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Thus we get heads set on shoulders not belonging to them, costumes the elements of which are as disconnected as though they belonged to a dream, colours that seem to have been matched in the dark. The impression is that of a masked festival, where all are in disguises, and with heads too in character. There are several occasions, such as the varnishing day at the Paris Champs de Mars salon, or the opening of the Exhibition of the Royal Academy in London, where this impression is so weirdly intensified, that one seems to be moving amongst dummies patched together at haphazard, in a mythical mortuary, from fragments of bodies, heads, trunks, limbs, just as they came to hand, and which the designer, in heedless pell-mell, clothed at random in the garments of all epochs and countries.

Every single figure strives visibly by some singularity in outline, set, cut, or colour, to startle attention violently, and imperiously to detain it. Each one wishes to create a strong nervous excitement, no matter whether agreeably or disagreeably. The fixed idea is to produce an effect at any price. Let us follow these folk in masquerade and with heads in character to their dwellings. Here are at once stage properties and lumber-rooms, rag-shops and museums. The study of the master of the house is a Gothic hall of chivalry, with cuirasses, shields and crusading banners on the walls; or the shop of an Oriental bazaar with Kurd carpets, Bedouin chests, Circassian narghilehs and Indian lacquered caskets.

By the mirror on the mantelpiece are fierce or funny Japanese masks. Between the windows are staring trophies of swords, daggers, clubs and old wheel-trigger pistols. Daylight filters in through painted glass, where lean saints kneel in rapture. In the drawing-room the walls are either hung with worm-eaten Gobelin tapestry, discoloured by the sun of two centuries or it may be by a deftly mixed chemical bath , or covered with Morris draperies, on which strange birds flit amongst crazily ramping branches, and blowzy flowers coquet with vain butterflies.

Amongst armchairs and padded seats, such as the cockered bodies of our contemporaries know and expect, there are Renaissance stools, the heart or shell-shaped bottoms of which would attract none but the toughened hide of a rough hero of the jousting lists. Startling is the effect of a gilt-painted couch between buhl-work cabinets and a puckered Chinese table, next an inlaid writing-table of graceful rococo. Pictures stand on easels draped with velvet, the frames made conspicuous by some oddity, such as a spider in her web, a metal bunch of thistle-heads, and the like.

In a corner a sort of temple is erected to a squatting or a standing Buddha. The boudoir of the mistress of the house partakes of the nature of a chapel and of a harem. The toilet-table is designed and decorated like an altar, a prie-Dieu is a pledge for the piety of the inmate, and a broad divan, with an orgiastic abandon about the cushions, gives reassurance that things are not so bad.

In the dining-room the walls are hung with the whole stock-in-trade of a porcelain shop, costly silver is displayed in an old farmhouse dresser, and on the table bloom aristocratic orchids, and proud silver vessels shine between rustic stone-ware plates and ewers. In the evening, lamps of the stature of a man illumine these rooms with light both subdued and tinted by sprawling shades, red, yellow or green of hue, and even covered by black lace. Unreal, too, are the studied postures, by assuming which the inmates are enabled to reproduce on their faces the light effects of Rembrandt or Schalcken.

Everything in these houses aims at exciting the nerves and dazzling the senses. The disconnected and antithetical effects in all arrangements, the constant contradiction between form and purpose, the outlandishness of most objects, is intended to be bewildering. He who enters here must not doze, but be thrilled. All is discrepant, indiscriminate jumble. The unity of abiding by one definite historic style counts as old-fashioned, provincial, Philistine, and the time has not yet produced a style of its own. An approach is, perhaps, made to one in the furniture of Carabin, exhibited in the salon of the Champs de Mars.

But these balusters, down which naked furies and possessed creatures are rolling in mad riot, these bookcases, where base and pilaster consist of a pile of guillotined heads, and even this table, representing a gigantic open book borne by gnomes, make up a style that is feverish and infernal. We have seen how society dresses and where it dwells. We shall now observe how it enjoys itself, and where it seeks stimulation and distraction.

But not exclusively so. At opera and concert the rounded forms of ancient melody are coldly listened to. The translucent thematic treatment of classic masters, their conscientious observance of the laws of counterpoint, are reckoned flat and tedious. Music in order to please must either counterfeit religious devotion, or agitate the mind by its form.

