The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary -

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Ideally of course, it should be an absolute given that no cattle be allowed inside the Reserve — day or night. If we cannot set aside an area of just 1,sq km for that purpose what hope is there? We can only hope that the fate of the Marsh Pride will prompt the relevant authorities in government to address the issues that have plighted the reputation of the Masai Mara for years.

Besides Bibi, the other dead lion was so badly mauled by hyenas that it remains unidentifiable. Ideally of course, it should be an absolute given that no cattle be allowed inside the Reserve — day or night Jonathan Scott. It is a matter that Jonathan Scott addresses eloquently. Grey Christmas: Rare mutant grey robin spotted in UK Online taxidermy dealer jailed for illegal trading of endangered species They're not nuts, honest!

JOKE: Cat Vs. Dog -- War Of The Diaries

Squirrel rescued after getting itself trapped in a drain pipe Dog crisis: Almost 70, strays seized in UK last year. By the way did anyone see the televison documentary on filmaker and first wife of Alan Root — Joan Root. She was murdered at her home at Lake Naivasha a few years ago — a big shock for our community here in Kenya.

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I know that there is a book coming out on her life — maybe it is already out?? Comforting to have you hahaha!! One change for the better as we get older, some of us from the era of Armand and Michaela Dennis could not afford to ever be part of this wonderful life they led. It is wildlife heaven on earth for a week and I am saving for the following October, from the middle of the October after a week in the Mara. First time poster on your blog. I live in the u.

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Hi Bob, sorry, I have been so busy keeping up with the very sad blogs concerning the elephants, that I have only just seen your reply. Yes, we are in the Mara in October. We did the 2nd. Celebration in and the 3rd. Celebration in and cannot wait for the 4th. Some people cannot believe we go back to the same place, even the same tent — seeing many of the same animals. When they hear that, after a a break for recharging batteries and chatting about what we have seen, we are off yet again for another few hours until we just manage to have a shower and change, ready for our wonderful nightly hour with Jonathan and Angie showing us some of their amazing slide shows and adding a bit more to our wildlife knowledge.

Then we have another fantastic meal before gathering up our batteries for the crack of dawn again [hahaha! Absolute heaven!!! Are you going by any chance Bob? That would be good to meet a blogger in the Mara. Maybe you have been already — then I shall feel silly for telling you all about it. Never mind. Hi Solarbipolar….

You can lead a cat to water, but you can’t make it drink

Unfortunately we just miss each other. Such a cutie-pie, and that little pug-face…. Episodes with Tamu should be coming up, and then, they start all over again with Half-Tail. AW I love love big cat diary. I live in the U. They have the weirdist crap on that channel now. I really hope they get it together and get this show back on. It really is a wonderful show. I have learned so much about the cats. IT is very educational.

Sylvester's Diary 7 - Sylvester Goes To Hell

Jonathan is my favorite but I like simon as well. I will be so stoked if this show comes back on. How time flys — seems like only yesterday that I set off from the UK with a dream and ended up living half my life in the Mara — nowhere like it that is for sure. But can we help protect it — that is the challenge right now.

But the beauty is that the big cats keep on doing their thing right here in the Mara regardless of who is watching or filming them. Kind of neat and long may it last. No way. I think you are in trouble. BCD was a fantastic series because it touched viewers lives deeply. Sharing time with the cats, getting to know them better really creates an unbreakable bond between the show and viewers Kind of like Johnathan and Kike eh?

Has she died? Personally i would be absolutely excited if BCD comes back so i may once again feel the hardships and tender moments of the Lions,Leopards and of course…the Cheetahs.

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And if that goes down well with the audience then we are hoping to be able to film a Cheetah: The Truth with ace cameraman Warren Samuels there to catch all the action for us just as he is for Lions. Well Jonathan, lets hope BCD will return to us. We will just have to wait and see! I sit with fingers crossed. Seems so few episodes, I would loooove to see tons more.

Cat Diaries: Secret Writings of the MEOW Society

Thank you! I know this is and older post but the newest I could find. I loved the shows we in the US have access to and wish we could get more. It would be great if they would continue the series, you just get so attached to them. I really wish there was some way to have updates on all these magnificent animals and really hope the powers that be decide to re start the show.

Thanks to Jonathan, Angie, Simon and all the others involved over the years for allowing us to share in the incredible story of life in the Masai Mara. I would feel terrible if BCD would be turned down. I hope someday it will soon be on.

The Kitty Cat Diaries – The Only Escape From The Miseries Of LIfe Is A Cat

Thank you, luv u. God Bless, BigCatLover You must be logged in to post a comment. Remember Me. Big Cat Diary — the next series? April 6th, I know a lot of you are anxious for news of when or if Big Cat Diary will be re-commisioned. April 7, at am. LadyCat says:. April 7, at pm. Rebecca says:. April 8, at pm. April 9, at pm. Jonathan and Angie says:. April 10, at am. Bob Eveleigh says:. April 10, at pm. April 11, at am. April 11, at pm. Solarbipolar says:. April 12, at pm. April 13, at pm. April 14, at am. April 14, at pm. April 15, at am.

The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary - The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary -
The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary - The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary -
The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary - The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary -
The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary - The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary -
The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary - The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary -
The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary - The First Three Years: - A Cat Diary -

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