Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording

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She called her brother to come in for tea but when he arrived at the door she pushed it closed on him and would not let him in. A struggle ensued and the little girl became angry and tired as she tried to prevent her brother from entering. We may laugh at children and say how silly they can be.

However, we often do similar things in life. Every time we focus on something we are calling it towards us. With our thoughts and beliefs, we invite people, situations and material things into our life. When they arrive, if we do not really want them, we try to push them away again. I was chatting to a neighbor who told me she was sure her mother-in- law was going to stay with them for Christmas and ruin it for everyone. My neighbor was using her vital energy in resistance. Many people invoke the Law of Resistance without being aware of what they are doing.

Your unconscious mind and the universal mind work exactly like computers. You cannot tell a computer not to bring up a certain file for it cannot accept negative instructions. It will assume you do want that file and bring it up. Your conscious mind can discriminate between a negative instruc- tion and a positive one but your unconscious mind cannot tell the dif- ference. If your conscious mind is fully engaged on driving, watching TV or concentrating very hard on something, your unconscious mind may receive the message.

For example, when a child is concentrating on his homework his conscious mind is fully occupied. Some people have illness in their lives because they resist illness. Your computer looks for a program that will make you ill. Your unconscious mind is also open when you are relaxed. When you are relaxing in the sunshine, it is a bad time to worry, for you may manifest your fears. It is an excellent time to picture what you want to create in your life.

You become what you resist. Whatever you resist persists in your life and uses up your energy in struggle. Instead attract success and wealth. Always embrace the positive rather than resisting the negative. I visited a community where they decided to take the structure out of work groups. Instead they asked people to volunteer to help. The result was that everyone felt freer and had more time to relax.

They realized that the structured rules put pressure on people and resulted in resist- ance, which took energy. Releasing control frees energy. A young man came to speak to me after a talk I gave on abundance. He said that a switch had gone on in his head — click — as he listened. Up to that time he had felt he was not deserving. He realized he had been resisting anything beyond his level of deservingness.

I saw him a few weeks later at an Angel workshop and he told me that he had stopped resisting and started to embrace what he really wanted in life. This shift in attitude had transformed his prosperity levels. Sometimes change takes a little longer than this. If you have been resist- ing loneliness for a long time, there will be a huge thought-form of loneli- ness around you. You may have been using all your energy to hold this fear back, so it could take a little time to transmute it.

One positive way of dis- solving a thought-form you have been resisting is to write down all your fears about it and burn it. Then write down what you do want and start to attract what you want. You will find you have more energy. If two people want to push a boulder in a certain direction, they will both stand on the same side of the boulder and push so that it moves. If, however, they stand opposite each other and push, it will move only to the extent that one is stronger. This is what our inner personalities do when they struggle. If we have two personalities within us working for the same end, our life flows smoothly forward.

If we have two inner personalities working in resistance to one another, we stay stuck. The relationship will stay stuck and we will wonder why we feel so tired. If you are working with someone on a project and you both have the same vision, the project inevitably moves forward. However, if you are in conflict, the resistance will result in delays.

That person is not in your life by chance. He or she is mirroring back to you your own doubts, fears or disquiet. Look within and decide what you truly want and what your vision really is. When you resolve your inner conflict, the other person must, under universal law, leave your life or change their attitude.

The Law of Resistance is triggered by victim consciousness. A victim is someone who blames others for his fate, believes the world owes him a living and that he cannot possibly look after himself. If someone is blaming another for what is happening in his own life, he is a victim who is resisting taking personal responsibil- ity for what he has created.

He goes out every night and makes me so angry. She was resisting his good qualities. Andrea painted a picture of herself as an angry saint. It was only when she stopped resisting and started to take an honest look at her own actions that she became calmer. Her husband stayed in a couple of evenings and she focused on the good qualities in him that she had discovered.

They had a pleasant time. When she no longer blamed him, stopped resisting him going out and embraced him stay- ing at home, their marriage improved unbelievably. When we feel angry or guilty we resist the joy of life and the magnifi- cence of self. Most of us have at some time resisted doing some work.

We resist doing the dishes until the pile is enormous or doing the garden until it is overgrown or that report that needs to be written until it assumes horrendous proportions. Any task appears difficult in direct propor- tion to our level of resistance. For instance, if you are resisting poverty, it is time to look at what poverty is trying to say to you. Are you afraid of lack? What exactly do you fear? So, if you have been fired or laid off, it is not by chance.

You have activated the laws of the Universe to take your job away. You have cre- ated this in your life for a purpose, so examine the underlying reason and learn from it. Did you feel dissatisfied or grumble about your work?

The Universe received the message that you did not want that job. If you felt undervalued, affirm your value. If you did not trust your boss, build up your trust levels. If you have a recurring pattern of failure, picture yourself succeed- ing. Quit resisting. Decide what you do want in life and start to send out magnetic, excited, enthusiastic energies to draw the positive to you.

What you resist persists in your life and drains you of energy. Embrace what you do want and feel alive. The mirror of the Universe is so honest and accurate that your deepest secrets show up in the reflections you see of yourself. Every single person and situation in your life is a mirror of an aspect of you. As within so without. When you see yourself in a mirror you may not like what you see; you may claim the reflection is distorted but you rarely insist that it is someone else entirely that you see.

When the Universe presents us with someone or something in life, this is equally a mirror. We can rant about it or deny it. However, the spiritual Law of Reflection reminds us to look in the mirror and change ourselves. When you look in a mirror and see that your eyes look heavy and tired, you do not try to change the reflection.

You eat a healthier diet and get more sleep so that the reflection changes. When there is someone you do not like in your life, you can, of course, spend time and energy trying to fix or change him or her. If you do this you are trying to change the reflection. It is a form of denial. People who do this are known as rescuers. They would rather spend time changing the reflection than working on themselves. When you understand the Law of Reflection you never again try to get someone else to be different in order that you feel more comfortable.

You observe the outer and change the inner. Those people in your life that you do not like are showing you aspects of yourself you do not feel comfortable with. If you have a friend who seems very callous, ask yourself where you are hard-heart- ed. If your child is hostile, look within at your own anger. Imagine that your boss is completely disorganized and chaotic.

If you pride yourself on your togetherness and your sense of responsibility, you are probably quite angry at him for being so unlike you and may well tell yourself he is not a mirror. Nevertheless, look within yourself for an aspect of you that is untidy. Possibly a little bit of you wants to be carefree and irresponsible. If you have always had to be responsible and in control it is terrifying to let go.

The inner part of you that wants to be irresponsible is reflected in people around you. To the extent that you are angry at your boss, you are angry at the chaotic part of yourself that appears in the mirror. If someone in your life has an attribute that genuinely does not both- er you, it does not reflect you and you will not even notice it. The more a characteristic in someone else bothers you, the more your soul is trying to draw a reflection to your attention.

All the people that you really like are mirroring aspects of yourself that you feel good about. Take anyone that you like, respect or admire. Think about the qualities that you like about them. Those qualities are to some extent within you. You would not have attracted that person, nor would you notice those parts of them, if they were not within you. The magic mirror of the Universe is showing you a beautiful part of yourself that you may not be in touch with. Enhance these qualities by practicing them and more people with these fine characteristics will enter your life. If the Universe really wants to draw your attention to something it will give you three mirrors to look into at once.

What does that tell me? I suggested she looked at where she felt her freedom was curtailed. Immediately she said that her hus- band did not want her to go to workshops as she was spending too much time away from him. She felt really restricted. The Universe was mirroring back to her the sense of her wings being clipped. It was time for her to communicate honestly with her husband. If you notice three blind people one day it might suggest you are not seeing something. If you notice three accidents you might consider where you are going too fast or heading for disaster. Everything is a reflection.

Water reflects what is happening to your emotions or spirituality. I knew someone whose roof leaked and the water dripped onto his divorce papers. Nothing else was touched, only those papers. He had never really dealt with the feelings about the break-up of his marriage. Rivers, lakes, oceans carry the emotional and spiritual life-force of an area.

Are you drawn to turbulent seas or tranquil lakes? Remember, too, that water symbolically washes and purifies. Fire is hot and bright. A campfire or a fire in the fireplace may indi- cate a peaceful center. A rampaging, out-of-control conflagration reflects the anger and hostility of all those affected by it. Fire is also a great transmuter of negative energy.

