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Buying fakebooks is much more economical than buying sheets for individual songs. Unlike a sheet music which prints the notes for both the hands treble as well as bass clef , fakebooks provides the melody, lyrics and chords for a song. Normally, these songs are grouped on some common theme such as an artist or style of music or hit songs from any year. Buying a fake book is economical as well, as compared to buying sheets for individual songs.

Outline of a Song A fakebook provides only the outline of the song and then you need to improvise and harmonize the song. Once you are comfortable with the basics of sight reading, you will enjoy playing from a fakebook since you just have to read the treble clef. Once the melody sinks in, just look at the chords for directions to improvise.

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Of course, you need to be at a level where you know all your chords and are comfortable using them. You need to practice improvising and learn chord substitutions. In fact, improvising is fun and once you get inside it you would want to improvise almost everything. Normally classical songs are played as it is and not improvised upon so sometimes you may have to control yourself.

Used by Performing Pianists Most of the working pianists have a good collection of fakebooks. It is faster for them to learn a new song from such books. The way the notes are laid on a fake book , it is even easy to transpose the song to another key. This is useful if you are accompanying a singer. There are plenty of books available… and what you want would depend on what you like to play.

Ever wondered how to create better accompaniments on the keyboard for the melodies in your favorite fake books?

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Keyboard players with a basic understanding of notation and sight-reading will be on their way to more fun with fake books. The relaxed tone of the text and selection of fun songs keep How to Play from a Fake Book entertaining throughout perfect for amateur musicians, or as a supplement for keyboard teachers and their students. Read more on on Sheetmusicplus. You should always have a bunch of songs ready, that you can play anytime you get the opportunity to do so. Herman describes the conversation between Nipsey and Holder as non-confrontational, but he too says Nipsey told Holder he'd heard rumors about him snitching Colorado police have busted even more people in that wild youth baseball brawl Cops had initially cited just 5 people in the June 15 melee -- but after more than a week of investigating and reviewing some pretty clear brawl footage, officials have identified at least 7 more people involved in the fracas.

Among the accused, cops say there was a year-old man, a year-old man, three women 27, 30 and 30 and a year-old juvenile. Most of the men are in their 20s. As we previously reported, several parents got into an argument over the rules during a championship game involving 7-year-old players in Lakewood -- when suddenly a pregnant woman came out of the stands brandishing a baseball bat. When a man tried to rip the weapon away from her As of now, the Jeffco Co-Op has ended the season for both teams involved and all BC coaches and parents identified participating in the incident are being removed indefinitely.

Madonna 's music video portraying a mass shooting at a nightclub contains a strong and necessary message, but the way she delivered it is totally out of touch Brandon Wolf tells TMZ His main problem -- he says Madonna didn't reach out to any of the Pulse nightclub shooting victims, survivors or their families for input or to see how her new video might affect them. Although it's evident her vid is referencing the mass shooting , Brandon points out she never acknowledges it or pays tribute to the 49 people who were killed.

Wolf also accuses the singer of being self-absorbed and using Pulse as a prop, and says it's not the first time she's done so.

He points to the tweet she shared right after the shooting, which also didn't directly mention the incident Brandon also wonders what took Madonna so long to speak out about the Pulse incident, considering it happened over 3 years ago. He does hope she's genuinely woke about the gun control issue -- as her lyrics say -- but he's having a hard time completely buying it.

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BTW -- Wolf tells us he hasn't actually watched the shooting scene in her new video because he doesn't want to relive the experience, but he's seen still frames. As we reported, another Pulse survivor says watching the video was very traumatic. She's clearly not concerned about it and is ready for the rest of her campaign.

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Tulsi Gabbard is at the center of perhaps the most puzzling moment of the Democratic debates, because a magic act happened on her chin The Congresswoman from Hawaii was talking foreign policy during the debate -- specifically the possibility of America going to war with Iran. Important stuff, no doubt. However, as Gabbard spoke many viewers focused on her chin and what appeared to be a tiny zit -- nothing that would require Dr. Pimple Popper or anything, but still Then it happened. Seriously, if you haven't seen it Within a matter of seconds the blemish simply vanished AS Tulsi was talking!!!

Remember, this is on a close-up camera, ON live television. Look, we know this has zero impact on real Presidential issues Btw, we also combed through a bunch of photos of Gabbard from last night -- check the gallery -- and the Congresswoman ain't pimpin' Or whatever it is We've reached out to NBC, which was responsible for the debate broadcast, and also Rep.

Gabbard's campaign office. No word back from either Sophie Turner 's face says it all The French chateau is a restored 18th century castle with 9 rooms, a luxurious pool, a winery and a tennis court It looks like it's the final countdown to the wedding ceremony now, though As you may know, the TV host spilled the beans about the date of the wedding on an Instagram comment earlier this week, when he said See you at the wedding!

Of course, the couple already tied the knot in early May in a surprise Vegas ceremony officiated by an Elvis impersonator And, here it comes.

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No word if this will be the final wedding party for the 2, or if they'll go the Nick and Priyanka route and tack on a few more. Dog the Bounty Hunter says the family's trying its best to celebrate the life of his wife Duane "Dog" Chapman spoke outside his Honolulu home Wednesday night about Beth 's passing, saying it's a terrible time He also joked that on the bright side -- Beth would appreciate being famous in death Dog got serious and emotional talking about her death , though He said Chapman also cautioned any fans donating money to the family for Beth, telling them to save their cash because they're good on funds right now.

We broke the story Beth died Wednesday in a Honolulu hospital, days after being placed in a medically-induced coma. She had a years-long battle with cancer, which ultimately took her life. The Golden State Warriors superstar crutched his way on to the L. Thompson was greeted by LeBron James himself -- who's starring in and producing the flick -- and the two talked it out for a while in front of the production crew.

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Other stars on the set included Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard. The guy wearing 23 appears to be Draymond Green. We're told the scene is set at an All-Star game -- there doesn't appear to be any Monstars present! Goldstein owns a famous home in the Hollywood Hills -- and he custom built an "infinity" basketball court in his backyard just for LeBron. As we previously reported, Bron reached out to several NBA stars to participate in the movie -- but not everyone agreed Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo turned down a role claiming he didn't want to take his focus away from training.

It's clear, nothing much has changed Jenelle Evans and David Eason are under the same roof as their kids again -- but just for a visit, and WITH a court-ordered monitor watching like a hawk. Jenelle and David showed up to court again Thursday in Whiteville, North Carolina to enjoy a reunion with 9-year-old Jace , 2-year-old Ensley and David's year-old daughter, Maryssa , from a previous relationship.

Jenelle's mom, Barbara , arrived with the kids -- separately from David and Jenelle -- and headed inside the courthouse moments before their parents. We know what you're thinking He showed up later, and so did his dad, Nathan Griffith. This is the first time Jenelle and David have seen their kids since Barbara brought them back on June 4. For those counting, that's 23 days. You'll recall that last time was none too pleasant for Jenelle and Barbara Accusations were made from both sides but it seems they've let bygones be bygones The reunion comes on the heels of Tuesday's hearing.

Jenelle and David have been working with the judge to regain custody. Kevin Spacey 's accuser in the actor's criminal case has just filed a civil lawsuit, claiming the alleged incident left him with "severe and permanent mental distress and emotional injuries.

The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Books) The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Books)
The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Books) The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Books)
The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Books) The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Books)
The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Books) The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Books)
The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Books) The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Books)

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