Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1)

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He has his big desktop computer and Skype but has been having trouble operating Skype. Told about panic situation when he was exploring a drain pipe under a road and got stuck Cruise ships are changing courses. Had coffee New TOTO intelligent toilet gives your weight, body mass index, urine analysis, blood sugar and shows results on wall monitor. La Jolla Light newspaper reporter wrote and wants to interview him regarding an article on Bird Rock history.

Large amount of cash found in Cali by police. Still working several hours each day to get computer optimized. His dog cuddled him last night and seemed very concerned Had him worried a bit since dogs have a sixth sense about things. John, Virgin Islands. Mentioned "Fly by Wire" book that he says is not good info. Definitely likes Boeing with pilot control emphasis better than Airbus with computer emphasized controls. His truck literally melted in front of his house during the big fire. NCO early net After raining for days the sun has actually shown itself this morning!

Farm administrator's wife left him and had someone try to burn down his house and boat as revenge to put blame on administrator. NCO part of normal net. Heavy rains in Bogota area, but not at his farm. Two police killed in Bogota when they investigated an abandoned bentonite bomb in a trash can.

Weasel killed a baby hen yesterday Very poor propagation this morning - not hearing much. Went to NJ shore marsh on his moto and found a large aluminum platform with a bench to sit for lunch. Going to Scotland Thurs. Nice wx with nights in the 40s. Keeping an eye on new hurricane forming. Going to Wisc. I live a couple of miles below it. At one time I was told to be ready to evacuate. In the 15 years I lived here, I only seen two flood gates opened - never all of them.

The walkway is 15 feet above the river and at the peak release you would get wet if next to the guard rail. Looking into having a Special Event at Mt. Rushmore - maybe at the top of it if possible. Has to go back for 2nd blood test for glucose tolerance after the net Went to restaurant yesterday called Islamorada on mountain near Sopo yesterday to eat Mahimahi with daughter but waitress said they didn't have it that day so ate swordfish and shrimp and listened to singer Andres Cepeda who owns the restaurant. Had to watch out for Black Snakes in chickens nests when he collected eggs as a kid.

Now has a tractor for the job. City sends trucks around just for picking up leaves. Chickens moulting now Finally worked T32C E. Kiritimati - Christmas Island. House is like a mini-hotel with visitors. One beautiful rooster died suddenly yesterday. Cleaned up his PC yesterday so now it's optimized. Remembers using the carbon cartridge and having to bang it on the desk to get audio output back up to par. His sister's daughter's K-7 Ranch is one of biggest Beefmaster cattle ranches in Texas. Planning his th BD party for next April in Vero Beach and invites all of us to join him drinking his daily Old Crow at pm which he attributes to his longevity.

Power out at local time. Will see if can get power plant working. Pwr back at local. BP up yesterday so will undergo a round of tests and Dr. No symptoms of anything bad. Mother in law ill so spending some time here. Worked a bunch of Europeans long path on 10 meters last night. Still only has one phase of 3 in house. One local rose green house operation went out of business. October 20, 1. Raining all night and still coming. Gets to vote soon on taxes and bills to reduce spending. Lucie, FL 6. N0RMB Gary 7. NCO for regular net. Power out for 3 hours last night.

One phase still missing. Maybe over 14 inches rain this month. Had 3 inches last night and still raining. Over 2, hammerhead, Silky and whale sharks killed in Malpelo, Colombia waters for their fins. Boats from Ecuador and Costa Rica. Grandfather was a veterinarian. Still updating his computer programs. Says Gaddafi was killed. Picked up avocados from Curtis' yard. Garbage truck woke him up early at 7AM Plans on attending the seminar on "Edible Clothing. K3JJK Lee. Going to a gig at Lebo's next weekend and has his cymbals s soaking outside in a secret solution to take off copper oxide.

Mentioned a zoo keeper let out all the animals and committed suicide. Phil going to Amazon today and back to fixed site in Afghanistan in a couple weeks. Saw nice wood model of raft that daughter Cyd is going to use to sail down the Colombian Amazon and do DX hamming. Rained every day for many days. Almost a record. Not fair to investors or other employees who get laid off to pay for corporate jets and lavish parties for top executives. Vietnam shrapnel in leg set off metal detector at courthouse. Had to lower antenna due to storm. Not gud wx today. In sleepy mode today. Talked to Russian ham on 10mts yesterday.

