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Our new kids clay camps now include earlier start times, art-filled field trips, and fresh new themes. Register now for a summer of creative hands-on fun! The Gardiner Museum is among the few museums in the world focused on ceramics, and is one of the most important specialty museums internationally.

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It houses approximately 4, objects, including European porcelain, ceramics from the Ancient Americas, Chinese porcelain, Japanese porcelain, and contemporary ceramics. Search the collection online! Everyone can love clay! To learn more about how to spot an authentic blue-and-white ware, we asked Dr. There are so many ware types, kilns, and periods that it is almost impossible to be an expert in all of them. By contrast, if you have a narrow focus, you really can build expertise that will help you avoid fakes.

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Handle as much of the real thing within your area of specialization, if possible as you can. The more ceramics you see and handle, the better your intuition is about the wares you focus on. You get a sense for the kinds of flaws that characterize your period and the spectrum of possibility for genuine wares. A good reputable dealer will have handled a lot of the ware that you are collecting, and will also be able to give you information about provenance and perhaps even provenience.

Solid documentation about provenance is your best protection against buying a fake. Learn about the potting and firing techniques for the ware that you are interested in.

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For example, if someone tries to sell you a piece of blue-and-white or polychrome ware from Jingdezhen with a sandy or gritty bottom, it is a fake e. But a 6. When buying a real tree, Friends of the Earth advise to look for one that is locally produced, or at least grown in the UK with a FSC certification to avoid emissions from transporting and importing. There are now many more opportunities to buy a locally grown tree than in the past. Increasingly trees are being grown for sale in the UK rather than being imported, according to Oliver Kenny of Yorkshire Christmas Trees.

Kenny plants more trees than are cut down each year. By reducing the emissions from transporting trees, and recycling them by chipping, real Christmas trees can become climate positive — creating an environment beneficial to removing carbon from the atmosphere. When it comes to disposing of your artificial tree, there are more negative impacts — even if you have kept it 10 years or more. Most fake trees are made of PVC — a plastic which is notoriously difficult if not impossible to get recycled because it requires specialist equipment.

The advice is if you already have an artificial tree, keep it and keep using it — but if it becomes a little bedraggled and artificial is still your thing — opt for a second hand one in order for the plastic to be reused not dumped and to keep the carbon footprint down. Pot-grown trees — which can be planted out in the garden when Christmas is over or re-potted and used again year after year — are rising in popularity, according to retailers.

We had a huge role for sociology, anthropology.

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And at the end, we have an immense amount of data. We have mobile phone data, electronic health records, social media that we need to analyse. And that's all. Thank you very much.

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Ebola hit the news headlines in yet information about some strange fever was tracked even earlier. Watch the video to hear Luis discuss how data can help to provide early warning signs about potential disease outbreaks. We use cookies to give you a better experience. Search Search. Unable to play video. Please enable JavaScript or consider upgrading your browser. View transcript.

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Is it real or fake? What's the fake news in the Ebola outbreak?

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    Real or Fake? Real or Fake?
    Real or Fake? Real or Fake?
    Real or Fake? Real or Fake?
    Real or Fake? Real or Fake?
    Real or Fake? Real or Fake?
    Real or Fake? Real or Fake?
    Real or Fake? Real or Fake?
    Real or Fake? Real or Fake?
    Real or Fake?

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