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A lovely young woman stepped from the shadows, her automatic pistol still smoking. From the opposite direction, a handsome young man stepped forward, holding some strange-looking instrument, apparently a gun. Call me Collette. Once a humble soldier for his Majesty the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, now a resident of the 40th century, and a member of the Time Travel Corps. I was sent here to investigate a temporal anomaly in this era.

A grotesque parasitic organism, its legs wriggling as it bored into his brain. All the other dead men had it, as well, Renee saw. It feeds there. Men struggled futilely in its clinging web as its larvae attached themselves to the backs of their heads, feeding on their brain fluids. It feels nothing, so it must stimulate itself through the rage of others. Beaulieu scanned the bubble of shimmering energy surrounding the monster. But, how would we accomplish it?

Collette smiled. Dec 29, AM. Collider The collider was releasing more than a terawatt of power, well beyond design specifications. Gary, the chief scientist hit the Big Red Button. Rotating lights came on and alarms sounded, but the gauges continued to climb. He turned to me. See you on the surface. A half mile later, we reached the yellow and black stairs. Gary went down for the Valve and I climbed up to the Wedge.

Two stories up, I pulled the release mechanism. When the Wedge fell, it would stop all the matter traveling the mile ring at nearly the speed of light. Just as the mass of concrete and lead shattered the glass port, a cone of diamond white light emanated from it. The scent of steel and ozone was replaced with a musty odor.

As my eyes adjusted to the sudden darkness, I could see light coming from an open maintenance hatch, twenty meters up. Once I climbed out, I noticed the entire facility was gone. Where it should have been was a pasture and several horses. I stopped to catch my breath and passed out. Gary arrived several hours later. She should have made it out.

After she died, you stopped doing science. Without the two of you to lobby for the project, congress pulled the plug on the Collider. The facility was never finished. American made. I refuse buy a Chinese car no matter how inexpensive they are. When he began eloquently describing the concept of a multiverse, I realized he was Steven Hawking. No mention of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. As I handed it back to him, I noticed the logo on the back of the case: Texas Instruments.

At the after party, Steven was as brilliant as I remembered and almost too drunk to stand. When I explained my situation, he sobered up. You would occupy the same space and time but in an alternate universe. This would occur until the matter exchange was reversed … or they imploded. Just being in close proximity may be enough. If you and your counterpart cross over, balance will be restored to the multiverse. A few times, it felt as if that Cessna really did fly. In the dim light of my failing phone, I could make out the frame that would have held the Wedge had it been finished.

A strange blue glow began at the port and expanded into a cone. I stepped into it. Once again, the corridor was lit. I saw a dozen faces looking up as I descended the stairs. I searched for one face and found my wife smiling up at me. We spent every moment together while he was here. Dec 30, AM. Dec 30, PM.

She giggled. The rain had finally abated two hours earlier and stopped completely just an hour ago. The sun and the equatorial latitude of the island conspired to dry up the puddles along the walkway within minutes, the baking sun trying to claim back that which had fallen for the previous two days. The Gods who giveth also taketh away. She grabbed his hand, sucked in air, jumped again. He was baffled, shocked. They were a team, the old man and the young girl. Where would she go? They had found each other a couple years ago. She was wet and scraggily as if she had just crawled from the sea, an orphan.

He was lonely and misplaced and counting days as if there were meaning in their number. He had taken her home with him, like a stray cat found along the roadside. They had struggled together for a while but eventually found balance. And he found something he had lost—purpose. How the world had changed. There was no way to make him understand. So she was patient. In due time, she had said a couple of days ago, you will understand. They fall from the sky one drop at a time. Every drop that falls or trickles in adds a new dimension to that world.

Morning rain means lots of new things and new worlds created. Peter stopped and looked at her. The world is ending, he thought, and she giggles while jumping from one puddle to the next. He hated her—her nonchalance, her care-free attitude, her innocence. And he loved her for it, wished he could co-opt it, make it his own. He had responsibility now. He had duty. There were expectations. He was, in a manner of speaking, a parent. Good Lord! He felt the weight of all of it and it owned him.

I just re-arrange things. They all get sucked back up to the sky eventually, anyway. Just so they can fall again and create more new worlds, new possibilities. It has no intent. It seeks no path. Raindrops form puddles, congregate together and await the jumps of little girls, and the chance to fall again. Play and discovery and experience is what they are about.

Peter stopped. He stared ahead, unblinking. They were at the end of the road. Others from town were standing along the beach and lining the pier, those brave enough and not in denial, anyway. Sadie the grocer was there, crying. Hovering over the water in front of them was a ship, just hovering, a whisper of a hum from its anti-gravity engines. It had a slick white surface, no visible windows.

The side opened and a walkway extended to the pier. The big ship is up there. In space. Peter ignored the questions of the crowd of people. He laughed. Another world, he thought, rearranged. Dec 31, PM. The Negotiation By C. Lloyd Preville Copyright All rights reserved. It felt like a small balloon popping gently in his lower chest.

He found himself standing in a large, round hall. Regularly spaced columns held up a gigantic domed ceiling. In the center were shadows, revealing a chiseled granite throne upon which sat an immense angel. The man looked down at his body and saw it glowed with a faint blue light. His arms and torso felt—different. It was a deep, melodic, resonant voice, like that of an enormous barrel-chested man or beast. That was good. The man approached gingerly. He looked like quicksilver; his entire surface was covered with small, mirrored facets. Am I dead? However, I wish you to continue your many contributions.

Apparently his many contributions had not gone unnoticed. In your next life, you shall receive what you deserve. He needed a good answer. Where do you wish to experience this joy? Can I go back there? Can you describe it for me? There is a childhood, playing with toys; a middle age, building with tools; and an older age tinkering with his very nature. At first he fails, but then he changes his nature and becomes immortal. But things are different.

There are no children, and there is a different, more intense pleasure than sex, having to do with feasting. All the people there are interesting and intelligent. There is fine wine—soft on the tongue and warm in the stomach. And a large beast upon which everyone is feasting. As I said, things are different. They tear flesh from the beast and it tastes fully cooked and sweet, but also savory.

