Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition)

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Fuzzy subjects: The public sphere and the public

Marleen Seegers, Owner marleen. Following a strict editorial selection process, we publish no more than 15 titles per year. Graphic Novel: Riad Sattouf. Author of various titles, he also devotes his time to the humanitarian works of the Karuna Schechen association. Alexandre Jollien spent seventeen years in a specialised institution for the physically handicapped.

Philosopher and writer, he is the author of works whose reading public continues to grow. He is the author of several widely read works. A new book, inspired, inspiring and useful, on one of the central themes of the human condition: inner liberty. Why inner freedom?

L'entretien avec Claude Dubar

Inner freedom is the natural extension of wisdom. One who attains wisdom enjoys great inner liberty, and one who frees himself of his mental disturbances is on the path to wisdom. What, exactly, is it about? Ever since childhood, we have been prisoners of norms, prejudices, and automatic reflexes that stand in the way of our happiness. What are these invisible barriers? Drawing an itinerary of liberation This book presents a methodic path to leave our inner prisons and become available for service to all.

Three Friends in Search of Wisdom A philosopher, a monk, a psychiatrist, three old friends who are all well-known for their wisdom and for the values they defend in their books and in the media, explore the question of what creates joy and hardship in life. They draw the most essential lessons from their life paths, their reading and their years of personal and professional research in order to accompany each of us on our road through life.

Through them, each of us can learn about the task of living. Language: French Orig.

Qu'est-ce que les sciences humaines ? #science

January Territories handled by 2 Seas: World excl. Spring Rights List - www. Leila Bouherrafa Leila Bouherrafa is 29 years old. She lives and works in Paris. This is the story of a woman who is searching for something: a dedication. She is thirty years old and about to publish her first novel. In three days time, her book will be sent off to the printers, and she still has not decided on the dedication.

Casser les moules

Publisher: Allary Editions pp. January Territory: World excl. As a guest at the book fair in Brive, a big event in the French literary calendar, will she get an idea for a dedication? She talks to the authors, takes part in a pompous debate on writing, and quickly sleeps with a novelist who has committed the fashion faux pas of having several watches. But like every other evening, she makes her way back to her apartment building in the north of Paris, which, like everywhere else, is home to a thousand solitudes. With the disillusionment and dark humour of a female Houellebecq, Leila Bouherrafa presents a ruthlessly accurate vision of the world.

A writer is born. Leila Bouherrafa has the sense of the formula that stings and flies — and that brings definitely to mind Amelie Nothomb. But not only… From this debut novel arises a muffled melancholy imbued with emotions. Diane Brasseur Diane Brasseur lives in Paris and is a scriptwriter. Rights in Fidelities were sold to 8 territories. The Division Diane Brasseur paints a gallery of souls, a family fresco that begins in Athens and ends half a century later on the shores of Lake Geneva.

On January 12, Bruno K, a professor of literature who is adulated by his students and admired by his colleagues, walks the streets of Geneva. As he contemplates the legs of a pretty brunette who walks in front of him, he collapses, and dies. When his two brothers Georgely and Alexakis hear about his passing, something snaps. Ten years earlier, Bruno K had broken off all ties with his family. Title: La Partition Orig. May Territory: World excl. The reader is taken on a journey to the origins of this disunited brotherhood.

It starts in Athens, when their mother Koula meets Paul Peter K, a young man with soft skin and blond-gorged hair, who looks like a silent movie actor. It continues in Switzerland, where they settle after their marriage when Koula is only 17 years old. This is the beginning of a nightmare, the original crack that will mark his life and that of his sons. Koula divorces and returns to Greece with her eldest son Bruno K, leaving behind little Georgely, who is barely three years old. There, she meets her ultimate love and from their union Alexakis is born, a child with a great destiny.

A voice that is singular and just. He is the author of Generation Hangover. A manual to fight against reactionaries, Our France — To tell and love what we are and The Children of the Void which has met with success with both critics and readers and positioned him as the most influential intellectual of his generation. The Children of the Void. The underlying anxiety we all feel stems from the lack of a collective outlook, from the breakdown of the narratives and structures that only yesterday still ascribed the individual a place within the group.