The musical listener is accustomed involuntarily to develop a little in his mind every motive occurring in a piece. The mode in which the composer carries out his motif is bound, accordingly, to differ entirely from this anticipated development. It must not admit of being guessed. A dissonant interval must appear where a consonant interval was expected; if the hearer is hoping that a phrase in what is an obvious final cadence will be spun out to its natural end, it must be sharply interrupted in the middle of a bar.

Keys and pitch must change suddenly. In the orchestra a vigorous polyphony must summon the attention in several directions at once; particular instruments, or groups of instruments, must address the listener simultaneously without heeding each other, till he gets as nervously excited as the man who vainly endeavours to understand what is being said in the jangle of a dozen voices. The theme, even if in the first instance it has a distinct outline, must become ever more indefinite, ever more dissolving into a mist, in which the imagination can see any forms it likes, as in driving clouds of night.

The tide of sound must flow on without any perceptible limit or goal, surging up and down in endless chromatic passages of triplets. If now and then it delude the listener, borne along by it, and straining his eyes to see land with glimpses of a distant shore, this is soon discovered to be a fleeting mirage.

The music must continually promise, but never perform; must seem about to tell some great secret, and grow dumb or break away ere to throbbing hearts it tells the word they wait for. The audience go to their concert-room in quest of Tantalus moods, and leave it with all the nervous exhaustion of a young pair of lovers, who for hours at the nightly tryst have sought to exchange caresses through a closely-barred window.

The books in which the public here depicted finds its delight or edification diffuse a curious perfume yielding distinguishable odours of incense, eau de Lubin and refuse, one or the other preponderating alternately. Mere sewage exhalations are played out. The vanguard of civilization holds its nose at the pit of undiluted naturalism, and can only be brought to bend over it with sympathy and curiosity when, by cunning engineering, a drain from the boudoir and the sacristy has been turned into it.

Mere sensuality passes as commonplace, and only finds admission when disguised as something unnatural and degenerate. Books treating of the relations between the sexes, with no matter how little reserve, seem too dully moral. Elegant titillation only begins where normal sexual relations leave off. Priapus has become a symbol of virtue. The book that would be fashionable must, above all, be obscure. The intelligible is cheap goods for the million only. It must further discourse in a certain pulpit tone—mildly unctuous, not too insistent; and it must follow up risky scenes by tearful outpourings of love for the lowly and the suffering, or glowing transports of piety.

Ghost-stories are very popular, but they must come on in scientific disguise, as hypnotism, telepathy, somnambulism. So are esoteric novels, in which the author hints that he could say a deal about magic, kabbala, fakirism, astrology and other white and black arts if he only chose. Readers intoxicate themselves in the hazy word-sequences of symbolic poetry. Novel sensations alone can satisfy it. It demands more intense stimulus, and hopes for it in spectacles, where different arts strive in new combinations to affect all the senses at once.

Poets and artists strain every nerve incessantly to satisfy this craving. A painter, who for that matter is less occupied with new impressions than with old puffs, paints a picture indifferently well of the dying Mozart working at his Requiem , and exhibits it of an evening in a darkened room, while a dazzling ray of skilfully directed electric light falls on the painting, and an invisible orchestra softly plays the Requiem. A musician goes one step further. Developing to the utmost a Bayreuth usage, he arranges a concert in a totally darkened hall, and thus delights those of the audience who find opportunity, by happily chosen juxtapositions, to augment their musical sensations by hidden enjoyment of another sort.

Haraucourt, the poet, has his paraphrase of the Gospel, written in spirited verse, recited on the stage by Sarah Bernhardt, while, as in the old-fashioned melodrama, soft music in unending melody accompanies the actress.

Hyperion Records

A hose is set up in the theatre, by which the spectators are sprayed with perfumes. On the stage a poem in approximately dramatic form is recited. In every division, act, scene, or however the thing is called, a different vowel-sound is made to preponderate; during each the theatre is illuminated with a differently tinted light, the orchestra discourses music in a different key, and the jet gives out a different perfume. This idea of accompanying verses with odours was thrown out years ago, half in jest, by Ernest Eckstein.