Don't know why it took me so long to switch to a front loader! Apple sold over 4 million IPhone4S in first 3 days of initial offering. Frustrated with Google Docs October 17, Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires each citizen to prove they are insured Colombian holiday today Dia De La Raza. W9MGM Les lot's of campaign money going to be spent for presidency. Going to paint soon. Bear stole trash can but abandoned it in the woods since it only contained one empty wine bottle. Microsoft bought Skype.

He amassed about 8. Part of his life he lived in New York City. Mike runs his computer repair business out of his apartment and has tons of stuff. Had first Medicare physical after 65th BD. Three hours were spent looking for a suture needle the robotic surgeon lost near the liver. Record 7. Some neighbors have pumps 3 feet under water. Power out yesterday and day before. Ok now. Her DNA is different. She didn't have any artery blockage or Alzheimer symptoms. Her mind was in the year range. The geologist who convinced us that a meteor caused the disappearance of dinosaurs now decided that volcanic emissions were a bigger factor.

That concludes major changes on the apartment except for all the details and touch ups.

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I am sad that the HF antennas and station will have to come down in about 10 days, then again my new QTH may be less noisy. It will be the middle of before I have an antenna on the apartment building. Saw documentary about how beer affected the history of humanity. Emma went fishing and almost caught a snake that went for the bait. Saw Blues Bros. There were plenty of biker girls with a lot of leather gear. Riding club was called Dikes on Bikes. I decided I was not going to speak Spanish on this trip to maximize my chances of getting in.

Got to citizens services gate and contract guard spoke no English. Showed my passport and appointment page printed off the internet which was for the 18th at I had put the appointment page inside a large ziploc bag so it was hard to read and she did not notice the appointment was not for this day. Got to the security block house about 80 yards in where another contract guard who did not speak English caught the mistake and tried to explain in Spanish why I could not go in.

I played dumb and kept showering her in explanations of my problem to which she kept repeating "no Englise". Finally she called someone inside the Embassy and I was asked to pick up a phone on the wall and dial 0 where I spoke to another Colombian woman who spoke English and told me there was no possibility of getting in until my appointment day. After much insistence I finally said " I declare an emergency situation and need to speak to Vice council or higher authority. I had to pay in Pesos at a very poor rate. I was told a US citizen cannot get into any Embassy in the world after June 1, without the web page appointment.

Appointments are booked about one week in advance at this date. Looking into buying a 21" Dell Touch screen PC. No tower - Disk Drive, etc, built into monitor. Grabbed a sweet banana from his tree Fox news apologized for yesterday's announcement that Obama was going to apologize to Japan for dropping an A bomb on them during WWII. Art told the doc this was his last chance to kill him. I called citizen's services yesterday around L and it rang about 15 times before what sounded like a marine guard answered.

I started explaining my problem but he pushed a button and sent me to an information recording which was in Spanish only. The message said I had to go an online website to schedule an appointment and gave the address so fast I had to listen 5 times to get it. My first thought was what if I was an American visiting Colombia and needed help? Would I understand a word of the answering machine? I did go online as instructed to register for the first appointment available which was am the 18th three days after contact closing date.

The agent on my house says I can be sued for hotels, furniture storage, pet kennel, and many other related expenses caused by the buyer. Liliana and I are going to the embassy as we both must sign and try to get in so will not be on the net. Parrot QRN from the kitchen. Still has hydraulic fluid leak from power steering reservoir. Shorted wires changing wall plug last night and sparks flew. Nephew's home school teacher taught him Kama Sutra live demonstration. Is going to play at female biker bar tonight. Says free and easy websites available on Google Gmail or Google Docs.

Click on "Sites" on the black bar of this Google Docs site and follow instructions to create your own free web site. Is watching kid movies this week with XYL Rio and Out of Season. Suggests fast breakfast by beating two eggs, pouring them in a coffee mug sprayed with oil spray and cooking 45 sec. Bacon placed flat between 2 pieces of paper towels in microwave also cooks fast and crisp.

N1DL Karl put new battery in his plane. Going to Qtr. Century Wireless club lunch. Recommends a Chinese walkie talkie for 70cc-2mtrs. See on Pg. Owner going to plant another 26, trees. Kobe range hood in my apartment and hope to finish this morning. Carpet to be installed in Master bedroom tomorrow to complete all major work on the apartment.

