The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2)

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She tells him the pictures he found come from an old, rare book that supposedly contains a cure. When Sheila first discovered she was undead, she was fine eating raw meat straight out of the freezer.

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That changed when she took a bite out of her former coworker Gary Nathan Fillion. From that point on, she needed fresh human meat. It's not certain how long Sheila can go without eating. In an early episode, she tells her husband she hadn't eaten in two days before they find her someone to sink her teeth into.

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We see Sheila stabbed numerous times in season one with objects ranging from knives to dinner plates, but they never cause her any harm. She doesn't bleed nor does she receive any evident wounds from sustained injuries. Though they try to make an elaborate plan, Sheila and Joel aren't methodical killers like Dexter who can get rid of a body quietly.

After an embarrassing showdown, Loki makes the slip and Sheila and Joel lose sight of him. Though he escapes, Sheila thinks she remembers biting him. We don't know how this spreads.

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I never got bitten. Ultimately, she convinces herself she didn't bite him saying, "I didn't taste any blood. By the episode's end, we learn that wasn't the case. Loki is seen in a motel room covered in a heinous shade of yellow vomit, similar to Sheila in the show's premiere. Loki is seen waking up meaning the virus Sheila managed to get can be transferred to other people.

Or at least fall off, it appears. At the end of episode seven, Sheila finds that one of her own toes has fallen off while taking a bath. She then makes multiple attempts at reattaching it involving hot glue and needle and thread until she damaged it completely with a hammer and nail. It turns out Sheila can't be a tame zombie forever.

In the finale, Dr. Wolf warns Sheila and Joel to be careful of any unprovoked aggression. Soon after, Sheila starts exhibiting signs of becoming feral when she nearly chomps down on her husband's fingers in the bedroom. Wolf tells Sheila she may be entering a "new, more feral stage" of the virus. When Sheila asks how long she has before she ultimately loses control, Dr.

Wolf says she's unsure but that it will be a progression. The news ultimately causes Sheila to have herself chained in her basement away from everyone. We know Sheila can't be injured; however, when she and Joel go after a zombified Loki, they're able to end his life by impaling him through the head.

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Just like "The Walking Dead," it takes a blow through the brain to kill the undead. Wolf offers hope in the finale when she starts prepping a remedy for Sheila from a copy of a book from hundreds of years ago filled with a Serbian cure. It's been effective on rats, but she has never tried it on humans. Unfortunately, it's believed the cure probably won't reanimate the dead. When Sheila asks how long it will take the remedy to cure her, Dr. Wolf emphatically tells her it will never cure her. You're dead and you're going to stay that way," she says. It's not clear what exactly the cure will do or if it will work.

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Start listening. Is this your podcast? Episode description It's both a disease of dinosaurs and a plague of people. More Episodes. Ep 28 H.

The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2) The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2)
The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2) The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2)
The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2) The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2)
The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2) The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2)
The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2) The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2)
The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2) The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2)
The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2) The Plague: Zombie Sickness (Episode 2)

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