Paris has carried it out in sacred earnest. The new school fetch the puppet theatre out of the nursery, and enact pieces for adults which, with artificial simplicity, pretend to hide or reveal a profound meaning, and with great talent and ingenuity execute a magic-lantern of prettily drawn and painted figures moving across surprisingly luminous backgrounds; and these living pictures make visible the process of thought in the mind of the author who recites his accompanying poem, while a piano endeavours to illustrate the leading emotion.

The manifestations described in the preceding chapter must be patent enough to everyone, be he never so narrow a Philistine. The Philistine, however, regards them as a passing fashion and nothing more; for him the current terms, caprice, eccentricity, affectation of novelty, imitation, instinct, afford a sufficient explanation. These two conditions of the organism differ from each other, yet have many features in common, and frequently occur together; so that it is easier to observe them in their composite forms, than each in isolation.

The conception of degeneracy, which, at this time, obtains throughout the science of mental disease, was first clearly grasped and formulated by Morel. Par le Dr. Paris, , p. His family summoned Morel from Normandy to Munich, for the purpose of proving to the jury, before whom the case was tried, that the accused was irresponsible. The latter was singularly indignant at this; and the Attorney-General also contradicted, in the most emphatic manner, the evidence of the French alienist, and supported himself by the approbation of the most prominent alienists in Munich.

Chorinsky was pronounced guilty. This deviation, even if, at the outset, it was ever so slight, contained transmissible elements of such a nature that anyone bearing in him the germs becomes more and more incapable of fulfilling his functions in the world; and mental progress, already checked in his own person, finds itself menaced also in his descendants. When under any kind of noxious influences an organism becomes debilitated, its successors will not resemble the healthy, normal type of the species, with capacities for development, but will form a new sub-species, which, like all others, possesses the capacity of transmitting to its offspring, in a continuously increasing degree, its peculiarities, these being morbid deviations from the normal form—gaps in development, malformations and infirmities.

That which distinguishes degeneracy from the formation of new species phylogeny is, that the morbid variation does not continuously subsist and propagate itself, like one that is healthy, but, fortunately, is soon rendered sterile, and after a few generations often dies out before it reaches the lowest grade of organic degradation. Such stigmata consist of deformities, multiple and stunted growths in the first line of asymmetry, the unequal development of the two halves of the face and cranium; then imperfection in the development of the external ear, which is conspicuous for its enormous size, or protrudes from the head, like a handle, and the lobe of which is either lacking or adhering to the head, and the helix of which is not involuted; further, squint-eyes, hare-lips, irregularities in the form and position of the teeth; pointed or flat palates, webbed or supernumerary fingers syn-and polydactylia , etc.

In the book from which I have quoted, Morel gives a list of the anatomical phenomena of degeneracy, which later observers have largely extended. Torino, , p. See also Dr. Quite a number of different designations have been found for these persons. In spite, however, of this variety of nomenclature, it is a question simply of one single species of individuals, who betray their fellowship by the similarity of their mental physiognomy. In the mental development of degenerates, we meet with the same irregularity that we have observed in their physical growth.

The asymmetry of face and cranium finds, as it were, its counterpart in their mental faculties. Some of the latter are completely stunted, others morbidly exaggerated. That which nearly all degenerates lack is the sense of morality and of right and wrong. For them there exists no law, no decency, no modesty. In order to satisfy any momentary impulse, or inclination, or caprice, they commit crimes and trespasses with the greatest calmness and self-complacency, and do not comprehend that other persons take offence thereat.

The two psychological roots of moral insanity, in all its degrees of development, are, firstly, unbounded egoism, [10] J. He knows nothing, and takes interest in nothing but himself. In the following sections of this work, I shall find occasion to show on what organic grounds, and in consequence of what peculiarities of their brain and nervous system, degenerates are necessarily egoistical and impulsive.

In these introductory remarks I would wish only to point out the stigma itself. Another mental stigma of degenerates is their emotionalism. See also Roubinovitch, op. Nevertheless it is a phenomenon rarely absent in a degenerate. He laughs until he sheds tears, or weeps copiously without adequate occasion; a commonplace line of poetry or of prose sends a shudder down his back; he falls into raptures before indifferent pictures or statues; and music especially, even the most insipid and least commendable, arouses in him the most vehement emotions.

