50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6)

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From Import/Export to Solar Energy

The best channels make videos that look easy, but it takes some skills to film and create good videos that keep people watching. You might even be a Patron to a couple of projects right now. Basically, people sign up at levels that signify a specific dollar amount, you provide content, that ties into those levels. For more creative types that are in small niches, this could be a good approach to get your feet wet and test the market. But by no means does that mean your online career aspirations have to fall within one of these options.

Your best bet is going to be the business you create that combines your skill set with something you actually enjoy. Any of these ideas getting some thoughts bubbling? It just goes to show that you have the opportunity today to really work from anywhere. There are thousands of different online businesses you can create, often it just takes a little bit of creativity and the ability to stay focused long enough to get it off the ground.

The ideas listed here are just a starting point. Other members of our community are killing it with app development, e-commerce, theme design and so much more. I chose the 10 above because I think they represent a good combination of interesting, marketable, and attainable. I think web design and web development have the potential to be two totally different things, but they dont have to be.

For this site, I had one person design it, and another code it. Well in my case I do web design, but I love to help bloggers, so im thinking about creating a small design studio online. I work on Genesis so I know how to code, design, hook, copywrite and help people to become awesome online! My ideal situation would be to find a few steady clients that need my services. So I wouldnt totally write it off. For instance, SEO, social media, app development etc. Often those people are looking for development and design work and wont be too crowded with other people with the same background as you.

Have any good info on working with Odesk and Freelancer? Like, ways to get ahead of the countless others on there? What I love about these businesses is that they all can overlap with each other. I started out messing around with blogging. As I figured out how to get more traffic that led to an understanding of SEO.

I then transitioned into SEO writing to make some extra money. This led to not only a lucrative Copywriting gig, but also a freelance SEO client. Learning one skill has direct applications to other parts of the business — and as you go on and acquire more skills, the business grows because of it. Great list here Sean :. This is definitely a good resource for people who want to get started provided they follow through with the action needed to get going.

Would you say that some of these can be done together? Like say having a blog that documents learning one of these and providing the services via a different page? Absolutely they can be. I think no matter which one of these you choose, starting a blog is a good idea.

It gives you a way to apply some of these skills SEO, copywriting etc , gives you the potential to build an audience and connect with new people, and can be a great source of leads for the business as well. Good tip Sean! Definitely good advice to focus on one step at a time. Thank you for your quality information. Much appreciated. Hey Sean great info, i really liked your location rebel guides. I am looking at working freelance and travelling however i work in financial services and much of what i do is data sensitive.

How feasible is it to work from public wifi spots and still have sufficient security or should i look more towards long term leases with wifi or coworking spaces? Great post, just what I needed to read today. David Malan also gives an amazing introduction to programming in general. That course are available here. I would also add elearning as an option in there as well. We all have a skill or talent we can share. Providing services by means of online classes and webinars are an easy to get up and running option. Sean is basically talking about exactly this in 5 Info-Product Creation.

This is why Sean recommends freelancing first. Guys like Noah Kagan and Ramit Sethi typically recommend the same thing. Very useful list. And maybe website admin. Wicked post! Will be sharing this with my peeps. I think one of the toughest things for people making the move to solopreneurship or at least starting a business on the side first , is finding the path of least resistance. Bookmarked this! Sean, I tried looking up your first post on Location , but, was unable to click on the oldest post listed. I am wondering if you would mind sharing the link to it here?

I am curious as to what your thoughts were at that time in writing that post and the direction of this blog and how it has changed course. I think it would be helpful to me. Thank you. In the end you give them a report on all issues found so that the people that hired you can fix their issues before they become liabilities. The learning curve is high as it could take a year or more to learn the techniques needed depending on motivation and prior knowledge of web technologies. The time investment depends on the tester and the quality of the service they want to offer thorough manual testing, point-and-click automated scanning, etc.