But we cannot be content with the vacuum that has taken their place. If our elders were born into a society that was saturated with meaning, we were born into the void. Their mission was to break the chains. Our own will be to reforge the connections. Democracy is based on the rights of the individual, but not exclusively. Our generation has the task of dealing with the rest, too long neglected: the rights of the group.

Because if we do not, the most authoritarian forces will do it for us. Title: Les enfants du vide. October Territory: World excl. Our France Like in many European countries facing the rise of right-wing extremist currents, and in the United States with the Trump phenomenon, powerful reactionary and nationalist currents are rising in France. Their impact is not just electoral: it is intellectual. The idea that France must turn in on itself to find itself again has been spreading dangerously.

Title: Notre France. Dire et aimer ce que nous sommes Orig. October A novel about memory, adolescence and first love. Suzanne is forty, she leads a quiet life with her husband and two children. One morning, their apartment is burgled and her teenage diary is nowhere to be found. Martin is a delivery man. Riding his bike around the city helps him think. The words strike him as he devours the book… and through the book he comes back to life. Title: Les miroirs de Suzanne Orig. March Territory: World excl. My emotions, my fears, my joys, my sorrows.

Be serene. Martin continues reading. But one day, everything will flourish. Something gripped him; the necessity to keep reading this diary. Thirty years on, she is not trying to understand or explain, but to speak this wound that is so hard to heal. The story of a disrupted life is juxtaposed against happy childhood memories of a family of three. Thirty years on, the little girl has grown up and fixes her gaze on the separation. She is not trying to understand or explain but simply speak the heartbreak, that feeling of betraying one whenever she is with the other, that pain that is sometimes still so alive.

Why is this wound, shared by so many children, so hard to heal? September Territory: World excl. Enriched with hitherto unpublished testimonies, this biography of Nancy Mitford plunges us into the intellectual and artistic hub of Paris in the s and s. But the two world wars came to destroy the bliss of the Victorian era and the Mitford girls would become the subject of gossip. Only Deborah and Pamela lived in allegiance to keeping their social status. Title: Nancy Mitford. La dame de la rue Monsieur Orig. February Territory: World excl.

From this extraordinary family saga, Nancy Mitford imbues her scathing wit into the very substance of her bestselling novels. Wit that she also applied to her love life, which, like her most famous novel, became an endless pursuit of love. Edmonde Charles-Roux. A member of the resistance, lover, successful author, fashion icon, socialist, president of the Goncourt academy, muse to a rap band. A woman who lived a thousand lives: passionate and politically engaged, devilishly novelesque. Rebellious, brave, full of desire, talent and contradiction, Edmonde was nothing less than a free woman.

Title: Elle, Edmonde Orig. Albert Moukheiber Dr. Albert Moukheiber, 36, is a neuroscientist and clinical psychologist. He now works as a clinician at his practice and teaches at the University in the clinical psychology department. He has also founded Chiasma, a structure that is interested in how our brain reconstructs reality to confirm our prior beliefs and how to promote mental flexibility. Why are we jealous, or paranoid, even when we have absolutely no reason to be? Why is it so easy for fake news to spread around the globe and fool us?

Reality is way too complex and multiple to be apprehended by our capacities of attention, which are quite limited, as well as our brain abilities.

Paradigmes et revues

That is why our perception of the world is subjective and various elements influence the way we acquire knowledge and form opinions. Our brain is recreating the world in its own way — most of the time for our own good: how hard would it be if, before making a choice, we had to know about all the options available in that given situation? It would take us forever to choose an item of clothing in a store, or a meal in a restaurant! Luckily, our brain can estimate: even if it makes us imperfect, and subject to illusion, delusion, even error, it allows us to reconstruct the world as we know it, and live in it.

Title: Votre cerveau vous joue des tours Orig. April Territory: World excl. However, these very useful mechanisms can sometimes mislead us and have a rather negative impact on our actions, beliefs and opinions: when our brain behaves that way, we say it is biased. Albert Moukheiber gives us tips and tricks to fight against these cognitive biases — the first one being not to trust ourselves too much and to always doubt our thinking processes, especially in this era where social networks spread information like an epidemic.

