of three authors. When truncating long author lists, some people use a snippet of descriptive text like.

Good question, and worth addressing in the post. Thanks for the help reconstructing my CV but how about some consistency? You said bold only for headings. Now you are saying to make your name bold in the authorship? Should it just be listed with the rest of your book reviews, along with other non-refereed publications, or in its own section?

This is called a Book Review Essay. I suspect there are disciplinary and situational variations here. Now, I have seen a handful of senior CVs that list the names of students supervised. But my feeling is that it just seems mildly inappropriate and off-point. Or any other opinions about this question.

Is there a way to show that you have supervised undergraduate or graduate students without listing the specific students? None of my positions held post-doc, instructor, adjunct would suggest supervisory responsibilities without a separate listing. Thanks too for the post on the difference between US and UK approaches — very helpful for someone schooled in the colonies, now attempting to make some headway in both job markets.

I have a bit of an odd question, perhaps. I received a large amount of media attention of my work a few years ago, and am about to be on the job market. Certainly, the national and recognizable ones, but what about the local, regional, and somewhat obscure international ones? Another says I should only list the major interviews so as to avoid looking pretentious and possibly distracting from other sections of the resume. What would you suggest? I agree with the latter advice. My name is non-western, long and apparently very difficult for people to pronounce or remember.

After an exhaustive application process I had only one interview and the interviewers stumbled over my name more than once. Harry, I had a friend with the same problem. He started putting his nickname in quotes very short and easy to pronounce in English between his long, hard-to-pronounce name. He started getting calls back right away. Is that still true for an undergrad applying for grad school? Are there any other changes I should make? Kerry, congrats on your excellent efforts to do grad school right. The rules are a bit looser for undergraduates, for sure.

You can very briefly describe the substance of the research that you did as an undergrad. But in truth, there is little purpose served in verbiage that looks like padding. Just list your accomplishments and stand by them. Oh and one other question: which publications do I include? I have a couple first author and several 2nd 3rd … etc. Although I built all the experimental apparatus for all the research referenced in these papers, I was not directly involved in the experimental results…. Karen, I have a question about maternity leave.

I have been ABD for a few years but took time off to work full-time. The job was in my academic field and I have multiple publications from it. I have now re-entered and have a paper accepted for a conference. What do you think of that? As a personal-political-social thing, I think it should be ok to acknowledge that there are times when women are on leave to have and care for babies.

But in academia, one is more likely to feel guilty than justified for those months. Age-related question: When I first went back to school i. This advice, right or wrong, has stuck with me and embedded a bit of paranoia. You mention here that, on my CV, I need to include the years of my degrees. I am extremely hesitant to list a date that out-of-date right at the top of the first page. Is it ever acceptable to leave those three dates off the document, leaving only teaching and publications, and conferences etc.

The comment stream has a lot of different thoughts on this very question. Hi Karen, can you clarify how we list reviewing articles for peer-reviewed journals on the CV? Thank you. Congrats on having the best and most concise academic CV resource on the web! This website is amazing, and this post in particular and all the reader comments probably saved me from writing a CV that would doom my chances of getting an interview.

  • Freiheit und Recht (German Edition);
  • The Ravens Heart: A Story of a Quest, a Castle and Mary Queen of Scots.
  • Date Night Slut.
  • I would be very grateful if you took the time to answer my questions below. Many other TAs in this class did not have such responsibilities. Can I, and should I, indicate this on my CV somehow? Any other comments appreciated as well! It goes under Ed and under any Prof. TA work is fundamentally not respected or considered hire-worthy, and advertising yours makes you look more like an amateur than a professional. Should I list my fieldwork, and the language skills needed to complete it, in a separate entry?

    Or are these things implied in the title of my finished PhD, which references the particular country in which I did the work? Thanks so much for your helpful and candid advice! Does it make you more memorable or is it amateurish? My adviser, a giant in his field, and a very professional man, has more than twice now asked me to include a picture of myself on my CV [because he says I am a good looking woman. I am wondering if his advice is simply old-fashioned.

    His letter of recommendation for me is highly supportive, and free of feminine adjectives and descriptions. What should I do? I have just finished my MA in Drama and have been asked by a university to start throwing my hat in the ring for teaching positions as a sessional. As I begin to restructure my existing CV I have a few questions that have not come up in the above comments. Would you say that they should go under another heading?

    While I do teach for grades second through undergrad, I also am the curriculum developer for at least 4 of the programs I implement. It is so helpful. The comments and questions that have come up are just as useful also. But Workshops Facilitated will get the job done—you can keep it. A line of explanation would be permissible here, but no more. It is hard but not completely impossible. What about academic professional positions for someone transitioning into a new field? I held years of significant research and management related AP positions before going back to school.

    Research Experience? I have a fair amount of faith that my advisor will make this clear in a letter of rec, I have the great luck of having a fantastic advisor. Can I leave the dollar amount absent for this listing but include it for other, smaller grants? Smaller grants would include dissertation fieldwork grants that are expressly in my name. I graduated with my PhD in May and am currently employed full time as an editor at a well-known academic journal. Thanks for any advice! Dear Karen Thank you for your site, I just discovered it yesterday, and just in time.

    I am applying for postdoc fellowships and your blog saved me from embarrassing mistakes in my CV. I hope you still read this post, so I will ask my question.

    Abstracts of Marketing PhD Theses: Analysis and Pedagogical Application Abstracts of Marketing PhD Theses: Analysis and Pedagogical Application
    Abstracts of Marketing PhD Theses: Analysis and Pedagogical Application Abstracts of Marketing PhD Theses: Analysis and Pedagogical Application
    Abstracts of Marketing PhD Theses: Analysis and Pedagogical Application Abstracts of Marketing PhD Theses: Analysis and Pedagogical Application
    Abstracts of Marketing PhD Theses: Analysis and Pedagogical Application Abstracts of Marketing PhD Theses: Analysis and Pedagogical Application
    Abstracts of Marketing PhD Theses: Analysis and Pedagogical Application Abstracts of Marketing PhD Theses: Analysis and Pedagogical Application

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