Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1)

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So yes, this is the antithesis of rave. Tuesday, November 19, Interesting take by Philip Sherburne on the Missy Elliott album. Sunday, November 17, Microstep versus gabba-garage. Not an anthem in earshot, just endless subtleties. In yer face, blatant, bombasticall good terms in my lexicon. Which brings me back to the reason I was sorta kinda hoping to dislike Horsepower's record.

In the new Gabba-Garage, the MC-ing is as sick as the twisted Mentazm-noize: a relentless battery of boasts and threats that weave together to create a vision of life that is absolutely bleak in its war-of-all-against-all Social Darwinism and war-of-the-sexes lovelessness. More on this later this week…. Tuesday, November 12, Voice versus Vice. The missus gives them Vice boys the critical beatdown they so richly deserve. Vice is my little vice. So it becomes a question of to what extent do you make allowances?

The very quaintness of the namesake concept "Vice" is suggestive of this idea of cutting everyone down to size: man as essentially fallen, fallible, prone to ludicrous and lowly lusts. Marvel at the daft things people do to get off. More often than not, satire seems to come from a right-of-centre place. Agreeable, fogies and curmudgeons and cynics and out-right misanthropes seem to have an overwhelming advantage when it comes to mirth-generation.

Amis pere et fils are obsessed with this idea of the humourless as someone not fully human. Possibly there is more of a tradition of this—radical or counterculture comedy—in America Lenny Bruce, Firesign Theater, Devo, that fat chap whose name escapes me just this minute who did the film about Flint, Michigan and makes good fun of corporations on TV. You only have to think of Nietzche, the Futurist Manifestos, Celine, Wyndham Lewis, the early Julie Burchill even, and you can see how saying the unsayable and breaking with consensus can liberate enormous energy, a tremendous exuberance of language and style.

Of course, sociopaths can be exuberant too, entertaining up to a certain point. There are bits of Vice that recall Answer Me! Again it shows how disgust is a powerful resource for humour. Monday, November 11, Idyllictronica 2. Or is it proto-idyllictronica? This expanded version is what Darla have reissued. Indeed there was an Ultramarine album before Every Man and Woman called Folk , which I never heard, which would make them even more incredibly prescient. It might just be the remastering, which also threw me for a loop until I checked the press-release and saw it had been remastered: initially, the record sounded almost disconcertingly vivid.

Idyllictronica 1. Then again, why not? One of the problems, or deficiencies, of electronic music in the last seven years or so is the phobia or hang-up it has developed about making music that is purely lovely. Friday, November 08, Schadenfreude time. Hip hip hooray! The woman, Mortis, is the vox of death. She esc In a world where all natural forces - such as heat, light, and motion - are controlled by invisible winged creatures known as vox, mages have successfully conquered death, making all humans immortal.

She escapes her prison, but with no memory of what she is, Mortis goes to the only person she remembers - Liiran. Declared a criminal merely by his knowledge of Mortis' existence, and nearly arrested for treason, Liiran learns that his government is controlled by mages and a corrupt vox bent on taking over the world.

He and Mortis are forced to flee, and are drawn into the chaos of war, meeting an enslaved vox, an independent journalist, and a pair of beautiful assassins as they fight to rescue Mortis' friends and avoid imprisonment. Meanwhile, Liiran struggles with his confusing love for the living personification of death - and the fundamental questions of what it really means to live. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages.

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More filters. Sort order. This is my novel! Oct 30, Bridgette rated it really liked it. Mortis Unbound was a fun, enjoyable read! One of the things I love most is the thought that obviously went into the world-building.

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Immediately, we're shown a world that's similar to yet different from our own, a world that blends science, medicine, and magic in a delightful and believable way. Alison Moyet. All Else Failed. All Ends. All I Could Bleed. All Said.

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Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1) Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1)
Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1) Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1)
Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1) Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1)
Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1) Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1)
Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1) Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1)
Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1) Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1)
Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1) Mortis Unbound (Vox Cycle Book 1)

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