The flesh grows back immediately, so there is food for all, and forever. There is much pleasure from this feasting. Then we have a deal. But you did not ask which personality in the room you will be assuming. Do you wish to know? Am I to be someone else? But the angel nodded and the man disappeared. We have traveled as far as we ever get from our little sun. The Bright Side is on mood lighting now, and soon the light-siders will be flitting on over to the Night Side to play. He plays gently with the keys of his piano, not pressing hard enough even to make a tone.

I'm standing in front of him, fedora tucked under one arm, my small toolkit under the other. Most of my tools live in my head, but at times one must get physical in this trade. I shrug. This happens every Apsie. Tuning just goes off for no reason. There's already a few folks grabbing hors d'eouvres, including a pretty Cy in the front row making digital moon-calf eyes at him. I don't make 'em. I fix 'em. These pianos are smart though. That, indeed, they are. I reach out, touch the piano with my mind, make contact.

So this, this is how the wind blows. You keep staring at that Cy over there. I would bet you a hundred satoshis that she has been here often, of late. One mind, two bodies! Two bodies, one solitary mind! We've been married ten years now! Felicitations, a marvel! She is jealous of herself! I can do no more. A doctor of the mind, not a humble fixer of musical instruments, is called for here.

Can't live with them All rights reserved. Amazed as everyone, in those first hours. Yet the sole innovations required, as every news site had proclaimed, had been three abrupt discoveries— a simple molecular splicing recognized since at Institut Louis Pasteur, an earlier electrolyte-manipulation procedure, and a trivial endocrine adjustment. And lo! No more cellular degeneration! Instantaneous tissue regeneration! So it began. And soon, for those infused, there was no death. Nor of chosen trees, nor of roses, of wheat or deep-rooted potatoes, bees or fireflies or cow or horse, nor of stag upon the high-peaked mountains, nor of any other living thing.

Except of what each life could spare to share onto the earth. Joy reigned. Wandering those years—those eons—Maya leaped, danced, longhaired, barefoot on some eco-prairie of some long-discovered planet of another star amid some distant galaxy. Friends sang, told stories, built a billion bridges, painted, sculpted, raised a hundred children on as many worlds. Life was exploration, ever new.

And, fearless, their love spread to many, to all life and lives. Their happiness. As here, lying together in the soft grass of this high-country meadow between the whispering juniper and a grandfather pine. A child ran past them. Softly Jeffrey sighed. No, harshly. He had moaned. Had cried out. Struggling, Maya turned, fighting to lift her head, to find him in this pallid light, this painful dawn. The walls still half-dark around her, the figures groaning on their beds.

Jan 01, AM. Jan 02, AM.

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And at this time of year, I often reflect on the past, and how we got to where we are. Many years ago during the Cultural Revolution, my great-great-great grandmother made hand-baskets and sold them on the street. She put food on the table at a time when the less enterprising starved. She went to work for a Japanese truck company in the Hainan New Economic Zone, one of the first zones set up to spur new enterprise.

When their customers needed spares, she set up her own company to sell them. Where there is a need, there is a market. My great-grandmother and her cousin — no siblings allowed in that one-child era — dived into digital business. New markets to sell things no one knew they needed. Virtual pets. Sometimes, though, you have to create the need too. And so down the generations. Selling Chinese food and medicines to our burgeoning diaspora.

My grandmother secured monopolies in fuel cell technologies, making a fortune as China greened its economy. My uncle sold genetic therapies to anyone who would pay. Government space freight contracts and supplies to out-world mining industries made us rich beyond imagining. We could have just sat back and indulged ourselves, but that is not our way.

Trading is in our blood. The thrill of risk and reward is like no other. My sister and I were impatient to make our own way. Nanofabrication was our field. I licensed my nanofabricator technology to her so customers could customise their restaurant pods to match their dreams. As nanofabrication went global, what was left to sell? In a Post-Scarcity era, of what value are riches? Life became ever more opulent, but lost value and meaning. If people could make anything they wanted, where was the thrill of the negotiation, the fist-pump of the successful deal?

It no longer resonates. Giving and receiving gifts — what meaning does that have in an age of super-abundance? So I retired to Wutai, the Buddhist holy mountain. The tacky temples, once centres for fleecing the gullible, were now deserted and crumbling amidst the empty spaces vacated by the rural poor as they became rich in material possessions. Yet there I found enlightenment. What could I sell to people who have everything in a Post-Scarcity world? The answer is simple — Austerity!

A life where they can go without, experience hardship and wallow in simplicity! As Buddha knew, we suffer because we fear loss. We fear the loss of our possessions. We fear hunger. In truth, we are wired for it. Scarcity may fade away, yet our anxieties remain. Anxiety without a basis in reality becomes neurosis. We imagine insecurity, because in our minds we cannot cope without it.

Our endless summer of plenty is also an endless, fearful winter of discontent. But I found the solution. Or sit on a pillar, with food hauled up in a basket, just like the ones my great-great-great-grandmother used to make. None of it has any real monetary value — but just as it was for my ancestors, each transaction fills my heart with joy, and eases my soul. Jan 04, AM. So, it was named Glory and it truly was glorious. Nin was born into this perfect city, with its perfect buildings, perfect people and where virtually everything was simply…perfect.

The only problem was, Nin was not perfect. Nin was the one in 10, born with deformities that seemed to baffle modern medicine. Therefore, when Nin was born, they quickly removed the infant from the delivery room. A city official rushed in to explain how sorry the city was, and that the city would accept all responsibility for this less than perfect child.

The grieving couple was moved to the head of the birthing queue and life quickly returned to the glorious norm. Salespeople, TV commercial actors, spokespersons, theory people. Cynic: Acerbic wit, sophisticated sense of contradiction, personally disappointed by whatever is wrong with the world; tendency to see negatively.

