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To achieve its objectives, the following hypotheses are formulated: There is no statistically significant difference at the significant level 0. There is no statistically significant difference at the significant level 0. Unpublished PhD thesis. Baghdad university, college of education, Ibn Al-Haytham. The nature of prejudice. Thesis, Basrah university, Iraq.

A solid entry in this entertaining series. An old flour mill has been used by the homeless as a shelter, but the Minnesota Historical Society wants to renovate the place, and make it into a museum. All bets are off when the body of the leader of the effort is found. In one of the old grain silos.

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Meanwhile, Chloe's on-again-offagain boyfriend, Roelke Mckenna is on the trail of the man who killed his best friend, a well-liked cop. The two cases have roots in both past and present, and Chloe's psychic flashes lead to a killer with a most unusual motive, while Roelke has to face unpleasant facts about some of his pals on the police force. Personal and professional crises are. Photos of some of the sites and objects that inspired the story are included at the end of the book. When said nephew turns up dead, apparently from bee stings, the staff of the museum comes under suspicion.

Everyone has good reason to hate Maxwell, from the surly gardener to the jilted fiancee, to kelsey herself. It takes courage and wit, and a few odd clues for kelsey to find a most unlikely killer, with an all-too-common motive. A fast-paced read with a shocking ending. Things go sadly amiss when one of the group is found at the base of a cliff.

Was this an accident, or revenge for a betrayal fifty years before? The rest of the tour group includes a businesshungry mortician, a trio of beauty queens, and Emily's trans-gender ex-husband, who has a lot to learn about being a woman. By the time the tour is over, a long-buried secret is revealed, a murder is avenged, and a family is reunited.

In Dying for the Past, by T. He can pop in and out of rooms, if he concentrates hard enough, but he has a hard time getting his old friends to believe that he's there. What's worse, he's being co-erced by long-dead gangster Vincent Calabrese to find a very special book, which just might be the reason someone's been killed during a very exclusive gala, organized by Tuck's wife, Angela. There are more twists and turns, and family connections to the Mob, the Cold War, and the present crisis in the exSoviet union, and it takes one final shocking revelation to put everything into place.

But the sleuth, herself, is being stalked by the murderer, who not only keeps a diary of the latest kills, but records who is next.

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Percy Cole tops the list. When the lady shamus finds the illusive killer, will Death be her Valentine? Susan lives outside of Toronto, Ontario, with her husband, two children, and two cats. Tell us about it. Both girls, however, have different visions for their futures. Yet despite his wishes, Brianna, the quieter sister, dreams of attending college. It will take every ounce of courage for both sisters to follow their hearts.

And even if they do, will they inevitably find their dreams too distant to reach? Did you have an interesting experience in the research of this book?

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The one interesting tidbit I found when researching horse racing in was that the state of new York had banned it around this time, due to problems with gambling. I loved how history helped me out here! I love both genres, however the intensive research required for historicals can get a little daunting!

I may switch back to contemporaries for a while once my contract with Bethany House is fulfilled. I really loved this one about a widower seeking help for his grieving son. What do you hope readers take with them after reading your work? The main themes I love to explore are forgiveness and redemption.

My characters are usually struggling with some type of guilt, or feelings of unworthiness.

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One summer job when I was earning my tuition money, the economy was bad and I had to take odd jobs wherever I could. One particularly bad one was in an industrial area. I spend far too much time on Facebook! And I love Pinterest! I make boards for all my books and save photos as inspiration for future books. The poor guy got himself in some hot water and now has to figure out how to start his life over again! About 70 miles north of kansas City is where Smith proclaimed they were banished after their fall from grace. The latter site, called Adam-onde-Ahman, is a wellmaintained, attractive, but otherwise undistinguished park.

There are few signs and no monuments. While there, I came across a most unusual flat stone resting upon another rock. A small sign at the top of the hill far above it described it as the altera. Michael Bevan is a widowed former lawyer who owns a second-hand bookstore in kansas City. Riverrun Books has been his redemption, but things get tricky when the beautiful natalie Phelan, director of the local Irish Center, seeks his help. What led you to become an author? Despite a heavy schedule in law school, I found time to take creative writing courses from Professor Edgar Wolfe.

While in the Marine Corps I finished a novel—as yet unpublished—based on events I witnessed. Throughout my law career I found time to write four full-length manuscripts. It led me into journalism. Continued on page Victorian mysteries with nostalgic fun and spunky characters by speculative fiction author Roberta Rogow. Rock - Spencer Hill Contemporary — July — 5 Stars This book will make you want to go to summer camp with lauren who tries to figure out who she is and what she wants out of life.