One huge downside is managing legal liabilities and getting the paperwork right. Great post Sean. Interesting how the majority of these are related. Are there any of your members doing day trading? I have contact with a few traders that trade the markets location independent. This is exactly what I needed to read. Thanks so much for the info and the honest and friendly tone! Great post as always and timely for me. That said, do you have any insight or wisdom to offer in regards to registering a freelance business as an LLC vs. Had to share it on our own site. Liked the one about blogging because of the lifestyle it allows as you are living proof of it.

Awesome stuff Sean. Any thoughts Sean? Keep me posted! This is a great low down of what you can do. You have to consider your own abilities as well.

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For example, podcasting is never for me. I love to watch people who are doing it successfully but I cannot imagine doing it myself. Another example is that some people are great with words and others love to speak with codes. You need to decide which one you are first. Are you good at creative work or are you good ad writing?

This brings us to the next point. If you are good at one part of your business you can concentrate on that area and employ or contract others to do the other part. For example, I know coding but terrible at designs. So, whenever I need a website I contract it out to someone who is a lot more imaginative than me. It may take a while to find your thing but it is a process you need to go through first before you fully commit to earning a living online. My question is, if I am someone who is looking to start a freelance SEO and Copywriting business, how long would you say it would take before seeing a good income from this?

I have always felt my writing skills were above average History and Literature major , and since joining The Foundation my knowledge of internet marketing, copywriting, and SEO have sky rocketed. Just curious on your thoughts on how long this might take to get up and running? It totally depends on how much time you have to devote to it. Great list complete with great resources. Working on this part of the online market can really introduce you to a lot of the possibilities out there. You can do a lot more than just SEO, but it s a good starting point!

Thanks for this great list. A lot of options to create and make money off of those creations. I think the main key is choosing one to start and sticking with it. Patience is always key. Love this. Your rating system is genius- it gives you a quick insight. I can tell I will be referring back to this post.

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  5. Great list here. Keep up the great work! All I had to do was befriend people within the travel space over the course of 2 years, offering to help them in any way I could. I am investigating extra business activities right now, and the other 9 you list Sean offer a starting point … thanks man! All of this sounds really awesome! I need your help. Now I am not very computer literate. So I need to do something fairly easy I am not much of a writer.

    My mind wanders when I try to think and stick to one idea. Because all I keep thinking about is make some money fast to help my family. Something that I can start and get running right away. Something that will change the way families are struggling today like mine would be great.

    I am trying to reach that financial independence. To be happier and to know that I have finally beat this never ending financial roller coaster we call life. And to try to reach out to families who are trying to do the same thing. Hey Sean, I just read your post! I love the insight and the enthusiasm to encourage people to do something different. Taking it online so to speak. I also can order them test kits and send it to them internationally with some of the labs that I use so I can get fresh information to help them solve their case or at least offer some insight for them.

    I like to think of it as being a CSI investigator for chronic health issues. Do you think I could attract folks from all over the internet to hire me to look into their cases and pay for my time? Allowing me to live anywhere I choose, ultimately? I am not really interested in copywriting and I have to tell you, as technical and creative minded as I am, I hate computers and everything about them.

    I am seeking something with low start up costs as I am still paying off my M. Do you have anything else? Thank you for your article, it was definitely interesting but most of that stuff is beyond my wheelhouse. I was curious if you know anyone that is maybe sourcing products from Thailand to sell in other countries. I am actually a Thai-Born American and was planning on taking a long vacation over there looking for a financial opportunity over there on my stay. If I can find a way to get some revenue I might stay there for a while.

    First of all thank you so much for posting such an informational post. My Question- Right now I am not at all expert in mentioned skills, and also, I am not very much excellent in English Writing. Also, the What is a Social Media Manager girl looks grumpy as hell! First gig is assisting a bigger marketing company on the social side of ad campaigns.

