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Murray Longmore, Ian Wilkinson, Andrew Baldwin, and Elizabeth Wallin

In a small bowl, whisk together the flour, 3. When the cake has cooled completely, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, and unroll gently. Spread the blue whipped ginger. Set aside. Roll up, 3. In a large bowl, beat the eggs and maple without the towel this time.

Beat in the brown sugar, then while still 4. Using a sharp knife, slice a few inches off beating, gradually add the dry ingredients. Place the main log on your serving platter, Beat just until there are no lumps. Pour the batter out onto the prepared of it like branches. Spread the remaining white cream out minutes, until slightly golden. Place the whole cake platter in the freezer sugar onto a clean dishtowel.

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When the cake is done baking, flip it out onto the towel, and gently peel the garnish with meringue mushrooms and parchment paper off. While the cake is red berries. Allow to finish cooling in this shape. Hearthstone and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

The world of Destiny has become home to millions of heroes. Each of them has cultivated an identity as unique as their own personal adventures. As Guardians emerge triumphant from enemy lairs, they equip the spoils of the battles they have waged to serve as a warning to any who would oppose them. These worlds, along with the ones that preceded them, are on full display in The Art of Destiny, Volume 2, as Bungie gives players an inside look at the dynamic art and striking visual style that bring the franchise to life.

Following the meticulous work that went into creating Destiny, the team at Bungie was faced with a new challenge. Destiny 2 expands the solar system in surprising and creative ways, finding new frontiers to immerse players in an ever-growing world. Featuring behind-the-scenes treasures including early character illustrations, paintings of sweeping vistas,.

With exclusive, never-before-seen imagery, developer commentary, and more, The Art of. From an animation perspective, this means supporting many more abilities than we had in the past. ABOVE The overhead view, capturing the true majesty of the arcology; the broken, surrounding platforms that once gave passage to a great city. Developed by Hangar Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Microsoft, Industries, the Industries logo, Halo, the Halo logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. Shrek is a registered trademark of DreamWorks Animation L. While character designer Nicolas Marlet captured a completely readable animal silhouette in Po, his basic shape language is essentially circular, echoing that symbol further. Dropping this soft, round ball into an environment bursting with sharp, concise physical action is a conscious decision that lightens a potentially heavy cinematic experience.

He is a combination of confidence and doubt. While he portrays strength and skill as a kung fu master, he is also riddled with confusion as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. At the most surface level of self-awareness, Po is completely content in a state of Yang— with who he is as the hero of the Valley of Peace.

While he has honed his kung fu techniques, he is not egotistical about his newly acquired skill set in any way. This allowed a more pointed focus for every department in the pipeline, from animation through final lighting, which also meant more freedom to explore and maximize the look and action within each shot. Alex Parkinson. This time, the vast city rises to the screen as an amazingly intricate and expansive set. Going deeper, going further—this film does just that in terms of character growth, art direction, and technical achievement. It is an astounding journey on all levels as shown by the hundreds of conceptual drawings, paintings, and renderings collected within the pages of The Art of Kung Fu Panda 2.

Blizzard Entertainment and Diablo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Knight arrived in San Francisco with a camera and a single roll of film to shoot the legendary Jimi Hendrix. The photographs Knight took seized the uncanny energy of Hendrix, recording his primal performance and adrenaline-driven solos that tantalized audiences. The iconic images Knight produced immortalized Hendrix and propelled Knight on a lifelong pilgrimage as the photographic herald of rock and roll.

For half a century, Knight has chronicled the greatest moments in the evolution of rock music and culture. Through the haze and jagged reverb, Rock Gods captures the ephemeral candor of the stage, visually asserting the impassioned substance of rock that incites our souls. Extremely prolific in both his compelling artwork and his extraordinary music, he was a genius for the ages.

This was well before the dawn of the VCR, so the only way you could ensure that you remembered everything about a Soul Train episode was to, well, remember everything. This was doubly true for the dancers. My cousins and I would watch them closely, as intent as any scientist in the field. In Episode 35 on October 7, , Randy on the bongos gave viewers a treat. All WWE programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans, wrestling moves, trademarks, logos and copyrights are the exclusive property of WWE, Inc.