Earth is solid but can be suffocating or boring. If you get stuck in the mud, it has something to tell you about your life. An earthquake tells you that foundations of your life you thought were secure are not. From earth there is new growth. Air has great energy. It represents communication and new ideas. A hurricane blows away outmoded thinking from an area and heralds the new. Fresh air also blows away cobwebs. Every part of your car represents some aspect of you. If your brakes fail it may be warning you to stop something you are doing.

Susan K Todd

The lights do not work — can you see where you are going in life? The body gets scratched or dented — are you feeling dented or battered? Maybe you are being critical of self. The horn refuses to make a sound — is it time to speak up for yourself? You have a flat tire — are you feeling deflated?

Is someone letting you down? Are you letting yourself down or not supporting yourself? Dead battery — are you feeling run down? Have you run out of energy? If you cannot work out what the reflection is, talk about what that piece of the machine does. For instance, my car keys have batteries in them. The battery went dead on the spare one. Before I had time to deal with it, the other went flat. Neither worked and I could not get into my car.

The spare key allows other people access to my car me. My key allows me access to my consciousness. The battery is the energy that fuels them. As they had both run out, they were reflecting to me that I was too tired to give anything to anyone else or myself. Gears facilitate the movement from one speed to another. Animals reflect the qualities and characteristics of their owners.

A well-disciplined, good-natured, friendly dog reflects an owner you can trust and feel comfortable with. A wild, savage, noisy animal will warn you to be careful of its owner even if the surface impression is of a gen- tle person. We are complex people and the different animals we own will reflect different aspects of us. Your cat may reflect your coolly detached work mode, while your dog shows your exuberant, friendly home personality.

Ask someone what his or her animal is like and you will learn a lot about them. As I was writing this chapter, with synchronicity, I read an article about the qualities and attitudes of different dogs. We choose a dog con- sciously or unconsciously to match ourselves. All animals, plants, trees and even crystals represent qualities. The oak tree in your garden reflects your solid, dependable aspect. If your garden is flamboyant and colorful it externalizes an extrovert part of you, whether you consciously show it or not.

The Energy Bodies

If it is very neat, ordered and tidy, you are likely to be the same. A family garden will reflect the predominant family characteristics. Whatever comes into your life, look into the mirror and see what it has to teach you. Once we understand the Law of Reflection we can expand our spiritual growth by looking at what life is telling us. Our journey on Earth becomes a fascinating and exciting experience. There are two ways to interpret what you see in a mirror. One is that you are seeing your projection.

The other is that you are seeing an aspect that you have attracted. To find a projection, talk about the per- son or situation. To find how you attracted the reflection, be aware of how the person or situation makes you feel. Never try to change someone else for they are reflecting you. Look within and change yourself. All that we perceive out- side ourselves is a mirror of something within. Therefore everything that we see outside ourselves is a projection, too. We take an aspect of self — stubbornness for instance — and imagine that quality is in those around us. We project our stuff, both good and bad, onto other people and assume it is within them, often denying it is within us.

If you tell others they are wise but do not accept your own wisdom, you are projecting your wisdom externally. When we assume that someone else feels as we do, it is a projection. You are putting your feelings onto the other person. They may feel completely different. Jill was unhappily married whereas Kate loved her husband and had a really supportive relationship. Nevertheless, she would not perceive this unless some part of her was afraid to stand up for herself. Although she was a powerful woman, she was projecting a timid part of herself onto him. They may have a fabu- lous but different sense of humor.

You are actually commenting on yourself. It is more comfortable to imagine that someone else has the qualities we wish to deny are within ourselves. If you bury your hostility and express it as passive anger you will project hostility onto those around you and will imagine people are aggressive whether they are or not. You will selectively imagine angry or threatening attitudes where none are intended or expressed.

Those who project their hatred think everyone is out to get them. It may or may not have had anything to do with her. However, we explored why she had attracted that comment. She realized that there was a grain of truth in it and started to look at the way she closed down her heart. We project our insecurities and our sexuality onto others. The per- son who is paranoid about the morality of others is projecting their own underlying immorality. The boss who suspects all his employees are cheating him is project- ing his inner cheat.

As a consequence of this he may well attract cheats. The wife who constantly accuses her faithful husband of infidelity is projecting her own lack of faith in the relationship. Someone with- out that quality does not need to say this of another. Because many of us do not own or believe in our magnificence, we also project our beautiful, gracious, powerful and brilliant parts onto others. Every time you think good things about people, remember that there is something of that quality within you. Otherwise you would not have seen it within them. The person who is innately kind will imagine that all around her are also kind.

The deeply generous person expects others to be so. When a couple is in love, each is projecting their inner beauty onto the other. Seeing our radiance magnified and reflected in another offers a great opportunity for spiritual growth. Being in love is a state of grace. Just take responsibility for any part that belongs to you. Projecting yourself onto someone else prevents you from taking responsibility for self. Most people do not even realize that what they are saying is actually within them.

It is a powerful form of denial. Projection can create a game of ping-pong. When two people are shouting at each other, each accusing the other of being wrong, both are projecting their own anger and fear. Neither sees itself as black. Instead each sees how black the other is. You can only talk to yourself. This can really damage a child, who has no understanding of the reali- ty, which is that it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the parent. A mother who loves her baby and keeps telling him how beautiful and lovely he is, is positively projecting her open heart.

She lights both up in the process. It is almost inevitable while we have human consciousness. When we are one hundred percent detached and able to observe from a totally objective position we can see clearly into a person or situation. Until that moment it is preferable to cut the pro- jections out of our life.

Your life is what you experience. Other people probably experience it very differently. So watch your projections and work on yourself. Understanding this law offers enormous opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. You do not know how anyone feels or is. Everything you see in another is a projection of an aspect of yourself. Whoever or whatever you are attached to can manipulate you. You are no longer free.

You are a puppet on a string. The Universe is a soup of energy. Everything swirls and moves. Like attracts like. Certain energies repel. The dance goes on between the atoms. However, there are certain people in this great cauldron of energy that are corded together. They are drawn together from great distances and from lifetime to lifetime. The cord may bind and trap them. They will pull and tug at each other, mentally, emotionally and physically and are often completely unaware of the effect they have on each other. Cords are formed between people who have unresolved issues between them.

Every time you send thoughts or words of anger, hurt, jealousy, envy or need to someone, you manifest a tiny thread that attaches to them. An occasional thought will dissolve but if you consis- tently send negative feelings out, the threads will form cords or ropes. These will remain and bind you together until they are released. In subsequent lifetimes the cords will reactivate and draw you inevitably towards those with whom you have unresolved issues. This is in order to offer your souls the opportunity to do things differently.

We can also be attached to things. Negative energies such as greed, pride, need and envy can send huge cords to objects like houses, cars, jobs or bank accounts. This is why we refer to the trappings of wealth. Cords can attach people to intangible things, for example a need for love. If you are tied to a desire for recognition, this can be the psychic equivalent of having a ball and chain around your ankle.

You may be corded to imprisoning energies such as self-deprecation or aloofness. A master is detached. He is independent of status, finance or emotion- al need. He is free and immensely powerful. You can have a beautiful home. Of course, God wants you to have a beautiful home. However, if you need to live in that beautiful home to give you status or security, it becomes a trapping. A master can enjoy a fabulous home but if it is taken away it does not affect how he feels about himself. You can enjoy a wonderful relationship. The Source of All wants you to be happy in love. Neediness, however, cords you to your partner with the result that you are tugged to and fro emotionally.

Co-dependent relationships enmesh you in cords so that it is difficult to feel objective about the relationship or to leave your partner. When parents become bound to their children, it is hard to release them to adulthood. Equally a child may be so attached to a parent that it is very difficult to form a mature adult relationship with a partner. Attachment is conditional love. A master loves unconditionally, and this does not form cords. He allows the people he loves to be free and to be themselves.

If someone he loves leaves or dies, he mourns but is not devastated. He remains centered. If you need someone to behave in a certain way in order to love them, it is not love. It is attachment. The bindings of attachment can be released in a number of ways. Love dissolves them and sets them free. You set yourself free, too. When we put our hopes and expectations on people they react from their own patterns.

When we accept them as they are they reveal their magnificence to us. That is love. Forgiveness dissolves cords for all time. We are approaching the end of an era as we wait for the new higher consciousness to prevail on the planet. This means that we are now gathering in all the cords we have formed throughout our lives. Our souls now wish us to face and release all our unresolved issues and lessons so that we are free to move on. When you forgive someone and let go totally of what has happened in the past, you free that person and yourself.

