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Each bar is only 90 calories, so it could still attract the shoppers that want to limit calorie count with a bit of indulgence. Smartmouth Brewing Company recently brewed up a Lucky Charms beer. General Mills has launched a fruity Lucky Charms product and even unveiled a box of cereal that just contained the marshmallows.

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If consumers find this latest Lucky Charms reformulation magically delicious, then it could be a lucrative launch. In a chip rollout that the food-loving canine Scooby Doo would love, Pringles is introducing a mystery flavor that consumers must solve. The new flavor will be on sale through June 30 only at Walgreens.

Consumers who purchase the product will be asked to take a picture of their receipt, log online and submit their guesses through August For food lovers who enjoy mysteries, a growing number of CPG companies are rolling out products with an unknown flavor for consumers to figure out before it's announced publicly.

In this case, Pringles is only selling the mystery variety at Walgreens, providing a scarcity that could create buzz and make it a must-have for interested consumers. The marketing prowess of guessing a flavor not only drums up attention across media outlets, but spurs debate among consumers online discussing what the mystery flavor might be.

Pringles is no stranger to the tactic after launching a mystery flavor last year in Canada that turned out to be Seven Layer Dip.

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For the last two years, the Kellogg-owned brand introduced chips that taste like traditional Thanksgiving Day favorites with flavors like Turkey, Stuffing and Pumpkin Pie. Arguably, the most well-known guess-the-flavor mystery to solve was in when Oreo, manufactured by Mondelez, launched a contest to go along with their new mystery flavored filling.

Consumers posted a variety of guesses on social media sites, including Froot Loops, Creamsicle and lemon.

Alarm Tripped On Third Attempt

And why now? FYE, a shopping mall staple since the s, sells several cereals based on TV shows and comic books. Sales figures were unavailable, but it was anecdotally a hit with fans of the show.

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Experts say nostalgia marketing works so well with millennials because it triggers an emotional response. After all, as the trading cards lost their cachet, attempts were made to bring the characters to the movies.

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Search x. An article from. Muhale, Makaphimo's son, ruled at Khumeloni, and got Mahasha and Mudiga to rejoin him as leaders. See also: Mujaji. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content. Please, subscribe or login to access all content.

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    The Stolen Charm The Stolen Charm
    The Stolen Charm The Stolen Charm
    The Stolen Charm The Stolen Charm
    The Stolen Charm The Stolen Charm
    The Stolen Charm The Stolen Charm
    The Stolen Charm The Stolen Charm
    The Stolen Charm The Stolen Charm
    The Stolen Charm The Stolen Charm
    The Stolen Charm

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