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For each widget, in the order they are packed, the geometry manager makes the hole large enough to hold the widget, and then place it against a given inner edge default is the top edge.

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It then repeats the process for all widgets. Finally, when all widgets have been packed into the hole, the manager calculates the bounding box for all widgets, makes the master widget large enough to hold all widgets, and moves them all to the master. If you need to create more complex layouts, you usually have to group the widgets using extra Frame widgets. You can also use the grid manager instead.

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Tkinter will happily spend the rest of your lifetime trying to negotiate a solution that both managers are happy with. Instead of waiting, kill the application, and take another look at your code.


A common mistake is to use the wrong parent for some of the widgets. A common situation is when you want to place a widget inside a container widget, and have it fill the entire parent. By default, the listbox is made large enough to show 10 items.

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But this listbox contains twice as many. But if the user attempts to show them all by resizing the window, Tkinter will add padding around the listbox:. To make the widget fill the entire parent, also if the user resizes the window, add fill and expand options:. The fill option tells the manager that the widget wants fill the entire space assigned to it.

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The value controls how to fill the space; BOTH means that the widget should expand both horisontally and vertically, X means that it should expand only horisontally, and Y means that it should expand only vertically. The expand option tells the manager to assign additional space to the widget box. If the parent widget is made larger than necessary to hold all packed widgets, any exceeding space will be distributed among all widgets that have the expand option set to a non-zero value.

To pack widgets side by side, use the side option. Pack geometry manager.

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This is an implementation class; all the methods described below are available on all widget classes. Your cart. Close Cart. Add to Cart. Otherwise, we offer geographical rates to anywhere in the world.

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