The What If Guy (Entangled Select)

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With unprecedented growth, in a year Entangled has exploded to twelve imprints with more than authors and thirty titles released per month. In , Entangled published the sixth overall best-selling book of the year and eight national best sellers. The interesting aspect of this for PG is the linkup between a traditional publisher like Macmillan and one of its imprints, St. Big Publishing , Romance.


IIRC the lawyer in question is the husband of a literary agent who was involved in some odd lawsuit with a publisher. Seems like a real culture clash on the way.

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And how this affects author contracts. Kindle Bestsellers - Paid. Kindle Bestsellers - Free.

The What If Guy (Entangled Select) The What If Guy (Entangled Select)
The What If Guy (Entangled Select) The What If Guy (Entangled Select)
The What If Guy (Entangled Select) The What If Guy (Entangled Select)
The What If Guy (Entangled Select) The What If Guy (Entangled Select)
The What If Guy (Entangled Select) The What If Guy (Entangled Select)
The What If Guy (Entangled Select) The What If Guy (Entangled Select)

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