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They specialize in quick and quiet kills that often look like accidents at first glance. And while it is costly to hire them, they claim to be able to kill anyone, no matter how powerful. However, with George R. Here are some facts about the Faceless Men that is not in Game of Thrones. Despite their low-key presence, the Faceless Men have been around for a long time. The order supposedly started in the slave mines of Valyria.

An unknown figure heard slaves praying to various gods for death. The man gave a merciful kill to one slave and recruited another to join him. This process went on until the order grew. But it is interesting to know the group originated from slaves, and how they might be inclined to support a ruler with a history of emancipating slaves.

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But much like the X-Men mansion in the Deadpool movies, the house is pretty empty to due to budget restrictions. The book adds a few more members to the squad.

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Arya describes a kindly man who teaches her in the House of Black and White. There are also members she describes as the fat fellow, the handsome man, the squinter and the starved man, among others. Westeros and other parts of this world wage wars in the name of what they believe to be the one true god.

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However, the Faceless Men believe everyone is, in fact, praying to the same god. They believe the God of Death is represented in each religion regardless of what he is called. While there do not seem to be set rules for who may join this order of assassins, they do take the title of Faceless Men literally.

It is said that having women part of their group is very rare. Even rarer is having children trained as assassins.

The reason for these restrictions is unclear, but it is interesting to note considering how Arya Stark became involved with the Faceless Men. Despite being a female child, the group has taken a major exception with her. To hire the Faceless Men to carry out an assassination is certainly costly. In the first novel, A Game of Thrones , Littlefinger shoots down the idea of using them to assassinate Daenerys Targaryen as the price is too high. But while it might always be a high price, the services of the Faceless Men are available to anyone willing to pay.

Game of Thrones: Tom Wlaschiha Talks Jaqen H'Ghar, Arya's Faceless Man | TV Guide

Even someone without a single coin can still hire the Faceless Men, so long as they are willing to give up something they value. The Faceless Men are not seeking to be rich, they just believe death has a price. Aside from the extensive set of skills one needs to become a member of the Faceless Men, there are also strict rules to obey. We saw in the show, that Arya was punished for killing someone whose name was not given, as well as refusing to kill someone whose name was given.

However, the most serious rule is that they cannot kill someone they know. A Faceless Man is meant to be a stranger and kills only to serve their god. Considering Arya has used her skills only for her own revenge kills , she may yet have to deal with the wrath of the Faceless Men. Thankfully, the books offer some more insight into things. After drinking a special concoction, the Faceless Man cuts their own face and the blood allows the mask to fuse with their face. The masks come from people who have given their lives to the Many-Faced God. When the Faceless Man puts on the mask, they inherit the memories of the deceased person.

Arya has become a skilled killer, but it would be nice to see how that takes a toll. Despite the Faceless Men being prolific assassins, we have yet to see an actual member of their order kill a major character. In the books, they are equally low-key, but evidence suggests they were responsible for killing the Balon Greyjoy. In the show, Balon is killed by his brother, Euron, who then freely admits to the deed. The books take a subtler approach. However, in the later books in the series, there seems to be hints that they are involved in a larger conspiracy.

In the prologue to A Feast For Crows , a novice working in the Citadel named Pate is killed after selling a key to a mysterious man whose description matches that of Jaqen H'ghar. The key in question can open any door in the Citadel. Later, when Sam travels to the Citadel, he meets a novice named Pate, suggesting the Faceless Men have infiltrated the Citadel. The question is, what are they up to? We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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Is the human journey itself an evolutionary process leading toward greater embodiment of our own divine nature? The world and its troubles appear differently depending upon which view you hold. They have come to shake us from our consensual trance of forgetfulness. They wake us up. They remind us who we really are.

They come to save us from ourselves. Browning introduces us to just such an individual. The Nameless Man is a story that will grab you by the heart and take you on a journey. In a beautiful and seamless way, the characters become members of your own family. Before the end, The Nameless Man is your brother and your teacher.

When you finally look up from the pages of this book, you may just find yourself in a different world than the one you thought you were born into.

A Nameless Man A Nameless Man
A Nameless Man A Nameless Man
A Nameless Man A Nameless Man
A Nameless Man A Nameless Man
A Nameless Man A Nameless Man
A Nameless Man A Nameless Man
A Nameless Man A Nameless Man
A Nameless Man A Nameless Man
A Nameless Man

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