The Vague Womanss Handbook

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Warren did the homework

Coverage of her campaign now questions how long her candidacy can last. Warren introduced a concrete plan to reduce housing costs and create jobs by building more low-income housing, financed by an inheritance tax that would affect just 14, Americans. Overall, Klobuchar, who represents Minnesota in the Senate, Warren, and New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand have a much better track record in Congress than the rest of the Democratic candidates who have also served in the Senate or the House, as Quartz has reported.

We mumbled sorry and jumped out! Uh, my own car was parked tow spots down. Mona, this reminds me — once Esha and I were driving somewhere on her Scooty and we were completely engrossed in whatever we were discussing. As far as I remember the lone cop merely spluttered at us and told us to go away. It was drizzling so this guy says to wait in the hotel portico while he brings the car around. I love the stories on the comment thread. If you suddenly ask me his birthday I tend to give the wrong date 9. He does not find that amusing or endearing or even mildly cute. During the early stages of my career when i was still quite a kiddo, i had a altercation with the boss.

It was a bad one. And i decided to quit right then. So i call the boss in a meeting room and tell him that i am resigning. He almost fell of the chair at the suddenness of it. Just called to book an appointment with the doctor and the guy on the other end of the line was really polite, but absolutely useless. I got wild. I had a damn boil in the EYE, and the fellow was being a prick and telling me outright that he would not help!

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After reading all these incidents, my vagueness is incredibly tame! I seem remarkably sane in comparison. What can I say? Which means, tolerated her rants and often wanted to do away with her when her comments held up the class? Devipriya Roy, are you listening???

Well Well…..

The Ultimate Postpartum Guide: What Happens After You Give Birth

I could not agree more. My first reason to read was because my sister wrote it. And when I started I only kept it down when I finished. One Sunday and the book was done and then i read it gain cause for me it finished too fast… The book is written in complete fluidity…and I felt more like and observer and less like a reader. Which is amazing for a first time book… Indira is someone every woman will relate to at some level or the other and her way out of trouble is heart warming…..

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I have done fairly vague things in my life. Geography is a bit of a pain for me, since I never know which is left and which is right. Yeah, to make things difficult I am ambidextrous.

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I keep getting confused whether I have to turn to this right or the other right …. She lives in Dwarka. Which means I went from Haryana to Delhi to U. The kids woke up in the back seat and insisted on spending the day there. This one happened recently. I went to Ghaziabad to meet fellow blogger Shail Mohan.

We got busy talking and forgot to order lunch. And then we complained to the manager why lunch was taking so much time. I look around for a rickshaw to take me to the railway station. Every thing is okay as per me. I reach the station and join my class mates. One of them unhooks a bra dangling from my shawl. It must have got hooked on to my shawl which was lying on the bed and I had wrapped it around me and travelled 3 km.

Men with vague ideas are outraising women with plans in the Democratic 2020 race

The visual of me brandishing a bra thru town on my back still makes me squirm. And I had several messages about the launch on my cell phone, so there was absolutely no excuse. I actually called her number, I think her husband answered, and finally got there, feeling even more moronic than usual:. Hello, hello, perfect place to confess my latest vague drama.

Now,a v. The spouse apparently saw and smirked, but, note, did not stop me. The next day that very copy of the book was taken to the launch for my reading, and subsequently, the book, true to its nature, was lost. I remembered the case of the cheque only three days after, however. The worst is that I had to involve my Mum, and narrate the whole affair. You can imagine the lecture.

Are all YouTubers Psychopaths? - 🙌 BOOK REVIEW 🙌 - February

Anyway, FIR has been filed and shall now be couriered to Calcutta. Thank you all for writing in. Mad Momma has enough books of her own. Been reading these avidly but was too lazy to post. Something pushes me to reveal myself in all my vagueness now, though. But of course. Walking out of many, many Cafe Coffee Days and Baristas busy talking to the person accompanying me or on the phone while forgetting to pay the bill. Usually a hapless employee runs after us with the bill and we try to look like we are not the types who do this deliberately.

Leaving notepad behind with painstakingly written notes after interviewing someone. People have had to call me up later to let me know, some sounding miffed that their interview evidently held so little value. Little did they know. Once I made author Shrabani Basu climb down four flights of stairs running after me to return my notepad. Losing ATM card and realising only 10 days later. Someone had swiped it for Rs 16 K meanwhile. It still hurts somewhere. Put a saucepan on the counter by the side of the sink, turned the faucet out over the saucepan and walked off.

A WHOLE lot of water overflowed over the counter, down the counter, under the stove… you get the pic… before I remembered. Came back to a house full of smoke, blaring fire alarms and concerned neighbors. Cee: LOL! Wish I had copies for everyone — and wish more, we could all sit down together, gorge on coffee and cake and exchange stories of vagueness all night!

Writerzblock — one question: did you go back to the swimming class after that? I remember similar bloopers in the era when gmail forwards sometimes went to original sender too! Jaya, long story shotened, recently, I left my laptop at the security check area of the Kolkata airport. When I rushed to retirieve it, the uniforms asked me if I could prove it was mine. I hemmed and hawed and panicked wildly. Finally, brainwave: told him, would it do, if I showed a photograph of the two of us?

CWC Research Forum: “Sense of Place: Writing in Fiction and Memoir”

Took me ages and ages and ages to find a photo though though there are hundreds on the machine! Panu, I do love that answer — and shall quote you on matter if ever asked the same question on lit theory. Jyoti, I have often subjected my f-i-l to that vague-glazed-eyes glance! Himadridimri deserves a special badge of honour as the one who quickly demonstrated the true essence of a vague women.

Single action being more eloquent than a thousand words. Now, here goes. Mad Momma. So a bonus prize for her! Now ladies, please mail me or Kiran your addresses — and the book shall reach you soon ;- My email id is: roydevapriya gmail. Thank you Kiran for hosting this fabulous ten-day long party. Thank you all for joining the circle of vagueness. May it expand forever! Yeh kya bachpana hai, yaar. At least, so I tell myself. Must say the competition was stiff!

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The Vague Womanss Handbook The Vague Womanss Handbook
The Vague Womanss Handbook The Vague Womanss Handbook
The Vague Womanss Handbook The Vague Womanss Handbook
The Vague Womanss Handbook The Vague Womanss Handbook
The Vague Womanss Handbook The Vague Womanss Handbook

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