Intellectuals of Café Naderi

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Atmospheric Cafes in Tehran

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See all free Kindle reading apps. Start reading Intellectuals of Cafe Naderi on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. It is ten years now that the family can not be bothered to even paint that building.

What is our share in keeping it alive and how much we have paid for this share?

Bagher Mohama (Author of Intellectuals of Cafe Naderi)

The building is eighty years old and they have done nothing for its preservation. In when the news of the owners' decision to sell the place was first published, the continuous follow-ups of the media led to its registration by the cultural inheritance organization a year later.

This was an effective step because when a building is registered by this organization, legally it can no longer be demolished. But now seven years after its registration it is quite evident that the given organization is absolutely indifferent toward preservation of this building because it has done what it is supposed to do after registering a building as a cultural inheritance.

It was called Naderi because of its location along the ex-Naderi street now called Jomhuri. He was the first to open a confectionary in Tehran, also introducing cultural foods to Iranians for the first time in the Naderi Restaurant. The Naderi Hotel was the second hotel built in Tehran. The fist was the Grand Hotel. After a fire broke out in the building due to the negligence of one of the clients whose cigarette fell on a bed because he was dozing the original traditional building seen in a very few remaining pictures was totally burnt.

The new renovated complex looks more like the rest of buildings constructed during seventies in Iran. The complex possessed a confectionary too.

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None of those tile walls arching on top of the building or the wooden narrow long windows facing the balconies are not there any more. It owes its fame as the most nostalgic cultural haunt of the country largely to the regular visits of such esteemed figures. The present owners of this complex are the grandchildren of Khachick Madikians.

Despite its present air, looking much plainer than other restaurants and cafes with low standards of hygiene and service mainly due to its owners' negligence, it is always full of people who go there in order to live in history, occupy the chairs on which great Iranian cultural figures sat and breathe its nostalgic air for half an hour or so.

Nothing has changed in it, chairs, cups and even the spoons and forks are the same old ones. The internal decoration has not changed. The covering of the tables are in the same off-white color of fifty or sixty years ago. In fact they too have turned into a part of the history of this cultural environ and each has many memories of its blooming days and its famous clients. But lots of things have happened in these years.

Cafe Naderi

The police constantly has kept bothering the owners, creating a new entanglement for them nearly everyday. First they forbid the use of the backyard where that white angel is still standing petrified.

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Consumers now expect companies to show some cultural creativity at all stages of their experience—from advertising, to the retail experience, to the product itself. The ubiquity of the Apple iPhone in Iran is a strong indicator that this expectation has taken root. As a consequence, companies cannot simply import the branding, marketing, and product offering from Western markets. As is evident in the history of Iranian coffeehouses, what may seem like processes of Westernization are often more nuanced.

The commercial imperative to create a culturally complete offering requires companies to fully commit to localization for the Iranian market. Again, Starbucks offers some useful lessons.

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Starbucks faced an immense challenge in reinterpreting this culture for disparate markets such as China and India. The same will be the case for all multinationals entering Iran. By dint of its success, Starbucks is seen as a bogeyman for the kind of globalization that crushes local proprietors. But in a broadly underserved market like Iran, there is room for both independent businesses and major multinationals. It is worth remembering that Starbucks developed its identity and strategy from its original incarnation as a humble coffee roaster in Seattle.

In this way, small businesses, with their inherent connections to local communities and the focused visions of their founders, offer a means to innovate cultural offerings. The revival of the coffeehouses of the past signals the emergence of new consumer expectations in Iran, providing a useful template for any future approach to the promising marketplace.

Sep Esfandyar Batmanghelidj. Matthee recounts the description of the French traveler Jean Chardin, who traveled Iran in the 's and 's: These houses, which are big spacious and elevated halls, of various shapes, are generally the most beautiful places in the cities, since these are the locales where the people meet and seek entertainment.

Intellectuals of Café Naderi Intellectuals of Café Naderi
Intellectuals of Café Naderi Intellectuals of Café Naderi
Intellectuals of Café Naderi Intellectuals of Café Naderi
Intellectuals of Café Naderi Intellectuals of Café Naderi
Intellectuals of Café Naderi Intellectuals of Café Naderi
Intellectuals of Café Naderi Intellectuals of Café Naderi
Intellectuals of Café Naderi Intellectuals of Café Naderi

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