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The A-Team May 18, , although sexism was not prevalent on the set per se, there was a sense that a female character was not necessary on the show. On her first day on set George Peppard took her aside and told her "We don't want you on the show. None of the guys want you here. The only reason you're here is because the network and the producers want you.

For some reason they think they need a girl. You were very professional, but no reason to have a girl. It was male driven. It was written by guys.

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It was directed by guys. It was acted by guys. It's about what guys do. We talked the way guys talked.

Speak For The Dead-A John Santana Novel

We were the boss. We were the God. We smoked when we wanted. We shot guns when we wanted. We kissed the girls and made them cry It was the last truly masculine show. The GMC Vandura van used by the A-Team, with its characteristic red stripe, black and red turbine mag wheels, and rooftop spoiler, [39] has become an enduring pop culture icon. A number of devices were seen in the back of the van in different episodes, including a mini printing press "Pros and Cons" , an audio surveillance recording device "A Small and Deadly War" , Hannibal's disguise kits in various episodes, and a gun storage locker.

Early in the second season, these logos were blacked out, although GMC continued to supply vans and receive a credit on the closing credits of each episode. The van was almost all-black, as the section above the red stripe was metallic gray. The angle of the rear spoiler can also be seen to vary on different examples of the van within the series.

Additionally, some versions of the van have a sunroof, whereas others, typically those used for stunts do not. This led to continuity errors in some episodes, such as in the third season's "The Bells of St. Mary's", in a scene where Face jumps from a building onto the roof of the van with no sunroof but moments later, in an interior studio shot, climbs in through the sunroof. The huge success of the series saw a vast array of merchandise, including toys and snacks released both in America and internationally.

There were several sets trading cards and stickers, action figures of the characters were produced by Galoob as well as vehicles, including B. The set includes a Baldwin shark nose engine painted up like the Van and a matching Caboose. Following the original cancellation of the series, further merchandise has appeared as the series has achieved cult status, including an A-Team van by "Hot Wheels". In Lego released a pack that includes a B. Baracus minifigure and constructible van; the pack will unlock additional A-Team themed content in the video game Lego Dimensions , including all four team members as playable characters.

Marvel Comics produced a three-issue A-Team comic book series, which was later reprinted as a trade paperback. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, an A-Team comic strip appeared for several years in the s as part of the children's television magazine and comic Look-In , to tie in with the British run of the series. Several novels were based on the series, the first six published in America by Dell and in Britain by Target Books ; the last four were only published in Britain.

The first six are credited to Charles Heath. The books are generally found in paperback form, although hardback copies with different cover artwork were also released. A Panini set of stickers, which adapted six TV episodes from the first and earlier second season using shots from the episodes, could be stick into an accompanying book, with text under each inserted sticker to narrate the story.

The theme, as heard on seasons two through four including the opening narration and sound effects , was also released on TVT's Television's Greatest Hits: 70s and 80s.

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A 7" single of the song credited to Post was released on RCA in The French version of the song had lyrics, which mirrored the spoken description of the show in the English opening credits. In the episode "Body Slam", which featured Hogan, wrestling interviewer and announcer "Mean" Gene Okerlund also appeared.

In early episodes the team used Colt AR SP1 semi-automatic rifles with automatic sound effects, simulating the M16 , while in later seasons they used the Ruger Mini , and on rare occasions, the selective fire ACK variant of the Mini Hannibal is also seen using an M60 machine gun which Hannibal called "Baby" in some episodes as well as a Micro-Uzi. MACs with parts added to simulate the Uzi appear in at least two early episodes.

Many antagonists and members of the team are seen using s as well. For five seasons, the wrongly accused foursome used rifles, handguns, submachine guns and shotguns to bring justice for the little guy while trying to stay out of jail. Regardless of the number of explosions or rounds fired, nobody ever got seriously hurt except for the occasional flesh wound of a team member. The complete series set was released in Region 4 on November 3, All 5 seasons were re-released in Region 2 with new packaging on June 21, The series has been remastered and was released on Blu-ray disc in the United Kingdom on October 17, The A-Team".