All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Despicable Me 3 is trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. North American rights sold. Beyond Saving The iceberg buckled the hull in several places, and rivets popped out over a length of ft 82 m. Seawater rushed in and the watertight doors were shut. Although the ship could stay afloat with four flooded compartments, five were filling with water. On the night of April 14th, , at p.

Thirty-seven seconds later, travelling at over 20 knots, the starboard bow of Titanic hit the berg, and the ship started to list. By midnight, Captain Smith knew she would sink. Five of the forward compartments had flooded, and the ship was beyond saving. At a. As water poured into the ship, the tops of the forward watertight bulkheads fell below the waterline.

Distress Signal On board Titanic was a Marconi wireless telegraph that enabled ships to communicate by sending messages via a transmitter to land-based stations. At p. Who am I? Titanic carried lifeboats to hold only 1, people. On night in question, as soon as the watch spotted the iceberg, Officer Murdoch ordered the ship to be to be turned away and for the engines hit put in reverse. Despite this, Titanic side. My egg is tough and leathery. I call to my mother from a warm, earthy nest.

I will hatch with yellow stripes and needle-sharp teeth. I have scaly claws and snapping jaws! Later, in an effort to keep passengers calm, they moved on to the forward half of the boat deck. All members went down with the ship. The little ladybug explores the tangle of leafy plants around her. She crawls across long leaves that arch and bend like living bridges. She climbs spear-shaped leaves that shoot straight and tall into the sky. Worker bees can fight like warriors. They have a sharp, poison-filled sting to keep honey-snatchers away. Worker bees use their sting for defence, but it is a one-time weapon.

Worker bees gather the food that fuels the hive. In fine weather, the older bees fly far and wide to forage in fields and sip from flowers. The bees see the striking patterns and many of the bright colors in flowers. They smell the nectar and the pollen. The flowers invite them to come close. She lands lightly. She drinks deeply. Inside a special part of her stomach, the sugary nectar begins to turn into honey for the hive. A worker bee dies soon after it loses its sting. As it dies, it sends out a brave message. A special smell alerts other bees to danger, and guard bees get ready to attack.

Then the little ladybug lifts and swivels her fiery-red front wings, ready for takeoff. Beneath them, her paper-thin back wings unfold and flutter like a fan until she rises into the air. Below her, rows of cabbages and leafy lettuces and clusters of tomatoes grow round and ripe in the summer sun. This little insect is a ladybug. A broad green leaf is her landing pad, and juicy bugs are her prey. To place an order, please contact your local sales representative. Fax: Canadian Fax: Email: U. For individual orders, retail, sales rep, or wholesale inquiries, please contact: Email: sales insighteditions.

For international rights, please contact: Tel: ext. For international sales outside of the U.

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Visit us at: www. John warned everyone the roof would soon blow as the chopper strafed him with high-powered ammo. After going to fly all of the technicians, with their the remainder went through the same procedure, all fifty were moved to the hangar cafeteria to wait for the crew to finish their spectrometers and Geiger counters and other devices. As they approach the Mothership, the ramp opens, and they were going to get into last-minute adjustments. When the cameras that zone and all start to float around. Having were ready to roll, the head appliances were established that, I would then have the little attached, and the aliens were rushed to the were going to fly around the entire area and freak everybody out.

While wrangling the ground-based aliens presented no significant problems, the flying TOP Spielberg breaks in a new member of the camera crew. Grays come out of the Mothership, and they set. Arriving in the compartment from which they would emerge on set, the kids were cooled by air conditioning installed by Joe aliens were another matter. Spielberg had process of preparing the children to shoot had to run like clockwork.

Prior to filming, The plan was that when the hatch on the Mothership opened, the bulk of the aliens would proceed down the ramp, while the mimes playing technicians moved in slow motion around them. Once the refugee scene was complete, Spielberg hunched down in the back of a station wagon to give direction to Richard Dreyfuss and Melinda Dillon as they performed the scene production had to be prepared to switch from shooting the Devils Tower exteriors to shooting with a broken toe.

Because bad weather had been forecast, the production, right after being cast by Spielberg, she had a mishap in her LA hotel that left her says. There goes that job. Originally not scheduled to work until the end of the first week of shooting, the actor suddenly got a call from production telling him being confined to a car for the sequence was a godsend because, unbeknownst to anyone in 50 days I was hiding the fact that I had a broken toe.

