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The problem: that will mean becoming embroiled in a nefarious plot, not to mention a superpowered world Eddie didn't even know existed a week ago. The 'bad guys' will try to trick and use him, and in the meantime he has to convince Cal to trust him enough to be the white knight for once--and for real--instead of the perpetual damsel in distress. Malory Claremont was born and raised to be the villain in someone else's story, complete with fire-based superpowers.

But then his cousin and former partner-in-crime, Brady, led him into a trap, and he's been in superpowered lockdown ever since. When he gets out on parole, he meets Theo McCracken, a cold-superpowered ex-offender. Theo has a modern Hamlet-style past, dangerously pretty eyes, and a hunger for affection that even Mal's best defensive efforts can't deny for long.

They've paid their debts to society, but society doesn't care--from blackmailing coworkers to suspicion from the neighbors, it's hard to catch a fair chance. Pile that on top of their dark family pasts haunting their every step, plus all the leftover abandonment issues and paranoia, and it feels like just a matter of time before they'll be shoved right back into prison. After all the people he's hurt, Mal isn't sure he deserves a chance to live his own life, to choose his own labels, to be his own man.

But maybe having someone like Theo, someone who can love him and be loved, scars and all, could make the whole endless struggle worthwhile. Ten years ago, Gabriel spent a summer alternately torturing and hooking up with Andrew as they tried to ignore their parents' embarrassing affair. Of course Andrew, the big puppy dog, will be happy to see his old friend and never suspect a thing. A covert game of betrayals ensues. Things start out complicated, with Gabriel using Andrew's open arms and attraction to him for all it's worth.

Gabriel tells himself he doesn't reciprocate, and then that he can control it, but it's too violent for either of them to deny.

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As he gets closer to the evidence he needs, a heady combination of nostalgia, genuine affection, and even understanding brings Andrew closer to him. Dangerously close, in every sense. The stakes are much higher than just their livelihoods. Gabriel begins to fear it'll come down to a choice between everything he's ever believed in, wanted, and stood for--and the only love he's ever known. After a bad breakup, Adam Kavanaugh returns to his sleepy old river town to find himself. His family hasn't changed, but he has some work to do readjusting to small-town life, so much that he wonders if he's made a mistake by coming home.

But from the moment Leith Marshall pops out of the Ohio River and smiles at him, there's no turning back. Between Leith's swimmer body, sweet laugh, and gentle soul, Adam is head over heels. Leith lets Adam into his little world bit by bit, from his mother's abandoned aquarium shop to his elderly father's fairy tale delusions. Which might not be so delusional after all. Leith does have a certain affinity for water. It seems almost to listen to him. The current never pulls him downriver, the tub doesn't splash, and the pool hardly moves around him even at an all out sprint. He can't spend a night away from his river, and then there's the way he sings.

Adam has to admit, he'd steer his ship straight into the rocks for that. So maybe Leith inherited a few things from his mysterious mother. It doesn't mean he'll disappear like she did. That's absurd. Short Novel - 30, - 44, A free Superpowered Love short. He's also been writing songs for his band, Willoughby Spit--and people are starting to sit up and take notice.

A golden tour opportunity could be right around the corner Rather, if Etienne can convince him to stop panicking. Some spoilers for Riot Boy, though it's entirely possible to read this short first, if you don't mind that. Hints for Re-entry Burn, but no spoilers there.

Therefore, not suitable for those under Also contains a bratty temper tantrum or two. And Primanti sandwiches. Jamie Monday lives in two different worlds. With his family, he's the golden child of awakened superpowered society. He's meant to do Great Things and pass on his powers -- with the appropriate girl, hand-picked by his mother.

He's already failed at the former, so he can't bring himself to tell her that the latter isn't happening, either. And as they combat addiction, thugs, guns, and their own inner demons, Nathan and Fury can only hope that their battle to be together will be worth the bitter fight. He had on jeans, a checkered shirt, and a long coat that was stretched taut across his shoulders.

Fury swiveled his head and glowered. Duke backed up, smart enough to read a cold trail. We all cool, here.

You know where to find me if you need me, right? Nathan would have sighed in relief and slumped against the wall, but Fury returned his focus to Nathan, who suddenly had sympathy for those insects pinned to boards for display.

Guestpost incl Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Katey Hawthorne – Superpowered Love Series

He wiped his palms on his jeans and tried to think straight. Earlier, I mean. Inside…in the…not out… Right. Fury blinked. His eyelashes were so dark and thick, it looked like the guy wore mascara. Too much forehead, eyes too close together, big, crooked nose…. Just fucked up tonight. Or maybe he was defending himself. Trying to be smooth after a tweaked-out piece of shit cornered him in a parking lot, and Nathan had to tamp down the urge to kill Duke with his bare hands? Christ, what was wrong with him? Nathan took anger out on himself, not others. Fury only had three inches of height on Nathan, but Fury might as well be the size of skyscrapers.