If sense of humor, can be great comedians. Realist: Objective, weighs all sides, cuts through dross to get to heart of the issue, matter-of-fact. Comptrollers, financial experts, scientists, plumbers, judges. Pragmatist: Efficiency experts, know how to cut corners to save time, schedule-oriented, like to make lists. Time management experts, economists, industrial designers, accountants, nutritionists. Chief feature The seven Chief Features arise from what is called "false personality," a symptom of maya or universal delusion. False personality is the inauthentic, delusory part of ourselves, coating the true inner Self or essence with a false cloak of unreal communication.

We become caricatures, odd and bizarre, unable to communicate the perfect, illuminated soul essence. That essence is who we really are: a pure, perfect light of consciousness linked to the Tao itself. False personality, and thus the Chief Features, have their roots in fear.

When we're anxious about not getting enough love, acknowledgement, life force, food, or time to spare from the universe, we get stuck in habitual, nonproductive behavior patterns. These patterns, we think, protect our vulnerability. They ward off our fears and alleviate our anxiety, if only for the moment.

But like any adapting device, they don't heal the roots of fear, and become unconscious habits which keep us blind to our own irritating quirks. Here are the seven Chief Features. Most people have a primary Chief Feature, and a secondary Chief Feature. This means we all have more than one. Self-critical, not believing in self, refreshingly humble. Greatest fear is of being inferior. Arrogance: Proud, self-confident, vain, uppity, secretly self-deprecating. Greatest fear is of being merely normal or mediocre. Self-Destruction: Hard time adjusting to life, often abused as children, not given positive validation from parents, oftentimes want to die, suicidal.

Alcoholics, drug addicts, chain smokers, motorcycle and car racers, anorexics, heavy metal enthusiasts. Greatest fear is of life itself with the pain it brings. Greed: Appetite for life, hungry looking, look like they need a lot of love or money or food or experience, bottomless pits in some cases, voracious, lack of control, zingy eyes. Greatest fear is of starving or being left with nothing often comes from recent previous life where that actually happened.

Martyrdom: Selflessness, missionary zeal, dies for a cause. Can make others feel guilty.

Greatest fear is of being victimized or taken advantage of by others. Impatience: Daring, tries to do too many things in a short amount of time, hates to be late for anything, intolerant. Type A's, freeway tailgaters, schedule freaks. Greatest fear is of being late, or of missing out on whatever is going on. Stubbornness: Determined, hard to move, refuses to change, obstinate. Greatest fear is of being pushed around. Centering Centering adds an interesting angle to the overleaves. It is flexible, in that you pick one favorite Centering and Part of Center for the lifetime, but can use the other Parts of Center in situations when you need them.

Your Centering reflects your first response to stimuli; your Part of Center is your second response. You cry at movies and funerals, keeping Kleenex handy wherever you go. If someone insults you, your first response will be emotional. Later on, you'll use the Intellectual Part of Center to obsess about what they said, what you said in return, what you should have said, what they would have said had you not said what you said, etc. You'll take up an exercise regimen to help you slough off depression. Or, you'll go dancing to express your emotional joy. Here's a short synopsis of each of the seven Centers and Parts of Center, with their attributes: Intellectual Center: Born think tanks, rarely losing their cool in emotional situations.

You can almost see the gears spinning in their brains. They do well in academia, and the computer and banking industries. With Emotional Part of Center: They think coolly first, then express their emotions later on in private. Examples: Patty Hearst, Katherine Hepburn. With Moving Part of Center: They think first, then act on their thoughts without considering the emotional consequences.

With Instinctive Part of Center: A cool first response which gets funneled through their primal needs. Emotional Center: Compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, vulnerable. They feel what you feel, and do well in healing professions where a kind word is important. Schoolteachers, therapists of all kinds, artists, musicians, charity volunteers. With Intellectual Part of Center: They like to funnel their emotions through their thoughts, perhaps enjoying writing or talking about their personal crises.

With Moving Part of Center: They funnel their emotions through their bodies, enjoying dance therapy, movement-oriented growth seminars, or stage performance.

  1. The Thin Black Line.
  2. Masked Identities.
  3. Films set in Los Angeles;

With Instinctive Part of Center: Panic disorder, phobias, eccentricity, primal sensuality. Moving Center: Always on the go, these people seem like perpetual motion machines. They love athletics, dancing, anything which gets them up out of their chairs and moving around. With Intellectual Part of Center: They funnel their perpetual motion through their speech. If athletics-minded, they like prescribed dance routines like classical ballet or aerobics, enjoying the structure of sports rules.

With Emotional Part of Center: They love freeform movement: Brazilian samba, modern dance, belly dancing. Can be attracted to the emotional intensity of athletics, channeling their rage or depth of feeling into the competitive aspects of the sport. With Instinctive Part of Center: Hyperactive or autistic child, sensualist, charismatic actor.

Instinctive Center: Instinctively centered people are hard to find. Look in their eyes and you get an uneasy feeling, like you're looking into some altered reality which makes you uncomfortable. Many Instinctively Centered people are labeled "schizophrenic," but you can be Instinctively Centered without being mentally ill. Instinctive Center gives anyone a pipeline to their animal nature: scents, sounds, primal survival instincts, sensuality.

With Intellectual Part of Center: Experimental surgeon, occultist, forensic specialist, power freak. With Emotional Part of Center: Eccentric actor, uncontrolled angry criminal, survivalist. Examples: Ted Bundy, Curtis Sliwa. With Moving Part of Center: Hunter, soldier of fortune, wild animal trainer, violent charismatic leader. Can be cruel, lacking in emotional warmth or intellectual reasoning.

Higher Centers: The Higher Centers take us out of our egos, and into a state of merging with the cosmos. These states are rare, and considered to be the goal of all spiritual practice. Because the energy is too strong to hold in the body for a long period of time, most of us get only a taste of it once in awhile, perhaps at an enlightenment seminar, in a peak emotional release, or an intensely transcendent meditation session.

People who have higher centering as their primary center have chosen an unusual lifestyle of spirituality with much outer support, perhaps taking vows as a renunciate in a monastery, or leading the life of a guru. Higher Emotional Center allows you to channel unconditional love from the higher planes. Founts of this Centering like to take their devotees with them into a high state of divine ecstasy, to share the egoless love all around.


