Funeral Potatoes

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These delicious funeral potatoes accompany many Sunday dinner, holiday dinners and potlucks this time of year in our house. They go well with everything and are a huge crowd pleasing side dish. Funeral potatoes get their unique name from being a crowd-pleasing casserole served as a side dish at after-funeral luncheons particularly in the culture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Many people also call them Cheesy Hashbrowns. Combine the sauce ingredients—sour cream, cream of chicken soup or use my HOMEMADE cream of chicken soup recipe , 6 tablespoons of melted butter, salt, pepper and dried onion— in a bowl and mix them up. Add the diced potatoes you can use frozen cubed hash browns, or use real potatoes. You will need about 10 small diced potatoes, parboiled and shredded cheese and stir everything to combine it, then pour it into a baking dish. Crush the cornflakes I pour them in a ziplock bag and use my hands to crush them.

Mix in the remaining 4 tablespoons of melted butter and sprinkle cornflakes over potatoes. Store covered in the fridge for up to 1 day. Add crushed cornflake topping before baking. Add minutes to the bake time if they go into the oven cold from the fridge. To freeze funeral potatoes, make as directed, but do not add the cornflake topping.

Cover and store in freezer for up to 3 months. When ready to bake, thaw in the fridge overnight. Add cornflake topping before baking. Allow potatoes to thaw in your fridge overnight, or spread them on a baking sheet and warm them in the oven at degrees for about 20 minutes, until thawed. Combine sour cream, cream of chicken soup, 6 Tablespoons of melted butter, salt, pepper and dried onion in a bowl. Mix well. Add potatoes and shredded cheese and stir to combine. Spoon mixture into a single layer in a 9x13'' pan. Add remaining 4 tablespoons of melted butter to the crushed cornflakes and combine well.

Sprinkle mixture over potatoes. Serve these with baked ham , oven roasted turkey , or flank steak. Updated October It was so tasty the soup and the recipe! I used my homemade yogurt instant pot version and we will definitely be making this again! Delicious recipe! I made mine tonight with the above, and it was divine.

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Of all the funeral potato recipes online, yours is the one I always use. They were delicious and honestly, the only thing about that day that brought me out of the fog I felt stuck in. Years later, for some reason, I felt the need to find the recipe and make it myself. Thank you, for posting the most authentic version, the one I always remembered.

FUNERAL POTATOES -- Family Favorite -- What's For Dinner Wednesday?

I now make these for special family occasions or Church functions. Everyone loves them immediately. I do have to say though, that I have tweaked the recipe a bit. A couple of days later, his mother passed away, and my mom made another pan to share with them. He said he was never going to ask anyone for a refill again!

A potato lover’s dream

These potatoes are the BEST! My husband loves these but now with Cheez-Its instead of corn flakes. I made them one day and realized after I made it that I was out of corn flakes and even bread crumbs. I saw a box of those cheese crackers and used them instead, with the melted butter, and then baked it the same way. Now my husband only wants it with the cheesy cracker topping instead of corn flakes. I love this one! I am going to try them with the shredded potatoes-that is a definite time saver! I have never heard of these, but they look amazing.

Why are these not a thing in England and if they are where have I been? I love the idea of making them but need to check out if we can buy shredded hash browns over here! Wish me Luck!

Funeral Potatoes

Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo. Is there a law against shredding your OWN potatoes? You still need to parboil the potatoes.

Others have suggested cooking your whole potatoes until partially cooked. Cool overnight and then shred the potatoes. Hope someone comes up with some ready-made, tasty gf cream soup substitutes soon. I have! But thanks. Perfect For Easter Brunch! Print Recipe. Course: Main Course. Cuisine: American.


Prep Time: 10 minutes. Cook Time: 45 minutes.

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Total Time: 55 minutes. Servings: Calories: kcal. Author: Jillee. Pour the creamy, cheesy mixture from the saucepan over the top of the potatoes and stir. Stir together the crushed corn flakes and the 2 tablespoons of melted butter. Then sprinkle the corn flakes mixture over the top of the potatoes and cream mixture. Remove the baking dish from the oven and let it stand for 15 minutes. Then dig in and enjoy! Recipe Notes: These are packages of refrigerated hash browns.

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Funeral Potatoes Funeral Potatoes
Funeral Potatoes Funeral Potatoes
Funeral Potatoes Funeral Potatoes
Funeral Potatoes Funeral Potatoes
Funeral Potatoes Funeral Potatoes
Funeral Potatoes Funeral Potatoes
Funeral Potatoes Funeral Potatoes
Funeral Potatoes Funeral Potatoes
Funeral Potatoes

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