Nobody was ever told. For days and first day. He lives Warner Bros. Flourish and Blotts Prop makers created a gravity-defying effect for the textbooks available at Flourish and Blotts bookshop in Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, using a curved metal bar that went through a hole drilled into the middle of the books. FROM J. It is difficult, sir. Dobby wonders where to begin. A Harry Potter timeline—Dan has grown up with his character. Discover great authors, exclusive offers, and more at hc. Includes 4 Lenticular Images!

Ferdinand From Daniel -Neolution bots in cheek can cure many ills— cured Cho of her lupus— but life-threatening to remove. Used under authorization. CAN So much power… I can see everything!!! I can see everything… I Um It required some lengthy and arduous processing… But I have returned the Princess safely to you at last, Your Majesty. Indeed you have, iRIS. So pleased Aldair will be here to witness my true coronation. Knight z Robert M. Around , he t to sketching and painting to keep h occupied with something when he playing music.

This hobby quickly t a serious passion, and Davis appro with the same obsessive creativity to music. Throughout the s, Davis stu regularly with New York painter Jo developing a distinct graphic style. Kayaking between the U. John is one of those islands where visitors are lucky enough to be able to snorkel right from the shore, transitioning from pristine white sands to the tranquil underwater world with ease. Both Arawak and Virgin Islands Ecotours offer rentals of highquality snorkel equipment. Sea fans, sponges, hard and soft corals, and all the fish and other marine life that call them home are enchanting to witness firsthand.

Custom charters, offered by both Cruz Bay Watersports and Calypso Charters, are the best way to plan your perfect day on the water. Or you can let the experts do the planning for you with a boating tour. Cruz Bay Watersports will take you to White Bay for the day, to Pizza Pi for lunch and a snorkel, or on an enchanting champagne sunset sail.

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  • You can also skip the customs fees and stay local with. Treat yourself to a fishing charter and your captain will likely steer you directly to the North Drop, about 20 miles north of St. Thomas, or the South Drop, about eight miles south of the island. In these steep underwater drop-offs, migrating schools of fish congregate, attracting predators like tuna, wahoo and billfish.

    Game fish like marlin will give you the fight of your life, so bring your stamina and determination. An easy walk from the Ferry Dock in downtown Cruz Bay. Mongoose Junction, Cruz Bay; ; www. Customize your own trip for up to 8 people on Tropicat. Explore 12 St. John beaches on your own with full- or half-day dinghy rentals.

    Frozen () - Trivia - IMDb

    Celebrating 34 years, Cruz Bay Watersports is the premier company for a fun-filled day on the water! With a diverse fleet of catamarans and motor vessels, they offer trips to the BVI, sunset sails, daily scuba diving and PADI instruction, snorkeling, dinghy rentals and two retail locations with unique souvenirs and rental gear. Or choose a guided snorkle tour to discover the underwater beauty surrounding St.

    Kayak and SUP rentals are also available to explore the beautiful waters of St. John on your own. Daily and weekly rentals. John, where each beach is more beautiful than the last, deciding where to sink your toes into the sand for the day can be an overwhelming task. From glowing white sands to lush undersea reefs to unique cobblestone shorelines, each beach entices with its own special charm. Sea grape and maho trees line the shoreline to offer up gorgeously dappled shade, while the turtles that graze on seagrass just off the shore will surely delight the whole family.

    Check the cruise ship schedule ahead of time and head to Trunk Bay on a day when no ships are in for a slightly less crowded experience. Stingrays, turtles, a variety of corals and sponges, eels and too many species of fish to count can be seen here. By Andrea Milam Since he arrived on St. John in , Steve Simonsen has spent nearly as much time below the surface as he has on land. His appreciation and gratitude for the sea is evident in his magical underwater photos, which have graced countless magazine covers.

    In fact, he continues to evolve while chasing his ultimate dream of becoming an accomplished cinematographer — even after Hurricane Irma, a particularly harrowing experience for Steve. The natural beauty of the island and people are still hard to beat. When I was at school in Boulder, I got into diving and began underwater photography there.