I hope to start moving this week end. Starting to get light at z , Loaded Google Chrome to run Docs. Jim recommends purchase of new SDA controller as it is protected for these problems. Lisa got out and played with it until hands froze. Parrot in house and screaming "Papa" in the background. Eating soft boiled eggs with "ruda" Rue herb mixed with salt. Feels good he can still do that! Getting up AM tomorrow morning to take XYL for surgery that is suppose to relieve some of her continual pain disorder. Was playing with new Pomeranin dog.

His other one was stolen. Served in 82nd Airborne with Scott. Phil will halp me install a 48 inch range hood to day in. Sailing around the world and in Annapolis MD today. Leaves changed colors this past weekend. Only had 14 miles to go to get to Hilo. Going to let burned out property sit until grass grows again. No plans to refit at present. Peruvian radio station project. Land leveled and permit granted for 2 acre spot. In AF1 put into service for the president. Finished the halogen light installs for a total of 31 installed. Been to Home Center 5 days in a row. Went to food fair and ate too many free samples.

Had Peruvian lunch. Colombian Julio Mario Santodomingo died at age He was worth 8. Hackers threaten to close Wall St. Protesters outside trying to do the same. Coptic Christians and Muslims fighting in Egypt.


Sick with flu. Highlight was a race where all bikes were over years old. Wife Betty morther died in CT so will be traveling soon. Worked for Ross Perot in his past life. Went to restaurant in Birmingham with neon sign "No Farting. Now starting an antenna farm on the condo roof. HK3AVR Jim Bogota Removed twenty old eyeball 60 watt bulb ceiling lights mounted in holes in the ceiling and mounted smaller 50 watts VAC halogen fixtures with supplement rings to cover the larger hole. Water will be cold but beach warm. Welcomes Phil back to this side of the world. Loves to work the openings mostly eastern USA.

Pouring since L. Played at country bar last night and Pagan motorcycle club arrived and asked them to stop playing while they held their meeting. The tip jar was full when they left and Steve made more in tips than he got paid for playing. Computer started playing a CD with no owner command. Cancelled exam Will stay at old school. Harry will be here for most of net now. Says Pres. Obama plans to pull troops from Afghanistan.

Will the war continue using contractors? Buying a new wardrobe. Looking forward to visiting with Phil today. HAD to go to Harbor Freight. The owner said "What is that? National strike today in Colombia. China is doing more business with Cuba and selling them many buses to upgrade transportation. Told about secret facility close to his house with large underground facilities.

Train full of alcohol exploded in IL and town was evacuated. Was production mgr. Used to ride a Francis Barnett moto. Can see him on it at QRZ. One event is for bikes built before Steve Jobs died at age NQ5H "H" is ok and safe from most recent Bastrop fire. Watched very interesting Planet Earth series about Rivers all over the world. Blue Ridge neighbor took picture of bear who broke into a drum of animal food and ate part of it.

Brought back two fox hats for xyl and daughter. Many British families on same plane going to Orlando. Roads are very dangerous south of Kabul, Afghanistan. Still suffering from sinus problem and dry throat. Enjoyed read book "Spycraft" about history of CIA devices though the years. KE4VBU Bud had a bear hanging around his house that wanted to climb into his house and play Goldilocks but finally slept outside. Should make it into a book. Going to a rubber tree farm today covering Mayan ruins.

Made progress yesterday as removed various commercial antennas from the main tower but was stopped by rain. Ordered Pentek Reverse Osmosis system to install under sink in kitchen for perfect drinking water. CKD out z. His cremated remains were fired into the Delaware river.

My daughter is still doing homework and have to take her to school afterwards Will be removing all the company antennas from the tower and leaving only ham antennas for a while longer. Harry needs a pair of TV Ears. Rohn 25 tower that was very near the wall of the house when it burned. Took 13 days to film the 42 minute episode of man Woman Wild called Amazon Maze.

She may not have to take the test to become a lawyer if all goes well with the program. Panicville set in and Jim went from happy to frantic. N1DL may have left for Naples? Went to neighbor Pete's place and saw a black bear on the road. Squirrels are eating all the chicken food. Bank transfer problem turned out not to be a problem Still searching for offices to move Vidcom Ltda.

It was purchased in a package at New Egg. This took a couple days but is very happy with the new computers speed. It must be assembled at that price. Hope to take down second tower with 17 and 12 meter Cushcraft A3WS today. Will have big 4el tribander another 30 days.

Got the virtual tour to air force museum and really enjoyed this link and his Freemake format conversion program. Believes we will lose more ham frequencies as spectrum is more in demand for Internet and etc. Betty in CT. Going on a motocycle ride today but will be cool. Supposed to be freezing tonight. Cleaning lady had to call his phone from the front door.