Examples: the saints Ammachi, Jesus, Ramakrishna, St. Higher Intellectual Center appeals to Zen Buddhists, Vedantists, quantum physicists and Western philosophers, all of whom like to sit and think. The goal is to reach a state of pure thought, which is no thought. Once that state is achieved the ego falls away, and pure telepathy is possible. Higher Moving Center: Here you dance your way to enlightenment with repetitious movements combined with mind-stilling mantras or chanting.

Most ecstatic religions use this technique: Shaker, Sufi, Pentacostal, Hindu, Native American, Santeria, and tai chi, which release the ego from condensed daily reality and into divine ecstasy through the vehicle of physical release from contraction. Sexual climax brings in the Higher Moving Center as well, albeit for only a short time; rarely does it transform the soul for more than a few moments.

Healers of the physical body, massage therapists, tantra practitioners and kundalini experts often channel this Centering. For example, a King in this system isn't always the leader of a country, but may like Madonna choose the field of entertainment; or he may just be your neighbor's gardener. A Scholar isn't necessarily a Rhodes scholar or academician, but might be someone doing a lifetime task as a concert pianist or fashion model. Your local artist might be a Warrior like Picasso.

Your Sage butcher might regale the waiting customers with operatic arias. It is helpful to remember in studying this system that it is just a shortcut, an abbreviated version of who we really are. Overleaves define only our temporary or false personalities, lifetime to lifetime. In truth we are infinite beings, beyond definition or labeling. Michael Teachings This has inspired me exchanger, i have a question for you perhaps you can answer it perhaps you can not. I would like your concept on this question i am going to ask you. This puzzles me a little because are there just the same levels on higher densities also?

I would say yes but this is my conception on the matter i have not studied this and would love to know from those who have. I am from future worlds how would you define the soul level in this conception. I do get confused because not having any previous incarnations i have not had the experience so to say. I know my position in the future but i do not like to say for ridicule of some that may think i am being egotistical. Michael Teachings i got some interesting answers to that question jackie, will type it up; and post it tommorrow.

Michael Teachings Quote: Originally Posted by Jacqui D This has inspired me exchanger, i have a question for you perhaps you can answer it perhaps you can not. Michael Teachings I'm sorry but i am a little uncomfortable with soul rankings, it may lead to a caste system.

Remember it's said that Jesus hung out with the so called low life drunks and prostitutes to relax after arguing all day with the self-righteous priests at the temple! Michael Teachings jesus was a 7th level old soul - til he ascended ironically; there are NO short cuts.

Michael Teachings Quote: Originally Posted by TheObserver I'm sorry but i am a little uncomfortable with soul rankings, it may lead to a caste system. Michael Teachings Quote: Originally Posted by TheObserver it's said that Jesus hung out with the so called low life drunks and prostitutes to relax after arguing all day with the self-righteous priests at the temple! Michael Teachings a lot of 5th level old souls - commit suicide and, 6th level old souls - go insane.

Michael Teachings Yes this old soul went insane and came back -- at least twice this lifetiime Part of my clearing work was seeing the mechanism I installed way back pre-history and how initially it served me. There is nothing bad about being able to causatively mock up insanity or depression, etc. Now I can be causatively insane and Hubby knows it and he better step to it and haul some water and chop some wood!!!! Reminds me of the Old Testament story of when David got into a situation where he realized that the only way to come out alive was to fall off his horse and start convulsing and frothing at the mouth.

It turns out the people in that region thought someone who did that was "holy". Now can you see how being insanse might be a sane thing to do at times? The best thing, imho, that an Old Soul or perhaps any age soul, can do for themselves is Clearing work that unfixates them from their polarities, and from what I'm seeing we all have piles of automatic polarities that really restrict our freedom of choice and freedom of choice of expression and limit our goals. My hubby is an example of an Old Soul who has not done much Clearing work this lifetime and has piles of neurosis embedded in him so that he can hardly enjoy life.

Me, a "Cleared" Old Soul just stands there watching him with emotions of incredible boredom, pity. Old Souls can die in their own psychic stink if they get lax on clearing themselves. On the bright side he is making plans to reach the initial "Clear" state once his new business is further established. The ironic thing is that Hubby is such a "magical" being and with so much suppressed ability that once he does hit the "All Clear" button he will most likely be a being of at least and most likely greater magnitude than myself.

Then I will have to scurry to match him. Michael Teachings Thank you Exchanger i will look on and await your speculation on this matter. I would like to add here i do not feel this is the case of identifying who is higher than who. We are all here or where ever, on planet or off, we all learn as exchanger says there is no skipping these densities, some have however but they do not learn.

They will not sustain that level because they have jumped through and not learnt the lessons at hand. I look at it this way, the older the soul the more knowledge and experience can be given to those who are beginning. The story of Jesus dwelling among those some who feel lower than him just says exactly what i have explained and that is, it does not matter what soul level you are but the higher level teachings can give comfort and love to all.

Jesus was a great teacher of this he regarded himself on the same level but he gave his knowledge and love to all. Michael Teachings I have reliable information that Mozart is living out this lifetime as a female and works part time as a clearing practitioner and seems to be quite happy The Bach being I knew personally and was a female this lifetime and recently passed on from a heart attack. I wonder what soul age Felix Mendelssohn was? Michael Teachings That's interesting Gnosis!

Quote: Originally Posted by Gnosis5 I have reliable information that Mozart is living out this lifetime as a female and works part time as a clearing practitioner and seems to be quite happy The Bach being I knew personally and was a female this lifetime and recently passed on from a heart attack. Michael Teachings Hi, Jacqui, You bring up something I have been observing too and I probably put it in different words. It's about "jumping through In the circles I have associated with in the past I kept seeing this type of being. Right now I call them polarized gods with a small "g".

I learned that there are rituals wherein you, me, other beings can choose to beef up the "positive" sides of their polarities I guess it can also be called a fixed duality. In our off-planet history and early in this planet history there were the "God Makers" and they were a bit sly and controlling in that they did not truly "Clear" the being to his full and natural attainment of his abilities, but instead they would get him to locate a fixed polarity and then clear only one side.