In this book, filled with multiple examples from our daily lives and psycho-social experiments, Moukheiber explores the building blocks of our perception, cognition and behaviour, which are involved in acquiring knowledge or forming opinions. He does so while maintaining a didactic approach that makes the book easily accessible to all.

Jennifer Murzeau Jennifer Murzeau is a novelist and journalist specializing in environmental issues. Assumed city-dweller Jennifer Murzeau went off to live in the woods for a week, without water or food, in order to reconnect with nature. Title: La Vie dans les bois Orig. April French cerns today. I descended the Charente river by canoe and slept on its banks. I learned how to make a fire with wet wood, to feed myself on boiled plants; I gave up on killing a rodent, and lived at the slow pace of life in the wild.

I then continued the adventure on my own in the Pyrenees mountain range, where I encountered the immensity of nature, fear, storms, beauty I came back with only one desire: to leave again. Catherine Siguret Catherine Siguret is a writer, screenwriter and journalist. She has authored about 60 books in her own name or on behalf of celebrities, psychiatrists, doctors, and psychoanalysts. They all have a common thread: they tell life stories and the destinies of anonymous persons. They repaired the world.

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They suffered a hard blow, went through hardship, and turned it into something great for all of us through courage, energy and altruism, often deployed for years before. Accident, illness, disability, mourning… They could have remained victims, but all have set up an unprecedented achievement that comes to meet a need, a lack, a vacuum, which they identified in the face of adversity and which they were the first ones to suffer from. Their magnificent invention, a direct result of their suffering, is a tangible creation destined to spare others today the difficulties and sorrows that overwhelmed them in the past.

The deeds of each of them help repair the world and change the face of society. They innovated and worked for the best in very different fields, most often after a degree turn because many of them had no skills or initial training to succeed. But they decided that what they had suffered should serve the good of the greatest number of people. Turning their backs on misfortune, they mobilized all their energy. And they succeeded. These eight stories, about twenty pages each, draw the face of a positive society, with everyday actors capable of using their strength as much as their hearts.

She is the principal investigator of a meditation based mental training study, The ReSource Project, and investigates how psychology can inform new models of Caring Economics. Matthieu Ricard is a former molecular biologist who became a Buddhist monk. Kate Karius is a writer and a multidimensional artist. She serves to make the world a healthier, more beautiful place by supporting luminaries, mission-driven organizations, and businesses in bringing their messages out into the world. Power and Care. Towards Balance for Our Common Future— Science, Society and Spirituality in Dialogue with the Dalai Lama An urgent and groundbreaking work, which deconstructs the widespread thought that the concept of power and care are opposites.

With the aim for a balanced, common future, 19 renowned researchers and leaders including biologist Frans de Waal, Nobel Prize winner Jody Williams, and Harvard associate professor of psychiatry, Richard Schwartz, Ph.


While the notion of power can be seen as a neutral concept, neither harmful nor beneficial by definition, the Western historical perspective links it to concepts such as domination, instrumentalization, or sovereignty. Care evokes concepts such as altruism, compassion, interdependence, and responsibility, and is customarily seen as incompatible with the notion of power. Language: English Orig. In this provocative and inspiring book, the nature of the fundamental forces of power and care are comprehensively examined, as well as their expressions and the relations between them.

This book serves to inspire readers and as a significant catalyst for the formulation of new research ideas and for imagining societal and governance structures that will contribute to a better world. Riad Sattouf Riad Sattouf is a cartoonist and filmmaker. Born in , he spent his childhood between Libya, Syria and Brittany. He has been drawing comics for twenty years and published more than twenty books.

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  • The first volume covers the period from to from birth to the age of six, little Riad is shuttled between Libya, Brittany and Syria. The second volume tells the story of his first year of school in Syria The third volume sees him between the ages of six and nine, the time he becomes aware of the society he is growing up in This fourth volume is significantly longer pp. An international publishing phenomenon, the four volumes of The Arab of the Future have already sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. The Arab of the Future will consist of six volumes.