    Looking to get more clients and move somewhere tropical, with palm trees and a mango tree in my garden! Pls can you give me some guide. Your email address will not be published. Freelance, for instance, is pretty easy to grab the basics. Combine these technologies with your English or whichever language you choose to specialise in acumen and you can service businesses as their dedicated proofreader. From sensitive company documents, to marketing material, your eyes can be the final eyes to see a piece of media that leaves a company. With more and more companies looking to leverage content marketing, you can even cast an eye and ear on video content, which is growing in popularity among business marketers.

    Ah, the tried-and-tested handyman business. But, what if you start a handyman business that only focuses on technology challenges around the home and for small businesses? Think of yourself as a nerd-on-call; able to restore dead Wi-Fi spots and fix leaky servers. Think of extended services, like helping people back-up their data month-to-month. Or, you could help people set up their smart TVs. As technologies evolve, so to will your business and its growth potential. According to research firm Gartner, there will be more than 50 billion connected devices on the planet within the next four years.

    To prevent them from ending up in the trash and eventually landing in a landfill site, you can start a business that collects unwanted electronics from people. People can donate their unwanted goods to you and you can in-turn take it to recycling depots to make some money. If you like, you can even donate a portion of your proceeds to charity, as you will be making money from donated goods. As Internet speeds across the country improve through the deployment of fibre Internet pro-gaming is becoming a viable career option. If you would to supplement your salary, or earn an income as a stay-at-home parent, one of these business ideas might be just right for you.

    With little capital input and some dedication, you can start a side-hustle that could eventually turn into a fully-fledged business in the future. Why not turn your passion for cooking into a weekend business? You can start small, at local markets and eventually build up a client base that you could offering catering services to. In fact, if your pop-up diner is successful, you could eventually turn it into a fixed-location food retail business. At The Rosebank Weekend Market in Johannesburg, entrepreneurs set up their food stalls and prepare food in front of customers.

    South Africans are sought-after as English language tutors across the globe. Using the Internet, or by hosting actual classes, you can make money teaching foreigners English. There are numerous markets to teach English across the globe and all you need to start earning an income is a stable fast Internet connection and decent laptop.

    Do you love to garden? Do you love to read? Basically, follow your passion and monetise in a creative way. Yes, people can watch YouTube videos to learn this too, but one-on-one tutorage can earn you money and help South Africans build their acumen. Do you still live in the same city or area that you grew up in? Do you know the ins-and-outs of the place like the back of your hand? Why not leverage this knowledge of your surroundings and its history by starting a weekend or after-hours tour guide business?

    Sometimes, people need shopping done, or they need items fetch from the post office, or they need something picked up and dropped off somewhere else. Did you know that Mango Pickle is one of the most popular forms of pickled food in the world? Brands such as Double Horse in India started out as homemade batches, but today it can be found in Supermarkets in Durban and Montreal. You might be on your way to building a pickle empire if you start this lucrative business.

    The business of making Mango pickle is not complicated, but you will need to have a little bit of patience before you start to generating revenue. You can buy these items yourself and fix them to creatively designed activity boards and start selling them to friends and family with children as early as next weekend. You can easily start a clothing design business on the side, if you do you research and show a little dedication. If you have an eye for fashion inspired by the variety of heritages in the country, you could be the next David Thlale. Keep the start-up costs low, design digitally, and shop around for materials.

    If you need access to sewing equipment, look for used machines and over-lockers. Paul Simon, the founder of YDE, went into the memorabilia business a few years ago with stylish helmets — or Makarabas. Simon created a mass production version. You could create similar products of a variation of it for local sports matches. Or you could think of new types of memorabilia that has a unique South African twist to it.

    Rent-A-Student is a not for profit organisation securing the best deals for students and great rates for employers. Do you have an area of expertise others would be willing to pay for? Use this knowledge of your favourite subject as a consultant. Time is a commodity for working parents and even single professionals. Not everyone thinks they need a personal chef, but their busyness needs to be fuelled by wholesome meals.

