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Tenda Village. The Jungle Opens Its Eyes. Big Pile of Puke. Demonic Petunia. Even Slimier Little Pile. Hard Crocodile.

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Hostile Elder Oak. Manly Fish. Manly Fish's Brother. Pit Bull Slug.

Go north and to the left getting out of the deep water as soon as possible. In between the two presents next to the trees to the north there is another hidden Magic Truffle. Head south from here and you'll enter deep water again. Follow the path around and you'll come upon a damaged helicopter. Could it be the one Pokey stole?

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Just north of it you'll find a Cup of Lifenoodles. There is a lot of deep water ahead so make sure you replenish some HP before moving on. There is a hidden Magic Truffle along the northern tree line at the very end of this deep water. Go to the left and take the south-eastern split to receive a Souvenir Coin. Then head back and take the northern split. Go straight north when have the option of going west, north, or east.

Zoran – From deep darkness to LIGHT!

This will lead to a Rock Candy remember the duplicate items trick? Go back to the intersection and head east to come upon a boss. For winning the battle, you will receive the Casey Bat , a very powerful bat for Ness.

It is up to you to use it or not. Poo can now use the Starstorm spell during battle as well. After the battle follow the north and to the left. When you reach shallow water again, head straight north from the tip of the light blue water and you'll find the last hidden Magic Truffle. Head to the left and enter the cave.

Ferris sells her home and the Ashborough medical practice to Dr. Michael Cayle. At his wife Christine's insistence, Michael moves Christine and their young daughter Jessica from New York to the small town of Ashborough, New Hampshire for a quieter life. New neighbor Phil Dreighton introduces the Cayles to his grandson Tyler and invites the family to his house for lunch. Later, Michael and Christine agree that the timing is right to have another child.

A package is delivered for the deceased Dr. Michael opens it and discovers virus samples ranging from Ebola to the bubonic plague. Michael begins meeting various townspeople as his new patients.

Lauren Hunter is strangely flirtatious. Phil goes hiking with Michael and shows him a stone altar in the forest covered with blood. Phil explains that centuries ago, a breed of wild men known as Isolates populated the area. People make sacrifices to the Isolates to keep their families safe from their savagery. Phil tells Michael that he is expected to make a blood sacrifice on the altar and that it was Phil's duty to explain the tradition to Michael just as it was explained to Phil by Lady Zellis when the Dreightons first moved to Ashborough.

Michael assumes the idea is crazy. Michael takes Christine and Jessica to a church service to meet the rest of the townspeople.

The Destination

Rosy Dreighton pretends she is meeting Michael for the first time. After the service, Michael observes as his wife is suspiciously spirited away by Lady Zellis. Michael looks for Christine inside the church and Lauren Hunter tries seducing him again. When he spurns her, Lauren cryptically infers that Michael is the only one who can protect her, although she does not specify from what. Christine begins acting as if she is hiding something from Michael. Michael starts to see signs of an intruder throughout the house and begins having nightmares.

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Michael hears noises outside and kills a goat that startles him. However, when he goes back to clean up the carcass, the goat is gone. While Michael is home alone, Lauren shows up covered in blood with her stomach torn open.

Deep Darkness Deep Darkness
Deep Darkness Deep Darkness
Deep Darkness Deep Darkness
Deep Darkness Deep Darkness
Deep Darkness Deep Darkness

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