    I had plenty of people tell me that they were working hour weeks, so they could go on vacation and dive. I began my career in earnest doing underwater photography in Cozumel, and I was just blown away by the crazy color patterns of things like the sponges and the fish. What is your greatest accomplishment? Self-publishing my coffee table book, Living Art. I live on St. John, and I know that the kind of people who really love St.

    John have a special feeling about it.

    Simply Anna

    The Friends of the Park ended up funding the first print run, and as a result, they shared in the profits, which brought in a substantial amount of money for them. That felt good. What is a hidden gem on St. John that visitors should check out? Right off the dock you can see something black sticking out of the sand in the perfect shape of a spade.

    By Andrea Milam. There are no chain stores on this island. The main town of Cruz Bay is easily walkable, anchored on either end by two shopping destinations, each offering up their own kind of island charm. The store features the popular petroglyph. Other themed collections include Larimar, pearl, sea life and mermaid, pirates and certified ancient and shipwreck coins, sure to serve as conversation starters.

    Freebird also offers its own hurricane-themed collection, featuring a Larimar IrMaria bracelet, with 4mm of Larimer serving as the eye of the storm, and five wraps of 14k gold on either side of the hurricane symbol, representing the two Category 5 hurricanes the Virgin Islands survived in Located on the other side of Cruz Bay near the ferry dock, Mongoose Junction is a lush, inviting complex featuring native stone designs and tranquil water features. Shopping has never been a more calming experience. Browse creations by local artists. Stunning island photographs are incorporated into works of art at the St.

    John Experience Gallery, and Just BEach has everything you need for a fabulous day on island, including sunscreen, snorkel gear rentals, hats, swimsuit cover-ups and much more. Perhaps one of the most unique stores at Mongoose Junction is Caravan Gallery. Jewelry, gifts and ancient artifacts from around the world come together in one captivating space at this boutique, adjacent to the Tap Room.

    Taking in all that Caravan Gallery has to offer is like perusing a treasure chest. African masks, Buddha statues and artwork featuring ancient fossils evoke a different time and place, while keepsake boxes and wood inlaid cribbage boards make for whimsical gifts. John petroglyphs and hook bracelets, along with their take on the hurricane theme — a Bad Sisters bracelet that features iconic representations of Irma and Maria. Eight miles away, Coral Bay offers a small collection of shops that are as charming and eclectic as the town itself. Starfish Market, conveniently located at The Marketplace in Cruz Bay, is perhaps the most similar to the grocery stores you shop at home.

    The most complete food store on St. We carry thousands of food items including a full deli and meat department, fresh produce and an in-store bakery. Store Hours: Monday — Friday a. Saturday — Sunday a. Visit our website: www. Take home a handmade charm necklace in sterling silver, 14k gold or a combination of both, or create a charm that is uniquely yours.

    They also carry a wide selection of hook bracelets, petroglyph jewelry. In their Mongoose Junction location, you will find the original St. John Ferry Dock, Cruz Bay; ; www. Just a five minute stroll from the Cruz Bay ferry dock. North Shore Road, Cruz Bay; ; www. They stand for quality and service, carrying a wide selection of foods in all departments, produce, meat, in-store bakery, deli, hot foods, beer, wine and liquor. Starfish Market delivers to villas and hotels. Marketplace, St. Caravan Gallery; www. Bamboo Studio; www. Freebird Creations; www.

    Steve Simonsen Photography; www. John is no secret, and when Hurricane Irma devastated the island, he was among the first to step up to help. He also personally delivered new instruments to the St. John School of the Arts, where he visited with faculty and students. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at various restaurants here, most of which are open-air, allowing you to enjoy the cool island breezes.

    Coral Bay serves up an impressive array of dining options considering its small size, and most restaurants on this side of the island lean towards the casual. Sunday brunch is available at restaurants in both Cruz Bay and Coral Bay, and many restaurants have happy hour drink specials; some offer food specials during happy hour as well. John offers a surprising array of fine-dining establishments.

    Alternatively, treat yourself with a catered night in. Skilled St. John caterers will cook you a meal in-house, allowing you to enjoy. There are a handful of options in Cruz Bay, and the local food called pate — a pastry stuffed with spiced chicken, beef, saltfish or vegetables then deep fried — makes for an excellent handheld snack. John is decidedly casual. Even at the most high-end establishments, men are welcomed in shorts and a short-sleeve collared shirt, and women can wear sundresses.

