The Prophetic Sword

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They were asking about some form of world-takeover; Jesus introduced something infinitely more powerful and impacting.

Benny Hinn - A Sword Is Coming Upon America

We do warfare in the invisible realm. As victories are secured in the spirit, there are measurable tangible shifts in the visible realm. There are cultural changes.

Prophetic Insight-Possessing the Enemy’s Sword

Governments are impacted. Bodies are healed. Torment is broken.

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This demands prayer and intercession, yes, but it also demands presence. It demands the presence of God being carried by men and women into the epicenters of battle.

Blade of Prophecy

Into media, arts, entertainment, politics, government, education and every other spheres of society. It demands man and woman fighting together, without distraction. Without men compromising their distinctives, and likewise, without women laying down theirs. When men and women partner together to do warfare in the spirit realm, occupying high places of leadership and influence, a dominion is released that takes us right back to Genesis 1.

Take up the sword and step into your assignment. Through his teaching ministry, Charisma Magazine articles, media resources, and books, Larry provides tools that show Christians—individually and collectively—how to position themselves for revival. Post Comment. In the spirit, I see the King of glory knighting Larry Sparks 2 years ago What problems in society or the Church particularly burden you?

Do you have a passion to bring solutions to these issues? What stories and historical figures cause your heart to burn? Those past examples are testimonies of what measure of change and transformation are possible through an able and willing man or woman. What Qualifies You for a Mantle?

A journey in the company of the Prophetic relics

They predict the outcomes of two or more mutually exclusive events occurring, creating several "forks" that the future can follow. Fork prophecies are the most precarious of all, for pursuing the events predicted by a false or unfulfilled fork can allow them to become self-fulfilling, making false predictions seem true. Many believe that prophecies are not be trusted in the slightest due to the considerable probability that all current prophecies are the "thens" of a false fork of a fork prophecy perverted thousands of years ago.

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In the Sword of Truth series , prophecy plays a huge part. However, Richard Rahl chose early in the series not to let prophecy dictate his life, choosing instead to trust his own judgement and reason. Ironically, as a part of his gift as a war wizard , Richard can understand prophecy and has even had his own visions of future events.

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What kind of deadly wound does Antichrist Suffer? Open borders-Setting the stage for the end times? Will the U. Time of deception-Part Two Time of deception-Part One When is the rapture?

The Prophetic Sword The Prophetic Sword
The Prophetic Sword The Prophetic Sword
The Prophetic Sword The Prophetic Sword
The Prophetic Sword The Prophetic Sword
The Prophetic Sword The Prophetic Sword

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