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The Heritage girls learn how to be effective organizers and planners. The girls are, in turns, responsible to arrange assemblies, tournaments, competitions and DJ evenings. We plan menus, give valuable suggestions, and spearhead events. The focus, at the end of it all, is to grow up into a well-rounded individual, competent, confident and resourceful. It is instilled in us constantly that impressions count; and that first impressions are formed from grooming, deportment and attitude. Not for us the scruffy, unkempt look.

Our turn- out is always neat and we take pains to practice good hygiene. Our confidence shines through our smiles and our carriage; As young ladies, we are conscious of being Heritage ambassadors, so we put our best foot forward every time. Heritage girls like to stand out wherever they go. The girls of Heritage Girls School are proud citizens of this beautiful country.

We revel in our myriad traditions, flaunt our diverse culture by celebrating our many festivals, colorful dances, mystical folk lore and our varied cuisine.

American Heritage Girls

We joyfully cheer every victory and achievement of our sports teams ,scientists and entrepreneurs but understand that there is a lot to be done before India becomes a superpower. Our endeavoreveryday is to see that we raise the bar for ourselves so that we stand shoulder- to- shoulder with our counterparts around the world. Our education teaches us to shun superstitions and narrow prejudices, to celebrate differences and to embrace diversity. Heritage grooms us to be women of substance, of sound values and impeccable character. We are keenly aware of our duties to our family, our community ,our Alma Mater and above all to our country.

We will strive to contribute to the economy of our country, bring glory to her through our individual efforts. Preserving the planet is our responsibility as is to ensure equal opportunities to all. We learn all this and much more , never for once forgetting that each one of us is … a phenomenal woman! The new academic session begins in early April every year. Age requirement for the Classes are as follows:. The Assessment is held in December of the year preceding that in which admission is sought. Particulars of these Assessments are sent by the school to parents well in advance.

Any registration made after that day is only accepted on payment of a Late Fee. Offers of admission are given on the basis of the results of these Assessments and depend on the number of vacancies in each class. Some preference is given to daughters of transferable Government officials and serving Armed Forces personnel.

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Any requests for other preferential treatment are not entertained. Only in very rare and exceptional cases, the Board of Governors reserves the right to exercise its discretion in the matter of admissions. The following documents are required as a part of the Admissions procedure for every student applying for admission:.

Heritage Girls School

The original birth certificate must be brought to the School at the time of admission. This is returned after verification. Misrepresentation or falsification of date of birth will result in cancellation of admission forthwith.

AHG Uniform

In addition, the student is required to present the last Report Card indicating promotion to the next class, as well as proof of attendance for the previous year. All new entrants are required to produce a medical certificate certifying that they are free from any contagious or infectious disease and are otherwise physically fit to be admitted to a residential school. The parents must give an undertaking in writing to this effect. If the girl is found medically unfit, the admission stands cancelled and the girl is sent home.

Three recent passport size photographs are required to be submitted by each new student. Examination fees, Books, Uniforms and other personal expenses are not included in the above.

Troop Meetings

We have received your details and would update you on the results. Please do follow us on social media where the results and event information would be posted. Right Ambience for living. Ranked 2 nd Best School In Rajasthan. Finishing School Classes.


International boarding school in India. Masterclass by Chef Vicky. National Cooking Competition. Conduct certificate from the previous school for Grade XI aspirants.

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AHG intentionally offers many character-development opportunities, especially through service and citizenship programs. Girls love having fun with their friends! Many girls say that being with other girls in Troop meetings, field trips, camp-outs and special events is their favorite part of being an American Heritage Girl.

American Heritage Girls | Christ Church, Presbyterian

Our Troop provides plenty of opportunities throughout the year for every girl to make friends and enjoy spending time with them! AHG's multi-Level Troop structure offers many opportunities for girls to experience different leadership roles. As a girl ages through the program, her leadership opportunities and responsibilities increase accordingly. Vincent DePaul Virtus Online. You can't order through AHG's online story unless you're a registered member, so I turned to Amazon's marketplace. And, well, imagine a bizarro version of the Girl Scouts from a parallel universe where Mike Huckabee got elected president in a landslide.

Their uniforms look like Girl Scout uniforms, complete with sashes, except they're red, white and blue. Proper treatment of the flag gets 7 pages. Each is associated with a person who's "made a positive impact on our country. Compare the groups Oath to the Girl Scout Promise , which goes:. AHG's update is damn near identical, except God is presumably obligatory: "I promise to love God, Cherish my family, Honor my country, And serve in my community. The welcome letter of the group's handbook sets the tone:.

I hope that you find your time in AHG to be filled with adventure and fun. The AHG program will help you learn many things about yourself and about God's purpose for your life. May your times be memorable and may you truly become a woman of integrity who loves God, cherishes her family, honors her country and consistently gives service to others. The American Heritage Girls' Creed lists 10 "traits of a girl of integrity," including:. Each is illustrated with a Bible verse. The badge program features lots of relentlessly practical skills that've got nothing to do with religion, like fire-building, cake-baking and money management.

But they're often illustrated with tangentially related Bible verses. It's the "Personal Well-Being" frontier that'll really make you feel like Alice tumbling through the looking glass. Sure, there are badges about stamp collecting and personal style, for instance. There's a "Bible Basics" badge "God has given us a wonderful gift — an instruction manual on how to live our life according to His will".

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  • American Heritage Girls: An Answer to the Moral Relativism in the Girl Scouts.
  • Girls are encouraged to read the books of Ruth and Esther, in particular. Perhaps the most fascinating is "Daughter of the King," which delves into a personal relationship with God.

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