    Leave the high heels, hair products and makeup at home. Flip-flops are acceptable footwear in all dining venues. Dine in, enjoy a casual beachfront breakfast, or treat yourself to an evening of fine dining — or do a little bit of each. Offering LIVE entertainment, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner along with ice cold beer, wine and frozen drinks.

    John www. High Tide serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a diverse menu sure to please any appetite. Ice cold drinks and live music. A great spot to watch the sunset or catch the game. The concept celebrates every aspect of what it means to eat local with a modern take on traditional Caribbean dishes. The stunning views are perfect for a sunset dinner or for nighttime spectating of a twinkling St. John — Five-minute walk from the ferry www. Offering refined, contemporary and classic cuisine, The Terrace boasts sunset waterfront views from its rustic, stone building in the heart of Cruz Bay, St.

    Traditional Caribbean dishes with a modern twist. The freshest local ingredients available. Stunning views for a sunset dinner. Nighttime spectating at the twinking St. Thomas skyline. Sweeping panaramic views. Stunning sunsets. Lush 5-acre, private oceanfront peninsula. Designed with your vacation experience in mind. John gallowspointresort. With the exception of the Westin St. John, which is set to reopen following renovations in early , there are no major hotels on the island. Because much of the island is protected by the Virgin Islands National Park, beachfront accommodations are few and far between.

    One of the few true oceanside options is Gallows Point Resort, located on a peninsula at the mouth of Cruz Bay. This collection of condos is known for its lush landscaping; entering the grounds is a true tropical escape, and the verdant palms and bright flowering plants that line the walkways add an air of privacy to each unit. The newly renovated pool deck is ideal for some early morning yoga, or relax poolside with an afternoon cocktail and watch the boat traffic move in and out of Cruz Bay.

    Just a two-minute drive outside Cruz Bay, the Westin is a vacation oasis, with beachfront restaurants, tennis courts, gym and spa, an incredible expansive pool and its own beach with watersports options. Island Getaways has offered thorough updates on their properties following Hurricane Irma, and their website is easy to navigate, with simple descriptions of the accommodations at each of their vacation rentals, making it easy for you to choose accommodations based on your needs.

    Alternatively, save some money by seeking out accommodations on your own with www. Virgin Islands a dream come true. Virgin Islands is at the top of my list. Thomas, St. Croix, the three main islands in this cluster east of Puerto Rico, offer warm tropical breezes and palm-fringed shores lapped by gentle waves, along with world-class dining, elegant venues and a host of amenities.

    Virgin Islands is an ideal destination for a wedding or honeymoon. Croix for the past few months. Croix is graced with natural beauty, culture and history. On a clear day you can see St. John and a few of the British Virgin Islands. The ocean breeze here is constant and welcoming on hot days, perfect for a ceremony that would take place outside.

    Loriann and Jay Laugle, two local chiropractors. Jay was born and raised on St. Croix, and he met his wife, Loriann, while they attended medical school in the U. Loriann is a native of Indiana. The rest of their special day was spent in historic downtown Frederiksted, where formal pictures were taken. One of the activities the bride and groom arranged for out-of-town guests was a day trip to various historic and unique places, which included a Cruzan Rum Distillery tour.

    Croix truly has so many gorgeous places for couples that are looking for something off the beaten path. With historic places of worship, centuries-old architecture, sprawling villas and glorious palm-lined beaches, the U. Virgin Islands is a welcoming paradise for those on a budget and for those seeking ultimate luxury. They are happy to recommend St.

    John wedding coordinators to help you plan every aspect of your wedding. They are sure to deliver enchanting moments that you and your guests will never forget. Five-minute stroll from Cruz Bay; ; www. Their goal is to give you a unique wedding experience that fits your personality and style and that also fits within your budget. There is Cane Bay, a gorgeous beach that overlooks the north side of the island and offers spectacular sunset views. Hiking to the tide pools here takes some effort, but the views are worth it. If you are more of a traditional bride but want an idyllic destination wedding, then The Buccaneer resort is for you.

