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German commission calls for end to silence on child abuse

Your Family Crest. Irish First Names. Irish Roots Search. Irish Surnames. The most popular Irish Boys Names are shown in the table below. Irish baby names evolved over the centuries based on the historical events of the time. From the time of the Celts to the Vikings, to the Gaelic classes, the Anglo-Norman invasion and the subsequent subjugation and then rebellion, the origin of Irish names can be very involved. Contact Us. McCabes Marie O'Byrne. I remember unpacking the uniforms. They see the pictures.

And I think she felt that I had given her some kind of permission to look at that and not turn away. And that was interesting to me—scary, but interesting. For me, there is no progress unless you put things forward, unless you unveil desire, unless you unveil repression. If you have a question, ask it. People were shocked to find out that the family knew Jews, because no one asked. And what did they do?

And what happened to them during the war? So much of my work—in terms of wrestling and sports, especially portraits of large, blond, strong guys—is really about confronting a sort of Aryan myth that terrified me as a little girl. I would read books like The Diary of Anne Frank and things like that.

And to make it more accessible, somehow. It is about control.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von (–): Selected Poems

And I was really surprised to find that all the army stuff was American, and they were basically dressing up as Americans in a territory that was in fact occupied by American soldiers who were driving all over town in jeeps. But also, I think more importantly, that was what was cool or fun. It was cool gear and they were gear-oriented. So, my first pictures were really to put the guys in their German landscape and have them play out this occupation that I was watching from afar, when I would drive by the army bases.

As much as the Americans were present in the town, they were also very much in their barracks. You might see them in town, but they were really kind of doing stuff in their own world that you would pass by. By dressing Herbert and the guys up, I was able to play out my own idea: to make it some kind of a strange little Mount Everest that they were conquering in the most lazy fashion. So much of my work that has to do with war has to do with waiting for one. And that preparation is almost like organized sports.

And so, I just wanted to create for myself this presence. Not an army that was occupying from within its barracks, but an army that was really occupying the land. Herbert was really thin, and another friend of his was really kind of curvaceous. Gender, religion, nationality are all in flux in my work. The avenues to desire are skewed. I think also, particularly with the guy stuff, I wanted to be in a fraternity that I never was. My heart rate goes up.

For me, female friendship was always an intense thing. I think I bring a certain fantasy to masculine adolescence. Because I think the pictures show a wider scale of emotional life for men. And particularly, the wrestling and army stuff is really about physical contact and danger and support. He converted his jailer and his family, and his executioner became a Christian after his death. Martin Martino. Saint Martin de Porres studied medicine to cure the sufferings of people. By entering the Dominican order and growing in holiness, he discovered that God often would heal people miraculously through his prayers.

Saint Martin of Tours was raised by pagan parents, but after joining the Roman army he began to study the Christian faith. When his desire to imitate You compelled him to help a beggar, You came to him in a vision and called him to receive baptism and enter religious life. Eventually he became a bishop and banished pagan worship from his diocese. Matthew Matt, Matteo, Mattias, Matthias. Saint Matthew the Apostle was considered by his own people to be a traitor because he collected taxes for the enemy, but You, O Lord, did not label him as bad.

You knew he was willing to hear the truth and learn from it, so You said, "Follow me," and immediately he left his money and his job to accept salvation. This was the beginning of the apostolic succession and a reminder to us today that God is the One who calls men to the priesthood. Maurice Maur, Morris, Moritz, Mauricio. Saint Maurice was a Christian officer in charge of a legion of converts in an anti-Christian army. He had a very challenging and significant responsibility to help his men remain strong in the Faith despite persecutions.

When he and his men refused to sacrifice to the gods, they were martyred. Maximilian Max, Maxim. Saint Maximilian Kolbe was imprisoned in Auschwitz where he ministered to the captives and celebrated Mass by consecrating bread and wine that had been smuggled in. He was martyred after he voluntarily took the place of a young married prisoner condemned to die.

Meinrad Maynard. Saint Meinrad is the patron and in some part the founder of the still-functioning Benedictine abbey of Einsiedeln in Switzerland. He lived as a hermit at Einsiedeln and was martyred in when he gave hospitality to two criminals. Saint Mel is the nephew of Saint Patrick. He went with his uncle to Ireland as a missionary and helped him evangelize that country. He supported himself by working hard, and any extra that he earned he gave to the poor. Saint Michael the Archangel led the army of angels that defeated Satan and the demons when they rebelled against God.

