If Not Now, Then When?

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Torah Study. Sacred Texts. Social Justice. Civil Rights. Economic Justice.

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International Concerns. Religious Liberties. Visiting Israel. Celebrations in Israel. Educational Experiences in Israel. History of Zionism. Founding of the Jewish State. Contemporary Israeli History. Israeli Arts and Culture.

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Living in Israel. Religious Pluralism in Israel. Israel and her Neighbors. Reform Positions on Israel.

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If Not Now, Then When? If Not You, Then Who? : Women Writers, Women's Books

There was an error. General Comment It's beautiful. I like this part: Now love's the only thing that's free We must take it where it's found I just watched that new Pocohantas movie- "The New World" and Smith as a line in it: "Love. If love is given to you, what can we do but take it? That is all there is.

One day What if one day, maybe one day it'll be "good as gone.

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General Comment I waited and Now I am very sorry My Interpretation This is about one of harder Lessons to learn I saw it often in Lives of another and mine, too. If one feels Love he should run after it, since it is Power, and hardest Lesson for me was to love myself. If i would have possibility i would let teach this our Children in Schools General Comment This song touches me in a more generally existential way: There is only now.

Every moment is now.

“If not you, then who? If not now, when?”

Lack of discipline? Fear of rejection? Fear of perfection? The main premise was how the story ideas we carry around — so elegant, beautiful, shiny, all bedazzling in their splendor — are never the same when we get them out on paper. They look nothing like what we imagined. They will never live up to the expectations we had for them. But with time, maybe we learn to love these distant cousins of our shiny ideas. We can learn to love the process of sitting and writing, of struggling to get our words out, of piecing together thoughts into awkward sentences until some day, there are a few that sparkle.

Ones that speak to us. Ones that convey our deepest thoughts and meditations. Why not try? Who will take those ideas and portray them the way only we can?

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    If Not Now, Then When? If Not Now, Then When?
    If Not Now, Then When? If Not Now, Then When?
    If Not Now, Then When? If Not Now, Then When?
    If Not Now, Then When? If Not Now, Then When?
    If Not Now, Then When? If Not Now, Then When?
    If Not Now, Then When? If Not Now, Then When?
    If Not Now, Then When? If Not Now, Then When?
    If Not Now, Then When? If Not Now, Then When?
    If Not Now, Then When?

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