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She had only been married for a year and a half when she lost her husband in an attack by Boko Haram an extremist group that is located primarily in Northern Nigeria. Boko Haram an extremist group that is located primarily in Northern Nigeria is the Islamic extremist group responsible for multiple attacks on government and church buildings in northern Nigeria. Though it had been six months since Grace had lost her husband, she was still in a deep state of mourning. Even though she had come to share her story that day, she was unable to speak about the day she lost her husband and what life was like as a year-old widow.

About four or five of us women gathered around Grace, laid hands on her and began to pray for her unspoken prayer requests. In dealing with her grief, she has offered The Unexpected Widow , a beautiful and heartbreaking memoir of the mere seventy-six days between Daniel's diagnosis and death. Told through personal journal entries, GoFundMe updates, family photos, and transcripts from Daniel's vlog, The Unexpected Widow offers a close-up view of the family's journey-a journey that takes them through pain that's both physical and psychic. Beyond denial, grief, and acceptance are myriad other considerations-from how to break the news to others about Daniel's illness to how to simultaneously maneuver a wheelchair and a double stroller along a crowded sidewalk.

There are also unexpected moments of joy and wisdom, and a peek into the legacy that Daniel left behind. Filled with love and practical life lessons, The Unexpected Widow is ultimately Rachel Shomate's declaration that life, in whatever altered version, does indeed go on. The mother of two young sons, Lucas and Reed, she is a mental health therapist with a bachelor's from the University of North Carolina Charlotte and a master's from the University of Louisville.

Her passions are working with young children, helping others, and acting as an agent for change. She and her boys live in a small town in South Carolina, where they maintain a blog, theunexpectedwidow. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview How does a young family come to terms with a devastating diagnosis of cancer? Product Details About the Author. About the Author Rachel Shomate became an unexpected widow at the age of thirty.

Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. I don't even have words. The dialogue was stunted and amateurish and didn't convey to me any realism. I also had issues with some of the historical inaccuracies. I am not a nitpick when I read stories, but it should hold some sort of realism and historical accuracy. Some examples Nathan actually said, "hell to the no. Hannah got a dog that was a Labrador Also what the hell is a cold navy revolver? Colt navy yes, so maybe it's a typo. Oh and I might have missed something but the opening chapter says Kansas Territory and then later in chapter four it's called the Colorado Territory.

I love historical fiction. I don't even mind if the descriptions are of the mundane everyday life, I just want a well told story that I can be invested in. This wasn't it for me. View 2 comments. May 30, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: did-not-finish. I was expecting a sweet Christian book and instead, this book had some language that was far to modern for a historical book and some scenes that were just things I didn't want to read about.

I just couldn't finish it for both the stated reasons. Mar 30, Erika rated it did not like it. Well, it took half the book for the main character to become an "unexpected" widow. I wasn't a fan of the borderline adultery or the writing. And no one in the 's said "Hell to the no.

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View all 4 comments. Each and every one is well rounded and unique. I loved the playful banter between the man and wife, this kind of writing 'shows rather than tells' us their personalities so right from the start it felt like I knew them. She loves her husband and the reader does too which is why 'what happens' is so traumatic. I won't be spoiling it cos you know from the title what happens but the emotion portrayed is What I LOVED about this book: the author sucked me into the characters from the very first page.

I won't be spoiling it cos you know from the title what happens but the emotion portrayed is raw and gutsy; the first half of the book my heart was in my throat. I like a book that can trigger emotion from the reader. It's not explicit by any means but I suppose if you were to give it a TV rating it would be PG but that being said I would not recommend this book to 13 year olds, the subject matter is just too mature.

I am told that the next two books in the series are not like this so I'll let you know. It seemed strange to me that the female lead wouldn't consider a farmer as a potential 2nd husband because of her social standing- but this was the WEST and she had a FARM to look after so who cares about social standing and then she acts contrary to her 'proper upbringing' by risking her reputation on several occasions. I was puzzled.

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And on a general note: One little pet peeve and I'm not just picking on this author, it seems like every western book has it.. Now SOAP smells good. And speaking of soap, have you noticed how the women in these books always smell like violets or rosewater don't ask me how they get this on the trail but men smell like horses and perspiration and we're supposed to swoon.

What's up with that? I'm waiting for a book that describes a woman as stinkin like chicken mess meets fried onions and the male hero getting a whiff and saying "Now THERES a woman I'd like to get my arms around". See, it just won't happen. All that being said, I enjoyed the book, it held my interest and I plan on reading the rest of the series. This was a nice, quick read. I feel the author did a good job in portraying the tension of the hero and heroine loving each other but believing they shouldn't act on their feelings. I was afraid that the heroine would end up coming across as not caring once her husband was injured due to her feelings for the hero, but she didn't.

