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Leave this field empty. The Inside Guide has made every effort to ensure that the information in this post was correct at the time of publication. However, we do not assume any liability caused by errors, such as price, cost, time, and location. Would like to know the dates for the Lamberts Bay crayfish festival is taking place as well as the snoek en patat festival. When are you going to publish details of the wines and the estates that will be at the Festival? Here it is the middle of April already and no information on anything except the date available on your website!!!

Thanks for your message. Most of them have applications for stall holders. Hi, a lot of the festivals have art and craft stalls on offer. Jazz in the Rocks, I have tried calling the number posted with no luck. Hi Sanjeev, thanks for your comment. The festival is taking place from 28 February — 4 March We suggest making contact through their Facebook page as the number listed there is the same one we have above. Good luck and enjoy the festival! Hi there, thanks for your message.

Good luck! Would love to offer our services and Craft beer product to the community.. Good luck. Hi I would love to know how do I go about apply as a food vendor please for the up and coming events please Many thanks. The festival tasting hours are 10am to 4pm from Friday to Sunday, but some events fall outside of these times. Be sure to check the programme and plan ahead.

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Most activities are included in your ticket, but some require that you pay as you go. For these, bookings and payments should be made directly with each wine farm. Share 10K. Pin Share 9. Name required. Email will not be published required. If you have a question related to this event, or would like to make a booking, please get in touch with the organisers directly via the contact details in the right-hand sidebar.

Disclaimer: The Inside Guide has made every effort to ensure that the information in this post was correct at the time of publication. Time of publication: 01 May Alvida Williams June 2, Would like to know the dates for the Lamberts Bay crayfish festival is taking place as well as the snoek en patat festival Reply.

Which festival are you referring to? Miss Africa March 25, Is there any arts and craft festival? Or do these mentioned above festivals offer arts and crafts Reply The Inside Guide March 26, Hi, a lot of the festivals have art and craft stalls on offer. Nicholas, Ted. Wilmington, Del. Van Dalen, J. Van Rens. The Brighter Sight of Ophthalmology. January issue of Pageant. Bates, M. Revised ed.

Harold M. New York: Permabooks, , c Optical Letters. Compiled and written by W. Registry no. Kyle, Optician. Correspondence to Dr. Wilson of Clarksburg, WV, from Drs. Greenspon and C. Cole Antique eyeglasses: 3 pair with steel frames and lenses 1 pair pince-nez with lenses 1 pair pince-nez, without, lenses gold wire frame 1 pair without frames. Cowan, Alfred. Refraction of the Eye. Black display case with handle containing 25 colored blocks, known as "Jere's Building Blocks," used to support his talks on "Economics in Visual Eye Care," a facet of the American Plan.

Excellent condition, rare item circa 2. A cardboard display measuring 15"x22". At left there are seven rectangles corresponding to the colors of the blocks,'followed by large print titles of each subject represented by the color as follows: Cost of Ophthalmic Material Mark-up Subsequent Servicing Verifying and Fitting; Re-evaluating Consumption of Ophthalmic Materials Examining, Refracting, Prescribing Fee for Professional Services Rendered 3. Leaflet promoting the Professional Advancement Program.

Four pages, illustrated. Reprint from The Southern Optometrist, Vol. Poor Condition. Agenda for both 1st. Contact lens trial case, Mullen Laboratories, Inc. Wesley, Newton K. Bowen is the author of an article in the journal. Joy Jeffries. The Eye in Health and Disease, being a series of articles on the anatomy and physiology of the human eye, and its surgical, and medical treatment. Brass frame with sliding straight temples.

Plano flat inserted rectangular lenses and hinged side shields with plano flat green lenses.

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Richardson left them at his office in hopes he could find a museum to give them to. Blodi, Frederick C. Includes 15 "View-Master" reels and a compact viewer Fonda, Gerald. Management of the Patient with Subnormal Vision. Park, John H. Cataracts: Nature and Management. Rutherford, C. The Eye. New York: D. Troncoso, Manuel Uribe. Internal Diseases of the Eye and Atlas of Ophthalmoscopy. Philadelphia: F. Davis Co. Allen, Myron S. Preschool Vision. Louis: American Optometric Association, Betts, Emmett A. Foundations of Reading Instruction.

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Volume 1. Los Angeles: Silverlake Lithographers, c Kerner, Fred. Stress and Your Heart. New York: Hawthorn Books, Lewis, Norman. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Co. Seeing and Human Welfare. Moll, Edwin A. Sell Yourself Big. Chicago: Topaz Books, c Munn, Norman L. Psychology, the Fundamentals of Human Adjustment. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Pascal, Joseph, and Harold Noyes. The Optometrist's Handbook of Eye Diseases. Ranson, Stephen W. Rouse, Louis J. College Algebra.

