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Of course, there are 4 of them, the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. As far as the colors go. I was visiting the brewery and Chris poured me one from the tap. I got really drunk that night.

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I was trying to simplify the color palette on both of those and keep them really striking and focussed on the character. Both of them really spotlight the character up front. You want to collect them all. Making them character-based and creating these backstories behind the waves and groups of characters adds another level for me, and hopefully everyone else.

BB: A mutual friend of ours thought Chris and I should meet.

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Chris and I were pretty much polar opposite as far as our design taste. He was a big fan of a more simplistic, iconic, logo-centric can. I, of course, was all about the comic book, character, story-based stuff, and no one was really doing that sort of thing. We drank. We argued. So, in one of these three ways, the yeast is now added to the fermenter prior to the wort being transferred in. The key is to not do it all at once. Just like the smaller plate chillers that advanced homebrewers use to chill the STREAM of wort passing through the chiller, Harvest Moon has a chiller system that involves plates, water and a rooftop glycol chiller.

The city water circulates through the outside of the plates while the wort circulates through the inside.

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The glycol is used to absorb the rest of the heat necessary to get the wort temperature down to 65ff. Transfer Now that the chiller has been turned on and all the dials and valves are in the correct position, the wort begins its journey down to the fermenter. A pipe runs from the brewhouse on the first floor down to the fermenter room in the basement.

The pipe terminates about 6 feet up from the floor, and a brewing hose is hooked up to connect the transfer pipe to the bottom of the 10 barrel conical fermenter. You might think this is a gravity-based transfer, but because of the pressure needed to push the wort through the heat exchangers, a kettle pump is used to keep the wort moving. The final step once the wort has been transferred into the fermenter is to set the temperature on the temperature control system.

Skinner’s team rider, Ben Skinner, scoops coveted Carve Magazine cover shot

The rooftop glycol chiller feeds into this and circulates the super-chilled glycol around the outside of the fermenter until the temperature of the wort inside matches what is set on the dial outside. So there you have it! I may write some more articles in the future about my experience brewing at Harvest Moon summer, but overall you have a pretty good summary of my time spent there and the lessons I learned. Every day that you come in, there are some goals or targets you are trying to achieve. The majority of your time is spent preparing for those goals and targets, or the next day's goals and targets.

Most of the preparation comes in the form of cleaning, either straight up removing physical matter from things with various cleaning agents and good old elbow grease or sanitizing getting rid of the germs via sanitizers, acids, or plain old f water. Once things are sanitized and a process is underway, such as brewing a batch of beer, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Frequent monitoring via visual inspection or looking at gauges showing pressure, temperature, etc.

Once the process is done, every piece of equipment involved in that process needs to be broken down to varying degrees , cleaned and sanitized.

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  • Meanwhile, preparation for the next day's targets are usually going on too. So, do you think you are cut out for commercial brewing?

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    Seasonal beers. Every three months we have two new seasonals at two different price points.

    One is lower priced the other higher priced. Once we do a beer, we never do it again. All the recipes we do go on to our website, so people can homebrew, or have a friend do it for them. Are you worried that someone might take one of those recipes and release it as their own? Both Van and I feel there is nothing to hide with the recipes. There is no fear of replication.

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    It would be difficult to repeat it. The biggest challenge in doing different seasonal beers is getting people to try them. We are not building the brand on a specific beer that people have had before. Well, you could homebrew it, right? All of the recipes are on your website. One way you stand out on shelves is your labels.

    You work with different artists for each new seasonal release?

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