Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition)

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1. Bodin’s Life in Politics and Religion: Concord or Tolerance?

Their lawyers are always on-hand to help and make themselves available to assess complex legal issues to tight deadlines. Business activities Because even the simplest of operations related to business activities require the same high level of care, Rivedroit is regularly called upon by its corporate entity clients to assist in overseeing and managing aspects of their business activities to avoid any potential difficulties at a later stage. Client testimonials: The counsel we received from Rivedroit's lawyers was invaluable in helping us structure our business, as was the support we enjoyed throughout the process.

Their comprehensive approach to our plans allowed us to avoid a certain number of pitfalls. More specifically, our counsel flagged up the need to report the operation to the competition authority, which we were absolutely unaware of when we first got started. Internal growth Because contracts and agreements form the backbone of any company, contract law is one of Rivedroit's key areas of activity, as we work to help clients draft, assess and negotiate their way through all their contractual commitments.

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Client testimonials: I reached out to the Rivedroit firm for help in drafting a major contract worth tens of millions of euros with a foreign client, which unfortunately led to a dispute. Thanks to the work my lawyers put in ahead of time, I was able to avoid the worst, particularly thanks to the choice of applicable law and competent jurisdiction we made together. External growth Equity financing transactions are key pillars in Rivedroit clients' strategies, both in terms of the amounts involved and the consequences they imply. Client testimonials: Rivedroit allowed all the parties present to reach an agreement on share transfer price and conditions, despite the fact that relations between shareholders had deteriorated.

The firm's lawyers are informative and patient while remaining firm and focussed on their objectives. Voir aussi p. The Factums of the lawyer Robespierre. The choice of defense by publication. Le droit, les faits et les sentiments.

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Duquenoi 2. Parlement Douai. Here below are the answers specific to France:. Once again, in principle under French law, all correspondences between a lawyer and its client are covered by professional secrecy.

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Example: a lawyer who mentions a fact that is known to third parties and has nothing to do with contentious or advisory activities performed on behalf the client does not breach professional secrecy. Under French law, a correspondence between lawyers is confidential by nature and covered by professional secrecy, regardless of the medium and the matter, without having to analyse the content. In France, from a French standpoint, a correspondence between lawyers is thus covered by professional secrecy i. However, correspondences between French lawyers and foreign lawyers are, by nature, official unless otherwise agreed.

In his dealings with a lawyer who is a member of a bar outside the European Union here Canada , the French lawyer must, before exchanging confidential information, ensure that there are rules in the country where the foreign lawyer exercises to guarantee confidentiality of the correspondence. Coming back to the purely French rules, all correspondences between lawyers are confidential by nature and covered by professional secrecy.

Besides, any attachment to a confidential correspondence is, by nature, also confidential and covered by professional secrecy. Whilst drafting an official correspondence, French lawyers must limit themselves to a brief and objective statement of the facts or the request and must refrain from mentioning the position of the adverse party. For example, a correspondence containing an insult to the adverse lawyer. The essential principles of sensitivity, moderation and courtesy must lead the French lawyer to restrain from communicating directly with the adverse party. The answer to the question of whether such correspondence is allowed falls under Mr.

Either way, French lawyers would strongly advise their client not to correspond with the adverse lawyer.

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The essential principles of gentleness, moderation and courtesy must lead the French lawyer to restrain from communicating directly with the adverse party. As for the secretaries or legal assistants in France, they are bound by the applicable collective agreement to a commitment of strict confidentiality regarding the business of the law firm.

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It could be since it is a correspondence between lawyers.

Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition) Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition)
Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition) Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition)
Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition) Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition)
Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition) Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition)
Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition) Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition)
Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition) Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition)
Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition) Secrets davocats (Documents) (French Edition)

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