Shame and guilt bind you to certain memories and hold you back. When you are ready to forgive yourself for your past actions, you dis- solve these restricting cords and the memory loses its charge. We hold onto others for our sake not theirs. Her mother needed her, she said. At last she plucked up courage to tell her mother that she wanted to go away for Christmas.

She imagined her mother withering and collaps- ing. Nothing of the sort. Caroline freed her mother to experience a new life. It is very common for a whole family to be entangled in cords of co- dependency. It is time to pull yourself free. When you pull out your cord you may find that it is the thread that allows the whole tangle to be freed.

9. Intents For Ascension -Aligning With Earth

If it is not, the family collusion is no longer your responsibility. Those involved still need to work through their part in the experience. The other most powerful way of releasing attachment is by intention and visualization. John and Jean had been stuck in a co-dependent marriage for years. Each grumbled and complained about the other. Both were hostile. They said they wanted to separate but never quite had the courage. John came to a workshop during which we released attachments.

He set his intention to free himself and Jean. During the visualization he brought up a clear picture of himself and his wife entangled in barbed wire. He asked for angelic help to dissolve all this and saw all the wire being cut away. Afterwards he felt a wonderful sense of release and freedom. When he went home an interesting thing happened.

Because he was detached he started seeing Jean differently. Without the negative energy constantly battering him, he remembered her sense of humor, her enthusiasm and her goodness. He started to fall in love with her all over again but this time in a mature way. Their relationship changed totally. In this case uncording brought John and Jean together. In other cases people find that they are released to leave a relationship completely. Detachment is a prerequisite for enlightenment If you wish to be free, detach yourself from everyone and everything. It is a prerequisite for enlightenment.

It does not matter if it is big, small, good or bad. Spiritual Law ensures that an outcome manifests to the exact percentage you give it attention. Attention is the focus of your thoughts, words and actions. Sub- atomic physics is now proving what these sages and mystics have been telling us throughout the ages. The thoughts of the experimenter affect the results of the experiment. Physicists tell us that quarks are sub- atomic particles formed by concentrated thought.

These can now be filmed. When the individual no longer concentrates then the particles disappear. Results differ according to the expectation of the experi- menter. Lives differ according to the expectations of the individual. If ten people are in similar situations each will hold a different picture of an outcome. Accordingly each will create a slightly different result. You create your own reality. Science is now supporting this spiritual truth. I saw this played out recently when two people I know were each putting on an event.

Rebecca was organizing quite a small event. I hope I can sell all the tickets. The cost of the advertising is too much. On the night, the hall was half full. Jane was organizing quite a big show. She was clear and positive. She talked about it enthusiastically. Her attention never wavered from her vision of a fabulous show played to a full house. She manifested her vision. The only thing that stops you manifesting your dreams is your doubt and your fear. If you give twenty percent focus to what you want, you will achieve twenty percent of your dream.

If you give one hundred percent quality focus to the outcome that you want you will have a one hundred percent outcome. The Law of Attention is exact. If you are driving you pay attention to the road ahead or you might crash. You watch the signposts so that you do not go in the wrong direction. When you focus on your driving you get safely to your desti- nation or, in life, to your destiny. As we travel the road of life we are asked to pay attention to the whispers and hints with which the Uni- verse signs our way.

If you give attention to a worry or fear you energize it and bring it into creation. Churning worst case scenarios in your mind or continu- ally talking about your fears are powerful ways of drawing them into your life. A client of mine lived in great anxiety because she constantly pictured her marriage breaking up. The attention she paid to the failure of her relationship programmed her unconscious mind to act in such a way as to break up the partnership. The Universe, of course, supported this by throwing challenging situations into her way.

Her partner, too, was constantly picking up her psychic messages of fear and separation, which caused him to withdraw. Inevitably the relationship ended. She fulfilled her own prophecies. If you have a pain in your big toe and you focus on it, worry about it and churn over horrible possibilities, it assumes huge proportions and gets worse.

If you receive a phone call bringing exciting news it diverts your attention from your toe and the pain disappears. The positive has a more powerful charge than the negative. Focus on, think about and talk about positive situations. When you hold the positive in your attention, you make your dreams come true. If you are writing a book, painting a picture, building a house or involved in any project, keep the perfect finished result in your mind.

Decide on your vision, commit to it, do the necessary work, give it full attention and you will be amazed how your life blossoms. Here is a little word of caution. When you plant a seed you have a picture of a beautiful plant appearing at the appropriate time. Then you water it and look after it. However, you do not dig it up constantly to check that it is OK. So pay attention to your vision but do not analyze it to death.

Focus on what you want and you will get it. Nothing is static. Everything moves. Nothing and no one is separate or untouched by others. This is why a polar bear cannot sneeze in the Arc- tic without a grain of sand moving in the Sahara and why loving your- self a little more affects a total stranger at the other end of the world. When a river flows there are no empty spaces. If the flow is blocked the river eventually overflows.

Water represents emotions. If emotions are blocked, they stagnate so that relationships become stuck and stilt- ed. This is because the blocked flow has become a stagnant pool. It is exhilarating to walk by a torrent but it may be dangerous to swim in it in case you are swept away. If your emotions are a torrent, then people may be frightened to come too close to you in case they drown. However, if a river is peaceful and serene, then people want to sit by it. They want to enjoy the peace, serenity and tranquillity; it is safe to bathe here. If your emotions are peaceful, tranquil and serene, many will want to come very close to you.

Because they will want to bathe in your aura, your personal relationships will be good. So watch the flow of your emotions and notice the effect it has on your relationships. The Law of Flow governs every area of life. A torrent of sexuality may be exciting but it is threatening and dan- gerous to get drawn into. Where sexuality is blocked by childhood prohibitions or past life experiences, a sexual relationship is uncomfortable. If your sexuality is flowing beautifully, your sex life will be good. Does your creativity flow or is it blocked?

Is your creativity a torrent of fast-flowing ideas that get jumbled up and end up crashing on the rocks? Or does your creativity flow at a pace that you and those around you can handle, keeping you full of ideas and happily productive? If a cupboard is crammed full, nothing new can be put into it. If you hoard, whether it is money, clothes, ideas or old resentments, there is no space for new to come in.

To allow new into your life you must let go of the old. As soon as you throw away unwanted stuff from your home, the Law of Flow will ensure that something else takes its place. It is your choice whether you replace the stuff with more stuff or shift your consciousness to attract something better. If you have the same thoughts then the same condi- tions will return. If you start making changes, however small, then automatically something different has to come in.

Nature does not allow a vacuum, so something always moves into an empty space. Your task is to ensure it is something better. As soon as you release beliefs and memories that are no longer needed in your life, you open the gates for new to flood in. Change habits in order to bring something different into your life.

It may be as simple as walking another way to work. I was talking to a friend who decided that she was ready for a relation- ship. I looked at her bed- room and it was absolutely full of clutter. According to Feng Shui, every part of your house relates to a different aspect of your life. If you have clutter or junk in the part of your house that relates to fame, then you prevent that aspect of your life from flow- ing. Different places relate to work, success, relationships, money and so on.

In the same way, if there is an old belief cluttering up your life, clear it out. If there is an old memory sitting within you like a boulder, write it down and burn the paper to clear it away. When you are physically clearing junk out of your house start affirming for what you wish to replace it. Start visualizing a higher energy coming into your life so that something new and more joyous flows towards you.

Never clear out as a passive act. This is what I want. Relationships prosper when there is a flow of open communication. Prosperity results when we balance the outflow with the inflow. Go with the flow and you will reach the source. Our life becomes abundant when we flow with the higher qualities of life. Your natural birthright is to flow with abundance for that is the divine wish for us all. Only one thing can stop you from receiving open-heart- ed generosity from Source — your consciousness. The flow of abun- dance is directed towards you but your thoughts, beliefs, memories and levels of deservingness create barriers to receiving it.

If you have a beautiful rose bush in your garden with a creeper suck- ing out its life force, it is not abundant. It may glow with glorious flow- ers for the moment but they will not be replaced unless you remove the creeper that is stopping the flow of vitality. A good gardener will remove the plant that is strangling the rose bush so that it can contin- ue to flower gloriously. It is up to you to remove the beliefs that stran- gle your abundance.