Power grid is subject to cyber attack and is worrisome. September 29, Jueves. Will start taking down the 35 ft. Wife Roberta got her General ham licence. Traffic blocked for 10 min. Got insurance money and looking for a new house in Austin. Converts to dvd in all formats. NCO for last 50 min of net. Colombia will assign mhz band to broadband at end of CNN now is covering some of the Wall St. Saturday the Discover and Animal Planet satellite channels were off the air due to solar activity.

Tools in western TX camping for a couple days and looking at petroglyphs on way to New Mexico. Hope the sun comes out to dry the roof so I can make a temporary seal in the roof. It only has to last another 90 days and this beautiful house will be replaced by a building. No school run today. Teachers have a day off as well as students. Recommends movie Source Code. The swap tables are paid for in prime location same as last year but all on the same aisle. Crew lived aboard the Amazon Queen during filming. Purchased another historic house to remodel into another bed and breakfast.

NC was the home of first Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Hudson car burned and roof fell and crushed it. NCO for various parts of net. Continuing problem with rats in his attic and chicken house. Lisa made 2 presentations as circus performer and alien at school Family Day but power went out so her 3rd presentation as an angel was cancelled.

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He was exited to work a HK3 mobile. Got rid of squirrels eating chicken food by buying his xyl a BB gun, but they run like heck when she opens the sliding glass doors. The lb. A FL barracuda jumped out of the water and bit into the tendons of a man. A woman also a while back got lacerated from one.

MTG Modern GPT Los Angeles: Tyler Bibo (Vampires) vs Charlie M. (Grixis Pyromancer)

Government is worried about these carp getting into Lake Michigan so trying to get rid of them and encouraging people to eat them. Had a great time at Austin Gun Show. Bought 22 Cal Heritage six-shooter and. Listening but can barely hear the net. RC-Hello to all! I can only listen to you guys on the weekend, due to work schedule, but when I can get an antenna worth a damn I'll attempt to join you.

I'm suffering from S6 noise level and an indoor stealth antenna that works only locally at best right now. Going to Family Day at Lisa's school. Band went completely dead for NCO at gmt. Very strange conditions. We will be traveling while monitoring Will arrive around am EST if anyone is still on the air to chat during the trip. Comment: Any problems with Google Docs is caused by your computer or connection.

Heathrow Airport has new Bubble Transport that you program for your destination. You can't clear up the water until you get the pigs out of the creek Old West Virginia Hillbilly saying. All the damage caused by roof leaks is repaired and ready for paint. Sure hope the roof sealing done by building administration is perfect. Friday new tempered glass door to be installed. Count down 60 days house must be empty but apartment must be ready to start moving.

Using 1KW on 4el tribander at 90ft. CKD Out Z. Delta loop is stronger in Bogota and dipole better in Marco Island at the moment. Peaceful protesters on Wall St. Requalified for concealed weapon as retired law enforcement officer. Went to meeting and didn't like the predictions for civil problems in FL in months. Still working with experts to develop software to predict earthquakes by analyzing radio static. Oil production in Colombian llanos stopped due to worker strikes. The Tequila and drink consumption was way down age Group and we had a great Lasagna dinner with Milkyway cake for desert.

Sat around and talked while listening to great ,s music until am! Daughter home with day off today, but I forgot and got up at 5AM. IP security camera up and working. Obama to speak on proposed deficit solution this morning. Second air show crash was between two planes. XYL off to get a full body scan and skin inspection. American airlines pilot who flies with the Confederate Air Force, visited and knew pilot who crashed. Roofers coming today. Needed to balance the car so invited Curtis to sit in the passenger seat and absorb some of the bumps in co-pilot's seat. Karl's rear end on his body is still hurting.

Is from TN. Working for 14 years with the Mosquito Indians installing radio stations. Wife is studying to be a nurse and will join him when she finishes. K5MIR Curtis.

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Blue Ridge, GA. Enjoyed going with Karl on the muddy off road tour to see GA hillbillies drinking beer, smoking cigs and breaking their axles. NCS second half. Battling mice and rats in chicken house and main house. Son is coming for a visit. The wx switch has been thrown to cold position. Neighbor cat killed moles and left them on his porch. W9MGM Les going to plant 12 trees ft from house tomorrow Enjoyed visit with Ron on trip. Damn disco next door is still thumping at am this morning.