Polarized gods are a sight to see and it's like living with a bull in a china shop. My dad was one of them and the shelf life of this type of ability And no god-makers around to "repair" him. Funny, too, these beings seem to have to hit ground really hard before they will get sensible and achieve the buddha-like state of Clear before they start beefing up their native powers.

In my case, I recall many eons ago going to a school where they taught us to fly around in our bodies. Oh, but we couldn't be bothered with that!! Michael Teachings Yes i agree here Gnosis. As you so rightly stated these ones who do injustice to themselves can not sustain these levels. Well, that will be a joke on you won't it It will be a joke on all of us as far as I can see. Tag, you're it worshipful, gnosis.

It has no real significance other than to make it known in some definitive way. This teaching is not a belief system and is not meant to be taken at face value. It does not require belief to be valid. It does ask that you validate it for yourself. You decide what parts you can use and what parts you cannot.

With the knowledge of this system, you can choose whether to operate from the positive parts of your personality - or from the negative parts of your personality. When you come from the positive parts, you are acting out of true personality. That is how your essence or your inner being can grow and express itself. When you come from the negative parts, you are acting out of false personality. This is deception, and results in more struggle and strife to accomplish your purpose. Before you can accept others, you must learn to accept yourself. It is a universal law that you can only love others to the degree that you are able to love yourself.

So, in this teaching, you begin by studying yourself. Through this process, you develop a greater understanding of yourself - and of the challenges and agreements you have set out to fulfill in this lifetime. Through this process, you can develop a greater tolerance toward yourself and attain the balance that allows you to act as appropriately as possible and to actualize your fullest potential. The written word becomes carved in stone.

Please do not "believe" what we have written here, but check it out for yourself. And once you have mastered it, let it go adapted from The Michael Handbook and Michael: The Basic Teachings Evolution of the Michael Teachings Many modern schools of philosophy and psychology represent facets of this system. Elements of this system were taught by George Gurdjieff, P. Peter Ouspensky and Rodney Collin. Many of the underlying tenets resonate with Eastern philosophy, especially Sufism. Michael Teachings Way back in this thread eXchanger asked if anyone was familiar with the Michael teachings.

Well, yes, I am. I read the first popular book. I am excited to see the link and all of the information posted. Michael Teachings 5th level old Scholar Cast Sage Some question for those who are more knowledgeable than myself on this subject If it is possible to manifest a "higher" soul age, would the ability to do so increase the pace with which one advances through the various stages?

Would any of this be affected by one performing spiritual practices eg. Or do these tools not affect the pace of advancement? Also, eXchanger, I'm curious about what my "numbers" are. I checked out the link you provided, but wasn't able to figure it all out Any suggestions? Michael Teachings We are here, with you tonight Michael Teachings Hey, eXie: Today's my birthday. Please post the links again lots of text to sort through on this thread so that we may figure out the soul levels, etc. Now that I'm 56 in earth years, my 55 doesn't seem to suit me as a tag I've been using My guess is I'm a 4th level mature soul for now Verification would be fun These young souls in the US are really difficult to relate to I felt more peaceful in Italy and in the Yucatan.

Any thoughts? Michael Teachings happy birthday!!! Michael Teachings Cadre 1 Entity 3 here. So, I want to make sure I stated my essence and casting correctly Thank You! It gives me something to think about, since there was a 1 month stretch in which I manifested an age far beyond what I am accustomed to manifesting. If that is my true soul age, then I need to reassess myself Michael Teachings At what time did we become infinite?

Isn't time arbitrary? Aren't we "out" of time? Is it time yet to be eternal? Am I an elder in a time free zone? Am I a middle aged souled spirit in eternal infiniteness? I think I've know orthodoxymoron too long Michael Teachings This is compliments of Geraldine, who put it together, and, compiled it for Troy at www. Each of the Cadres has a particular position to play in the interactions with other Cadres within the Energy Ring. The general description of energies below is not literal, but more about the overall themes, motivations, and contributions that each Cadre contributes to the Energy Ring.

Each Entity has a general flavor or theme based on two factors: One factor is based on its Number Position within the Cadre, and Another factor is based on the impact of the Roles and general themes of interest shared. If you look closely, these Poles describe degrees of solidity vs.

Picture a solid surface where both of your feet are planted firmly as the positive pole suggests.

The Soul Family of c1e7 aka Cadre 1 Entity 7 - The Sweetheart Entity - Michael Teachings (Yarbro)

This is Stability. Now imagine placing that solid surface like a board on something like a cylinder or ball, creating a teetering effect that you must now strive to Balance, like the negative pole describes. They are not good or bad. Michael Teachings Quote: Originally Posted by eXchanger jesus was a 7th level old soul - til he ascended ironically; there are NO short cuts. Michael Teachings Quote: Originally Posted by eXchanger a lot of 5th level old souls - commit suicide and, 6th level old souls - go insane.

Michael Teachings Quote: Originally Posted by arcora agree just another way to judge your fellow man. Michael Teachings i think, i posted a bunch of stuff to the other thread, that, likely should have gone here. Other metaphysical circles have stated that the Infinite Soul has been born thought I haven't heard the term "Infinite Soul" except in a Michael context.

Does anyone know the status of the reimergence of the Infinite Soul? What plane of existance will the Infinite Soul teach from? Has a host or hosts been chosen? John Macchietto In a private session, Michael told me that there are now two Infinite Souls on the planet. One is Mother Meera in Germany and the other is a young boy in Siberia. I'm not sure of their "status" at this time whether or not the Infinite Soul has replaced the Transcendental souls. Joya, can you clarify? I think that a lot of people believe that Mother Meera is an Infinite Soul. People by the tens of thousands or more?

I know that I feel a special, loving energy when I look at her picture, which sits on my dresser. You might find her web site interesting. Hope this helps! Here's another introduction, if it actually posts to the board. I've been trying to get in for quite a while and spiritweb seems equally determined to keep yet another sage out! In a very real sense, the Overleaves are chosen to permit the fragment to complete the life task, should the fragment choose to do so. On the surface I would have thought that Discrimination and Observation would seem to jive better with my task.