Because his name means "Who is like God," Pope Saint Gregory the Great said, "Whenever some act of wondrous power must be performed, Michael is sent, so that his action and his name may make it clear that no one can do what God does by his superior power. Moses of the Old Testament was rescued from death during persecutions of the Jews in ancient Egypt , raised as one of the Pharoah's own family, and later returned to free the Hebrews from cruel slavery under the Pharoah's tyranny.

Saint Moses the Ethopian was an Abyssinian slave feared for his strength and ferocity. He led of a gang of thieves but converted to Christ. He had supernatural gifts, and his wisdom is included in the sayings of the Desert Fathers. Nathaniel Nathan. Saint Nathaniel is the same person as Saint Bartholomew, the Apostle whose greatest desire was to know the truth.

Saint Nicholas was an archbishop who dearly loved to help the poor, especially young children. He worked to protect the innocent and minister to those who were wronged. Eventually, the stories of his kindness evolved into the legend of Santa Claus. Saint Neol Chabanel was a missionary priest killed with other North American martyrs by the Iroquois in a violent raid. He had not liked his assignment, so to put God above his personal desires, he had made a solemn vow, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, to remain until death in this service.

Soon after the massacre, many Iroquois converted. Saint Norbert chose the priesthood because it seemed to be a good career move, but God changed his heart. A dramatic escape from death convinced him to take his vows seriously, and he began a new life of penance. He devoted his time to teaching priests and increasing their holiness.

Saint Oliver Plunkett was an archbishop of Ireland during anti-Catholic persecutions. Though he had to go into hiding, he was determined to continue shepherding his people. Later, he chose to die rather than give false evidence against other bishops. Saint Otto of Bamberg was a priest who worked for the royal court, but when his emperor broke from Rome and then appointed him bishop, the saint refused the position, declaring his obedience to the Church.

He became bishop only after the Pope consecrated him. Owen Ouen. Though Saint Ouen was a chancellor to the king, he also served the Church. Later, he was ordained and became an archbishop who encouraged learning and the growth of monasteries. He was known for his spirituality and generosity, and he supported missionary activities. Pascal Paschal, Pasquale. Saint Paschal was a pope who gave refuge to people escaping persecutions.

He built and redecorated many churches in Rome and transferred many relics from the catacombs to churches in the city. Saint Patrick had been born in Scotland to Roman parents who were in charge of the British colonies. When he was about fourteen, he was kidnapped during a raid and taken to pagan Ireland to herd sheep. He learned the Druidic language and practices of the people, which later helped him to evangelize them when he returned as a bishop.

Paul Pablo, Paolo, Pawel. Saint Paul the Apostle was converted from persecuting the Christians by an encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascas, after which he poured his passionate enthusiasm into spreading the Gospel. His powerful leadership was marked by boldness and unwavering conviction. Peter Pierre, Pedro, Perrin, Pierce. Jesus gave Saint Peter his name changing it from Simon to signify that he was the rock upon which He would build Your Church. After Jesus' resurrection, He ordained Peter as the first leader of the Church. Saint Peter Chanel became a priest at a time when many had lost interest in the Faith.

Assigned to a parish that was spiritually dead, he discovered that frequent prayer and daily Mass kept him from becoming discouraged. In just three years of working to inspire people to get excited about Jesus and His Church again, the parish came alive with spiritual fervor. Saint Peter Claver was known as "the Slave of the Blacks" because during the arrival of slaves in America , he ministered to them physically and spiritually. He entered the smelly cargo holds of the ships to care for the dead and sick captives. He also baptized , slaves, and he worked to influence plantation owners to treat their slaves humanely.

Philip Phelps, Filippo, Felipe, Philippe. Jesus chose Saint Philip to be one of His first disciples, because he so openly and obviously loved God. Saint Philip Neri was a priest whom the people nicknamed the "Saint of Joy" because God had gifted him with a special sense of humor. His smile went with him when he visited the sick and the imprisoned, and when he served pilgrims who traveled to Rome.

Pius Pio. Saint Pius V was the pope who reformed the Church after the Protestant division. To propagate improved standards, he published a new breviary and missal, he issued a new catechism to help people understand clearly the teachings of the Church, and he promoted the Rosary. Saint Pius X was the pope who authorized children to receive Holy Communion and encouraged everyone to receive the Eucharist as often as possible. During his papacy, he had many heavy responsibilities that increased in difficulty, and he relied on God, saying, "His Power is infinite, and if I lean on him, it will be mine.

His Wisdom is infinite, and if I look to Him for counsel, I shall not be deceived. Quentin Quin, Quinn. Saint Quintinus was a Roman who went to Gaul as a missionary. He was so successful in preaching that he was imprisoned, tortured and beheaded. Raphael Rafael. Saint Raphael is one of seven Archangels who stand before the throne of the Lord. The angel of healing, he is the one who moved the waters of the healing sheep pool in Jerusalem.