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    • John, Gallows Point Resort in Cruz Bay offers stunning views and a lushly landscaped tropical location. In the U. Virgin Islands, your wedding can be everything you dreamed of and more. Venues available for weddings range from waterfront restaurants and historic ruins to idyllic beaches, oceanfront resorts and more. Can you imagine a more magical place to tie the knot? Emerald Beach Resort reservations emeraldbeach. Lindbergh Bay Hotel and Villas reservations lindberghbayhotelandvillas. Secret Harbour Beach Resort info secretharbourvi.

      Windward Passage Hotel reservations windwardpassage. Bellavista Scott Hotel bellavistascotthotel gmail. The Green Iguana Hotel info thegreeniguana. Island View Guesthouse islandviewstthomas gmail. Bolongo Bay Beach Resort reservations bolongobay. Sunset Gardens Guesthouse reservations sunsetgardensguesthouse. Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham www. Gallows Point Resort info gallowspointresort. The Buccaneer Hotel reservations thebuccaneer. The Palms at Pelican Cove info palmspelicancove. Sand Castle on the Beach info sandcastleonthebeach.

      The Inn on Strand Street info innonstrandstreet. Cottages By the Sea vacation caribbeancottages. Club Comanche Hotel St. Croix info clubcomanche. There are ATMs located throughout. Banks are generally open from 9 a. Some banks have Saturday hours, 9 a. There is no sales tax in the territory. When calling the U. The area code for the USVI is Most major U.

      Many accommodations offer Internet access; and Wi-Fi is available in select locations. Postal Service offers Express Mail service that reaches any U. Priority Mail reaches the U. Major couriers. Trauma and emergency care are offered, plus other specialties including pediatrics, cardiology, oncology, neurology, ophthalmology and orthopedics as well as others. Sunday 10 a. Check the local directory for information. All are welcome! Thomas, established in , is one of the three National Historic Landmarks here. It is the oldest Synagogue in continuous use under the American flag and second oldest in the western hemisphere.

      Visitors welcome. No admission fee. Well-stocked Judaica Gift Shop. Services every Friday at p. Destroyed by fire, flood and hurricane, the sanctuary has been rebuilt each time, serving residents and visitors alike. Tours available Tuesday through Thursday, 10 a. Sunday services at 10 a. Thomas and just a short walk from Main Street. Open to Visitors: Mon.

      Thomas, city buses run between the Schneider Regional Medical Center area west to town. Country buses travel between town and Red Hook every two hours from early morning to early evening. Croix, bus service between Christianstead and Frederikstead runs at regular intervals between 5 a. Seniors with a Senior Citizen Card ride free. Experience the free, island famous, eco-friendly, propane powered shuttle to the airport in air conditioned luxury! Thomas, offering a wide selection of well-maintained vehicles.

      Call for free pickup or drop-off. Harwood Highway, Cyril E. King Airport with free pickup. Discount Car Rental has the lowest car rental rates on St. John and the best weekly rates. Clean, new vehicles, comfort and safety, air-conditioning, automatic drive and all the amenities. Next to the St. Thomas Airport; ; www. Thrifty and Dollar invite you to explore all the Virgin Islands in the comfort of their large variety of brand new models including sedans, Jeeps, SUVs and full-size cars.

      Great deals, outstanding service and a free airport shuttle await you. Call or book online for the best deal. Airport Adjacent; ; www. STT47 www. STT48 www. STJ31 www. Parrot Club pg. STT10 www. Thomas pg. Thomas Reformed Church pg. STX24 www. Bushwackers Crown Bay Gaming pg. STT7 www. The Drunken Clam pg. STT41 www. John pg. STJ30 www. STT43 www. STT44 www. STT42 reservations primehospitalityvi.

      STT45 www. STJ29 www. Cartier pg. STX17 www. STJ25 www. STX18 www. STT31 www. STX16 www. Omni Jewelers pg. STT27 omni islands. STT33 The. Riise Back Cover www. STX19 www. STX18 Starfish Market pg. STJ24 www. STJ17 www. STT33 www. STJ14 www. STT19 www. STX9 www. STT16 info CokiDive. STT18 www. STT17 www. Marlin Prince pg. STT16 www. Thomas Boat Rental pg. STT21 www. Charters pg. STT20 www. John Brewers St. John Chamber of Commerce St. Thomas Historical Trust St. Thomas Yacht Club Stratustalk Inc.