For that matter, Growth and Power seem to be a tough assignment, in general, at 5th level old Thanks for the help!!

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  • I went to the Mother Meera page. There's still a lot to digest there. I had never heard of her before. I have a friend who's an old 7th level priest who lives in San Antonio who went to a Jose Stephens seminar about a year ago. She told me that Stephens channelled that the Infinate Soul was considering 3 or 4 host bodies at the time and one lived in Mississippi.

    Talk about Mississippi burning. Personally, I don't know if all the sagey comments between us would be too much for the group, but you never did tell me if I passed my initiation. Did you write those first two verses yourself or were they written by other Michael Teaching inductees? I incessantly wait for your response. John Date: Thu, 18 Dec Subject: Re: Infinite Soul Our panel of channels at the AMT conference and others in private sessions have said that the Infinite Soul is coming through many people as increased energy and awareness, rather than as a single person who will change the world.

    This coincides with moving from a hierarchal young soul structure one person as the only leader to a group-oriented mature soul structure many are leaders. Growth and power seem perfect to me for that task: growth keeps you seeking new experiences, and power amplifies your voice, so to speak, causing people to really listen. Michael elaborated a bit on what they've previously said about the Infinite soul WRT manifestations during our current planetary shift.

    Yes, there will be multiple manifestations, with at least one woman. The incarnations will be widely dispersed; Michael gave examples of one for each major religion, with one for those with no religion. There are no Infinite souls incarnate at this time confirms prior information. The decisions of through whom they will incarnate have not been finalized. It's a bit like mate agreements - there are many prospects, to allow for the inevitable unexpected occurrences brought about by free choice.

    Someone asked about Transcendental souls Discussing both when one is mentioned occurs frequently, I suspect because of some people's confusion about them. During the discussion several people asked about specific names - if they were Transcendental souls. Answer - some were, some weren't. Those who were had names I am unfamiliar with.

    Many women were Infinite souls in prior times. There were female- dominated societies prior to the male-dominated ones. The records have been lost, either because the societies were so early or because the following male-dominated ones chose to lose the records if it was said which, I don't recall.

    This will reveal and bring to bear different aspects of the infinite soul. However, nothing has been definitely decided yet. In fact, nothing in the universe is certain until it happens. He has been expected for generations by all of the major religions. Christians know Him as the Christ, and expect His imminent return.

    So at the session I asked if Maitreya is a Transcendental soul. Again from my notes - Michael's answer - "Not yet. So we're talking the equivalent of Gandhi, not Christ, and the expectations above are a little off base. Not only that, but a Transcendental soul has not manifested in Maitreya yet, so by definition might not.

    In a private session, Michael told me that there are now two Infinite Souls on the planet. Do you recall the date of that session? I have a problem with this information for two reasons. First, the Infinite soul manifests so much energy that a human body cannot withstand it for long periods of time. For example, the actual incarnation of the infinite soul through Jesus occurred only thirty days before he completed his work. Before that, he was a seventh-level old king.

    The other reason is - the Infinite soul does not replace a Transcendental soul. The normal progression is for one or more Transcendental souls to precede manifestation s of the Infinite soul, but not in the same bodies. Recall that Transcendental souls walk in to bodies occupied by 6th or 7th level Old Priests while the Infinite soul replaces 7th level Old Kings. I seriously doubt that if the Infinite soul had manifested, the knowledge would not have become widely known quickly.

    You might find her web site interestin. I looked it up and found - The Divine Mother has always been worshipped as the sustaining soul and force of the universe. Although some of the faces that she wears are well known -- Kali, the Virgin Mary, Isis, for example -- many of her embodied forms have chosen to work quietly in the world. In turbulent times such as these, several incarnations of the Divine Mother move among us, each with her particular task of healing or protection or transformation. One of the most widely revered and loved of these Avatars of the Divine Mother is Mother Meera, a young Indian woman who was born on December 26, , in the village of Chandepalle in southern India.

    I have seen nothing in any of the Michael books that references the "Divine Mother". So as far as I am concerned the title has no meaning. Maybe she is a Transcendental soul or is manifesting Transcendental energy. They allow their presence to make those claims for them. However, there will probably be as many as a hundred candidates 'lined up' so that the Tao can see who is the most apropos when the time comes. It is like your making several mate agreements before your lifetime. You generally do not expect to mate with all of them.

    You line them up as possibilities. When it comes time to mate, you decide based on how things are then. Yes but we are not there yet. There are many Young souls and young souls who will need strong leadership to change their views. According to my information, which is less than two years old see other thread , there will be several manifestations of the Infinite soul during this planetary shift. While there may have been changes in plans during this time, I doubt that it would be to the degree that there will be no full manifestations. Other info that I have heard is that the infinite soul energy is transmitted to the planet as a whole at the time it is being manifested by someone such as Jesus.

    So, what I've heard, is that while the Jesus-type person is carrying the infinite soul energy, the support people around him or her are also channeling the energy, albeit to a lesser degree. If I am understanding this correctly, the energy will available to us all at that time. What an opportunity! Questions come up. Will they be even more open to it than adults, even those who are practiced at being open? How will the world handle several infinite channels? Will they be treated like Jesus? Will they tone down their messages to avoid conflict.?

    Will the impetus they bring for change create more violence on the planet as some resist change? One of the great failings of Christanity has been to focus on Jesus the man instead of his message. Will several channels appearing at once deflect the focus from their personalities? Will they be from one plane -messianic, buddhaic How will they use mass media? A less serious thought: If the old testament was set during baby soul times and the new testament during the beginning of the young soul age, will we have to stick a newer testament on the Bible for the mature soul age?

    Yes It will called General Hospital Jose had a beautifully poetic description of how the infinite soul energy comes to the planet. He said it was like a boat of ice melting into the waters of our energy here. When addressing a Michael student whose soul age places them at a heirachical advantage, always preface your comments to them with, "oh, greater one of higher status When posting to the list, the rule of thumb should always be that "it's better to be glib than perceive.