Love is about enjoying all your relationships. We block our due abun- dance of love when we close our hearts. The creeper of our beliefs and fears about rejection and hurt gets a stranglehold on our heart. It caus- es us to cling to relationships or to withdraw. We stop loving when our mind takes over and we see the imperfection of the other. Then we con- nect ego to ego. Your ego is the fear of your lower personality, and this forms boulders that block the flow of love.

Being in love is seeing the Divine in another and connecting soul to soul. This allows our passion to flow. A couple in love, a mother loving her new baby, colleagues sparking each other with ideas, friends immersed in the same interests, all glow with love. Everyone around them smiles for there is no more magnetic energy than being in love. Love flows from the heart of God to all of us, so open your heart for an abundance of love. Success is a state of mind, not a particular achievement.

When your all is focused on reaching a specific goal, there is a moment of elation at the moment of achievement. Then you have to set another one and strive again. So success is not about trying to push a river, which just leads to stress, frustration and lack of self worth. Abundant success is about flowing with life, taking advantage of the currents and enjoying your journey.

True success is a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. I remember visiting a friend who refused to allow anyone to look after her even though she was ill. When she recovered, her friends told her how frustrating they found this. She shared how much she had wanted to be nurtured and cared for but somehow could not bring herself to let it happen. Independence is a wonderful quality. However it is also appropriate to let people in to nurture us. It is part of the give and take of flowing. The more we allow ourselves to receive, the better we feel inside. Then, feeling full and content within, we are genuinely able to nurture others.

When there is a natural in- and out-flow of caring and nurturing in our lives, we feel balanced and abundant in love. As above so below. Wise Earthly parents will give you what you want when they think you are ready for it. No wise parent gives a beautiful and delicate china doll to a toddler because the child is quite likely to smash it or pull out its hair. This will not be malicious but simply because the child is not mature enough to care for such a gift.

However much you clamor for the abundance you seek, the Universe will not bring it to you until you prove that you are ready to accept it. If you want more friendships in your life, be friendly to others. Pull out the boulders of suspicion, boredom or hurt that have blocked your flow of friendliness. If you want more happiness in your life, remember that the thoughts, beliefs or memories that make you feel sad are past.

They have no reality at this moment. Practice smiling. If you want more caring and nurturing in your life, remove the bar- riers that stop you from receiving it. When you are open to receiving, people around you will automatically nurture you. Material things flow to you when you have abundance conscious- ness. Abundance is your birthright. Open up to receive it. A young man I know named John, managed to string out a relationship with his girlfriend for a long, painful time by giving her mixed mes- sages.

He would go see her saying he just wanted to be friends and then would stay the night. It certainly was not clear to Anita. She absolutely adored him and was ready to read that he loved her into everything he did or said. It took over a year for her to realize that he did not want a commit- ted relationship with her.

She suffered a year of anxiety in a pull-push, on-off situation, which really knocked her confidence. And then she still had to go through the grief of the separation. During that time her psychic energy was tied up in worry, false expectations and anger. His energy was tied up in anxiety and guilt. Lack of clarity ties up psychic energy and keeps you in confusion. Clarity frees you to move forward and opens new doors. Paul had lived with Jeanne for years. At first they had been very close but for the past two years he had felt quite alienated from her.

He was seeing someone else with whom he was very much in love. Jeanne suspected this and raged at him constantly. Yet, ah! Heaven and Hell, the Supposed Abodes of the Departed. Spiritualism the Religion of Joy Confucius says : "How vast is the power of spirit! An ocean of invisible intelligences surrounds us every- where. If you look for them you cannot see them. If you listen you cannot hear them. Identified with the substance of all things, they cannot be separated from it.

They are everywhere, above us, on our right, and on our left. Their coming cannot be calculated. How important we do not neglect them. No question appeals more strongly to human con- sciousness than that which has been asked since love first felt the chilling shadow of the grave: "If a man die shall he live again? This negation, with the logic of science as at present un- derstood, leads to Atheism. This has been foreseen by theologians who have sought to arrest its progress, but the shafts they have aimed at scepticism have re- bounded against themselves.

The responsibility rests on every new truth to vin- dicate itself by positive evidence, and show the errors of the beliefs it supplants. Cicero gave more atten- tion to the arguments brought against him than to those he presented in favor, and it is essential to show the old false before establishing the new. In no department of research does the investigator meet with greater difficulties than in that of psychic manifestations.

The field is almost unknown, with scarcely a trail to guide the explorer ; and the essen- tial conditions on "which success depends cannot be predicated with certainty. It has been approached by two classes, actuated by opposite motives — one prejudiced against everything claiming spirituality, with the case prejudged, and arrogantly blind to the facts that appear ; the other too easily satisfied, with the partiality of credulity for the bizarre and incom- prehensible.

Then there is a middle class of students who discriminate, rejecting the false and accepting the true, and by so doing are distrusted by both ex- tremes; the first regarding them as untrustworthy; the latter as suspicious allies, liable to desert the cause at any moment. As Confucius taught, the truth re- sides in the "golden mean," calm judgment and im- partial reason having eliminated the conflicting sources of error. The insatiate demand for objective manifestations has had a disastrous influence.

Those who disclaimed Materialism as gross and unworthy, reduced Spiritualism itself to the crudest Materialism, and were satisfied with nothing short of weighing their so-called spirit friends on platform scales, and receiving yards of lace, which is of earthly looms, though believed to be from the deft fingers of spirits. Spirit phenomena must be essentially spiritual, and only slightly touch the physical horizon. It was a blunder, fraught with disaster to the Cause, when the purely spiritual phases were set aside for grosser forms of manifestation ; the end reached being invari- ably the same.

The sensitive, or medium, commenees with an hon- est purpose. The manifestations are slight, occur at irregular times, and when least called for. If con- tent to cultivate this sensitiveness, and receive what is given, all is well. It may grow more and more, and have seasons of wonderful activ- ity; but the possessor usually becomes a pub- lic vendor of his or her gift. The eager public call at certain hours, and pay a fixed price. Every in- ducement is made to increase the manifestations, and render them, more remarkable.

These cannot be pre- dicated, and the chances are always against their re- currence. The gift of sensitiveness does not answer the demand; but in another direction it becomes a pit into which its possessor falls. The intense desire of those awaiting response acts hypnotically on the me- dium. If he is sensitive to the thoughts of spirits, he is equally so to the thoughts and wishes of mortals.

Impelled by the latter influence and the selfish desire to win money, the manifestations are simulated, and this with more and more daring until at last the de- ception is too transparent to deceive the most credu- lous, and has wrought its own cure. Immortality and Science. The phenomena attending the death of man and of animals are apparently the same. The processes of decay destroy their bodies, resolving' them into identical elements.

Their voice is ' ' Dust to dust ; " a resurrection of new organic life out of the dead atoms. Man's physical body is composed of perishable compounds, and, of necessity, must perish. Dissolution is the ter- rible, but unavoidable, end of living beings. Com- posed as they are of elements antagonistic, gross, and conflicting, the result of their reaction, called life, cannot be preserved. A living being represents "a, balance of the forces of decay and renovation.

In the maturing organism, the latter predominate; in age, the former constantly increase in power until they gain the victory in death Such is the history of ail organic forms. Out of the imperfect material afford- ed by the physical world, immortal beings cannot be produced. Conditions of Immortality,— An immortal being presupposes the perfect harmony of its constituent elements c The forces of decay and renovation must not only balance, they must so remain forever. Impossible with Physical Elements,— But such con- ditions cannot obtain. Organic forms revolve in des- ignated orbits, fulfil appointed missions, and pass back to elementary atoms.

The grass and herbs of the fields; the trees of centuries' growth; the deer browsing the branches; the lion devouring the deer; all the multitudinous forms of animated nature, with man boasting of his superiority, grow old, and die. Identically do they all decay. Their dissolving ele- ments are absorbed by the earth, washed by the rains, wafted away by the winds.

All are resolved, and mingle. The farthest oasis in the desert is refreshed by the gifts brought by the winds and rain ; the palm is taller, the grass greener. Life rejoices in the har- vest of the old. So is it always ; life preys on death ; and in a perpetual cycle of change from death to life, the world is filled with beings, and a fleeting happi- ness secured to each. Does the Mind Perish? And God-like reason regarded as placing an impassable barrier between man and ani- mals — what is it but the comparison of perceptions?

