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Through Senator Nadeer, the Superior came to meet Dr.

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Holden Radcliffe and his assistant Aida. Radcliffe wanted the Watchdogs' help in recovering the Darkhold , a dark and powerful book in S. In return, Radcliffe offered to use the Darkhold to create a way to end the "Inhuman plague" for the Superior. Ivanov also believed Radcliffe could help him lure out Phil Coulson, unaware that the two men knew each other.

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While Radcliffe moved his work including his prisoner, S. Radcliffe used a brain scan to get the Darkhold 's location from Billy rather than let the Superior torture the it out of him. When the Superior wanted to torture Agent Koenig anyway to verify Radcliffe's information, Aida killed some of his men with her own hands, revealing herself to be an artificial being known as a Life-Model Decoy.

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

When they brought it back to the Superior's submarine with the news that they fought Coulson, the Superior let Radcliffe know about his personal vendetta against the S. Ivanov read from the Darkhold to find a way to annihilate Inhumans on his own against Radcliffe's wishes, but the book only told him Radcliffe was the answer.

Radcliffe had a collection of Terrigen Crystals from his time with a previous benefactor.

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The Superior took one of these crystals and gave it to Shockley so he could go to Senator Nadeer's office and force her to undergo Terrigenesis. Once she had turned, the Superior planned to use Nadeer as bait to lure S. However, Shockley - not Nadeer - underwent Terrigenesis.


As a result of his change, Shockley was given violent explosive abilities that destroyed the Senator's office. The Superior demanded Shockley reveal he had failed in his mission to capture Senator Nadeer when he returned to the Superior's hideout in Washington. Shockley explained that he somehow survived the explosion caused by the Senator's transformation.

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Realizing S. Shockley called the Superior from a hotel's phone, and confessed to his Inhuman abilities. Despite this, Shockley reaffirmed his allegiance to the Superior and the war against Inhumans, and promised to deliver S.

Shockley's trap worked, but the Superior and his Watchdogs capture Director Mace instead. He repeatedly tortured the director, and especially reveled in the true nature of Mace's supposed-Inhuman abilities. Meanwhile, Radcliffe increasingly spent his time in the Framework, a simulated reality he and Aida created with the Darkhold , leaving Aida to handle most of his responsibilities.

However, the Superior was disgusted by Aida because she was not a true human, and he made no effort to hide his disgust from her.

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  • Ivanov also left a number of clues for Coulson to follow so he could find the captured Jeffrey Mace and Melinda May. One of these led Coulson back to the Russian mine where he encountered Ivanov all those years ago. The Superior had personally unearthed the corpses of the three other men in his unit and left them in the mine's main office. The latest intelligent features with iRVision and force sensing are available, as well as a range of other features with the RiB controller.

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