I won't know how to sleep in the new apartment without the noise! Wayuu Indians complaining that govt. John, Newfoundland from Ireland. Stayed at Tylney Hall hotel and really enjoyed it. Is horrified by the Reno Nevada air show accident. The gunner fell down into the vehicle when they hit a crater in the road and injured his back. This is the last time Phil will have to go on this delivery before he leaves back to Bogota around first of October. Received copy of email to a close friend from a structural steel engineer who seriously questions the official govt.

He said the only way it would fall straight down would be from professionally placed nano-thermite aluminothermic explosives placed in critical places to cut vertical steel beams at a 45 deg angle. Traces of that type of explosive and beams cut at 45 deg angles were found in the debris and videos show an outward explosion on the lower floors before it fell. Not happy that snowbirds are coming to leave trash all around.

Yes i can hear you. NCO last part of net Friend Dale is in shack with him this morning. Bogota airport closed for 30 min due to swallows sucked into a jet engine. Finished last dangerous mission and waiting to return to Bogota. September 14, Be who you are and say what you feel About pm guests arrive to start Birthday weekend for various friends with the party Saturday. We will be glad to get this mess fixed up. Jim KK5WZ found melted jewelry and pistol frames melted in his safe after the fire. Friends in Racine, Wisc. Miss Colombia lost Miss Universe contest for not wearing underwear.

Myers Beach FL. One of the antennas on the Cazadores mountain is our English language 2 meter repeater mounted around Looking forward to doing little starting Thursday on my birthday and tending Guests through the weekend. Bathroom conversion from tub to shower begins today. Ten years ago today he was stuck in MIA airport ready to board a flight for Bogota when all flights were cancelled. Took him 4 hours to get his bags and rent a car to get home to Marco Island. Receiving many compliments on signal compared to the dipole. Found two dead rats in attic. We thought it was an accident at first.

Had car stolen at gunpoint 10 years ago last night. Chickens still happy. Going to move their condo closer to his back door for easier access during the winter. Made an impression on the populace with Curtis and xyl. Looking forward to motorcycle ride possible second half of may starting from Bogota. Met some Colombian military pilots and mechanics and was happy to chat with fellows from home.

Really surprised them that he was from Bogota. CKD Out z. Found his cat alive in culvert with feet burned so took to to vet hospital. CKd out z for bkfast. Watched Chinooks make 5 minute runs dropping water including 45 seconds in the river to load water. New low! Now have the keys to my new apartment and workers will start the changes and repairs on Monday.

Will be moving to Marco Island soon until spring. Using Swan C. It's a freebie. Daughter has chickens and isn't strong enough to break necks to kill them so sticks them in the door and slams it. Found a video going up Cottletown Rd. This video is is on You Tube and will try to forward it out to the Spiderwebnet. Pat and Tools can help find out if locals lost homes. Cow that gave birth is down for the third time now. Waiting for vet again. He will take a vacation to a drier area.

Will be back in Bogota on 5 Oct. Insurance will cover his losses. Lost 3 homes and forest. Is going mobile to see if he can get into his place. Went to Charlie's place yesterday. Only 1 in 10 homes in Colovista area survived. No wind now. Fire changed direc direction and is now moving NE. His shopping center lost the 3 remaining buildings from last fire and all improvements by leasees. One fatality next to Lynn's property.

Foto of Harry's turkey doesn't compare with Karl's bear. Coordinated after the net with Charlie and Lynn in Bastrop mobile in fire zone. Will bWill there a few days.

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Lots of sites. Now mobile z Reports all around Bastrop was burned. Lynn can't get in on first try Tools at Park Rd. People arrested when they try to cross the barricades. NA5CC Charlie via cell phone fighting fire as the bulldozers cut fires lines to attempt to stop the burning fronts. CharliCharlie's place was not burned. He got to his place this morning and found just a few embers near his house.

They spoke a lot about the Mississippi area. Julius will try to find the QSL card. Is well insured. Sherwood Forest is north of the fire and has not been affected so far as it is upwind. Left at pm yesterday and suspects all was taken by the fire again. Charlie says he rebuilt before from the remains and will rebuild again. Not hurt but waiting for Donna to come and help him up.

Fireman says his place is not burning yet. Another calf has bad diarrhea. Vet just left so I got in at the end of the net today. Off to do some butchering. K1AX Bob going to local airport for a day of festivities including flour bombing contest of outhouse. CKD Out. Canned 75 of beans yesterday. Ended up with 60 qts. Ckd out z. XYL sed hello to the net this morning. She is returning to Las Vegas.

