Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories

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Publication: Science and Invention, February 1925

Cable dispatches during the middle part of June of the present year brought the news from Germany that the very thing had actually been accomplished by the powerful Nauen radio station. A number of automobiles were stopped at a distance by the energy sent out from this station. Then again in this magazine we have for the last ten years exploited television, the faculty of seeing at a distance. We have shown all sorts of television schemes, all of which seemed to belong to the distant future. During the latter part of June, Mr. Jenkins of Washington, publicly demonstrated before Army and Navy officials a machine, whereby it is possible not only to see at a distance but to project a film on a screen in New York and broadcast it all over the country by radio the same as voice and music is broadcast by radio now.

These are just a few examples among many. And so it goes. What seems impossible and even ridiculous today becomes an actuality tomorrow. Throughout the ages, the man who looked into the future was usually considered a crank or insane. He is in the same population today. Human nature is such that it opposes changes, particularly if such changes are violent. Anything that tends to pull us out from our daily rut is not welcome, because it means an effort.

When some of our greatest scientific authorities, as late as twenty years ago, proved by mathematics that it was impossible to sustain in the air a machine such as an airplane; when the news of the X-ray was greeted with derision; when the sending of messages by radio was not believed by the populace, when it had already been used for years—it behooves the average man to be extremely cautious in denouncing any idea just because it is new and appears impossible on the face of it.

The issue served as a blueprint for the launch of Amazing Stories in The cover image of an astronaut floating through space illustrates a story by the sixteen-year-old G. His story is emotionally strong and considers the fate of an explorer who travels through into the macrocosm only to discover he cannot return to Earth because, with time relative to mass, the Earth had grown old and died within minutes of his own subjective time.

Short Science Fiction Collection 003 (FULL Audiobook)

Each of his Hackensaw stories consisted of a technical description of a new invention by the rogue scientist Doctor Hackensaw and its possibilities, both in terms of practice and profit. They extrapolated from existing known science to suggest future inventions and what they might achieve; and all for the sole purpose of stimulating the ordinary person with a penchant for experimenting with gadgets, into creating the future. The beginning of the end for the scientific romance which had been popularized by Edgar Rice Burroughs was brought nearer; the pattern of modern science fiction was in the process of formation.

Except for a freakish circumstance, Gernsback would have issued the first science fiction magazine in That year he sent out 25, circulars soliciting subscriptions for a new type of magazine, based on the stories of Verne, Wells, and Poe, to be titled Scientifiction. The subscription reaction was so cool that Gernsback did nothing further for another two years, at which time he placed Amazing Stories, fully developed, on the stands without a word of notice. Cover art by Howard V.

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Rather, he takes up something that some discoverer has worked on before, and then makes it practical, which is something which the discoverer never does. Coupled with a slow payment schedule — often months after a story had been published — many leading authors were not interested in writing for the company. In the February issue — featuring cover art by Frank R. From the first, the magazine found eager readers.

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Stories You Can Read Online For Free

Writing letters that ran in the back of the book, we got to know one another. They wanted to be entertained, to escape, to experience that sense of wonder that good visionary fiction brought. Although every other story in the annual was a reprint, the lead story was a new adventure written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Click the link in the bio to watch it properly!

Amazing Histories, July Science or Fantasy? - Amazing Stories

Call me Snake. Keller, S. Meek, H. Hyatt Verrill, Harl Vincent, and others. But take a gander at that futuristic ark. Wells, and Edgar Allan Poe type story — a charming romance intermingled with scientific fact and prophetic vision. Bernie Wrightson got mentioned the other day in the comments and I thought that I should definitely share more of his work. Here's the legend's cover for 'Alien: Incubation' Dark Horse, Serviss, Jules Verne, H. Wells, and others. Frank R. It was letter-size, larger than the typical pulp magazine. Vivid, three-dimensional block letters trailed across its masthead, set against a bright yellow backdrop.

Looming behind this scene was a bright red, ringed planet and a small moon. Biddy biddy biddy buckrogersinthe25thcentury buckrogers twiki biddybiddybiddy scifi sciencefiction classicscifi robots robot ROBUTS classicsciencefiction vintagescifi vintagesciencefiction oldschoolscifi oldschoolsciencefiction retroscifi retrosciencefiction space outerspace itcamefrombeyondplanetx. Happy birthday to French legend, Philippe Druillet!

