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Ken: Is it the second major chunk, or is it an entirely different film , Jim?! Police Detective in action. Ken: One wonders if John S. Rad insisted on period-accurate clothing and mannerisms throughout. Jim: Whoa whoa whoa, Ken. Ken: Oh, Black Pepper, my mistake. This final chase scene, by the way, was where I began to wonder how these 79 minutes of screen time could somehow occupy the span of 20 years.

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As the old police chief chases this guy down—with neither Police Detective nor Mina anywhere to be seen—Black Pepper runs inside the house of a woman who is:. Ken: Yes, it hearkens back to classic endings in some of my favorite kung fu movies with their abrupt ending smackdowns—except nowhere near as good or, you know, cohesive. So what did we learn, Jim? Do you think this epic film is worthy of unseating E.

Jim: Yes, but only if you could time-travel forward from to watch it in , and then travel right back to preserve the space-time continuum and wish for a sequel, Really Dangerous Men.

Watch: ‘Dangerous Men’ is the Most Perfect Film You’ve Never Seen in Bonkers NSFW Trailer

By the way, I really must stress how much I love this ending. This is insanity. And I love it. The honest-to-god last image you see in this movie. I was filled with a combination of bafflement at what I had just seen and relief that the ordeal was over. Did your research uncover any information on how this magnum opus was received by the public? Jim: From what I can understand, there were a handful of people who saw the movie in and immediately recognized it for the amazing cult classic that it would become, which led to occasional screenings of it at festivals.

Where Miami Connection is really naively optimistic about making the world a better place, though, Dangerous Men seems to take the opinion that humanity is a virus that must be expunged. Ken: Maybe we should cleanse our pallet with Miami Connection sometime soon, then, because this was just bizarre.

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Jim: Before we sign off, I just want to add one great thing that I read. Remember the rapist—this film is full of them, so think hard—whom Mina shoots, and then pushes his car down a cliff, where it explodes at the bottom?

That was apparently the Datsun of John S. She never knew what happened to the car until she saw it blown up at a screening in Ken: Good heavens. Nor one as ineptly cut and sound-edited—that was quite a fake explosion. Jim: Jesus, we never even discussed the sound editing of this movie, did we?

Ken: The technical incompetence on display here would warrant its own separate article, to be sure. One I urge our readers to skip. I think it might be best for us to leave this movie now, Jim. Jim: Until next time, Ken. I dare you to top this movie with your selection.

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Tags action movies bad movie diaries dangerous men john s rad the alamo drafthouse. The two existing interviews with him give different counts. An un-subtitled copy of it is on YouTube. In Southern California, Rad continued to do architectural work to support himself while pursuing filmmaking on the side. He wanted to have cash. He also wanted to do everything himself. He was. Sometimes Persian men can be a little demanding.

The 13 most dangerous men in the world right now

He always wanted perfection, but perfection in his eyes was different from perfection, maybe, in any of our eyes. Right from the start, Rad had big dreams for the film. The received wisdom on Dangerous Men is that it took Rad 20 years to make it. But as Drafthouse Films C. We thought, Wow, this is going to be amazing. We walked out. I was embarrassed! Ohana stumbled across a screening of Dangerous Men a few years ago and is no longer embarrassed.

Whatever its evolution was, Dangerous Men as we now know it was finished by , when Rad premiered it again. Wenzel and her family now lived in Fort Worth, Texas, but went to L. By then, Rad might have backed off from his previous assertion that the movie would be bigger than E.

Rad would have paid between ten and twenty-five thousand dollars for the nine millimeter prints of the film that were struck, plus another ten thousand on posters. One, either the movie has to be really good. So if Rad realized what kind of movie he had on his hands, was he pleased when audiences responded with raucous laughter?


Like I said, he was very unique and demanding. It took a three-year process of wooing Wenzel for Shapiro and the Drafthouse team to secure the rights to Dangerous Men.

But the passion is enough. In a L. Carlson was gleeful when he repeated the quote.

Dangerous Men Dangerous Men
Dangerous Men Dangerous Men
Dangerous Men Dangerous Men
Dangerous Men Dangerous Men
Dangerous Men Dangerous Men
Dangerous Men Dangerous Men
Dangerous Men Dangerous Men

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