Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition)

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Corsi per gruppi scolastici e universitari State programmando un soggiorno linguistico con una scolaresca, un gruppo universitario o un gruppo di studenti adulti? Italiano per insegnanti Come amanti della lingua italiana ci sta molto a cuore la diffusione della lingua ma anche della cultura e della storia del nostro Paese.

Dal Culturforum anche a Palermo. Corsi di cultura. Corsi a partire da. Studenti soddisfatti.

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Ti piacciono i nostri corsi, ma sei troppo distante? Segui i nostri. Terra di forti e affascinanti contrasti, di selvaggia bellezza, isola che ammalia. Dicono di noi. Thank you, Vittoria, and all the staff at Culturforum for your heart-warming hospitality and your full support for the past two weeks! During this trip, we have learned so many things about your culture and we have enjoyed our time with you. We will miss you and hope to see you again one day.

Il Cimitero Monumentale - Santuario di Oropa

Students of the Notre Dame University, Australia. Elisabeth F. I love Culturforum. This has been my second year and I hope not my last. I have had two spectacular teachers. The apartment was good: clean, comfortable and close to school.

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It was a bit noisy, but that is to be expected in the centre of the old town. Hope to see you next year!

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Michael S. La scuola ha un carattere speciale. The work will also be the protagonist of exhibitions in Europe and Latin America shows: its extracts will be shown as single works and, in accordance to the social nature of the platform, the visitors will be able to take them home freely so to continue the experience and the intellectual combinations which are the core of the experience.

The artists' book will also be available in a commercial version for bookshops published by Madrid based editor La Fabrica, an active partner of Tales-on. There, they expressed their on point of view on the error using personal inspirations and all the creative codes emerging from them.

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Marlowe and Juan Manuel Roca, have been asked to provide a short story based on the same theme so to combine narration and visual perception in one single multi-faceted result. The installation will find its space in the main halls of Palacio Linares: in the first one 5 screens will reproduce one of the author reading the short stories of all the writers involved introducing himself each time as one of the others, thus criticising the identity and make it perceive as an error; in the second room visitors will find 5 different platform with posters reproducing the artists' works.

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The text will then be read and commented and will be played within a public installation. Old Admin control not available waiting new website in the next days Please be patience. It will be available as soon as possibile, thanks. Vocabolomacchia teatro. Tales-on is a project coming from the desire to create a non-profit multilateral platform to carry on cultural research on the artistic and anthropologic experiences of various territories of the Southern hemisphere.

La lunga strada gialla

Register to post comments. More pressreleases in archive from sissibalissi. Send it to a friend. Printable version. EMAIL: info tales-on.

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Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition) Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition)
Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition) Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition)
Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition) Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition)
Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition) Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition)
Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition) Piccoli uomini (La cultura) (Italian Edition)

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