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Derek Jacobi as Edward Masterman. Michelle Pfeiffer as Mrs. Daisy Ridley as Mary Debenham. Marwan Kenzari as Pierre Michel. Olivia Colman as Hildegarde Schmidt. Lucy Boynton as Countess Andrenyi. Sergei Polunin as Count Andrenyi. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Biniamino Marquez. Tom Bateman as Bouc. Leslie Odom Jr. Yassine Zeroual as Young Boy. Asan N'Jie as Hotel Waiter. Michael Rouse as Inspector. Elliot Levey as Rabbi. David Annen as Priest.

Joseph Long as Imam. Andy Apollo as Armed Policeman. Hadley Fraser as British Military Escort. Ziad Abaza as Arab Shipmate. Nari Blair Mangat as Waiter.

Luke Brady as Waiter. Miltos Yerolemou as Old Turk Baker. Kathryn Wilder as Prostitute. Gerard Horan as Aynesworth. Richard Clifford as Matre d'. Sid Sagar as Sleeping Car Attendant. Adam Garcia as Italian Fan. Harry Lister Smith as Stockman. Darryl Clark as Salon Barman. Anoushka Lucas as Pianist.

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Matthew Hawksley as Waiter. Crispin Letts as Head Waiter. Kate Tydman as Chef. Chris Porter as Station Master. Jack Riddiford as Police Captain. Joshua Lacey as Track Foreman. Phil Dunster as Colonel John Armstrong. Miranda Raison as Sonia Armstrong. Ansu Kabia as Police Captain Newsreel. Hayat Kamille as Susanne. Rami Nasr as McQueen's Father. Todd Boyce as Judge. Irfan Shamji as Yugoslavian Police Officer. Tom Hanson as British Military Officer.

Dec 1, Full Review…. Nov 19, Full Review…. Nov 13, Full Review…. Nov 10, Full Review…. Jun 25, Rating: B- Full Review…. May 16, Rating: 7. Apr 26, Rating: 3. Apr 24, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Sep 18, The beginning of the film is perfect, an exotic location, a neat little introduction to the character, the sequences conjures up images of the great adventures of Lawrence of Arabia or even Indy Jones. Then we are getting on the train. The cast is amazing, of course, so is the narrow setting of the train and cinematography. Once Poirot starts investigating, things flow rather perfectly too.

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The unexpected stoppage in the snowbank and Poirot's unexpected presence in Bouc's cabin caused complications to the conspirators that resulted in several crucial clues being left behind. Poirot summarizes that there was no other way the murder could have taken place, given the evidence. Several of the suspects have broken down in tears as he has revealed their connection to the Armstrong family, and Mrs. Arbuthnot and Mary Debenham are in love.

She then appeals to Poirot, M. Bouc, and Dr. Constantine, not to turn them into the police. Fully in sympathy with the Armstrong family, and feeling nothing but disgust for the victim, Cassetti, Bouc pronounces the first explanation as correct, and Poirot and Dr. Constantine agree, Dr. Constantine suggesting that he will edit his original report of Casetti's body to comply with Poirot's first deduction as he now 'recognizes' some mistakes he has made.

The Times Literary Supplement of January 11, , outlined the plot and concluded that "The little grey cells solve once more the seemingly insoluble. Christie makes an improbable tale very real, and keeps her readers enthralled and guessing to the end. Although both the murder plot and the solution verge upon the impossible, Agatha Christie has contrived to make them appear quite convincing for the time being, and what more than that can a mystery addict desire?

Robert Barnard: "The best of the railway stories. The Orient Express snowed up in Yugoslavia, provides the ideal 'closed' set-up for a classic-style exercise in detection, as well as an excuse for an international cast-list. Contains my favourite line in all Christie: 'Poor creature, she's a Swede. The Double Clue. The solution raised the ire of Raymond Chandler, but won't bother anyone who doesn't insist his detective fiction mirror real-life crime. The Armstrong kidnapping case was based on the actual kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh's son in , just before the book was written.

