Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition)

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Need I say more? For French, watch Les Intouchables. And don't let the title fool you: it has nothing to do with the untouchables in India. Completely different. In French you could watch Cyrano de Bergerac It' s a really nice film and I woud recommend it to you if you spoke fluently French.

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The protagonist, Cyrano de Bergerac, is one of the symbols of the French litteratre history. French: "la haine" and "Intouchables", both excellent movies, funny and a bit tragic with great actors and interesting insights into French society. I've been wondering the same thing about Italian films. A friend of mine suggested "Una giornata particolare" but I can't find it with English subtitles. In Italian I liked: Io non ho paura, Libero Anche libero va bene , Romanzo criminale, Gli angeli del male Mi piace il attore Kim Rossi Stuart many italians tell me to watch some of the spagetti westerns but I haven't seen them yet in italian anyway.

There are many others. Search for "melhores filmes brasileiros" on google and you may find a lot of interesting things. I've really been wanting to see Juan of the Dead - a spanish language movie, about zombies in Cuba. I'm normally not that into Zombie movies, but that one looks good. Great soundtracks, as well! For Spanish Amores perros and any film by Pedro Almodovar.

My favorite ones are The skin I live in, Volver Los amantes pasajeros. That's a great idea. Actually I think the best way to learn language is to watch movie with subtitles of language that you learn - German movie with a German subtitles :- Regarding Italian I think best Italian movie is La vita e bella. I've been on the search for easy to watch, digestible Spanish-language movies that will let me practice without ripping my heart out or scaring me to death. Bonus points if I can find the movie online with downloadable subtitles in Spanish.

Beyond the Almodovar films which are always the first suggestions people make when I ask - one movie I watched recently was: Nosotros los Nobles, it's a Mexican comedy with high production quality that definitely made me laugh a few times. I know you're looking for movies, but there is a spanish television show called extr that my teacher sometimes shows in class. It's a pretty good show, and not hard to find online. Si entras en peliculasyonkis.

German Good Bye Lenin! I used it for an intermediate French course, and the films that we watched that were covered in the book were all quite good.

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You can find an old edition for really cheap. For a mix-bag of languages, you may want to consider watching "Inglorious Basterds" because, while it's not really a German, Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian film, the majority of the movie is spoken in French and German and not from beginners or monolingual English actors, but from natives and multilingual speakers with some English sprinkled in and one small scene of Italian.

For French movies, you can't go wrong with the Taxi series. Even if you hardly understand a word they say, the whole thing is hilarious La vita e Bella is a really good Italian film, about a man in a concentration camp who pretends, for the sake of his son that it is all a game. Its funny in places, sad in places and the ending is really moving.

In German Wings of desire by Wim Wenders, stunningly beautiful and they speak slowly. It's after seeing this movie that I realized that German is a beautiful language.


If you learn Spanish, Argentinian cinema is just great. For people who don't know, there are thousands of full movies with all sorts of subtitles and in all languages you can ask for Same for countless documentaries, Tv broadcasts and news. Simple, free and legal ;- Enjoy! Get started. Topic: Duolingo. Pece Hey Duolingo community! December 1, Wolhay German movies: Funny games There's an American remake of this from My favourites are: Hable con ella Todo sobre mi madre Matador Italian movies: Le notti di Cabiria I love Sergio Leone and Dario Argento but the movies were dubbed afterwards and it didn't much matter what language the actors were speaking when the movies were filmed, so in some of the movies the dubs aren't going to match the lip movements regardless of what language you're seeing it in.

How could you miss Cinema Paradiso in Italian? February 9, December 2, Better rhythm in putting the word with more syllables as the last one.

Sure, I do, but like most silent movies, it has a bunch of intertitles. Levi Enjoy the movies!

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Amazing movie. I second Joyeux Noel! It was pretty touching in my opinion :. IG88 Just saw "Intouchables" last night for French It was amazing! February 26, TonyGrant December 3, I suggest: Abre los ojos. But divine Banderas ;. And thank You for calling me "God" ; Enjoy :. Don't get me wrong, great performance, but just Not family friendly :o. December 4, Also, bonus points in it for hockey fanatism ;. I guess you mean the super perforator song? Love that scene!

Comes with English and German subtitles. January 5, I guarantee you won't regret using this tip. Hilarity ensues this is better than I'm selling it as a piece of fun fluff Of Gods and Men - French Monks who wouldn't leave their home in Algeria in the face of terrorism, also a true story Anything with Daniel Bruhl in if at all possible and I'll count Rush, because it has a fair bit of German and a tiny bit of Italian in amongst the English.

Obviously it is French. I watch SBS, they always have plenty of foreign films with subtitles. ZachNix7 Sophie Scholl is a great German film. Also marketed in the U. January 13, December 5, March 5, April 14, Spanish: if you're up for the horror, El laberinto del fauno.

Y Tu Mama Tambien. SaxyLady Plus My favorite ones are The skin I live in, Volver Los amantes pasajeros These are the ones that I can think of right now, enjoy! Foreign films rule! Here are some of my faves: German Good Bye Lenin! Not to be confused with the inexcusably obnoxious American remake! Just in case the previous posters recommendations are too If you're into Disney influenced movie, there's a Argentina movie called 'El Arca'. December 6, This is a good documentary about agua. Einfach am Himmel verloren und frage mich warum.

Everyone else shines out but me. I came to life when I first kissed you. The best me has his arms around you. Das beste Ich hat seine Arme um dich. You make me better than I was before. Du machst mich besser als je zuvor. Thank God, I'm yours. Gott sei Dank, ich bin Dein.

I was a worn out set of shoes. Ich war ein abgenutztes Paar Schuhe. Wanderin' the city street. Another face in the crowd. Ein anderes Gesicht in der Menge. Head looking down. Kopf nach unten gesenkt. Lost in the sound of a lonely melody. Verloren im Klang einer einsamen Melodie. Empty pockets at a roulette. Leere Taschen beim Roulette.

Always landin' on a lost bet.

Immer auf einer verlorenen Wette landen. Just live for the spin and hope for the win. Go all in, just to lose again. Setze alles auf eine Karte, nur um wieder zu verlieren. The worst me is just a long gone memory. Das schlimmste Ich ist nur eine lange vergessene Erinnerung. You put a new heartbeat inside of me. Du legst einen neuen Herzschlag in mich. Report a problem. Last activities B. Last edit by Bruce Donovan.

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Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition) Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition)
Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition) Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition)
Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition) Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition)
Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition) Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition)
Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition) Die verlorenen Schuhe (German Edition)

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