She thinks she knows, but surprises come fast and furious when she ends up at her favorite place in the world, Camp Juniper Point with two very different guys. She grew up with Seth. He knows the person she was, but Matt, her high-school quarterback boyfriend knows the person she is, or does he? Then again, does she know who they are? The second book in this series, Camp Payback is even better than the first novel, Camp Boyfriend.

She will teach Vijay a much needed lesson along with her perfect brother and parents. Alex tends to talk first and think later, but spontaneity is normal in many teens. And once she realizes that Javier is at the camp for a job, she does try to make amends. Meantime, Javier has troubles of his own. He knows the rules, especially the most important. Of course these two misunderstood, basically unloved characters that have both been abandoned by the adults who are supposed to love them will connect with each other on several levels.

Most readers will be rooting for them all the way. We want Alex to learn self-acceptance. Who would really abandon a kindred spirit? Despite these two strong characters as well as the others in the ensemble cast at Camp Juniper Point, there are some unanswered questions. For example, we never see Alex and her brother resolve their differences. Or will he always be a sanctimonious jerk? Seeing both sides of the question would have strengthened her character as well and the same goes for Javier.

Still this was a terrific second book and it was so much fun to return to Camp Juniper Point. That made book 3 even more fun especially since it takes place during the same summer. So, how will the authors make this work? Readers will definitely identify with kayla West who has to Continued on Page. Shannon lives on the family farm, a riding stable in the Cascade foothills, where she organizes most of the riding programs and teaches horsemanship around her day-job as a substitute teacher.

To make things worse, her one-time friend and crush, nick Desanti has returned to camp as an all-star, Olympian snowboarder. Once again, writing partners J. Rock have provided readers with a story that has interesting main characters, an engaging ensemble cast, a terrific setting, a good mesh of humor and authentic dialogue. However, the romance between her and nick seemed to take second place to her interactions with friends, family and that life lesson. Still, this was a fun, fairly light-hearted read despite the serious theme.

Double Aargh! Then back to the law and ultimately to owning a secondhand bookstore. Throughout it all I worked to develop my writing skills, going to writer conferences, talking to agents, working on my pitches.

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  8. Writers write. If you could have dinner with any mystery character by any other author, who would you choose? They are witty, charming, fun to be around, and common sense smart. And they really, really like each other. By the way, William Powell who played nick in the movies was a kansas Citian. I plan to let Michael Bevan rest for a while to concentrate on a new series involving a former French commando who solves crimes in a Missouri river town. The generational effects of domestic violence are at the heart of this story. White brilliantly guides us through the awkward interactions of four people who seemingly have little in common as they grow to become a family.

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    Rich details, compelling characters and numerous secrets keep you engaged until the last page. I loved this book. Michael Bevan stumbles into another mystery in this 3rd book in the series. The story starts with the murder of Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, and the vow of his followers to avenge his death by killing the descendants of those they deemed responsible.

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    Atlanta has become the battlefield between human and demon. An outcast among Beladors, Evalle Kincaid has. Her origins unknown, she's on a quest to learn more about her past. When a demon claims a young woman in a terrifying attack and there's no one else to blame, Evalle comes under suspicion and the only person who might help her is Storm, a sexy new agent with secrets of his own. Sounds good, right?

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    It has all the elements we urban fantasy lovers want in a novel but this book read like a early draft that severely needed editing. In their frantic search for peace they stumble across a developing race of alien hybrids on earth that have been living and propagating a furtive and comfortable life, thanks to another of Adamonde's kind who traveled to Earth over a hundred years earlier. The two aliens quickly become friends and their extended families combine to combat various groups of killers hired by the pharmaceutical company and others. Vance develops the cast and dialog to demonstrate the immense barriers that exist during attempts to present enriching scientific facts to Earth's population; expecting even a small fraction to understand or care about the redeeming effects.

    The characters repeatedly attempt to convince the world that Adamonde is real and has life-giving information for Earth, but are not taken seriously; even reviled. Various politicians, the world's largest Christian religion and U. In order to validate Adamonde fully, the characters turn to an International Science Fiction Conference venue and illicitly demonstrate her powers there. Although accepted by hundreds in the convention, a wider audience seems impossible until the small Caribbean country allows Adamonde to speak in her native language to the United Nations General Assembly.

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    Although given immense credibility after her speech, she is also exposed to the very foes who want to consume her for their own remuneration.

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