    A masterpiece. Language: French Based on true stories told by Esther A. Publisher: Allary Editions Notebooks draw us into the daily life of a girl talking 56 pp. Published yearly between Allary Editions will publish one volume per year, nine volumes in total. Each volume covers one year in the life of Esther, from her 10th through her 18th year, Territory: World excl. French and each contains 52 stories for the 52 weeks of the year. Material Available Volume 1: Esther is 10 years old. Who are Tal, Kendji Girac, and the Hotheads? What are the criteria of beauty that make young boys and girls popular?

    What can you do when your friends have more money than you do? Volume 2: Esther is 11 years old. She tells us about the birth of her little brother, the terrorism attacks, the boys she is in love with, religious discussions with her best friend, her midget teacher, her mother who suddenly gained weight, her idiot big brother and her father, that hero Volume 3: Esther is a year-old student in a prestigious college in the center of Paris. She is now a preteen!

    The presidential elections, her first cell phone, her hamster Manuela, the arrival of acne, her conspiring brother, her left-wing partisan father, her far-right voting grandmother, President Macron, the Illuminati, and her love for sausage-apricot cake Esther talks about everything! French MS English sample vol. This is the future. November Territory: World excl. True to its purpose, this publishing house has a catalog that caters to all audiences and covers a wide literary spectrum, from classics to contemporary French and foreign bestsellers, from practical books to essays and reference books.

    Anne Boudart Anne Boudart was born in Marseille and scribbled away in private about everything from her daily life at the Sorbonne to her first position in publishing until the day she created an Instagram account. She then followed her partner to the North Pole aka. The hilarious and mischievous adventures of a young woman from Marseille who, when her boyfriend is transferred to The Hague, must resign herself to leaving the South of France, with its climate and its croissants, to face the cold, and the Dutch Universally recognised themes: everyday life, life as a couple, parents-in-law, friends… something.

    Publisher: Le Livre de Poche 96 pp. Alex de Brienne Alex de Brienne pseud. He studies the theater of war and conflict. He frequents the halls of NGOs as well as ministries. He wants to stay anonymous so he can write freely about the major events that happen in the world. Publisher: Le Livre de Poche between - pp. Hundreds of Germans are assaulted. A wealthy Iranian woman, whose daughter is among the victims, charges Kali and her brother with discovering the truth. In Mosul, fallen to the hands of Daesh, a young Yazidi is about to experience a tragic fate. Who wanted to kill Viktor and his pro-Russian comrades in Odessa?

    An explosive conflict sets the Ukrainian army against the separatists in Donbass. Royal Society open science , 4 8 , Emotional contagion: its scope and limits. Trends in cognitive sciences , 19 6 , Social affordances: is the mirror neuron system involved? The Behavioral and brain sciences , 36 4 , Evidence for unintentional emotional contagion beyond dyads. PloS one , 8 6 , e Skin temperature and reproductive condition in wild female chimpanzees.

    PeerJ , 5, e Skin temperature changes in wild chimpanzees upon hearing vocalizations of conspecifics. Royal Society open science , 4 1 , Human collective reactions to threat. Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Cognitive science , 6 3 , An evolutionary approach to emotional communication. Journal of Pragmatics , 59, Methodos [En ligne] , 9. Sharing the joke: the size of natural laughter groups.

    Evolution and Human Behavior , 33 6 , Emotional Convergence: A Case of Contagion? In Sukhvinder D. Cross Eds. Touraine et J. Le cas est exactement inverse pour ce qui concerne les Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales que P. Bourdieu lance en Avec les Cahiers , G. Avec Sociologie du travail , note J. Bourdieu avec Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales. Ebooks and Manuals

    Presvelou et C. Bourdieu, J. Chambordedon et J. Ici comme ailleurs, P. Durkheim, N. Luhmann, A. Honneth, etc. En sociologie, il existe bien actuellement personne ne le niera un pluralisme explicatif qui met en concurrence des paradigmes alternatifs. Pour expliquer le malaise des sociologues, R. Becker et W. Rau confortent le diagnostic. Durkheim, T. Parsons, J. Coleman, P. Bourdieu, N. Luhmann, etc.

    Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition) Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition)
    Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition) Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition)
    Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition) Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition)
    Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition) Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition)
    Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition) Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition)
    Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition) Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition)
    Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition) Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition)
    Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition) Paniques collectives (Les) (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition)

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