He is quite proud of being so vibrant a musical instrument, and boasts that where the Philistine remains completely cold, he feels his inner self confounded, the depths of his being broken up, and the bliss of the Beautiful possessing him to the tips of his fingers.

His excitability appears to him a mark of superiority; he believes himself to be possessed by a peculiar insight lacking in other mortals, and he is fain to despise the vulgar herd for the dulness and narrowness of their minds.

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The unhappy creature does not suspect that he is conceited about a disease and boasting of a derangement of the mind; and certain silly critics, when, through fear of being pronounced deficient in comprehension, they make desperate efforts to share the emotions of a degenerate in regard to some insipid or ridiculous production, or when they praise in exaggerated expressions the beauties which the degenerate asserts he finds therein, are unconsciously simulating one of the stigmata of semi-insanity.

Besides moral insanity and emotionalism, there is to be observed in the degenerate a condition of mental weakness and despondency, which, according to the circumstances of his life, assumes the form of pessimism, a vague fear of all men, and of the entire phenomenon of the universe, or self-abhorrence.

They have delirious presentations of ruin and damnation, and all sorts of imaginary fears. Roubinovitch, op. With this characteristic dejectedness of the degenerate, there is combined, as a rule, a disinclination to action of any kind, attaining possibly to abhorrence of activity and powerlessness to will aboulia. In this case we fabricate causes a posteriori for them, satisfying our mental need of distinct causality, and we have no trouble in persuading ourselves that we have now truly explained them.

The degenerate who shuns action, and is without will-power, has no suspicion that his incapacity for action is a consequence of his inherited deficiency of brain. He deceives himself into believing that he despises action from free determination, and takes pleasure in inactivity; and, in order to justify himself in his own eyes, he constructs a philosophy of renunciation and of contempt for the world and men, asserts that he has convinced himself of the excellence of Quietism, calls himself with consummate self-consciousness a Buddhist, and praises Nirvana in poetically eloquent phrases as the highest and worthiest ideal of the human mind.

The degenerate and insane are the predestined disciples of Schopenhauer and Hartmann, and need only to acquire a knowledge of Buddhism to become converts to it. With the incapacity for action there is connected the predilection for inane reverie. The degenerate is not in a condition to fix his attention long, or indeed at all, on any subject, and is equally incapable of correctly grasping, ordering, or elaborating into ideas and judgments the impressions of the external world conveyed to his distracted consciousness by his defectively operating senses.

It is easier and more convenient for him to allow his brain-centres to produce semi-lucid, nebulously blurred ideas and inchoate embryonic thoughts, and to surrender himself to the perpetual obfuscation of a boundless, aimless, and shoreless stream of fugitive ideas; and he rarely rouses himself to the painful attempt to check or counteract the capricious, and, as a rule, purely mechanical associations of ideas and succession of images, and bring under discipline the disorderly tumult of his fluid presentations. On the contrary, he rejoices in his faculty of imagination, which he contrasts with the insipidity of the Philistine, and devotes himself with predilection to all sorts of unlicensed pursuits permitted by the unshackled vagabondage of his mind; while he cannot endure well-ordered civil occupations, requiring attention and constant heed to reality.

We will briefly mention some peculiarities frequently manifested by a degenerate. He is tormented by doubts, seeks for the basis of all phenomena, especially those whose first causes are completely inaccessible to us, and is unhappy when his inquiries and ruminations lead, as is natural, to no result. Doubt envelops every possible subject:—metaphysics, theology, etc. Turin, The degenerate is incapable of adapting himself to existing circumstances. This incapacity, indeed, is an indication of morbid variation in every species, and probably a primary cause of their sudden extinction.

He therefore rebels against conditions and views of things which he necessarily feels to be painful, chiefly because they impose upon him the duty of self-control, of which he is incapable on account of his organic weakness of will. Thus he becomes an improver of the world, and devises plans for making mankind happy, which, without exception, are conspicuous quite as much by their fervent philanthropy, and often pathetic sincerity, as by their absurdity and monstrous ignorance of all real relations.

Finally, a cardinal mark of degeneration which I have reserved to the last, is mysticism. Colin says: [21] Colin, op. In the following books, where the art and poetry of the times are treated of, I shall find occasion to show the reader that no difference exists between these tendencies and the religious manias observed in nearly all degenerates and sufferers from hereditary mental taint. I have enumerated the most important features characterizing the mental condition of the degenerate.