T was unable to make the meeting, which took place in the Friar's Club in Beverly Hills , but he did manage to appear on the show for a brief talk with Collins. They were later reinserted for the extended-cut of the film. The team is to be made up of both male and female characters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see The A-Team disambiguation. Frank Lupo Stephen J.

Mike Post Pete Carpenter. Universal Television Stephen J.

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Cannell Productions. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire See also: List of The A-Team episodes. Main article: List of The A-Team characters. Main article: List of guest stars on The A-Team. They are all Vietnam veterans.

The gradual assimilation of Vietnam into acceptable popular mythology, which began solemnly with The Deer Hunter , has reached its culmination with The A-Team : No longer a memory to be hurriedly brushed aside, but heroes of a network adventure show. Their enemy is a comic army officer, Col. Lynch, see Sgt. This is classic right-wing American populism; patriotic, macho, anti-authority, and is unlikely to be understood in Britain, where to be right-wing implies an obsequiousness towards officers and the status quo. But right-wing this series certainly is.

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The bandits, it turns out, are in league with a group of sinister guerrillas who are trying to destabilise the country. Thanks to the A-Team's hearts and minds policy, the villagers rise up and put them to rout, in a minute series of comic-book battle scenes, over-turning cars and airplane stunt-tricks, in which not a single person is hurt. Main article: The A-Team comics. Main article: The A-Team film. Retrieved August 14, Retrieved June 13, Entertainment Weekly. The New York Times. I tune it out. The Chicago Sun-Times. Associated Press. February 1, Broadcast on May 18, The Express.

Archived from the original on August 11, Retrieved August 17, Part 1 ", broadcast on October 25, The A-Team Sunday Mail AUS. Indiana Gazette. Associated Press — via Newspapers. United Press International. March 30, The sharp brilliance of Tracy K. There is a reason the Pulitzer Prize winner is the poet laureate of the United States. It masterfully reckons with questions of identity and culture. It is a wonderful way to discover important contemporary poets of the global African Diaspora.

A wonderful read. Each short story starts in the familiar and then leads to unexpected and compelling revelations. Of particular note is the anthology edited by Mahogany L. Notable in nonfiction is the timely anthology, edited by the incomparable Roxane Gay, Not That Bad : Dispatches From Rape Culture, showcasing important, necessary reflections from a diverse cross section of authors. When Barracoon , a powerful account of slavery by Zora Neale Hurston, is released, we will have access to a previously unpublished work by one of the most groundbreaking and visionary voices in African-American literature.

A rewarding, carefully crafted read. Activist-scholar-writer Darnell L. MEM , by Bethany C. Morrow, is a fantastic science fiction novel exploring memory and identity, set in the glamorous early s. An inventive, fast-paced narrative. National Endowment for the Arts Award winner Renee Simms publishes her debut short story collection, Meet Behind Mars , and it is a lovely, vivid read.

Spy Hook by Len Deighton part 1 - 2

As part of the Zane Presents series, romance author Ruth P. Watson releases Strawberry Spring , set in the s South, that explores the importance of family and legacy. More Organization Records John Santana. John William Santana.

The Black Minute (John Santana, #2) by Christopher Valen

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  5. Full Profile. Mentions about a name: John Santana. Lived in:. Resumes Resumes Retired. Retired Retired Mar - Aug Norandex Area Sales Leader. L Director.

    The Black Minute (A John Santana Novel Book 2) The Black Minute (A John Santana Novel Book 2)
    The Black Minute (A John Santana Novel Book 2) The Black Minute (A John Santana Novel Book 2)
    The Black Minute (A John Santana Novel Book 2) The Black Minute (A John Santana Novel Book 2)
    The Black Minute (A John Santana Novel Book 2) The Black Minute (A John Santana Novel Book 2)
    The Black Minute (A John Santana Novel Book 2) The Black Minute (A John Santana Novel Book 2)

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