Selenium Health Uses

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Health Benefits

Selenium mixes with mercury, arsenic and cadmium in seafood, to keep the body safe from toxins. This also combines with omega-3 fatty acids to get rid of harmful fatty acids. Selenium helps to maintain thyroid related hormones. It is an important element to convert thyroid hormones from T4 to T3. This is helpful for proper body functioning.

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Selenium helps to fight free radical cells. It forms antioxidants in the body to fight free radicals which damage cells and lead to aging. Acne is caused due to plugged pores.

Health Benefits of Selenium

They can appear on the neck, chest, face, back and upper arms. Many creams, cleansers and ointments are used to treat acne. Selenium is considered a natural method to cure and get rid of acne. It helps to increase the strength of the immune system. Selenium boosts the efficiency of white blood cells and thus, helps our bodies to remain healthy and virus free. Infections and viruses can cause cold and flu, diarrhoea, sneezing, etc.

Important Information

Selenium boosts hair growth and reduces dandruff. Selenium can destroy a fungus known as Malassezia from the scalp. Selenium is included in many anti-dandruff shampoos to fight against dandruff. Selenium can utilize foods that contain protein and boost growth of hair. Zinc and selenium are advised by doctors for hair loss. This helps in proper functioning of hormones and increased growth of hair. They can be used to treat many hair problems as gray hair, hair loss, dandruff, etc. Selenium is an anti-inflammatory agent. Combining selenium with vitamin E can cure chronic conditions like psoriasis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and eczema.

Jayshree Bhagat. Health of heart 2. Improves Fertility 3. Selenium also has mild blood thinning properties, which may increase the risk of bleeding when taken with anticoagulants such as warfarin or aspirin.

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Check with your GP if you are taking any prescription medications. Shop Selenium Supplements. Nicole has been working as a researcher and writer in the health industry for over five years. An avid runner and foodie, Nicole writes about the highs and lows of trying to follow a balanced lifestyle and has a keen interest in the complex relationship between nutrition and disease prevention.

You need to login to write a comment! Weight loss. General Health. Home Health Benefits of Selenium. Health Benefits of Selenium. What is Selenium? Selenium Benefits Although it is only needed in small amounts, selenium works at a cellular level and so is essential for the proper functioning of many different processes in the body.

Here are the key ways selenium benefits health: Cell protection : Selenium is used to produce enzymes called selenoproteins, which work as antioxidants to protect cells and DNA against free-radical damage. If left unchecked, this damage can accelerate the ageing process and lead to the development of cell mutation and diseases.

What Is Selenium And Why You Need It

Heart disease : The mineral helps to fight inflammation and acts as a blood thinner to prevent the build-up of fatty plaques along artery walls and reduce the risk of blood clots. Low levels of selenium may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart failure but, to date, only observational studies have been conducted, which are hard to draw solid conclusions from.

Inflammation : Selenium helps to regulate the production of prostaglandins and may reduce inflammation throughout the body. Studies show a strong correlation between low selenium levels and an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis, however, it is unclear if low selenium levels are a result of the condition or a contributing factor. Immunity : Selenium is required for the proper functioning of the immune system. It helps to stimulate the activities of white blood cells antibodies and fend off infections and viruses. One study found that participants taking selenium and zinc supplements responded better to the flu vaccine, compared to those taking a placebo.

What Are Selenium’s Benefits and Uses?

Fertility : Selenium is important for both male and female fertility. It protects the eggs and sperm against chromosomal damage which can increase the risk of miscarriages and birth defects. Low sperm counts are often associated with low levels of certain minerals, including selenium, iron and zinc. Cancer : Several large-scale studies have examined a possible link between low selenium levels and higher incidences of prostate cancer, lung cancer and bladder cancer. It is thought that selenium enhances the way the body responds to cancerous activity by inducing apoptosis and triggering the death of cancerous cells without harming healthy cells.

Thyroid function : There is a clear link between low selenium levels and impaired thyroid metabolism.

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  • Selenium is highly concentrated in the thyroid gland where it acts as a catalyst for the production and metabolism of thyroid hormones. When selenium levels are low, the thyroid gland has to work harder to produce hormones, and the body has a trickier time converting these hormones into cells it can use. It also helps the body to recycle iodine, which is well known to support thyroid function. Cataracts : It is thought that the antioxidant behaviour of selenium also helps to reduce free-radical damage in the eyes and low blood levels of selenium are often found in those with cataracts.

    However, no studies to date have found a direct link between increasing dietary intake of selenium and a reduced risk of cataracts. Research is ongoing. Hair growth : Selenium helps the body to use proteins, including those that make up the hair, which is why low selenium levels are often associated with hair loss. Selenium is toxic to the scalp fungus that causes dandruff so is often a key ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoos.

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    Skin conditions : Its antioxidant ability to defend against oxidative damage helps to slow the ageing process. It also assists in the recovery of tissues in the skin, which may offer some relief from itching and swelling associated with common skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Sources of Selenium Our bodies cannot make selenium so it needs to be consumed through dietary sources. Selenium Levels in the UK Selenium levels in the UK have fallen over recent decades; in the average intake was reported to be 60mcg per day, while a later report published in estimated the average intake had dropped to 34mcg per day.

    Selenium Deficiency While low levels of selenium are fairly common, a selenium deficiency is rare. The first signs of a selenium deficiency often include: Muscle weakness Fatigue Whitening of the beds of the fingernails Discolouration of the hair or skin Poor growth Infertility Premature ageing Dandruff Thyroid problems Low selenium levels are often easily reversed with an increased intake of foods or supplements. How Much Should I Take?

    Selenium Health Uses Selenium Health Uses
    Selenium Health Uses Selenium Health Uses
    Selenium Health Uses Selenium Health Uses
    Selenium Health Uses Selenium Health Uses
    Selenium Health Uses Selenium Health Uses

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