Next year has plans to unwind after all his travelling this year and travel. KD1BL Brad waiting for next storm today Ground is saturated. Many farms wiped out in his state and 17 bridges washed out frm hurricane Irene.

Kiss of Steel

Now testing my 'edit' capabilities. Another test at to. Need more memory for my laptop, no doubt about it! NA5CC Charlie recovering from visitors yesterday Very burned Saw interview with Spaniard who holds the record for fastest matematical calculations. He set the record in the world's highest city La Paz, Bolivia.

HK3AVR Jim said that our mutual friend Robert Raisbeck, who died from a brain tumor, had that mathematical capacity about 1 week before he died. September 1, Jueves. Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Benjamin Franklin. Real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is full of friends.

Ralph Waldo Emerson. No remote radio this morning something is out at the TS remote base. Karl TNX for use of your Naples remote. CKD outz. Going to Bogota this morning and running around in circles. We walked around Bogota and then drove up to Casa Brava overlooking Bogota for dinner to celebrate Karla's 29th Birthday. CKD out Z. Temp hit over deg. Had to stop at police station and notify them about suspicious characters going to farm next door.

See www. Harry's dog got on the bus with his daughter and her aunt last night. The driver and aunt had to push the dog out the door. Dog was at farm when Harry arrived later. Saw interview with female CEO of Pepsico. She's from India and very impressive person. Diamond prices are skyrocketing due to Asian buyers. Overcast and cool. Highly recommended. Very sad to see what went on and continues to go on in USA.

Has 1st day symptoms of a cold. Has been in Europe for a while and not on the air. Was 95deg at PM last night. He and Lil finally remembered that they had a 33rd anniversary on 24th July. Will go to Emergency room this morning to see if they will drain my right elbow of fluid Bursitis caused by extreme trauma falling off the jet ski a couple months ago.

Cannot crank down the T aluma tower due to a stuck locking finger and cannot climb it himswelf due to back problems so will cross his fingers and hope the winds are dropping after Irene is over land. Used his Iphone with boarding pass on trip down from USA, but image doesn't stay on screen for very long. Says it doesn't meet his needs. Harry and daughter won homemade kite contest at school for longest tail. Wind was good but 5 kites got entwined with theirs and had to cut the twine. In the interim is flying his simulator. Bears and turkeys visiting him these days.

Alan will be going to the USA on the 2nd of Sept. Can't hear Harry. Will have visitors in Bogota for 5 days so may not make it on the radio for about a week. Counting the days for October 2nd when he will return back to Bogota. CKD out. Paul tomorrow, will be returning a Craftsman mower with a leaking gas tank to Sears for full refund. I'll not buy another mower from Sears! These large retailers are still responsible for their supplier's junk! Waiting for the furnace installation team to return and repair a bad installation.

Closing the house to leave Friday for Bogota until Early December. Bob has been very busy. This will be a backup rig to the Icom Now travels in 40 ft. RV and works at the same time. Uses TS and also works FM satellites from motor home. His home is Sugarland TX. Wayne V. Rachel Love Rain Suffolk, England. Feno Ramorasata Fenmore Antananarivo, Madagascar. Jake M. Walk Miles The Walkman St. Thomas Vanelslander Helsinki Gent, Belgium. Lydia Singer Woburn, Bedfordshire, England.

Dino Miranda Maputo, Tchumene, Mozambique. Alejandro Escallon Jaranatambo Bogota, Colombia. Kadian Hamilton Adahzeh Kingston, Jamaica. Sofia, Bulgaria. Zebra And Giraffe Ft. Ruby Gill Johannesburg, South Africa. Shoko Mochiyama M. Shizuoka, Japan. Rakel, Jorge L. Jessica C. Donnovan M. Milena Gonchar Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan. Frank H. The Swinging Belles St. John's, NL, Canada. Paul McDermott, W. Daniel Duke Banbridge, Northern Ireland. Funmi Odemuyiwa Funmi O. Arshak Sirunyan Arshak Yerevan, Armenia.

Prasanna Ramaswamy Prasanna Chennai, India. Luzuriaga, G. Thierry Luethy Flake Bern, Switzerland. Phillip A. Carlos Enrique Hurtado ChakLive! Tulum, Mexico. Castro Coleman Mr.

Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1) Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1)
Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1) Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1)
Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1) Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1)
Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1) Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1)
Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1) Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1)
Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1) Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1)
Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1) Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1)
Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1) Charlie and the Vampires (El Perdido #1)

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