A Ghost of the Past

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Leaving Your Past Behind

The ghost is surreal and strange. It flickers like a candle and seems to reflect the fact that Scrooge's past behaviour can be redeemed. The ghost is not solid and is also calm and gentle in the way it communicates with Scrooge.

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The Spirit gazed upon him mildly. Its gentle touch, though it had been light and instantaneous, appeared still present to the old man's sense of feeling.

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The words ' mildly ' and ' gentle ' give us the overall sense that the ghost is well-meaning. The ghost does not speak much , but answers Scrooge's questions with brief replies. When Scrooge asks the ghost what its business is that evening, the response is short and to the point. This ghost does not waste words! Although the spirit is ephemeral and gentle, it is also commanding.

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General Info and Features Jan 15 News 2 comments. The main character is a soldier who arrives at the city to find out what had happened to his grandfather, who was last heard battling the enemy in the now destroyed city in WWII. Features: 1-New storyline 2-New side quests 3-New weapons and armor 4-Some new items 5-New visuals I do not own this mod, all the credits goes to the original creators, SoR - TeaM which are listed individually in the readme file. I am just doing the community a service by translating it. Add file RSS Files.

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Ghosts of the Past

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A Ghost of the Past A Ghost of the Past
A Ghost of the Past A Ghost of the Past
A Ghost of the Past A Ghost of the Past
A Ghost of the Past A Ghost of the Past
A Ghost of the Past A Ghost of the Past
A Ghost of the Past A Ghost of the Past
A Ghost of the Past A Ghost of the Past
A Ghost of the Past A Ghost of the Past

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