The Invisible Thug-Part 1

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Turn on the local news and you are likely to see 10 minutes of black on black crime, followed by the weather, and sports. There will be no stories on those who have beaten insurmountable odds, survived institutional racism, are earning an education, and helping their community. Few reporters are interested in humanizing those like Preston and Talia. Tragically, they are only discussed when it is too late. And so I write this to make Preston, Talia, and all those like them visible on the birthday of Ralph Ellison, and so we can hopefully reach a day when we will no longer have to say, "He Has a Name.

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Queer Voices. More filters. Sort order. Jul 21, Dashia rated it really liked it. Super quick read I like the premise and this book gives just enough to make you curious. I wasn't expecting what I read from the title. The only draw backs are some of metaphors and a few grammatical errors. Other than that, I'm ready for part 2!

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I need more info about this sexy thug! Sep 29, Shaquanna rated it liked it. The title and the cover of the book is intriguing. It made me want to read it and see how a thug can really be invisible. It is a great storyline. However, it did have a few grammatical errors and it was way too short.

I was not expecting for it to be a short story. Had the book had more details and such, more stars could have been given. Having said all of that, this will not stop me from reading more from J. Oct 01, Jymyaka Braden rated it really liked it. A Welcome Haunting You can take a thug out of his skin but you can't take the gangster out of the thug.

This flash fiction is an awesome bite of humor, sexuality and thrills. I can't wait to read the next one. Don't have a title It's not like the story is bad but it's not something I would read if it was a full novel Sep 05, Rochelle Davis rated it it was amazing.

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Good That was a great 8 page book i done ever read. There was three errors i found but still good. Wanted to know how he came about on what actually happened on being an experiment. Oct 25, Miranda D. Relerford rated it it was amazing. Wow So glad your a serial lover instead of a serial killer! Although this one was short, it made a big impact! Looking forward to part 2. Mar 25, Crown Jewelz rated it it was amazing.

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The main character, Hightower, is exactly what the title describes, an invisible thug lover. The CIA tried to tame him, but he escaped their system and now lurks the streets of Chicago, finding female victims who he can seduce and offer unimaginable pleasure. I will admit; I feel a little apprehensive about using the word victim. Hightower is not a rapist, but I viewed him as the man who comes to you in your dreams, the one who you believe is really there, fulfilling your wants and needs. With flash fiction and short stories, I often read complaints from readers feeling as if they never get enough of the story.

For those of you who like quick, erotic, and descriptive stories, I highly recommend this work! Or maybe it was all a dream? Then again, maybe it was about a criminal who breaks into women's houses and sexually assaults them, justifying it to himself? I have absolutely no idea! The fact that I cannot determine what I just read is not the problem, it is kind of intriguing.

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What I found to be problematic was that there seemed to be some sentences missing. Tupac Shakur was a rapper acclaimed for his often-philosophical lyrics and focus on racism and inner city black communities. Starr calls Khalil out for selling drugs. He defends himself by saying his grandmother lost her job at the hospital, ironically due to being too sick to work. The Cycle of Poverty and Crime. Seven texts Starr, worried about where she is. Though what happened to Natasha is not yet explained, it is clear that Starr has already experienced tragedy in Garden Heights.

The police sirens end the chapter on a note of suspense and dread. Cite This Page. MLA Chicago. Ross, Julianne.

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The Invisible Thug-Part 1 The Invisible Thug-Part 1
The Invisible Thug-Part 1 The Invisible Thug-Part 1
The Invisible Thug-Part 1 The Invisible Thug-Part 1
The Invisible Thug-Part 1 The Invisible Thug-Part 1
The Invisible Thug-Part 1 The Invisible Thug-Part 1
The Invisible Thug-Part 1 The Invisible Thug-Part 1

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