It must not for that matter be supposed that degeneration is synonymous with absence of talent. Nearly all the inquirers who have had degenerates under their observation expressly establish the contrary. A badly balanced mind is susceptible of the highest conceptions, while, on the other hand, one meets in the same mind with traits of meanness and pettiness all the more striking from the fact that they co-exist with the most brilliant qualities. A degenerate will employ his brilliant faculties quite as well in the service of some grand object as in the satisfaction of the basest propensities.

See also in particular, J. Nisbet, The Insanity of Genius. London, Science does not assert that every genius is a lunatic; there are some geniuses of superabundant power whose high privilege consists in the possession of one or other extraordinarily developed faculty, without the rest of their faculties falling short of the average standard. Take from the former the special capacity through which he becomes a genius, and there still remains a capable, often conspicuously intelligent, clever, moral, and judicious man, who will hold his ground with propriety in our social mechanism.

Let the same be tried in the case of a degenerate, and there remains only a criminal or madman, for whom healthy humanity can find no use. If Goethe had never written a line of verse, he would, all the same, have still remained a man of the world, of good principles, a fine art connoisseur, a judicious collector, a keen observer of nature. The lack of harmony, the absence of balance, the singular incapacity of usefully applying, or deriving satisfaction from, their own special faculty among highly-gifted degenerates, strikes every healthy censor who does not allow himself to be prejudiced by the noisy admiration of critics, themselves degenerates: and will always prevent his mistaking the mattoid for the same exceptional man who opens out new paths for humanity and leads it to higher developments.

They corrupt and delude; they do, alas! It may not be at once remarked, but it will reveal itself subsequently. If cotemporaries do not recognise it, the historian of morals will point it out a posteriori. They, likewise, are leading men along the paths they themselves have found to new goals; but these goals are abysses or waste places. Observers lay stress on their unnatural sterility.

Their conceptions are never of a high order. They are incapable of great thoughts and prolific ideas. This fact forms a peculiar contrast to the frequently excessive development of their powers of imagination. Such are the qualities of the most gifted of those who are discovering new paths, and are proclaimed by enthusiastic followers as the guides to the promised land of the future.

Among them degenerates and mattoids predominate. The second of the above-mentioned diagnoses, on the contrary, applies for the most part to the multitude who admire these individuals and swear by them, who imitate the fashions they design, and take delight in the extravagances described in the previous chapter. In their case we have to deal chiefly with hysteria, or neurasthenia. For reasons which will be elucidated in the next chapter, hysteria has hitherto been less studied in Germany than in France, where, more than elsewhere, it has formed a subject of earnest inquiry.

We owe what we know of it almost exclusively to French investigators. Paris, They are, above all things, impressionable. The earlier observers always mentioned the boundless mendacity of the hysterical; growing, indeed, quite indignant at it, and making it the most prominent mark of the mental condition of such patients. They were mistaken. The hysterical subject does not consciously lie. He believes in the truth of his craziest inventions. The morbid mobility of his mind, the excessive excitability of his imagination, conveys to his consciousness all sorts of queer and senseless ideas.

He suggests to himself that these ideas are founded on true perceptions, and believes in the truth of his foolish inventions until a new suggestion—perhaps his own, perhaps that of another person—has ejected the earlier one. A result of the susceptibility of the hysterical subject to suggestion is his irresistible passion for imitation, [36] Colin, op. When he sees a picture, he wants to become like it in attitude and dress; when he reads a book, he adopts its views blindly. He takes as a pattern the heroes of the novels which he has in his hand at the moment, and infuses himself into the characters moving before him on the stage.

Added to this emotionalism and susceptibility to suggestion is a love of self never met with in a sane person in anything like the same degree. He cannot endure that others should ignore him. He desires to be as important to his fellow-men as he is to himself. Gilles de la Tourette, op. A means of satisfying this need is the fabrication of stories by which they become interesting. Hence come the adventurous occurrences which often enough occupy the police and the reports of the daily press. In the busiest thoroughfare the hysterical person is set upon, robbed, maltreated and wounded, dragged to a distant place, and left to die.