    Digest No. Thus that person's impact would not manifest itself for, say, a decade? I am very new to replying to this list, I finally feel as if I can ask a question. Rona Date: Sat, 20 Dec EST Subject: Infinite souls "Whereas other prophets spoke through words, through prophecies, through admonitions, through knowledge, through great deeds, Jesus spoke through the human experience.

    He knew it was not in the thunder or lightning, not in the loudness of words or the magnitude of deeds, but in the little things -- the kind word, the gentle touch -- that brought God into the hearts and minds of men and women. Instead of seeking to illustrate metaphysical truths, or demonstrate healing ability, or explain the laws of God and life, or gain followers, Jesus was motivated first and foremost, by compassion.

    Above all, Jesus taught, and demonstrated, love. She is an Indian woman who even in childhood set herself apart for the spiritual experiences and energies which happened to her. Coincidence has her living in a small baby soul populated German village a couple hours from Frankfort.

    She says simply she is here to bring a particular new form of energy on to the planet, And she give darshan by touching your head to pull tangled stuff and then looking into your eyes to a wide variety of people 4 evenings a week from her house which has gradually expanded to hold more people. Four connected villages now make lots of their income of visitors to see her.

    She lives modestly, cleans, shops, visits the dentist and works on construction projects on the house. She turns down magazine interviews Time, Newsweek and others and focuses on her work, bringing in this light. She doesn't talk much, her book Answers is mostly typical Hindu ways of looking at world, but I think the words aren't the point with her. Its holding the space for this new energy to come thru. Meeting her, I expected to feel the huge light of a Sai Baba, the huge love of Ama Chi, a huge expanded transcendental aura, but to my amazement, found her to like a black hole--something I have never given thought to but suddenly it was the only apt description of her energy for me.

    She is a small, solid woman with the solidity being so strong the the black hole idea comes up for me, the whole universe easily and densely packed into one tiny body. No bright lights, no flamboyance at least at darshans, just precision, focus in working with each one of us, one at a time.

    I can't think of her and not see infinite. Emily B.

    I can't imagine that infinite souls may only step into 7th level kings as correct channeling; reminds me of channeling saying everybody but priests can channel Michael. Is the universe so limited? I know Jose does not believe she is infinite. Does not really matter for ultimately maybe we will know, maybe she stays really quiet forever, maybe we won't know.

    Maybe flashier souls come in with miracles everyplace and grab our attention. And of course we are curious. I do believe fully amped-infinite energy ruins bodies by burn-up quickly but also I believe that there are many ways to hold the energy to regulate it to protect the body. I can't feel Mother Meera and get anything but infinite, but like all channeling one must verify, validate by interior resonance yourself. I suppose the channeling about infinite souls in Siberia and Mississippi is about young bodies preparing for the entrance of infinite energies, and right maybe it happens and maybe it doesn't.

    Joya Date: Sat, 20 Dec Subject: Epicurus I was just rereading "Messages" and read a passage regarding the Philosopher Epicurus. Two years ago I was given a new psychological test to determine my personality type and was told I was an "Epicurean". Does anyone know if Michael has ever made mention of the Essence of Epicurus. I am just curious to see if I am the same Essence as he was. The experience of the manifestation of the infinite soul on the physical plane brings more mid-causal teachers--reunited entities such as we are--to seeking students on the physical plane.

    While those on the physical plane are not yet into the sixth or seventh cycles, which are experienced on the astral and causal planes, validation of these cycles is possible for even very young souls during manifestations of the transcendental and infinite souls. Likely, IMO. Probably by some.

    I should hope not. If conflict is to be a part of the transition, so be it. Very possibly among early cycle individuals. Much of that occurred after the fact, promulgated by others. Today's Christianity bears little resemblance to the teachings of the man Jesus or to the Logos brought to bear by the infinite soul. The old king who was the man Jesus relinquished his physical body to the infinite soul only during the last thirty days of his life. Prior to that, the teaching was that of a seventh-level old king, transcendent, an enlightened being. Much of the chronology of the events in this man's life is confused, distorted, and in some instances, wholly fictionalized.

    That will probably depend a lot on circumstances. If that is known, are the others' personalities known? Good question - I didn't think to ask when I had the opportunity. Hopefully they won't won't need to. Possibly, for those who need it. Jose had a beautifully poetic description of how the infinite soul energy comes to the planet. Sounds kind of weird to me.

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    Rona You picked a good topic to jump in on. Regards, Dick [2. Sometimes the most profound is the most subtle. Having read it, I would like to meet her, if and when I ever get to Europe. I wonder if much of the disagreement here and throughout the Michael teachings relates to semantics, to the fact that we're using the same terms but define them a little differently. So technically, the way you define "infinite soul," Mother Meera might be one, whereas the way terms were originally defined in Yarbro, she might be described in another way. In Yarbro, the "infinite soul" brings massive planetary spiritual upheaval and transformation.

    Mother Meera sounds like she works more one-on-one. There are many tremendous, powerful healers on the planet, often with one "specialty. She wanted to study with him to learn how to journey shamanistically, and just couldn't do it; she was not a visual person. She broke down in tears in the frustration, yet she had another gift that most people would value above any other. In Yarbro and in Sarah Chamber's original Michael channeling, the terms "infinite soul" and "transcendental soul" referred to a complete walkout of the original incarnating soul, and a total takeover of the body by a soul who normally resides in a reunited cadre or entity, respectively, on a high plane.

    I would liken that to having Michael in my body with me gone 24 hours a day. Even if the energy were modulated and everything possible was done to protect my body, I don't think that my body would survive long with that intensity that it wasn't designed for, like running volts through a appliance. On the other hand, it's possible that the body could be transmuted, raised in vibration so that it could last--anything is possible, especially in this new age we are entering. According to my channeling, there are no transcendental or infinite souls as defined in Yarbro currently on earth, but lots of people bringing in those energies part-time, including channels.

    All the best, Shepherd Date: Sun, 21 Dec Subject: Re: Infinite Soul Thank you Shepherd. I have been very confused by the concept of the Infinite Soul coming through many people at once. My small understanding of the Michael Teachings was that the Infinite Soul would come as a "walk in" through one who was a Transcendent Being. Again, as you say, this may all be semantics, but I find it very confusing.