Of course, he would try to push weed on a teetotaler.

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Not with what you do for a living, right? Nathan shut his mouth with an audible clack of teeth. Fury still studied Nathan, hands loose at his sides, shoulders at ease, expression neutral. If the fighting thing ever failed, Fury had a bright future in poker. Fury nodded, and again, it was slow. Must be trying to place him. No way was it anything else. Stupid, untimely, insipid, teenager-with-a-crush hope. I think. Fury finally quit inspecting Nathan and glanced around the parking lot.

The symptoms of the panic returned, but they hurt a little less. Fury shoved his hands into his pockets. Title : Cold War. Blurb : After an explosive locker room confrontation with his Russian rival ends in the most surprising and intense sex of his life, American pairs skater Dev Avira needs to refocus. Distraction in the form of steely and smoldering Mikhail Reznikov is the last thing he needs as he prepares for the biggest competition of his life.

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The pretty men in particular. Maxim Trankov — Russia, pairs While Maxim has an unfortunate propensity for bad hair of late, his hotness cannot be denied. Especially in tight leather pants! He and partner Tatiana Volosozhar are strongly rumoured to be a pair off the ice as well. That is one hot couple! Andrew Poje — Canada, ice dance Andrew and his partner Kaitlyn Weaver are definitely a couple off the ice as well. And a very attractive couple they are! He and partner Aliona Savchenko have always been quirky — and undeniably sexy.

But after he lets his frustration with another second place finish get the better of him, hate explodes into passion. After an explosive locker room confrontation with his Russian rival ends in the most surprising and intense sex of his life, American pairs skater Dev Avira needs to refocus.

Can Dev put his deepening feelings on ice as he goes for gold? He returned to the apartment block, and as he walked into the lobby, his heart skipped a beat. Looking long and lean and utterly fuckable in jeans and a Henley, Misha leaned against the wall near a seating area, tapping at his phone.

He glanced up as the door closed behind Dev with a soft thud. He stopped in his tracks. Should he go over? Should he run to the elevators? Without a word, Misha turned and headed for the two elevators on the far side of the lobby. He pressed the button. There was a foot between them, but Dev could feel an electric heat skittering over his skin. A few other people fell in behind them as they boarded the elevator.

When Dev moved to press the button for his floor, Misha caught his wrist before Dev could raise it. His touch burned, and Dev glanced at him, but his face was impassive. Keeping his gaze forward, Misha raised his other hand and slowly, with purpose, pressed the button for his floor. Get off on my floor. Press it. Press it! Dev watched his floor go by without any regret. Anticipation roared through his body and his heart pounded as he followed Misha off the elevator and down the hall.

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Dev leaned back against the door. It was dark in the room, but the blind was up, and moonlight cast them in a silvery glow. Misha stood by the far bed near the window, watching Dev silently. There was nothing left to say. Both moaning, they stripped off the rest of their clothes in a fevered rush, kissing and touching and grinding against each other like dogs in heat.

Dev was going to get off soon just like that, standing there by the bed, but then Misha broke free and snatched a small bottle of lube off the bedside table. A box of condoms sat there as well, and Dev realized Misha had prepared for this—had waited in the lobby and enticed Dev back to his room. Was this all a game? Was he being played? As Misha moved onto his hands and knees, Dev stared, mesmerized.

His hole exposed, he started fucking himself, a breathy moan escaping his lips. He looked over his shoulder to where Dev stood, frozen.

Re-Entry Burn by Katey Hawthorne – MM Good Book Reviews

Can Dev and Misha put their searing attraction on ice as they go for gold? After writing for years yet never really finding the right inspiration, Keira discovered her voice in gay romance, which has become a passion. She writes contemporary, historical, fantasy and paranormal fiction, and—although she loves delicious angst along the way—Keira firmly believes in happy endings.

That is what Fiction means. HI ALL! That is what made him sexy to me. And the answer was always yes, yes he can. The things that came out of his mouth made me laugh and hopefully they will do the same for the readers. That was my goal with this story — to make readers laugh out loud. Troy was a little more difficult. It took all of the natural sexiness he had and magnified it by a million… guess you have to read it to find out why.

In our family, one of the traditional activities is getting the Christmas tree and then making fun of it. Superpowered Love 2 by Katey Hawthorne Log in to add books to your lists. This book is on: 1 To Be Read list 1 Read list.

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If you like Riot Boy, you might be interested in:. First Impressions. The Omega's Triumph.

Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5) Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5)
Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5) Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5)
Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5) Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5)
Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5) Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5)
Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5) Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5)
Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5) Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5)
Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5) Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5)
Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5) Reentry Burn (Superpowered Love Book 5)

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