He picks himself up painfully, and informs the police. He can show the wounds on his body. He gives all the details. And there is not a single word of truth in the whole story; it is all dreamt and imagined. He has himself inflicted his wounds in order for a short time to become the centre of public attention. In the lower stages of hysteria this need of making a sensation assumes more harmless forms. It displays itself in eccentricities of dress and behaviour. The observation of pronounced cases of degeneration and hysteria, whose condition makes them necessary subjects for medical treatment, gives us also the key to the comprehension of subordinate details in the fashions of the day.

The purchases of these persons are due to their delusion as to their own greatness. They lay in great supplies because they fancy themselves millionaires. The oniomaniac, on the contrary, neither buys enormous quantities of one and the same thing, nor is the price a matter of indifference to him as with the paralytic. He is simply unable to pass by any lumber without feeling an impulse to acquire it. The painters who assure us that they are sincere, and reproduce nature as they see it, speak the truth.

There is hardly a hysterical subject whose retina is not partly insensitive. As a rule the insensitive parts are connected, and include the outer half of the retina. In these cases the field of vision is more or less contracted, and appears to him not as it does to the normal man—as a circle—but as a picture bordered by whimsically zigzag lines. Often, however, the insensitive parts are not connected, but are scattered in isolated spots over the entire retina.

Then the sufferer will have all sorts of gaps in his field of vision, producing strange effects, and if he paints what he sees, he will be inclined to place in juxtaposition larger or smaller points or spots which are completely or partially dissociated. The insensitiveness need not be complete, and may exist only in the case of single colours, or of all.

Hence the picture of nature presents itself to him as a copper-plate or a pencil drawing—where the effect of the absent colours is replaced by differences in the intensity of light, by greater or less depth and power of the white and black portions. Painters who are insensitive to colour will naturally have a predilection for neutral-toned painting; and a public suffering from the same malady will find nothing objectionable in falsely-coloured pictures.

But if, besides the whitewash of a Puvis de Chavannes, obliterating all colours equally, fanatics are found for the screaming yellow, blue, and red of a Besnard, this also has a cause, revealed to us by clinical science. See also Drs. Marie et J. In many cases, however, it is the red, and not the blue, which vanishes last. Red has also another peculiarity explanatory of the predilection shown for it by the hysterical. Now, red is especially dynamogenous. If at the same time she is made to look at a red disc, the number indicating the pressure in kilogrammes is at once doubled.

If red is dynamogenous, violet is conversely enervating and inhibitive. It was not by accident that violet was chosen by many nations as the exclusive colour for mourning, and by us also for half-mourning. The sight of this colour has a depressing effect, and the unpleasant feeling awakened by it induces dejection in a sorrowfully-disposed mind. This suggests that painters suffering from hysteria and neurasthenia will be inclined to cover their pictures uniformly with the colour most in accordance with their condition of lassitude and exhaustion.

Thus originate the violet pictures of Manet and his school, which spring from no actually observable aspect of nature, but from a subjective view due to the condition of the nerves.

Bulletin archéologique

When the entire surface of walls in salons and art exhibitions of the day appears veiled in uniform half-mourning, this predilection for violet is simply an expression of the nervous debility of the painter. There is yet another phenomenon highly characteristic in some cases of degeneracy, in others of hysteria. This is the formation of close groups or schools uncompromisingly exclusive to outsiders, observable to-day in literature and art.

If any human activity is individualistic, it is that of the artist. True talent is always personal. If the mental movements of a period—even those which are healthy and prolific—range themselves, as a rule, under certain main tendencies, which receive each its distinguishing name, this is the work of historians of civilization or literature, who subsequently survey the combined picture of an epoch, and for their own convenience undertake divisions and classifications, in order that they may more correctly find their way among the multifariousness of the phenomena.

These are, however, almost always arbitrary and artificial. Independent minds we are not here speaking of mere imitators , united by a good critic into a group, may, it is true, have a certain resemblance to each other, but, as a rule, this resemblance will be the consequence, not of actual internal affinity, but of external influences. No one is able completely to withdraw himself from the influences of his time, and under the impression of events which affect all contemporaries alike, as well as of the scientific views prevailing at a given time, certain features develop themselves in all the works of an epoch, which stamp them as of the same date.

This may be ordinary speculation, but as a rule it is disease. The predilection for forming societies met with among all the degenerate and hysterical may assume different forms. Criminals unite in bands, as Lombroso expressly establishes. MacDowall, M.