What is mind, as a whole, but the result of chemical changes in the nerve centers as heat is in the grate, or electricity in the battery? Indefinable, inexpressible desires and longings seize him. He feels that he is akin to that which is supreme. He thinks blindly that this afflatus is the breath of Deity, and, shadowing his ideal, he personi- fies it as God, and endows it with infinite attributes. What is this shadow which man, the animal, worships as God?

9. Intents For Ascension

Is it not his own immortal being? As in a mirror he sees his own divine qualities reflected, and thus it is not true that men assimilate to their Gods ; rather their gods are personified representatives of themselves. He does not count the blades of grass on which he feeds, nor estimate their form or size. He appreciates them only as far as they appease his hunger. In man, size, form, num- ber are suggested, because he has the mathematical faculties. If he were mortal, it would be as impossi- ble for him to comprehend immortality as for the ox to understand mathematics.

Opposition of Science,— Material Science, as under- stood, is opposed to Spiritualism. Some of the lead- ing scientists, such as Hare, Wallace, Crookes, Var- ley, De Morgan, Barrett, and Lodge, have, after patient investigation, become advocates, but the fash- ion has been to ignore the phenomena, which are posi- tive and amenable to law, and made no supernatural claim for their cause.

Physical science is external, and prejudiced on the material side. Spiritualism supplies the deficiency by seeking the soul of things. Is It Legerdemain? It is impossible for a human be- ing- to move physical matter without contact, and the moving of ponderable substances without such con- tact settles the explanations by legerdemain, self-de- lusion, and collusion.

A rap, or the playing of a mu- sical instrument at a distance from the medium, is conclusive on this point. The movement of a table, while the hands of the circle rest on its surface, of itself is not satisfactory ; but it becomes so by the in- telligence of its answers. If it answers in such a man- ner as to identify the controlling force with the de- parted whom it purports to be, imparting facts un- known to the medium or circle, the cause, whatever it may be, is removed outside of the circle. The facts which prove that matter has been moved without contact, that musical instruments have been played, and intelligence manifested superior to that of the medium, are so common, that, for the present we take them for granted.

Volumes might readily be filled with them ; but scepticism, to be thoroughly convinced, must witness for itself, as belief cannot grow out of the statement of what others have seen. Are the Senses Reliable? No- where else are they so deceptive as in the border-land lying between the known physical realm and what has been called the supernatural. It has become fashion- able to ridicule everything of a spiritual character as miraculous, and hence unworthy of credence. Be- cause the senses are sometimes deceived, their evidence is entirely discarded unless susceptible of proof. This is by no means justifiable.

All knowledge is referable to them; and we, in the end, are compelled to accept their testimony. The senses often become deranged. The ear hears, the eye sees, when there is nothing external to pro- duce sight or sound, the cause residing in organic changes in the nerves or brain. The deaf hear roar- ing or whistling sounds, as of the wind, or falling water, or rush of steam ; the abnormal action of the auditory nerves simulating the effects of sounds nat- urally produced.

This does not prove that there is no reliability in hearing. Hissing to one would be roaring to the other, proving that neither heard an external sound. The normal ear would hear no sound, and its evidence would be receivable. The records of insanity furnish innumerable instances of the deception of the senses, which have been employed to account for spiritual phenomena. If the senses are not to be trusted, if the normal cannot be dis- tinguished from the abnormal, it should be known, and distrust awakened.

The savants, who annually publish ''expositions" of Spiritualism, talk as if the world was a world of hallucinations,— an unreliable, phantom existence. It is true all are liable to hallucinations; yet such liabil- ity does not necessarily indicate insanity. Disease often produces hallucinations ; as in delirium tremens, fevers, and fasting. Spiritual Phenomena, Hallucinations or Illusions? An illusion is the false perception of a real object. A proper un- derstanding of the series of facts co-ordinated into these two classes would show the puerility of refer- ring spiritual manifestations to either.

If a score of persons subject to illusions were in company, no two would be hallucinated alike. If one said the table moved, there would not be another to corroborate him. If two should claim to see the table move, it would be considered by expert physicians as a dem- onstration that they were not hallucinated, and saw with normal sight. At circles all the members see, feel, and hear alike. How, then, can it be called illusion or hallucination?

If it were even probable that the members of one or more circles were hallucinated, that thousands should be so is not only improbable but impossible. Learned men have unqualifiedly endorsed the phe- nomena called spiritual, and bravely announced their belief. It is not a single case of insanity, but of mill- ions, all infatuated alike, if they are infatuated ; and, as the quoted facts show, rarely, if ever, are two indi- viduals contemporaneously hallucinated alike, — the chances of their being so become infinitely improb- able.

A list of the names of those who have embraced Spiritualism would include the leading men of the nations— statesmen who wield the most power, scien- tists, and almost all the advanced and radical think- ers. If the senses are valueless in informing as to a table 's moving, how can they be trusted as to its not moving? If twenty persons think they see it move when it is stationary, who is to judge whether it be stationary or not? Then we float into a sea of un- reality, and science itself has no basis.

If the senses of sight, hearing, touch, are unreliable, presenting what is false, 7, en there is no certainty anywhere. This once favorite theory is now throAvn aside by more enlightened opponents, but is still urged by those who have not taken the trouble to acquaint themselves with the phenomena. Evil Spirits, or the Devil?

A careful reading will convince an unprejudiced mind that this conclusion is erroneous. God, through the Prophet Samuel, commanded Saul to smite the Amalekites and destroy all the people and their flocks and their kind Agag. Saul smote the people, but brought off the flocks and the king. Because of this disobedience, Samuel struck down Agag with a sword and in rage pronounced the doom of Saul. Twenty years after, when Saul was hedged around with ene- mies and the Lord would give him no response, he sought the ''woman of Endor," of the class he had remorselessly persecuted in disguise.

The woman, or Priestess, at once penetrated his disguise, and when he assured her and she became calm, the Spirit of Samuel came and repeated the fateful sentence he had pronounced a score of years before. Who more fitting for such a mission than the spirit of the great prophet? The narrative is in perfect accord with the teachings of the spiritual philosophy. There is not at present a court in the civilized world that would listen to a charge of witchcraft, for no in- telligent person believes that a witch ever existed.

Her impressibility, which at once pene- trated the disguise of Saul, her sympathy for him in his distress, extending to his followers and their beasts, show that she was superiorly endowed as a woman and a medium. Now that the once powerful Satan has passed with the darkness of ignorance into Limbo, it is a waste of time to answer this question. It is the old phrase re- peated with dreary iteration by biassed minds, and considered by the unthinking, ample reply to progres- sive propositions in the realm of thought.

When Luther lit the fires of the Reformation, and Catholicism saw the fierce flames rise high, and lap its most cherished institutions, the priests mounted the summits of their grim towers, and shrieked in wild refrain, "The Devil! When a concussion, manifesting intelligence, is heard, and a table is moved by invisible power ; when there are those who fall into an unconscious state, and have the realities of the future life revealed to them — the clergy from their pulpits shriek, "The Dev ii!

Satan, you are much abused. You have been the scape-goat for the folly and ignorance of the world. If evil spirits can communicate, why not the good i Ah! Can a benev- olent God let loose upon mankind an innumerable host of demons, and allow them to delude the children of men, and forbid the good and loving ones to hold communion? Dives was an evil spirit, but he could not return to earth, and hence, requested Lazarus to bear a message to his brethren.

The Bible thus proves that while the evil could not, the good could return and communicate. The good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, nor the -evil tree good fruit. It teaches a sublime code of morality. It inculcates virtue, goodness and purity. It holds forth the most exalted motives for right-doing. It destroys oppres- sion. It gives assurance of an after-life, and the pres- ence of loved ones gone before. Can such pure waters flow from a corrupt fountain? Can the bread of life be gathered from the poisonous upas? Carpenter more than twenty-five years ago. That distinguished physiologist explained the phenomena of Spiritualism, at least the part not refer- able to fraud, to "ideo-motor activity" and "uncon- scious cerebration.

It is supposed that there is underneath, and unrecognized by the senses, another self, which unconsciously stores up im- pressions, and on occasion manifests knowledge and attainments, of which the normal self is incapable. This in plain English means that the mind uncon- sciously thinks, acts, and wills, without recognizing its own activity. The "Subjective Mind" is another term for the same thing. Had the promulgators of this theory taken into con- sideration the physiological origin of "unconscious cerebration," and "sub-consciousness," they would have recognized its weakness,.