    17 Businesses You Can Run from Anywhere on Earth (And Start Today)

    Armed with a working knowledge of growing herbs and a few square feet of growing space, you can join one of the fastest-growing industries — herb farming. Medicinal herbs, herbal teas, culinary herbs, and herbs for candles and aromatherapy are just some of the items you can grow and sell successfully. Take your interest in interior design a step further by capitalising on the profitability of custom curtain making. This business idea allows you to provide multiple services such as designing, sewing and installing window treatments.

    Offering several services, enables you to charge more than just stitching together basic curtains for customers. This means they most likely have more money to spend on their wedding when they do decide to tie the knot. If your clients are satisfied, they will be far more likely to return to you as regular clients. To be a good nail technician, you will need the following skills:. Your creative flair can tailor fruit, sweets, flowers and other gifts into baskets, decorative tins, boxes or bags of joy.

    There are various ways to enter this business — from starting it on your own from scratch to working with an established franchise. Your love to write and illustrate, combined with good stories and your iPad and Kindle, could be a lucrative business opportunity. Consider putting your creativity to good use in new homes, kitchens and the World Wide Web:. Your clientele could range from corporate professionals in big presentations to celebrities on the red carpet.

    All you need is a keen eye for fashion and a proven understanding of trends and classic attire. Home staging, also known as property styling, is certainly a viable and needed service in South Africa, however there are already some companies offering it. Prop stylists source and then style all of the details necessary to create the look for a shoot. Said sourcing involves either renting, buying or making the props. For example, prop stylists who specialise in tabletop source the plates, linens, flatware, utensils, backdrops, etc. Many young professionals in various fields are turning to DJing as an alternative stream of income.

    Because most events are held after-hours, full-time employees can make additional money making and playing music at various functions. Alternatively, expand your client base by becoming a full-time DJ who also plays at corporate and school functions, which can take place during the day.

    Gmail Extension Creator

    Are you keen to open your own art gallery? How about helping other artists get their works noticed? What if you could do both, starting this weekend? All you need is a good eye for beauty in art pieces in order to sell them to various art enthusiasts. Put your car enthusiasm and creativity to good use by giving old cars a great makeover.

    Not only is the restoration of old cars a booming new industry, if you do it right you have the potential to earn lots of money.

    100 ideas for making money online with a budget under Rs 5,000

    If typing 60 to 85 words per minute is your superpower, use your typing skills to earn money from home as a transcriptionist. While you can choose to have a specialty such as medical transcription, you can have a bit more fun with transcribing subtitles for movies for other English-speaking countries with a different dialect. Alternatively, you could be a translator or subtitler for television and film. What started as a few recipes shared on Facebook has become a fully-fledged cooking lessons business.

    Food blogging is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money from being a foodie. The continuous popularity of flea markets across the country gives you an extended market where you can sell your wares to international and local tourists. Her company has grown into an entrepreneurial success and yours can too. As we undergo the fourth industrial revolution, remote areas in the countryside are also catching up to certain technology becoming widely available.

    Why not cash in on advancement by offering products and services not common in your area? Unreliable power supply over the past few years in South Africa has seen an increase in both urban and rural households and business owners seeking alternative energy sources.

    Provided you have enough space, you could even have the accommodation run separately from your home. Your small town may historical inns or motels, but nothing as homely as an actual home. Help farmers monitor their crop fields without the need for extra equipment or exposure to safety hazards by offering to assist with those tricky overhead shots. You can even help photographers, filmmakers, and anyone who needs to take photos for their business with your drone service. Not only is convenience key in maintenance emergencies, but all you need is a toolbox and thorough working knowledge of farming machinery.

    Why enjoy the produce from your organic garden on your own? It could be a goldmine waiting to be capitalised upon. While lawn mowing and trimming hedges is what is most commonly associated to tending gardens and landscaping, rural areas may sometimes require specialised landscaping services beyond this. If you own one and are thinking of having your own transportation service, start today. While it may not be the most glamorous of jobs, you can make money and run a successful business maintaining chimneys in your area.

