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Science fiction is full of iconic colors, and so too this issue of Shimmer! Shimmer 29 — January Places hold their own magic. The woods. A city. The river that winds between them as lazy as a Sunday morning. These four stories explore magical places and those who dare wander into them.

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In this issue, we introduce you to three new-to-Shimmer authors, and welcome Megan Arkenberg back, with a story of stunning beauty. Shimmer 28 — November Growing up, two things weave their way in and out of our lives: loss and discovery. Even In This Skin , A. Wise In the Pines , K. The future is closer than we know, but so is the past. Turn a corner and you may find yourself swallowed by another era: by a cloud of dust, by a house, by a black and sunless world—by the swirling hair of your lover. Each will carry you effortlessly into the next. Dustbaby , by Alix E. Harrow A July Story , by K.

Jones Buy the whole issue! The one constant of our world is change, whether it be climates, bodies, or viewpoints. Hot goes cold, light goes dark, what was unseen and bypassed can no longer be. Shimmer 25 — May Shimmer 24 — March Hunter Monsters in Space , by Angela Ambroz. Shimmer 22, November The future will be stranger than we can imagine, but so too was the past.

Shimmer and Shine - what time is it on TV? Episode 14 Series 2 cast list and preview.

A Whisper in the Weld by Alix E. Shimmer blends the perfect speculative cocktail for its twenty-first issue. These four stories, from Shimmer alums and novices alike, will take you on a journey that is familiar as earth, but as strange as stars. Shimmer leans toward stories that cover new ground, and these four do that. They also feature authors making their Shimmer debuts — we love when that happens.


Miller, and Laura Pearlman. Our first fully digital issue. Want to read them all at once? No problem; just scroll down to the buy button and get the whole issue at once. Guest-edited by the illustrious Ann VanderMeer, these eight juicy stories are a journey beyond the ordinary. Explore futures and footnotes, fragments and history. Read about mushrooms and missing limbs, shadows and books, atoms and souls.

Dustin Monk returns, with cover art by Kurt Huggins. For more on Shimmer 18, visit the order page. We selected 17 stories that went further: more emotional intensity, more challenges, more complexity, more heart. These stories bleed. These stories weep. Come with us on a journey that begins at the circus, and ends in the underworld.

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We are pleased to share stories from Katherine Sparrow, A. Laird Barron. But mostly? This issue is full of love : love for lost lovers and spouses and parents, love for those we can never have, love for freedom and memories and the eternally numinous. Terrible loss, shivery revenge, agonizing decisions, heartbreak, despair, and the stabbing pain of hope.

For more information, check out the Table of Contents. The stories themselves, for the most part serious or even melancholy, are built on fresh ideas or at least interesting twists on established ones. Their fantastical elements range from the overt—mermaids and magic portals—to the mere shimmer of possibility hovering just beneath their surfaces.

Spring Another wonderful issue of Shimmer, its twelfth. Fall Our collection of twenty fabulous steampunk animal tales. The Clockwork Jungle Book … does not disappoint. This was a flawless issue Shimmer and a big thick one, too. Autumn To celebrate our tenth issue, we put the whole thing up online: download it for free! They are unfailingly well written, which gives hope for the future of the genre. Eleven delicious stories! Our cover story is M. This issue will satisfy the widely diverse palates of fantasy readers. In this issue, art director Mary Robinette Kowal first selected the art; then we approached some of our favorite authors to write stories inspired by the art.

The print edition of this issue is sold out. Guest-edited by John Joseph Adams, this special themed issue contains ten swashbuckling stories, our interview with the creator of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and is illustrated throughout by James Owen. John Joseph Adams was invited by the editors at Shimmer to be the editor, and his skills at choosing good stories that have plots, characters, and are under words shows through. Not the kind of magic you expect in traditional fantasy stories—spells and bewitchment—but the kind of magic that pulses through the veins of a well drafted collection to enchant the heart.

You will remember these stories long after you have tucked the small paperback among your other collectibles. Lavie Tidhar. It was a totally enjoyable experience … Shimmer is one of the best small press magazines out there and you should all be subscribing to it! Issue Four presents nine stories. It is journal-sized, with an attractive, simple front and back cover layout. The interior has a clean, professional design. The font is eye-grabbing and large enough for most eyes to read without hassle…. Shimmer has some of the best dark fantasy and horror to be found in the small press.

More people need to be exposed to this magazine. This issue of Shimmer is full of the well-written slipstream and interstitial stories that show why the magazine has become a favorite with both the fans and the critics. Nine marvelous stories. I missed the premier issue of Shimmer, but found this second issue a joy to read. It was like opening a box of mixed chocolates.

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Our debut issue! See how it all began. My fondness for cake is well-known, so it is only proper that Beth and I conjure up a Shimmer cake. Something sweet with a boozy edge and hidden depths, much like an issue of Shimmer. Like she says, it works every time. Of course we are. Preheat your oven to I would not recommend traditional round cake layers for this. Sift your dry ingredients together and set aside. In a larger bowl, or the bowl to your standing mixer should you have one, beat your butter and sugar until super pale and fluffy. Add your vanilla, and then the eggs one at a time.

Stir in your lemon zest and your ginger.

Shimmer Magazine 14

The more ginger, the more zing; adjust accordingly! Inhale deeply. Pour into your prepared pans.

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Your bake time may take longer, as it depends on your oven and your location! Just check at the lowest time first with a toothpick, and keep adding ten minutes as needed until your toothpick comes out clean. Put all the ingredients into a saucepan, and bring to a slow boil. And glorious. Can you taste the glory?

In all instances, I want you to glaze the cake while the cake is still warm. Carefully pour the hot glaze over the cake. This is going to take a few passes, while the cake soaks up all that boozy goodness.

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Cupcakes or sheet cakes will be good to go whenever you want to eat them; the Bundt cake should be cooled for another 30 minutes in its pan, before you put a plate over it and flip it to remove it from the pan. You can also make the baby Bundt size cakes if you have that kind of pan; this will make about 9 of those cakes, which are perfectly sized for gifting. To badgers and humans alike. No badgers were harmed in the production of this post. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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  7. Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14 Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14
    Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14 Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14
    Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14 Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14
    Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14 Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14
    Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14 Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14
    Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14 Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14
    Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14 Shimmer Magazine - Issue 14

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