The sub- consciousness recognized by biologists, is quite distinct from that of this theory. Its origin is in the reflex nerve system. To make the matter plain, we will compare the nerve system of man with that of vertebrates lower in the scale of being. In the lowest the nervous sys- tem is only a simple line of nerve fiber, indicative of the spinal cord. There is no specialized brain.

In higher forms there are enlargements of this cord, each enlargement of ganglion being surrounded by a bony envelop, or vertebra, which, uniting with others, form the spinal column. Yet higher, several of these ganglia at one end coalesce and form a true brain. Man may be said to have two brains : The spinal, which consists of all ganglia outside the superior brain, and the superior brain, which is en- veloped in the skull. Organic activity and functions are all referable to the spinal brain. The heart, the stomach, the lungs, and all organs send nerve-fibres to special ganglia, and fibers return through which force, whatever it may be, is sent to maintain their activity.

In the main these movements are uncon- sciously performed, the superior brain not recogniz- ing them. In a few cases it has partial control, as in breathing. In the amphibia the spinal or ganglionic brain is of. In man there is extreme specialization of function. The conscious brain by its intense ac- tivity, conceals, obscures other manifestations, yet the spinal brain is active, the store-house of heredity, and of instinct, and automatic action. It may be educated is it were, independent. This is illustrated by the musician whose hands, after long practice, move over the keys without thought.

Walking may or may not be under mental control. Over a rough road where every step has to be thought of, walking is wearisome, but when a level spot is reached, the conscious brain ceases to act, and the movement is made by force sent from a spinal nerve center, and the mental effort rests. The superior brain is formed by the coalescence of several ganglia.

One forms the cerebrum whose espe- cial function is thought. Beneath is the cerebellum which is a sort of relay battery and co-ordinator, and consolidated into these beneath are the sensatory ganglia. I am especially desirous to make clear and thoroughly comprehended, this double nerve-system, because it not only shows what may be expected from the lower, but its limitations as well. When it is ap- parent that this limitation fails far short of the phe- nomena which have been referred to it, further con- tention is unnecessary.

By so doing it rises entirely above the obr jective causes with which it began. Sub-conscious- ness never arises above impressions, nor manifests in- telligence not first impressed upon it. Like a machine it moves with marvellous precision along certain courses, but on no other.

The application of the theory of the sub-conscious self to the explanation of Spiritual phenomena, is met by the potent objection that it makes the sub-conscious self, which resides in the spinal brain, superior and endowed with almost miraculous power, over the conscious self, which re- sides in a wonderfully specialized and developed organ. It makes the lower immeasurably superior to the higher. When the sensitive or medium gives names, dates, describes persons or events unknown to him, the theory breaks down in its explanation.

There are manifestations which have passed for spiritual, which really are of this unconscious, automatic or- igin, and these the theory beautifully explains, but this scarcely breaks the ranks of solid facts which resist its solution and can only be unitized and understood by reference to spiritual causes. The mediumistic state is almost identical with "sub-consciousness," as denned by the theory, but is distinct from the real sub-consciousness of the physi- ologist. The real has limitations which fall far short of embracing the phenomena attending mediumship.

Illustrations to an unlimited extent might be drawn from the line of authors, artists, inventors, statesmen and warriors. In fact, scarcely a single one of all the brilliant names which lead on the scroll of fame but might be taken as an example of sensitiveness to the control of superior intelligences, which this theory would refer to the "sub-conscious self. He says : "I have never had any revelation through anaesthetics, but a kind of waking trance this for want of a better term I have frequently had, quite up from boyhood, when I have been alone.

I am ashamed of my description. Have I not said the state was utterly beyond words? In the poet is the ripe scholarship and assiduous train- ing the resultant of highest culture ; in the latter, an uncouth, ignorant, idiotic negro. Yet "his subjective self" is not idiotic. It is supposed to perform musical feats, which the trained musician would not attempt. Now we have a choice of two theories ; to suppose his subjective mind is superior to the objective mind of the majority of musicians or that in this semi-uncon- scious or trance state he is capable of being used as an instrument by spiritual intelligences for the pro- duction of music.

Ole Bull, to the physical conditions of impressibil- ity, added culture. Hence he was able to recognize his spiritual visitors. On one occasion, the voice of Handel murmured in his ear — after a rendition of that composer's "Hallelujah Chorus"— "Only Shadow Music Sung by Shadows. Those who understand the laws of these forces well know that tables of wood cannot be charged with electricity or become magnetic. The table, when moving, will not attract the smallest iron tiling, any more than it will, electrically, attract a pith ball.

It sounds exceedingly wise to refer a fact to electricity or magnetism, and has been quite the fashion. It never exhibits the latter force. Both these hypotheses are untenable. The odic force is equally so. In none of Reichenbach's experiments did he find odic force capable of moving a particle of matter. Acting on the nervous system, it attracted or repelled persons susceptible to its influ- ence. It acts entirely and exclusively on living be- ings, and has not the least effect on inorganic bodies. This theory nourished for a time, made popular by its sounding name, and the ignorance of those who re- ceived, as well as of those whose taught it.

Od force has no more intelligence than iron, or lime, or heat. Plow, then, account for intelligent communications? Does it absorb them from the minds of the circle? How account for its intelligence transcending the knowledge of the circle? Mental Phenomena. Here, there is a show of argument, for the impressibility that allows a spirit freed from the physical body to communicate enables a mesmeriser to impress his thoughts on his subject.

The spiritual and mesmeric influence are mixed, be- cause they depend on the same laws and conditions. It is probable that much that is received as spiritual might be readily traced to mesmeric causes. But mes- meric impressions do not go outside of the person or objects en rapport with the subject. They never re- veal what is unknown to those in connection. Spirit- ual impressibility reaches outside of surroundings, and reveals the thoughts of the spirit en rapport. No one pretends that hypnotism moves articles of furniture without physical contact.

It can be employed only in the domain of mind, and fails even then in giving an explanation. How can the following fact be explained by any of the old theories of psychology? I state it because of the authority, not because it is unique. It is related by Dr. Hare "Spiritualism Scientifically Demon- strated," p.

The name was forthwith given, by pointing out on my desk the letters requisite to spell it. Now, as the spirit of General Cadwallader, during more than fifteen months that other friends had sought to com- municate with me ; had never made me a visit, why should his name have been spelled out when I had not the remotest idea of his coming, and was expecting another spirit,— the only one who had been with me at the Cape? Further, the breakfast bell being rung, I said, ' Will you come again after breakfast?

Accord- ingly, when afterwards I reseated myself I looked for him; but lo! When Sir David Brewster, in a seance, saw a table rise from the carpet, he cautiously said, "It seems to rise. When Faraday was told that his table-turning theory had failed, that tables were actually suspended in the air without visible support, he refused to go and see for himself, and declared he was "heartily tired of the whole mat- ter. Those who oppose are, without ex- ception, those who know least about the subject. It is the misfortune of theorizers that there are two classes of phenomena to account for, — the physical and the mental ; and a theory, however nicely ad- justed to one, is sure to be overthrown by the other.

It has been a favorite hobby with many to say, with a wise accent, "It results from some unknown law of mind. Volumes of facts might be introduced in evidence that it is not derived from the medium or circle. Christ becomes a deluded hypnotic subject, and the miracles hallucinations! There is no alternative, and material science is fast driving Chris- tianity to the wall. It has captured most of the think- ers of the world.

Spiritualism is the last stronghold against the tide of Materialism, and if it fails to estab- lish its claims the latter will be supremely triumphant.

Editorial Reviews

Only One Recourse, the acceptance of the spiritual origin of the phenomena, and then Christianity be- comes Spiritualized, and the so-called supernatural in Hindostan, China, Persia, Europe, and America at once becomes amenable to law, and order is discerni- ble amid even the confusion of dogmatic beliefs. Materialism v. Materialism vs. Even the churches have become sceptical ; and their great lead- ers scoff at the spiritual. What Hume wrote in the last century, which made his name synonymous with infidelity, has now become, in reality, a part of their belief.

This sceptical materialism is a natural reaction against the superstitions of the dark ages, as Spirit- ualism is a counteraction against its darkness. The antagonism of the church, more than from any other cause, comes from the unbelief in anything spiritual, the rank materialism of the laity and ministers. There has been a constant attempt to unite Spirit- ualism with Materialism, or in milder phrase, free thought and liberalism. It has been the custom for the managers of spiritual meetings in America to ad- vertise that "the Spiritualists and Liberalists" would meet in such a hall or grove.