Born today in , Druillet was one of the founders of 'Metal Hurlant', which in turn gave birth to 'Heavy Metal'.

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His influence can be seen in illustration far and wide! This seems to be one of Norem's very last pieces before his death in Couldn't find a version of this art without the typography anywhere online, so I took it upon myself. All Emsh work deserves to be displayed this way. Instagram is a photo sharing application for smartphones that combines social networking applications with easy-to-use filters. Instagram - a social network that's all about images similar to Facebook or Twitter, it save your memories by images. Leo Morey's wild cover art for 'Amazing Stories' from all the way back in November of !

Timothy narrowly escapes a similar fate and calls for rescue. This one, like the Fyfe, has an abrupt ending. It also, like the other stories, has a superfluous introduction and one that blatantly telegraphs the ending! The Last Story by Alexander Samalman is a tale of a future where writing is banned. Nevertheless, an old pulp writer produces a western and takes it to an ex-editor. I guessed the ending but it still made me smile spoiler: he gets a rejection slip just before they are both rayed to death. Memo to budding writers: there are worse fates than receiving a rejection slip.

The best is by Finlay and Poulton. The Ether Vibrates is an editorial which has a long preamble about market research, polling companies and other ways of predicting the future, and it continues with discussion of Hitler invading Russia, the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbour, Genghis Khan turning back from Europe, etc.

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This segues into the Ethergrams column, which is seven pages of letters in small type, some of which are quite blunt. Take this one from W. La Bar from Birchwood, Wisonsin:. Dear Sam: As an old reader of science fiction I wish to congratulate you on your May issue. I do not exclude your lead story for it also falls in this class. The reasons for this are various and sundry, but they can be summed up rather briefly.

Firstly we have unalterably opposed views on science fiction. We like ours heavy on the science and even heavier on literature. We realize that we are living in the days of the past, before the war, when men were men, and the contents of the average Astounding contained Heinlein, McDonald, van Vogt, del Rey, Sturgeon, Boucher and a few of the lesser lights like Kuttner.

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You, on the other hand, like pseudo or no science and no literature. Those wild replies of yours can be very incriminating! We thought the story terrible. This comment about covers comes from one of three and a half female correspondents, Marian Cox of Hilton Village, Virginia:.

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Dear Ed: Of the sixteen readers who commented on your January cover, fifteen liked it. Wonder if this signifies something? What puzzles me is, why, after finally printing a decent cover, you gave us the one on the March issue. We females would like to have a nice handsome man on the cover for a change. How about it?

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Although Merwin was followed by Sam Mines as editor, there is no update in the replies. Robert B. Leighton of Caltech has just discovered a fifteenth particle— the anti-proton— in the hydrogen atom. Day, and others. Wikipedia goes for Merwin. Wikipedia goes further about the relative merits of Startling Stories versus Astounding:. When Merwin became editor in he brought changes, but artist Earle K. Bergey retained the creative freedom he had come to expect given his relationship with Standard. Looking at the contents lists of these two magazines over the period concerned, Startling , as you would expect, seems to have published a number of stronger long works; Thrilling Wonder Stories published shorter fiction, including a few by the likes of Ray Bradbury, James Blish, Henry Kuttner, etc.

The magazine version of House of Many Worlds runs to 48, words and the book available free on Amazon is 59, words. A quick word count of the first three chapters in the book version shows they are each six or seven hundred words longer. There are fifteen chapters in the book, so I presume the expansion is uniform. In this case we have a modernized version of the redoubtable John Henry, the pile-driving champion of American popular folklore.

Gammell also liked the Macdonald and Samalman stories. Google Books has up to p. Earle Bergey at SFE. You can see his more typical covers for the magazine here. Revised 30 th May to add artwork, and to make formatting and minor text changes.

Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories
Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories
Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories
Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories
Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories
Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories
Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories Dr. Hackensaws Secrets: Five Short Science Fiction Stories

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