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Boyd, Ph. Gottlieb, Raymond L. The Psychophysiology of Nearsightedness. Dissertation presented to the Humanistic Psychology Insistute in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Humanistic Sciences, Aids to OphthalrTiology, by N. Bishop Harmon. Binocular Imbalance, by Margaret Dobson. Loridon: H. Dynamic Retinoscopy, by L. London: Raphael's Ltd. Eyes and Spectacles, by Dr. Von Rohr. English transl. Harold Levy. Abridgement of material originally published in the February issue of American Journal of Optometry.

Reprinted and distributed by the Journal of the American Optometric Assn. The left two rows of convex lenses are bifocal with the distance and add focal lengths on the labels. The bifocal is the old cement bifocal. There are no cylinders and no concave lenses. With Canada balsam the bifocals could be made and the glasses dispenses in a short time. Wheaton, IL c [99p.

Poise, Kenneth A. June 10, 24; July 8, 22, Vol. The fundamentals of chrome-orthoptics. Chicago, Actino Laboratories, Inc. Optometry Field Magazine Year Book, three, four, and five. Author, date, and publisher unidentified. Search being made to identify the source of this publication. Baltimore, MD: Waverly Press, The Seeing Eye. Johnstown, PA: Schubert Press, Contact Lens Practice. Phys io1og i ca1 Op tics.

Chinese eyeglasses-No lenses-Original quarts lenses lost. White metal but tortise eye wire-About 42 mm round. Excellent condition for age. Folding temples with Swastika in the round end of temple.

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Chinese eyeglasses- found by Dr. Clark in China. Shows European influence-lenses havo a plus reading power unlike the older models having no power Very fine pewter reading lenses- Early American. Ben Franklin type bifocals. Thin wire frame--Metal case. History enclosed in case. Old Hand Retinoacope-Reflecting- Need repair. Record is not entirely clear about what was included, but it seems that it was: Nicaloy Rodeo Frames White Metal Saddle bridge frames without lenses White metal saddle bridge frames with lenses set of measuring glasses 12 pr.

National Recovery Administration. As Approved on June 4, Pages numbered In good condition, some underlining on pages On front cover in pencil is written "Robinson Optical Co. North Carolina Optometrist: Volume 1, number 6, Nov. Personal papers of Henry B. Day, O. Middle district of North Carolina, Jan. Ibid, February , findings of fact and conclusions of law. Articles authored by Henry B. Chairman, n. Optometry law of North Carolina.

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Issued July, Optometry and its growth in North Carolina. Issued April 1, Adopted History of optometry in North Carolina. Board of Examiners in Optometry for North Carolina. Minutes of meetings: November 15, , Raleigh N. May 23, , Charlotte, N. May 30, , Asheville, N. May 28, , Winston-Salem, N. May 29, , Winston-Salem, N. Neill, John C The adaptation of ophthalmic corrective lenses tosafety goggles, three clinics.

No lenses. Bifocal lenses. Raleigh, NC, CD 32pages. Moffie, Dannie and Howard C. Report of Progress. Raleigh, NC, Adam C. Translated by Matthias Lanckton Foster. Colburn, J. Elliott Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Eye. Johnston, J. Milton and Visual Tests Eye Studies, a series of lessons on vision and visual tests. Chicago: J. Johnston, Noyes, Henry D. A Text-Book on Diseases of the Eye. Transcript, 31st.

OEP Conf 3 conferences 44th. Rosser, Matriculation Number , 27 lessons, completed. Syllabus, Lessons Contents of the record, 13 series. Brown, President, Philadelphia Optical College. Optometric Weekly, Volume 23, Number 2, March 3, Securio The Human Eye. Sentinels of Vision. American Optical. Wood case with velvet lining.

Wellsworth-DeZeng Phoroptor c. Hardy and Company. International Association of Boards of Examiners in Optometry A manual of optometric jurisprudence and suggested uniform standards, 1st. International Association of Boards of Examiners in Optometry, c Giebink, Gerald A. La Jolla, Calif. Group one, two, and three. Blue lense, bronze Lt. Revolution 12 Misc. Shooting glass mounted on board 45 S. Dickson, Sr. Consider 23 Volumns- Previously owned by Dr. Dickson of Anthony Kansas. American Optical with cork on nosepads. Small, spring-hinged metal case, velvet-lined.

Wolfe Foundation, Marshalltown, Iowa. Dowaliby, Margaret Dr.

Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3) Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3)
Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3) Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3)
Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3) Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3)
Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3) Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3)
Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3) Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3)
Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3) Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3)
Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3) Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3)
Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3) Message in a Bubble (The April-May June Series Book 3)

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