Liberalism and free thought are high-sounding but vague terms, which ad- mit of a great diversity of meanings, and when thus attached to Spiritualism they have been prolific causes of bringing in issues remote from those desired by Spiritualists. They are in many instances violently opposed to Spiritualism as a superstition.

In essential aims and purposes Spiritualism is much nearer related to Chris- tianity than to Materialism. There are many things held in common with the first; none whatever with the last, except the assertion of freedom of thought and destruction of superstititon ; hence a handbill announcing that "the Spiritualists and Materialists will hold a meeting," etc. The result fully justifies this statement, for wher- ever and whenever tried, the attempt has been an utter failure. No persuasion can make water and oil unite, without blending both into something far re- mote and distinct.

The platform, where Materialism and Spiritualism have equal rights, has been an arena where one destroyed what the other built. There are only two methods possible by which the origin and evolution of the universe can be explained : — the material and spiritual. The first sees in matter all potentialities, all possibilities, and claims that of and by itself it passes through the changes called crea- tion.

There is no need of external intelligence or God. There is no spirit existence. Love, justice, truth, and right grow out of selfishness ; are a part of it, and go out with the expiring taper called life. This is the philosophy of muck ; the science of dirt. Spiritualism sets out with the claim, that beneath the fleeting phantasmagoria called creation, is a realm of force and energy, of which we only know by the effects we observe. Justice, right, truth and love, are — not because in the "struggle for existence" man found such most expedient as rules of conduct, but because they are inwrought into the foundation of things.

The human being is not a wave thrown up from the seething sea of life, to fall back again in foam, but the heir of an infinite existence. How can two systems, so radically distinct and an- tagonistic, unite? Spiritualists seek to become free from superstition, and liberal in the broadest sense. The first taught that future existence was foreign to this life, and was bestowed because of acceptance of certain beliefs, or for the purpose of fearful punishment.

The latter would have us be- lieve that there is no future life, and that our hopes and aspirations are cruel mockeries. Neither satis- fied, and we came to this mountain summit, whence we can gaze into the dim vistas of two eternities, the past and the future. In the past we see the infinite toil and suffering, by which nature has pursued her underrating aim, until the perfect fruitage of the Tree of Life, appears as man with his moral and in- tellectual consciousness.

Beyond, into the future, we see the escaping spirit carrying forward into an- other state of existence in unbroken continuity the in- dividuality which has been the object of creation's infinite travail. The muck philosophers may talk of the morality of chemical changes, the religion of the foot-rule and pint- cup, by which they essay to fathom the depths of the universe, and measure the aspirations of the soul ; the Agnostic may bow to his crucible of dirt, from which the dictations of science are to be received as finali- ties ; the Spiritualist has a science and philosophy be- yond them all.

We do not, with egotistical presumption, after elim- inating God, bow in servile homage to the "Unknow- able;" for, to pronounce on what can and what can- not be known, we must be all-knowing. Yet the wisest philosopher or scientist cannot explain beyond Ihe immediate cause of a single effect.

With true un- derstanding of the Baconian method, the Spiritualist sets no such boundary to his investigation. He creates no "Great Mogul" of the "Unknowable" to bar his progress. On the contrary he affirms that to know is the birthright of the spirit, and its possibilities in this direction have no limitation. How vain, then, to attempt to marshal the forces of the two. The Spiritualist has not time to waste in discussing issues dead in the times of Hume and Vol- taire.

He has not time to listen to tirades against Christianity and the churches, the defamation of gos- pel ministers, or the coarse, cheap ridicule which passes for criticism of the Bible. A vast constructive work is before him, and he is assured that when his temple is completed, with its deep foundations, rest- ing on the material world, and its dome alight with spiritual knowledge, none will go astray from its gateway.

The Impossible. Columbus, Galileo, Harvey, Kepler, Darwin; every one who who has given expression to a new thought has been met by the verdict, "Impossible. The Positive. Mathematics is the only science which may be regarded as fixed. Outside of mathematics the positive field is very narrow, though daily enlarging with the acquisition of knowledge.

Tf an object moves under conditions never observed before, as a table by invisible power, the evidence of one witness might be impeached, but the testimony of a host of witnesses would be de- cisive. If several persons of known veracity agree in their statements, it is morally certain that they speak the truth.

Thus, if a witness is of sufficient veracity and clearness of sight to speak the truth ten times out of eleven, then there are ten chances to one that any statement he may make is correct. If a third testify to the same, the probabilities are ten times one hundred, or one thousand. The Testimony of the Senses is received in law as prima-facie evidence. No judge would suppose that he was imposed upon, and no counsel argue that wit- nesses should be set aside, because no faith can be placed in the eyes or ears.

Life and death are made dependent on the senses; otherwise all received rules of evidence must be set aside, and we live in a dream world, and so hallucinated are we that there are none to tell us of our hallucination. Shall we receive Berkeley's idea, that the external world is only a fancy of the mind without any real existence?

When thousands of reliable witnesses testify that they have seen objects moved without contact, the probabilities are infinite that they have done so. No amount of negative testimony is of any avail. That a thousand individuals have not seen a table move does not invalidate the testimony of one who has. Belief Educational. Our egotism makes us consider ourselves the best judges in the world. Belief is a matter of education ; and we have little hope that all the argu- ment possible to produce will be of any avail.

Hence We rely on facts. The advent of Spiritualism is through facts, and not beliefs. Its purpose is to place positive knowledge in their stead. Not New. History records it; the poets have sung of it in all ages. It forms a part of the sacred and common literature of all races. The Old and New Testaments are in- wrought with allusions to its beauty. In the year of our era, in the reign of the Ro- man Emperor Valens, mediums conversed with de- parted spirits by means of rappings, and employed the alphabet.

The spirit pendulum, resembling some- what the dial in its method, was then in use. It con- sisted of a ring suspended by a thread over a basin of water, around the margin of which the alphabet was arranged. Numa Pom- pilius used it in this manner in augury. Such a pen- dulum has been used by modern mediums successfully. The practice passed into disrepute as a black art, and dealing with the Devil. Learned men scoff at the dial as a new trick. If it be one, it is fifteen cen- turies old. First Manifestations. He removed to it on the 11th of December, ; and, from the first, the manifestations began.

The children felt something heavy lie on their feet when in bed; and Kate felt, as it were, a cold hand passed over her face. Sometimes the bed-clothes were pulled off ; chairs and dining tables were moved from their places. Fox, night after night, lighted a candle, and explored the whole house in vain. Raps were made on the doors as they stood close to them ; but, on suddenly opening them, no-one was visible.

They Assume a New Character. The children's bed had been moved into the room of their parents; but scarcely had Mrs. Fox laid down when the noises be- came as violent as before. The children shouted, "Here they are again. She then snapped her fingers, and aske'd it to repeat, which was done. She then simply made mo- tions with her thumb and finger, and the rap followed. The invisible power, whatever it was, could see and hear. Fox's attention was arrested. She asked it to count ten, which it did. Then she suddenly thought. She had lost one child. She then asked if it was a man.

No answer. Redfield was called in, who only laughed at the idea of a ghost, but was soon made serious by its correcting her about the number of her children, insisting on one more than she counted. She too, had lost one , and, when she recollected this, she burst into tears. It is noteworthy that the advent of Spiritualism was foretold two years in advance by that re- markable seer, A.

He said, while in a trance, "It is a truth that spirits commune with one another while one is in the body and the other in the higher spheres — and this, too, while the person in the body is unconscious of the influx, and hence cannot be con- vinced of the fact ; and this truth will present itself ere long in the form of a living demonstration. Cahagnet, a working-man of France, had by means of clairvoyance solved the great problem of spiritual existence and the possi- bility of intercourse with spirits. When perusing his book, "The Celestial Telegraph, " everyone must be forcibly struck with his candour, his honesty of pur- pose, untiring zeal, and general accuracy.

We can only regret that, in his ardour, he admitted state- ments without sufficient circumspection, which weaken rather than strengthen his positions. His magnetized clairvoyants taught him almost all the great principles of existence, as believed by Spiritual- ists at present. The identification of spirits was well understood by him; and his best clairvoyant rarely failed to give accurate descriptions of spirits that she said were present. A few instances of this will illustrate the countless facts narrated by this author.

Renarcl, of whom I have already spoken,— a man to whom I am indebted for the little knowledge I possess in magnetism,— being called to Paris on business, begged me to send Adele to sleep, and give him a sitting similar to what he had read of in my journal. Scarcely was Adele asleep, when he called for a person named Desforges, an old friend of his, who had been dead fifteen years. Desforges appeared.