    Since, at this time, I don't "channel" at all, I find myself skeptical of so many "old souls" "channeling" Michael all of the time. I am attempting to clarify much of this through studying the "archives", but some of it confuses me even further. Semantics I understand. Many Europeans feel she has cleaned up Germany, much to their suprise. And to mine. We were only in the south, but it felt sparkling, fresh, and luminous energetically. I was prepared to cringe esp. Shepherd, I am curious where you would put Sai Baba whom I see as the most expanded of the transcendentals.

    A client of mine was the assistant to Muktananda in India for several years, and heard all the guru gossip. Evidently, many gurus disapproved of Sai Baba because they felt that he did the "show off" phenomenal stuff at the expense of what it's really about. A friend of hers, a young man, went to see Sai Baba, and the man told her that Sai Baba had come on to him and masturbated him. Other gurus felt that Sai Baba was taking energy from young men's semen to "fuel" his phenomenal accomplishments.

    It appears that Sai Baba was taking advantage of his power over those who were seeking to get some of his needs met in a way that wasn't completely clean and clear. OTOH On the other hand , evidently even Gandhi had his ethical lapses--we are all human, after all--although they likely took place before the transcendental soul entered. There are people all over the world--especially in India, which has such a rich spiritual tradition--who are doing extraordinary things spiritually. I recently read "Autobiography of a Yogi," by Paramhansa Yoganana, and it is full of remarkable accounts of gurus, etc.

    Occult masters, as they are called in Yarbro, by definition, have transcended the limitations of ordinary human consciousness and can do things like that. That alone does not signify the entrance of a transcendental or infinite soul; it may just be that the soul in residence is quite accomplished in those areas. Often the message, though, is that we are all ultimately capable of such things. BTW, Bob Zelman, whom you introduced me to, is a healer who also works with clearing planetary energies, although probably not on the same scale as Mother Meera.

    Many, many people, both physical and nonphysical, are working on this today. I believe that anyone doing good, necessary work aligned with truth can receive nonphysical energetic assistance. Some of that energy may be called transcendental from a reunited entity or infinite from a reunited cadre.

    Basically, we're given as much and the kind of energy as we can effectively handle. There are many powerful people, such as Mother Meera, who can channel a lot of higher energies. I was making a bad taste remark, but let me just say that that offers is a lot of fuel for thought.

    I am not a Sai Baba follower, I have been to one of their centers in Tokyo once and licked their powder. I don't like the idea that it may have been semenized. What is the essential difference between that Sai Baba story and drawing energy from young girls sexually or from emotionally shattered followers turned servants? I don't mean to be an advocate for Sai Baba or Virgin Mary or any spiritual authority.

    I just mean to point out that a lot of stories, whether true or not, become public whenever one follower or a group of followers decides to break away. I have a copy of a letter of this nature that many of you may have read, from a group that left Siddha Yoga Muktananda, that you mention, then Gurumayi. I can send its full text in private e-mail to anyone who is interested. There is no difference. Since the s, humanity's psychological sophistication has been growing by leaps and bounds. I'm sure we still have a long way to go, but what was once unquestioned, or seen as being perfectly okay or the right and proper way is now understood as being a violation.

    Those spiritual traditions that do not integrate or even discourage psychological awareness as many do remain stuck in inappropriate behaviors, although in most cases no harm is meant. The guru tradition with the absolute power of an authority figure stems from baby soul times when it was probably the fast track to growth, and still may be when we're in our own spiritual childhood. When I was 16, I became involved with Emissaries of Divine Light not to be confused with Divine Light Mission , a fine but somewhat cultish spiritual organization in which we looked on the leader as being virtually infallible.

    EDL had a hierarchal system of leadership, and members were expected to follow their "focalizer" without much questioning. That whole system has fallen apart now, but at the time, it was what I needed. I had little self-discipline and no means of accessing my own power and inner guidance. It is said that you have to learn how to follow before you can lead. However, after I learned the lessons of that phase, EDL no longer enriched me spiritually I was euphoric at first to have discovered this "family". I stayed too long out of loyalty, which often happens in the guru system.

    I was not harmed or scarred from my EDL experience, although many members feel now that they were. It gave me an excellent grounding in basic spiritual principles that I still value, but it also kept me stuck in some limited beliefs that I only sprang free from when I started working with a remarkable psychotherapist who was also psychic. Best, Shepherd.

    Love, Shepherd There is no difference. On the other hand , evidently even Gandhi had his ethical lapses--we are all human, after all--although they likely took place before the transcendental soul entered. At least 5 manifestations will most likely appear, according to what we have heard. These manifestations will include a young child ,apparently. The United States will most likely take the Teachings of either the child a Priest son of a single parent female Server or the Teachings of a female Sage.

    Has this been done before? For the thousand years approximately before the manifestation, those of you present here moved only one or two soul levels during that time. The Infinite Soul will only manifest in a parallel or time frame when Sentience is lacking direction and seeks assistance. This has created a lull in assessment, a pause, to see what humans will create over the next few years. The anticipation of having a manifestation may be exciting, but the indication that your species and the planet are transiting in Soul Age with little incident is equally exhilarating to the Essence.

    So our update, as far as we can see at this time, is that you are in a holding pattern. We will comment as this unfolds. Now it seems, the IS in not coming in the manner expected. There are parallels where the manifestation has already occurred. There are some parallels where it will not. This is a strong indication that Essences are still anticipating an exchange while Physical with the Infinite Soul. From The Michaels through Troy www.

    Michael Teachings man susan Michael Teachings michael is indepth In terms of prehistorical Infinite Souls and Transcendental Souls, there are only mythologies from which to draw references, as those who actually acted as Manifestations were only "recorded" in tales and stories for thousands and thousands of years. The reference to "Ra" would be one of those, having actually manifested approximately BCE, about years previous to the culmination of the cults who began to implement formal worship and recording. The original manifestation was focused on the transformation of fear regarding nature and the sky, in particular the Sun, into a means of abundance and resource.

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