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Schizosaccharomyces pombe Fission yeast 0. Drosophila melanogaster. Drosophila suzukii. Drosophila simulans. Drosophila sechellia. Drosophila erecta. Drosophila yakuba. Drosophila ananassae. Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura. Drosophila willistoni. Drosophila virilis. Drosophila mojavensis.


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Musca domestica. Glossina morsitans. Lucilia cuprina. Mayetiola destructor. Aedes aegypti. Anopheles darlingi.

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Anopheles gambiae. Culex quinquefasciatus. No non-Dipteran orthologies identified. No non-Insect Arthropod orthologies identified. No non-Arthropod Metazoa orthologies identified.

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Drosophila melanogaster Fruit fly 0. Human Disease Model Data. Disease Ontology DO Annotations. Models Data. Interaction Data. Models Based on Experimental Evidence 0. Potential Models Based on Orthology 0. Human Ortholog. Interactions 0. Comments 0. Homo sapiens Human. Gene name. Functional Complementation Data.

Functional complementation data is computed by FlyBase using a combination of the orthology data obtained from DIOPT and OrthoDB and the allele-level genetic interaction data curated from the literature. Summary of Physical Interactions. Show neighbor-neighbor interactions: Off. Select Layout: Force Directed. Interactions Browser. View in Interactions Browser. Please look at the Interaction Group reports for full details of the physical interactions. Interacting group.

Ramat et al. Atwood and Prehoda, , Wirtz-Peitz et al. Jia et al. Finan et al. Shen et al. Wirtz-Peitz et al. Summary of Genetic Interactions. Please look at the allele data for full details of the genetic interactions. Starting gene s. Chang et al. Berger et al. Irion et al. DroID - A comprehensive database of gene and protein interactions.

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Genomic Location and Detailed Mapping Data. Chromosome arm. FlyBase Computed Cytological Location. Experimentally Determined Cytological Location. Shen, Ikeshima-Kataoka, Experimentally Determined Recombination Data. Left of cM. Right of cM. Stocks and Reagents. Stocks 8. Genomic Clones List GenBank IDs. Clones Consistent with Transcripts. Other clones. RNAi and Array Information. Antibody Information. Laboratory Generated Antibodies. Shaw et al. Commercially Available Antibodies.

Other Information.

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Relationship to Other Genes. Source for database identify of. Source for database merge of. Additional comments. No dreams are too big. Talking about dreams, when we lived in Australia a few years ago we spoke about buying a van to drive around Australia… Make a mobile coffee shop and work where we wanted too. But we moved back to Sweden, and have been here for 6 years now. Said and done. Caravan found on Blocket. Few calls to the council, police and anyone interested. Papers signed. Tomorrow the renovation will begin and we hope to keep you up to date on our journey, every step of the way.

Everything is going to be changed inside, outside. He always says in Sweden you can barely buy any good milkshakes. So Milkshakes will definitely be on the menu. Hope you will join us on this journey. We will update daily, before and after how the renovation goes.

We will start the transformation on Friday the 14th of June. So please say hi to the new, or oldie from Instagram: farfarslycka. Skip to content. Finkel is enjoying him self in the pool.

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  3. Beati gli operatori di pace, perché saranno chiamati figli di Dio (Le Beatitudini) (Italian Edition).

His smile says it all. June 22, June 22, Here it is. Our caravan. Farfars Lycka…. Midsummer is not midsummer without the bad weather in my opinion. We played games and a music quiz, enjoyed a bbq and lots of delicious cake! Midsummer day has been fun due to the big changes on the van. Dad came just in time for the first cup of coffee. Imagine how a card could make you feel so happy.

Alright team, hope your monday was a good one. But all is possible, once you put your mind to it. Trust me. Jake spent his Friday spray painting our beautiful skirtings, luckily the sun was shinning. Full name.

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San Francisco. Voice Actor. David Collins. Appears in. Watch Dogs 2. First appeared. False Profits.

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