Renard had so accurate a description given him of his friend, that it left no doubt as to the reality of his apparition. A dispute took place be- tween him and Adele though he was not en rapport with her as to the dress of this person, — Adele main- taining that he appeared to her in a blouse slit in front; while M. Renard declared that he had never seen him in such an article of dress, and usually wore a jacket or round vest. After puzzling his brains for some time, M. Renard recollected, in fact, that, some time before he left his friend, people began to wear, in his part of the country, blouses of this kind and he wore such an one as Adele described.

It would be useless to mention the minute details, attitude, lan- guage, etc. I had a mind to try Madame Gouget. I asked for my mother by her Christian name, and also by her maiden name, and was very much surprised when Madame Gouget told me she saw a very old woman. After a minute de- scription, and particularly as to a mark that she told me she perceived on the left cheek of this woman, I recognized in her my grandmother, who was precisely as Madame Gouget described her to me. This appari- tion, uncalled for, and which I was far from expect- ing, was owing to the resemblance of the names of my mother and grandmother.

I ought to have asked for my mother by her maiden name. I had already fallen into like error with Adele, when several mem- bers of the same family presented themselves on ac- count of the resemblance in the names. To make sure whether Madame Gouget really beheld my grand- mother, I put to her questions, the answers to which removed all my doubts in this respect. My mother appeared at the same time ; and the portrait she painted of her was quite true.

It is my brother Alphonse, who died in Africa. Her fine black hair falls in ringlets on her shoulders, as on the day of her first communion. His forehead, which was, however, very dark, appears to me as white as snow.

He tells me that it will not be long before I see my mother, father, and brother-in-law. I have no wish, however, to see the last-named one; he was too wicked on earth. It is surprising to see the mimicry, the apparent mutual understanding, the contrariety. One cannot doubt the reality of the scenes in which the imagination, as we may believe, is not always strongest; for nothing appears to respond to the caprices of the clairvoyant.

Unexpected Report. Hare records some interest- ing facts bearing on this subject. When I was expecting my sister in Boston, my brother reported himself. As this spirit had never visited my desk before, T had not the smallest expectation of his com- ing. On the 3d instant, at one o'clock a. Gourlay, in Philadelphia, and request her to induce Dr.

Gourlay to go to the bank to ascertain at what time a note would be due, and that I could be at the instrument his dial at half-past three o'clock to receive the answer. Accord- ingly, at that time, my spirit-friend manifested her- self, and gave me the result of the inquiry.

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On my return to the city, I learned from Mrs. Gourlay that my angelic messenger had interrupted a communica- tion which was taking place through the spiritscope, in order to communicate my message; and, in conse- quence, her husband and brother went to the bank and made the inquiry, by which the result was that communication to me at half -past three o'clock by my spirit-friend. Gourlay, a medium relied on by Prof. Hare, many interesting facts are stated. Among others, the following: "While spending the evening of Jan.

We had not been long seated at the table when three ladies, two of whom I had never seen, favored us with their com- pany, and took their seats at some distance from the circle. They had been seated in the room but two or three minutes when the following was given through the table : " 'My Dear Mother :— In love I meet you this even- ing.

O mother! I have just begun to live. Grieve not for me. I wish my hus- band to investigate Spiritualism. I will communicate to him. Why should you erect a monumental slab to mv memory? Let me live in the hearts of my friends! She said, 'That is from my daughter Sarah. I have been engaged to-day in the solemn duty of erecting a tombstone to her memory. Professor Hare, in his careful and extended experiments, recognized the value of such manifestations, and invented an ap- paratus which rendered deception impossible.

His experiments were instituted with great care and scientific accuracy. Of the several contrivances em- ployed only two need be mentioned here. The first isolated the medium by mounting a small board on balls, resting on the top of the table. The medium's hand resting on the top of the board, of course at the slightest movement the balls would roll. Valuable communications were received by the movements of tables thus situated. The second apparatus was more ingeniously contrived. This end is supported by a spring balance, which indicates pounds and ounces by a rotary index. Upon this board, at about six inches from the fulcrum, is placed an inverted glass vase nine inches in diam- eter.

The vase is filled with water. Now it is apparent that any pressure on the board will be indicated by the balance ; but the medium's hands placed in the water cannot give that pressure, as the cage effectually cuts them off from contact with the vase. If manifesta- tions are obtained in this manner, they cannot be re- ferred to human agency.

Yet Professor Hare ob- tained not only movements of the balance, but com- munications, in presence of his scientific friends. Professor Crookes reviewed the grounds traversed by Professor Hare, and greatly extended the field and strengthened the results. He began a sceptic, or, rather, held his opinions in abeyance until certain evidence was produced, a position everyone should maintain.

His thorough training in experimental electricity, light, and chemistry, enabled him to make his tests delicate and crucial. Plis earlyframed hypoth- esis of "psychic force," gave way, as he proceeded,, to that of independent and superior intelligence. His "Researches" form one of the most perfect demon- strations in the literature of Spiritualism. Wallace, who shares with Darwin the honors of first presenting the doctrine of Evolution, has given time and thought to this subject, and his "Defence" re- minds one of the works of the early fathers in support of the Christian faith against the Pagan world.

It is the bold utterance of assured knowledge. The re- searches of the committee of the Dialectical Society form a mass of evidence found in no other volume, and almost cover the entire field of Spiritualism. The Evidence of Psychometry. It is an allowable inference that if the character of the writer can be thus read, if the writing of a spirit through a medium be genuine, the sensitive ought to be able to gain from it the charac- ter of the spirit instead of the medium.

Buchanan first suggested this test, and proved that spirit writing gave such results, thus demonstrating the spirit origin. It also furnishes a test for the truth- fulness of the medium ; for if the writing is the me- dium 's unassisted effort, it would psychometrically give his character; while if the spirit writes it would give the character of the spirit-author.

This is an ever applicable test of spirit identity. Even messages received by impression may be used. Their influence is more mixed, partaking of the character of the me- dium in some measure, yet always revealing their spirit origin. What Good? What is the use of existence I ' ' We accept life as a fact, nor can we answer wherefore. The world exists, and man exists ; but why or wherefore? Whether Spiritualism is moral or immoral in its tendencies; whether we understand its uses or not, are not the issues.

Is it not good for us to know that our loved ones exist on the other side of the grave ; to have all doubts and mis- givings swept away by their sweet voices speaking to us of the infinite future? Prostrated though we are at the side of the remorseless grave, through our blinding tears and the night of our sorrow, we see the loved formed of our departed angels ; and their words of cheer sound sweetly over the black waves of our grief. Cui bono? The value of all we possess, though it were the oceaned world, would be freely given for a single word from the angel-side.

Personal Experience. We answered the telegram that said she could not live, too late. Even the poor consolation of a parting word was denied us. Her beautiful features still showed marks of terrible pain, — that was all. She was frozen to marble. I had thought that the spiritual philosophy would sustain one in this trial ; that, knowing the spirit ex- isted, the keen edge of our grief would be taken off. For this time, this was not so. We are accustomed to form our judgments by the senses. As we stand before the corpse of our departed, our grief overwhelms our intuitions, and darkens our spiritual perceptions.

When we cry in our agony, the waves of feeling deafen our ears to the sound of spirit- voices. Our eyes meet the wreck of the beautiful inanimate, still, cold dead, and, with the heartlessness of our materiality, tell us there is nothing beyond. Soon will the elements claim their own; and a few years shall dissolve the being which for a time cheered us by her winning ways, and scatter her ashes to the winds.

The days came and went, slowly our minds assumed their normal state, and the desire to communicate with the departed remained unanswered. Then began the most satisfying series of communi- cations. There could be no collusion, for Mrs. Tuttle and I sat alone at a small table. We had a spirit in the shadows, in unison with ourselves, and the gate- way of communication was opened wide.

I had seen her the day before her funeral, clairvoy- antly, dimly, and she was sad and unable to speak. Her mother was with her,, and to my thought question the latter had answered : ' ' I would not have my child see it ; we go away, not to return until ali is over. Sometimes she failed to answer correctly, the table being uncontrollable. At other times all her answers were perfectly correct for an hour's ques- tioning.

Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording
Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording
Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording
Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording
Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording Calls to God : A Spiritual Manual for Detaching Evolved Energetic Cording

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