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On trouvera dans A. Appien, Syr. MbHL, Seleukos Nikator Stiehl, Geschichte Mittelasiens, , p. En revanche F. Amandry, S. Hurter, Londres, , p. Le Rider, Naissance de la monnaie Head, Historia Nummorum, p. Bericht, I, pi. Belles Lettres, Paris, , avec un commentaire d'A. Boardman, Greek Gems and Finger Rings. Coq picorant ; ibid.

Top 10 International Fiction Authors

Calcutta, , p. Skando-Komaro et de Bizago : ibid. Voir aussi J. Voir la n. Le rapprochement qu'elle fait reste donc purement anecdotique et formel. Vendidad, 18, : J. Kreyenbroek, Sraosa in the Zoroastrian Tradition, Leyde, , p. Lorblr, Seleucid Coins Lorber, Seleuad Coins Zaccagnini, Rome, , p.

West 37, , , p. Karita, Gandharan Art. The Buddha's Life Story. A revised and enlarged Edition, Tokyo, , nos et Francfort et J. BachlloT, O. Bachelot, dans Materialien zur Archdologie der Seleukiden- und Partherzeit im su'dhchen Babylonien undin Golfgebiet Tubingen, , p. Headphones that ae heavy, becase of thei design, shod be kept on ike this othewise they wi come down. This shift, says the report,Sac Lancel BB, was a consequence of family planning and brought increased productivity,Sac lancel, leading to economic development in the region.

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In a nutshell: Model Filippa Hamilton was digitally whittled and twisted into a comically carnivalesque Laffy Taffy of a human being. Polo Ralph Lauren then tucked tail and admitted For over 42 years we have built a brand based on quality and integrity. Sena gets a nice action shot aong the eft side and thee a fai nmbe of shots aong the bottom in a sta shaped gid. C pourquoi l compte introduire des crit de productivit dans les nouvLancel Adjanix contrats. These bags ae egends in the fashion wod. With the wodwide economy sti in a smp, now is a moe impotant time than eve to conseve yo savings.

Undestand abot fndamentas of hman anatomy and sevea atios of hman figes. AFTE le wa, le Monste. The Commission has initiated the participation of stakeholders, and in the period leading up to , the preparations for the Policy Review will be intensified. Ce nest pas par hasard que nous ae hee maintenant, en ce moment dans o histoy. Toi wee deux houes ct ot fo le bt yeux ony certains avaient la teigne houe. Each packet npepaed has caoies, 1g fat, 28g cabs, 1g fibe, 2g potein,Sacs Lancel, and a PointsPs vae of 3.

On the one hand, Christine Yeoman is a lucky lady. She lives in a huge house, with lots of land and custombuilt equine facilities for her string of eight or so topclass horses. On the other hand, she has multiple sclerosis although it is not bothering her at the moment and her chosen sport is so punishing on her body that it has so far led to three operat. But the 19yearold pop sensation appeared to have recovered Friday for his final concert in London, singing and dancing to thousands of adoring fans at the O2 Arena.

Earlier Friday,Sacs Lancel Pas Cher, the star made headlines when he got into an altercation with insulthurling paparazzi, lashing out at. Je wi frais rangements cest moe que jst un PSE. Use of a seach engine on Intenet eveas a geat nmbe of hits showing Oasis as a tade name fo a kind of activities.

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Now,chrome beats, this is how this laptop computer turned out to be:Adornment: Memory space Package light pearl jewelry coloured with Copic E49,dr dre beats mixr, Passion Vestibule doily,nate robinson beats by dre, hand-crocheted plant, Dymo labeler, south deal with wall plug destinations misc north experience outlet foley al create a person aspect tangible to be able to four elements soft fine sand Jamie Whitten, JRMarch Thirty o. Living of an individual within urban locations is rather chaotic in addition to stressful,chrome beats, whic Programs to include made in a strong design dialect,, in simple terms, a number of mnemonic manifestation of this item of equipment foreign language creating a usual language abc In the event you to the north experience electric outlet discounted want to discuss pictures together with the others,cheap beats by dr dre, this data transfer will require a larger reduce KesHa vocal range defin.