He is the patron of the blind, of happy meetings, of nurses, of physicians and of travelers. Raymond Ramon, Redmund, Raimondo. Saint Raymond Nonnatus spent his inheritance paying the ransom for Christians who had been enslaved and even traded himself to set others free. Because he miraculously survived his birth as his mother died, he is a patron saint for pregnancies.

Early years

Rene Renato, Renatus. Saint Rene Goupil was the first of those martyred by the Iroquois. He had tried to become a Jesuit priest, but his health prevented the completion of his novitiate. He then studied surgery and went to Canada , where he offered his services to the missionaries. He was tomahawked for making the Sign of the Cross on some children. Richard Ricardo, Riccardo.

Roman German enjoying the park

He was on a pilgrimage to Rome with his two sons when he became ill and died. Miracles were reported at his tomb. Robert Robin, Rupert see. Saint Robert Bellarmine is the patron saint of catechumens because he wrote two catechisms and devoted much of his time to teaching the Faith to children. He also wrote a revised version of the Bible. Roderic Roderick, Rodrigo, Rory, Rurik. Saint Roderic , also known as Ruderic , was a priest during persecutions by the Moors.

His own brothers, one a Mohammedan and the other a lax Catholic, beat him unconscious when he tried to stop an argument between them and refused to give up his Christian beliefs. He was also imprisoned for a long time and martyred for his faith. Roger Hodge, Rogelio, Rudiger, Ruggero. The latter appointed him to serve as spiritual director at one of the communities he founded.

Saint Romanus of Condat was a monk who lived as a hermit with his brother and sister. His spiritual teachings attracted followers, and he healed two lepers by embracing them. He is patron of drowning victims and the mentally ill. Rupert Robert see. Saint Rupert was a Benedictine abbot and an archbishop who evangelized southern Germany.

The Duke of Bavaria gave him a ruined town to rebuild, which Rupert renamed as Salzburg. Salvatore Salvador, Salvator. Saint Salvatore was a Franciscan Friar who developed great humility and service. He walked barefoot and kept long and rigorous fasts. His supernatural gifts healed the blind, the lame and the deaf. He was specially devoted to the Blessed Mother and to Saint Paul , both of whom visited him on several occasions. Saint Samson was a holy monk who exceeded those around him in spiritual maturity.

When he met some Irish monks whose spiritual education was more advanced than his own, he went with them to Ireland so he could learn from them while he served at their side. Saint Samuel and four companions were Egyptians who visited Christians condemned to do hard labor in the mines during persecutions, to comfort them.

Saint Sebastian is patron of athletes because of his physical endurance and his energetic way of spreading Christianity. He is also patron of soldiers because he joined the Roman army to defend Christian believers and martyrs without drawing attention to himself. Simon Simeon, Simone. He was zealous about preaching the Good News. Because of the great holiness of the prayer life of Saint Simeon Stylites the Younger , and because of his growing reputation as a healer and miracle worker, the place where he lived as a hermit became a site for many pilgrimages. Stanislaus Stanley. Saint Stanislaus of Cracow dedicated himself to the formation of clergy, and he became popular as a spiritual adviser.

As Bishop of Cracow, Poland, he successfully reformed the Church. He was murdered while saying Mass because he spoke against the king's cruelty and immorality. Saint Stephen was one of the first deacons in the Church. His holiness was so evident that when he preached to his enemies, his face glowed brightly like an angel's. He became the first martyr. Saint Stephen Harding found great joy in imitating Jesus through a life of poverty, praying, fasting, and working hard. When the other monks got tired of such a difficult life, Stephen formed a new community, the Cistercians.

Saint Sylvester I lived through many good and bad events during his long years of service as Pope, from horrendous persecutions to the downfall of the persecutors. Terence Terrence, Terry. Saint Terence was one of the early bishops of the Church, serving the Christian community of Iconium. Some Bible scholars think that he might be the Tertius mentioned by St.

Paul in his Epistle to the Romans. Theodore Feodor, Tad, Theo, Teodoro.

Saint Theodore of Sykeon was a monk and a bishop who worked amazing miracles, including healings. He put an end to a plague of insects by praying, confidently putting the matter into God's hands. Saint Theodore Tyro was a young soldier in the Roman army when he converted to Christianity.

Greek Baby Boy Names

Though he was ordered to fight enemies of the empire, he believed that the devil was the only true enemy. Soon, he was killed for being a Christian, thus winning the battle against the demons who wanted to keep him out of Heaven. Thomas Tomas, Tom, Tommaso. Saint Thomas the Apostle doubted Jesus' resurrection until he touched His wounds. After Pentecost, God called him to become a missionary in India , but he doubted again and said no.