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A maid employed by Mrs. Lindbergh's parents was suspected of involvement in the crime, and after being harshly interrogated by police, committed suicide. Another less-remembered, real-life event also helped inspire the novel. Agatha Christie first traveled on the Orient Express in the autumn of Just a few months later, in February , an Orient Express train was trapped by a blizzard near Cherkeskoy, Turkey, remaining marooned for six days.

Who is the killer in ‘Murder On The Orient Express’?

Christie herself was involved in a similar incident in December while returning from a visit to her husband's archaeological dig at Nineveh. The Orient Express train she was on was stuck for twenty-four hours, due to rainfall, flooding and sections of the track being washed away. Her authorized biography quotes in full a letter to her husband detailing the event. The letter includes descriptions of some passengers on the train, who influenced the plot and characters of the book: in particular an American lady, Mrs.

Hilton, who was the inspiration for Mrs. The book was made into a movie, which is considered one of the most successful cinematic adaptations of Christie's work ever. Only minor changes were made for the film: Masterman was renamed Beddoes, the dead maid was named Paulette instead of Susanne, Arbuthnot became Arbuthnott, and M. Bouc became M. The novel was made into a made-for-television film which was first aired in with Alfred Molina as Poirot. This adaptation changes the setting to modern day, and also omits many characters from the novel, making the number of suspects significantly shorter.

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A love interest for Poirot is also introduced. Part of the filming included Malta standing in for Istanbul. Philip Martin directs this installment, with the screenplay being written by Stewart Harcourt who also wrote the screenplay for The Clocks. Loosely faithful to the original story, it has a number of major differences, such as the character of Cyrus Hardman being omitted from the story, with Doctor Constantine who is changed from a Greek doctor to Mrs. Most notably, instead of each member of the 'Jury' coming to Cassetti's room during the night and stabbing him one at a time, where they line up and stab him one after the other, resulting in him dying from the sheer quantity of wounds sustained rather than leaving any ambiguity about which one of the jury struck the fatal blow.

Following a trend of religious elements introduced to the series after , the script includes extended religious and moral dialogues. The adaptation is unusual in that the narrative begins with Poirot in the midst of solving his recent case in Palestine referring back to the case mentioned in the book.

Helena, Countess Andrenyi's real maiden name, along with that of their mother's name, is changed from Goldenberg to Wasserstein, German for "water stone" then anglicized to Waterston.

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This movie version has Princess Dragomiroff volunteering to be turned in, while in the book it is Linda Arden who asks Poirot to turn her in, if anyone at all, as the lone assassin. The adaptation concludes with an emphasis on Poirot's moral dilemma. Arbuthnot is tempted to murder Poirot and Bouc after the truth is revealed, but is convinced by the other murderers that doing so would make him as bad as Cassetti. This, Poirot's attitude towards the Istanbul stoning, and a conversation with Mary Debenham lead to Poirot presenting the police with the false account of a lone assassin.

The murderers are clearly relieved by this, but Poirot continues to struggle with his decision as he walks away from the train. A notable anachronism in this version is a reference by Mr. Bouc to "the famous battleship Bismarck", built several years after the events in the novel. The death of a passenger is a group effort, and while at a few moments during the film, certain couples seem to be in on it together, it turns out that every person had a hand in killing the train's murder victim, plotting and executing the man's death as a group.

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But it's the story that goes with this revelation is what makes this movie so captivating. It turns out, Murder On The Orient Express isn't really just about the murder which, as you probably guessed from the movie's title, happens on the Orient Express. The film is also about a different murder, which occurred before the train ride between Istanbul and Paris and serves as an important backstory for the film. The victim of the train murder is Edward Ratchett played by Johnny Depp , whose name fits his character; he comes clean to acclaimed detective Hercule Poirot Kenneth Branagh early on in the film about his bootlegging business, but he doesn't exactly come clean about a different, more important crime he committed.

Before changing his name to Ratchett, the criminal went by the last name Cassetti, and he'd kidnapped and murdered a young girl named Daisy Armstrong, of a prominent and wealthy American family.

Murder On The Orient Express Murder On The Orient Express
Murder On The Orient Express Murder On The Orient Express
Murder On The Orient Express Murder On The Orient Express
Murder On The Orient Express Murder On The Orient Express
Murder On The Orient Express Murder On The Orient Express

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