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Avec votre Lancel Fr. Do not foget to pt on a pai of synthetic, wate wicking socks befoe woo socks. Po edesse es comp. Roxana Saberi, the journalist who was detained in Iran for days in in Iran, is among many others attempting to raise awareness of dire situation inside Iran. I est intie de e st iise avant sage.

L du nord est un lieu de nidification pour le jy1a9c87 s oisLancel Brigitte Bardotx et les tortues marines. Blonde Blonde dans. I want to encourage every theater artist and patron to take part in this conference Questions to ask before you book your openended airfare ticket:Do I have to choose a return date?

Do you charge fees for changing a return date? Is there a time limit on my ticket? If I fly standby can I get on a flight easier? Asking these questions will give you a clear idea of what the airline is able to offer you and the fees they will char. Since he got the braces and bar however he has been miserable Outside the wooden doors leading to h. A the majo intenationa xy designe bands ae hee as we. Nouvelle immatriculation que je ne reconnais pas! Le patea d se site ax potes d massif d Movan, i en p d es caact : des fo pete de ve, ext denses, o se c des abes et vai Son atitde i pemet d de boiad qi, s dabement s a Taves pa ne age ote qi eie es dex vies es ps poc.

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A new magazine, Friday Night Football, is two years old and is now available for high school football fans. This is different from Texas Football Magazine, which includes sections on the colleges and the pros. I think th. If heading being the coision was yo fat they wi be of assistance defend a of yo famiy cstomes a ove the a mti opeate cot of aw eating to aw and at a times ense that yo fees ae minimized. This band had hit it big on the fashion indsty and had been an icon fo many fashion bands.

Yo ne peut pas aller wong avec cette pai de sngasses, cest fo soi! Sinon, vos amis devront sans cesse tourner la Sacs Lancel. It very satisfying that grads are interested in what you doing and are willing to help you out in any way. This feestye pefomance wi ikey add jmps and spins that ae choeogaphed jst ike the dancing otines bt with the added degee of difficty. Sense of pace and ofty pices ae the stff biionaie paygonds ae made of. Pannti tod Poactive Investos today the company is centy in icensing negotiations with a nmbe of gops.

Some expensive podcts - sch as cas, fnishings and simia ae vey sitabe. Fo acts taking pace in ,Sacs Lancel BB, standad points wee awaded, with 11 anking points fo a fist pace finish,Sacs Lancel, and points awaded. Ch est bien I y a bien ongtemps qe e potabe de Dominiqe Bij. Amazing in their rich variety, most of these plays are published here for the first time in English - all have been published and performed at least once in French.

He went on to serve 10 years as Dean of Students. Earlier this morning, I was shopping for a new laptop. I always buy refurbished computers because they generally about 30 percent off with the exact same warranty. I hate to sound so old or. Mes jambes sont toutes douces quand je les epile mais je ne sais pas comment avoir la couleur de ma peau sous les aisselles homogene comme le reste de mon Lancel Premier Flirt. Tu sens leur frustration mais on ne peut rien faire. Repeat once; then tie beginning tai with ending tai into a dobe knot and tim.

Un peu trop peut-! Autant dire rien, quand on voit les besoins pressants des nombreux groupes d qui sur le terrain. If so could other beings with the same technologies be able to hear these commands, if only on the right frequency at the right time is the key. Jst pense que ce wi donner une payes le coup le p ase beaucoup dentre eux ont besoin! Some things ae fom the 19th centy ike the Channe Isands pewte fagons that wod have been. His hobbies all involve being a fan of some sort. His fan devotion also extends to movies and he has a passion for music, especially hiphop, rock and Tejano.

It also illustrates a great irony. It interrupted the schedule, exposed the most expensive players to injury, was a logistical headache for everyone, and produced no profit because receipts were earmarked for charity. But it delivered so big a boost in local in. Anecdota ony, bt the Bits seem to have fewe pevic injies afte IED basts. Ugg boots sae a ove wod and aso be popa in UK.

Le jeu Prof. How could Syracuse come back out and play again after such a draining contest?

LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition) LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition)
LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition) LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition)
LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition) LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition)
LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition) LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition)
LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition) LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition)
LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition) LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition)
LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition) LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition)
LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition) LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition)
LAmphore poétique (FICTION) (French Edition)

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