He changed his mind only after being taken into slavery by a merchant who happened to be going to India. Once he was cured of his doubt, God freed him and he began the work he had called him to do. He is the patron saint against doubt. Because of their disapproval, he had to join the Dominicans secretly.

His family kidnapped him, intent on changing his mind, but his trust in God kept his hope alive. A year later, God freed him to rejoin the friars. He became a great theologian and Doctor of the Church. Timothy Timotheus, Timoteo. Saint Timothy was one of Paul's disciples, as well as his close personal friend and partner in evangelization.

Titus Tito. With Timothy, Saint Titus was one of Paul's disciples, as well as his close personal friend and partner in evangelization. Tobias Tobia, Tobiah, Tobit. Valerius Valerian. Saint Valerius was a bishop who worked throughout southern France to evangelize the region and to increase monasticism. Victor Victorio, Vittorio. Vincent Vincente, Vincenzo.

Saint Vincent de Paul developed a special concern for the poor after giving the Sacraments to a dying peasant. He cared for slaves, prostitutes, war victims, and the destitute. Walter Walther, Gualthieri. He fled several times to escape the position, and finally went to Rome to give his resignation directly to the pope. However, the pope asked him to return to his monastery, accept his responsibilities as abbot, and never quit again.

He obeyed. William Willis, Wilhelm, Guiliermo, Guillaume.

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Saint William of Eskilsoe worked so hard on his spiritual growth that he developed a widespread reputation for holiness and austerity. Saint Wolfgang was a monk and a bishop who had the gifts of teaching and healing. Legend says that he forced Satan to help him build a church. Zachary Zaccaria, Zacharias, Zecharian. Adam Adan first of the Earth First man and father of the human race Jan. June 20 Alban White Saint Alban was converted by a priest whom he sheltered from persecutions and rescued by changing clothes with him.

April 21 Anselm divine helmet Saint Anselm of Canterbury actively fought against slavery in England , even getting politically involved and obtaining legislation that made it illegal to sell human beings. July 8 Arnold Strength of an eagle Saint Arnold was confessor in the court of Charlemagne who was noted for his charity to the poor.

May 25 Bede Life Saint Bede the Venerable combined contemplative prayer with theological studies, always hungry to discover more of the riches of the Faith. July 15 Bonaventure good attempt Saint Bonaventure was one of the greatest thinkers of the Middle Ages. June 5 Boniface doer of good things Saint Boniface left everything that was familiar to him to evangelize the German tribes and reorganize the Church in France.

May 16 Brendan Brandon, Brennan Sword Saint Brendan and a crew of other Irish monks voyaged across the Atlantic to America in a ship made of oxhides -- years before the Vikings and almost years before Columbus! July 14 Camillus Camille, Camillo Temple servant Saint Camillus de Lellis repented from a wild-spent youth and gambling addiction to serve God, and although he was incurably diseased, he took care of others who were sick. June 6 Claude Claudius lame Saint Claud was a holy priest who served as a Benedictine Abbot and later a bishop, though he preferred not to have such status.

July 15 Donald dark stranger Saint Donald had nine daughters, and when his wife died, the family formed a religious community, which he directed. June 2 Eugene Gene well born Saint Eugene I was a priest who had served in several different positions in the Church and became pope. April 24 Fidelis Fidel faithful Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen was a lawyer who grew disgusted by the greed, corruption, and lack of interest in justice by his colleagues. July 18 Frederick Fred, Federico, Frederic, Friedrich peace-ruler Saint Frederick was a bishop who established order throughout his diocese.

June 15 Germain kin Saint Germaine Cousin was a severely abused and neglected child. June 17 Harvey Herve warrior Saint Harvey was blind, but this did not stop him from serving as a good abbot for his community. April 29 Hugh Hughes, Hugo, Ugo thought The father of Saint Hugh the Great wanted him to become a knight and secular leader, but his mother supported his interest in religious life, especially after a local priest had a vision about it.

About a Boy: Roman (German Edition) About a Boy: Roman (German Edition)
About a Boy: Roman (German Edition) About a Boy: Roman (German Edition)
About a Boy: Roman (German Edition) About a Boy: Roman (German Edition)
About a Boy: Roman (German Edition) About a Boy: Roman (German Edition)
About a Boy: Roman (German Edition) About a Boy: Roman (German Edition)
About a Boy: Roman (German Edition) About a Boy: Roman (German Edition)
About a Boy: Roman (German Edition) About a Boy: Roman (German Edition)
About a Boy: Roman (German Edition) About a Boy: Roman (German Edition)

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