    Home births are just as popular in urban areas as they are in remote areas. Should you be located out of reach of a hospital, some women may choose to give birth at home, without compromising on comfort. Doulas offer information, emotional support, and physical assistance in the process of giving birth. Starting small can lead to a property, restaurant or farming empire.

    SMEs come in all disciplines and sizes, and most just need a certain level of skill — which can be easily taught — and diligence. The rest is up how you market and manage your business:. Enjoying being a real estate owner with the freedom of lifestyle and passive income from owning and renting out storage units.

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    You could even continue with your current job and hire a full-time onsite manager. Start an urban garden on a rooftop or in a small lot and sell your harvest to visitors or shops nearby. You can do it too. Podcasting in South Africa doubled from to and continues to grow. That makes it the fastest growing medium of all. Building a solid listenership takes time. Creating an online course can be a substantial time investment.

    Remote working had allowed even full-time employees the freedom to choose their workspace. Now, while other businesses in the same field may offer a work-friendly environment for customers to enjoy, you can take it a step further. The advent and constant advancement of the smartphone has roused the need for an increasing number of smartphone repairs. So you can open up a business that specialises in this area. Use your solid foundation of business skills to start a virtual assistant VA business. Not only is it a quickly growing trade, being a VA can provide excellent income potential, both part-time and as a daily job.

    Do you have a car and free time? You can choose to become a part0time or full-time Uber driver. As a start-up entrepreneur, you want an affordable ad easy way to get your business off the ground. Food is already one of the top business sectors, so why not take what the people want to the customers? You can park it wherever the crowds are and take your passion for food with you, despite the long hours and confined space.

    Your customers are people who are already zealously documenting their lives online, so why not cash in by providing a unique experience? You can provide a photo booth service that documents special events and enables instant uploading of photos to the Internet. Wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations can get you thousands of rands per order. The best part is that, if you market yourself well, all you need is an oven, some icing, fondant and piping tubes to start. Making and selling variety of homemade ice teas can be a lucrative business due to customer demand for homemade, nutritious and healthy options.

    Whether your passion is creating homemade jams, cosmetics, fashion accessories or even apparel, a box subscription services business allows you to be as creative and innovative as you want to be. Your family and friends may be on to something. Many beer lover prefer a tasty local craft beer to a generic brew from even the best brewing giant.

    Armed with this information and your expertise in brewing, you may want to consider taking the next step and starting your own craft beer business. If you love a bargain and are always on the lookout for travel specials and planning the best holiday on a budget, you may want to share your skills — and make money doing it. The rising cost of travel means consumers are constantly seeking the best deals on airfare, hotels and rental cars. As a travel planner, you can do that on their behalf and be your own boss.

    If you already own a computer and phone, these will be your primary tools for searching the Internet to find travel deals and compile the most memorable holidays for busy professionals and families who need a relaxing break, without the added stress of planning it. If you like shopping and freebies no judgement and getting paid, mystery shopping could be a business idea to look into. Your opinions on products or services for a specific business could see you going into a restaurant and reporting back about your service or quality of product, or visiting a hotel and offering an opinion about customer service quality and the pleasure of your stay.

    Not only will you be helping offer valuable feedback to businesses on how to improve customer service interaction, the appearance of a store, or even how to improve product delivery, but you may pick up some advice on how to run your own venture one day. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. In order to understand how people use our site generally, and to create more valuable experiences for you, we may collect data about your use of this site both directly and through our partners.

    The table below describes in more detail the data being collected. By giving your consent below, you are agreeing to the use of that data. For more information on our data policies, please visit our Cookie Policy. Revoke Consent Submit Consent. My Queue.

    Passive Income Ideas 💡: 10 Ways I Make $1,000 Per Month

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    50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6) 50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6)
    50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6) 50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6)
    50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6) 50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6)
    50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6) 50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6)
    50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6) 50 Home Business Ideas with Computers & the Internet (500 Home Business Ideas Book 6)

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