An Unexpected Widow (Colorado Brides, book 1) by Carré White

The author did a great job showing the heroine's guilty, sorrow and confusion without having her come off as a whining brat. I am interested to see if the character of t This was a nice, quick read. I am interested to see if the character of the madam from the brothel shows up more in the series. I liked her and would like to see a happy ending for her, also.

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On another note, on the Amazon site I noticed that most that gave a bad review did so on the grounds that this was listed under Christian Fiction and they felt there was too much smut. Well, there are NO explicit scenes. There is more of a PG vibe. Yes, the preacher and his wife are attracted to each other and have sex. No, there are no details.

Yes, the hero talks about wanting the heroine Guess what, Christians have sex just like the rest of us. Even preachers.

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I think the author was trying to get across that the heroine has very deep feelings for her husband, both physically and emotionally. That way when she is attracted to another man we know it's not because her husband is a dog. If you think a Christian woman cannot be attracted to another man just because she's married then you live under a rock.

Part of the premise is that she feels guilty for finding the hero attractive. I feel this is a bad reason to give a book a bad review. Especially since most reviewers admitted they didn't finish the book because of the content. The story and the writing are good and do not warrant one star. It's about this absolutely horrible woman who is so self-absorbed and obnoxious, and this guy who just doesn't quite measure up to her standards but loves her Gawd only KNOWS why To the point where you just pray some sane person will dump her ass off the side of the lifeboat so she'll go down with the Titantic?

I hate that movie. I have hated that movie since I was a child. This book is that movie, done seven times worse. And I'm not even sure how that's possible considering how I loathe Molly Brown. No, he's busy with crops and gardens and acreage and Then the author introduces Nathan, who's a nice guy, but likes a good stiff drink, gets laid at the whorehouse like the rest of the single guys out west, and doesn't really care what the snooty town folk have to say - as long as he's honest and works hard and does right by people, he's happy.

He comes to work on Pastor's farm, and sticks around when pastor falls off a roof at a house-working party and breaks his back. He carries the pastor around, helps change his soily diapers, takes care of the critters and the crops Here's where the author does stOopid. Yes, bad grammar and spelling to enhance said stOopid. Carre, darling: If you want to kill off the damn minister, good on ya, luv. From there on, we go into "I can't marry you, you're a drunk lecher miner nobody" and "where's my tea set! Who the HECK knows. She's horrific. Skip it.

There are MUCH better ways to spend your time. Frank the pastor is injured when helping fix roof a parishioners bunkhouse he then dies from pneumonia. With her families thinking still occupying her mind she believes he is not for her. Nathan returns and Hannah demands he marry her that day so she does not have to sleep alone again and apologises for judging him badly. Jan 21, Timothy Hendricks rated it it was amazing.

In the end I enjoyed this book.

Help For An Unexpected Widow of a Vietnam Veteran

I say this that way because my feelings towards the book changed as l continued to read it. As I read the book I also read some of the reviews on Goodreads regarding this book. After reading the book I was astounding by some of the reviews especially by those who started the book but chose not to finish it. What they did is prejudge the book. I think the author chose the title for the book because she wanted to focus on how Hannah deals with sudden finding herself In the end I enjoyed this book.

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I think the author chose the title for the book because she wanted to focus on how Hannah deals with sudden finding herself widowed in the particular time period and how she dealt with it. The book also pointed out the plight of women especially in that time period and how they were sometimes forced to deal with things. I think that was what the author was trying to show with the meeting between Hannah and Ruby the Madam running the Parlour House. Another point that the author shed a light on was the prejudging some of the other townspeople did regarding Hannah going in to the Parlour and the gossip that was spread regarding that visit.

Also, pointed out was the fact that most of the people; especially those that called themselves Christian would not even speak to Ruby when they passed her on the street, at church, funeral, or other public event. And, what I find interesting about that is that this exactly what those people who posted reviews for this book; but did not finish the book. This was a clean read.

It was a book that dealt with very real issues of that era.

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Mar 07, Debbie Scott rated it it was amazing. Very Fine Western Romance This was a tender hearted story, full of sadness and joy. The storyline is incredible and the characters were great. I am sure the times back then in the frontier didn't allow for long courtships or a long time to grieve. Thank you for a very engrossing story, Danny Scott. Oct 31, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: Still, the writing was well done, and there were a few unanticipated twists. May 14, janet broome rated it it was amazing.

Because it was tender and it showed how hard life can be.

Unexpected Widow Unexpected Widow
Unexpected Widow Unexpected Widow
Unexpected Widow Unexpected Widow
Unexpected Widow Unexpected Widow
Unexpected Widow Unexpected Widow
Unexpected Widow Unexpected Widow
Unexpected Widow Unexpected Widow
Unexpected Widow Unexpected Widow
Unexpected Widow Unexpected Widow

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