USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual

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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Reno Flotilla 3
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Specialty Training Ribbon. This recognition is presented to a member who has satisfactorily completed any of the specialty courses. Operations Program Ribbon. This ribbon recognizes qualifications in the various operations program areas. Watchstanders and boat engineers are defined as Auxiliarists who have been designated in writing by a CG unit or the Director as qualified in that position.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Jobs for You

Examiner Program Ribbon. This ribbon recognizes qualifications in various examiner program areas. Instructor Program Ribbon.

Summary of Updates to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M G) - ppt download

This ribbon recognizes qualification in the instructor IT program. Auxiliary Membership Ribbon. This award is presented to any member who completes five cumulative needs NOT be consecutive years of Auxiliary membership. Flotilla Meritorious Achievement Award.

Auxflc: Uscg Auxiliary Flotilla Leadership Course

This award is given annually to one flotilla in each district and region. The winning flotilla is subjectively judged by the DCO and Director to have made the most significant contributions to the Auxiliary program that year. Auxiliarists, who have been flotilla members for at least six months and a day during the award period, are eligible to wear the award's ribbon and receive the award's certificate.

Annual Performance Service Awards may be issued in the following categories using the following criteria completed annually by calendar year - 1 January through 31 December , no retroactive entitlement authorized. Once an Auxiliarist is determined to be eligible for an award it may be presented when an appropriate presentation opportunity arises. It is not necessary to wait until the end of the year to present the award.

Work with Us: Active Duty, Reserve, and Coast Guard Civilian

The awards use the old AMOS ribbons with an additional device to distinguish the new system from the discontinued awards and will include a miniature medal with device and citation. One award in each category may be issued to an Auxiliarist each calendar year, as the award is earned. Auxiliarists may continue to wear the old AMOS ribbons previously earned. When a new ribbon of that same category is awarded under the new system, only the new Annual Performance Service ribbon with associated device is worn. The Operations Service award is awarded for supporting Coast Guard units and missions, including surface operations, air operations, and operational watchstanding such as communications watchstander, OOD, manning the SAR desk, etc.

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Many are qualified vessel examiners who conduct vessel safety checks and recreational boating safety visits. We train extensively and we conduct safety, regatta, and chart updating patrols.

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As you can imagine we're out on the water a lot. We often provide assistance to boaters both experienced and novice. The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed civilian component of the Coast Guard established by Congress in to assist in promoting boating safety.

It boasts nearly 30, members from all walks of life who receive special training so that they may be an intergal part of "Team Coast Guard". Auxiliarists assist the Coast Guard in non-law enforcement missions such as public education, vessel safety checks, safety patrols, search and rescue, maritime safety and security and environmental protection. Auxiliarists volunteer more than 2 million hours every year.

USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual
USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual
USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual
USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual
USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual USCG Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual

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