      STRG St. JOHN Property of the hotel. Please do not remove. Virgin Islands On behalf of the U. Be sure not to miss the pre-Columbian Sincerely, Whatever way you choose to spend your vacation in the U. Thomas It is our pleasure to welcome you to the U. Virgin Islands with fresh vegetation and wildlife. Warm regards, Lisa Hamilton President, U. Thomas, USVI Veterans Mem. Thomas Reformed Church Thomas Synagogue Riise Mall ts Gad e Mall omas St. Thomas St. Thomas car ferry 80 73 Mt. Eagle 69 1, ft. Rd rgi 13 11 i r. Property of the hotel. Chartres-style, seven-circuit labyrinth that Discover restored sugar plantation ruins that were found on this private property.

      Virgin Islands bar, play a game of volleyball with new friends, try your hand at paddle boarding or enjoy live music with locals on weekends, among other options.


      As a popular nesting site for leatherback, hawksbill and green turtles, the beach is SHOY BEACH: closed between April 1 and September 1 and Located inside the entrance to The Buccaneer and encircled by sea grape opens only on weekends the remainder of the year. By Anquanette Gaspard The St. Others are from the neighboring Caribbean islands such as Dominica, Antigua, St. For an assortment of bracelets, charms and oneof-a-kind gemstones, visit Joyia Jewelry on Queen Cross Street for that perfect piece.

      Joyia Inspirational Jewelry; www. The Shoe Bar; www. Adorn; www. Hotheads delivers beach apparel for all Come see us! Downtown Christiansted 55 Company Street www. The Buccaneer Deciding on your dwelling when visiting St. Some are tucked away in the hills of the rainforest; others are a short walk from beaches, nestled in the valley.

      Virgin Islands ST. Virgin Islands among the many small red mangrove islands, which serve as a nursery for juvenile marine life; a stop at Cas Cay with a stroll to the tidal pools and geological blowhole on the south side; plus a swim over the surrounding coral reef to spy the plentiful rainbow-colored fish. Virgin Islands of the best known is the 99 Steps. Virgin Islands acres. Calm the clear turquoise seas surrounding rainbow-colored reef fish friendly enough to eat out of your hand make this beach one of the best on St. You can also take a with Aqua Adventures to see an incredible shallow dive site off nearby Buck Island.

      Parasailing is a great St. Virgin Islands freely. We specialize in live bait! John offshoreadventures earthlink. Thomas www. Virgin Islands EST. No Diving Experience Necessary! Call for Reservations www. Virgin Islands What I like are puzzles, crazy ideas I fell in love with the island, with its people and immediately felt like I was home. The buildings here were once warehouses for the goods that were off- and onloaded by European ships sailing into port.

      Virgin Islands Downtown St. STT25 make for perfect mid-shop refueling stops. Virgin Islands 2. Johns Fragrance Company, which has 50 styles of milk, dark and white chocolates that are handmade and sold in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Island stores also sell locally made honey. Bay rum is the signature ingredient in aftershaves, colognes soaps scented with lemongrass, pomegranate, mango, ginger and vanilla. Shop our products on Facebook www. Virgin Islands, which is anchored by the fruits and vegetables native to the Caribbean, such as the boniato.

      Thomas STRG www. Thomas since Treat yourself traditional breakfast and lunch with a Caribbean flavor, served all to a bottle of wine from their award-winning list and pair it with day. Come celebrate 40 years of great food, cold drinks and memories! Virgin Islands on their award-winning Bushwacker. Readers will find these easy-to- continued from pg. E Moore [Link] ; page Journal: Curr Vasc Pharmacol; Oct; 6 4 Prevention of a first stroke by transfusions in children with sickle cell anemia and abnormal results on transcranial Doppler ultrasonography. N Engl J Med ; Journal: Transl Res; Aug; 2 Effect of hydroxyurea on frequency of painful crises in sickle cell anemia.

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      Annas Journey (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 714) Annas Journey (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 714)
      Annas Journey (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 714) Annas Journey (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 714)
      Annas Journey (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 714) Annas Journey (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 714)
      Annas Journey (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 714) Annas Journey (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 714)
      Annas Journey (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 714) Annas Journey (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 714)

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