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2. Philosophy, Philosophers, and Rhetoric

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About Philo of Alexandria. Philo of Alexandria. Philo 20 B.

The Works of Philo

Philo used philosophical allegory to attempt to fuse and harmonize Greek philosophy with Jewish philosophy. His method followed Philo 20 B. His method followed the practices of both Jewish exegesis and Stoic philosophy. His allegorical exegesis was important for several Christian Church Fathers, but he has barely any reception history within Judaism. He believed that literal interpretations of the Hebrew Bible would stifle mankind's view and perception of a God too complex and marvelous to be understood in literal human terms. Some scholars hold that his concept of the Logos as God's creative principle influenced early Christology.

Other scholars, however, deny direct influence but say both Philo and Early Christianity borrow from a common source. For Philo, the Logos was God's "blueprint for the world", a governing plan. The few biographical details concerning Philo are found in his own works, especially in Legatio ad Gaium "embassy to Gaius" , and in Josephus. The only event in his life that can be determined chronologically is his participation in the embassy in which the Alexandrian Jews were sent to the emperor Caligula at Rome as the result of civil strife between the Alexandrian Jewish and Greek communities.

This occurred in the year 40 CE. Philip of Macedon hired Aristotle to be the tutor to his son Alexander the Great.

Philo of Alexandria: Philosopher, Mystic and Defender of His People Lecture 1 8 20 2 14

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  • His online lectures in Jewish history are available at henryabramson. View all posts by Henry Abramson. The Gospel According To John. New Testament Theology. Leicester: IVP, Bruce, History , "Although Philo does not appear to have exercised direct influence on New Testament thought, his writings present a number of striking points of contact with the Pauline Epistles, and some knowledge of his thought and method provides positive help for the understanding of the Fourth Gospel although the Johannine Logos doctrine is essentially different from the Philonic and of the Epistle to the Hebrews - the work of another Alexandrian who, however, prefers the typology of salvation-history to Philonic allegory as the key top unlock the meaning of the Old Testament.

    Waco: Word, , civ, cvii-cviii.

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    Philo of Alexandria c. AD In both of these works, literal and allegorical interpretations lie side by side. Philo is obviously more interested in the allegorical interpretation, but, for the most part, the literal interpretations are also considered valid and valuable.

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    The same is true in Of the twenty seven times that allegorical terms appear, only five involve the rejection of a non-allegorical interpretation. Book Links. Privacy Policy. Support this site. Contact me. Click here to This site and its resources are free to anyone who wants to use it, but it does cost money to run. If you have found it useful and would like to help keep it going please consider popping something in the tip jar.

    Thank you! Leiden: Brill, ISBN: The Studia Philonica Annual - Contents of issues. Conybeare, editor, Philo about the contemplative life: or the fourth book of the treatise concerning virtues, critically edited with a defence of its genuineness with a facsimile , Oxford: Clarendon Press, Reprinted: New York, Yonge, The Works of Philo. Peabody, Mass. Bernard J. John M.

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    Jouette M. Robert M. Brown Judaic Studies Chico: Scholars, New York: Garland Publications, Supplements to Novum Testamentum, Leiden : E. Brill, Novum Testamentum, Supplements.

    By Charles Duke Yonge

    Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, Fred W. Henry Chadwick, "St. Naomi G. Nils A. Wolfson's New Study," Theological Studies 9 : Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation, Missoula, MT: Scholars Press, Berkeley: Center for Hermeneutical Studies,

    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria
    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria
    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria
    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria
    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria
    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria
    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria

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