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I'll just disown you and throw you down a well and fill it with rattle snakes ArabParents. Toggle navigation. By Rayana Khalaf Contributor. Source: Facebook. The answer is in how loud they say Allahu Akbar. They take guilt-tripping to new celestial heights. The "too old for 3idiyyah" debate. Miss a prayer, and you'll get a death stare that's the stuff of jahannam. There's always that one good Muslim child your parents are always comparing you to.

Can I spend Christmas time with my non-Muslim mother?

They leave all the decisions they don't want to make to Allah. Mission impossible: convincing them to let you get a dog. How many "wlak haram! To them, your dreams at night are practically gospel no pun intended. Forget Google, they're your go-to reference for any Islam-related question.

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Because what blesses your day better than an Islamic du'aa with a side of motherly love? Having them on social media is a minefield. Source: 9gag. I never understood what crushes or dating meant. Queerness was rarely discussed in my family. When my aunt came out, my mother described her actions as sinful and abhorrent, but she never elaborated. I spent more than a few nights wide awake, watching coming out videos until my eyes hurt.

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Almost all of them featured young, white men, and that warped my perception of what the queer community looked like. Watching two girls kiss and be in love felt wrong, and it made me anxious because I realized I wanted it, too. The more confused I became about my sexuality, the more I felt like I was letting my family and faith down. It seemed hypocritical of me to do something when I was well aware that it was a sin.

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In my mind, the notion that I could be queer felt like admitting to being a criminal or somehow broken. When the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub occurred, I remember not being able to look away from the news coverage. I was stricken with grief, and no one else in my family was. I began to question every decision I made and every word I spoke.

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I just wanted to be anyone except for myself. But I can control who I am and the influence I have on those around me. I'm always here if you have questions -- and I don't blame you if there are many.

I may not have the answers but we can work together to figure things out so that collectively we become a society of tolerance, respect and love. This post was originally published on MuslimGirl. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Written by: Nadia El-Hillal. Be soft, be respectful, be thoughtful, be selfless. I don't need a politician's "Muslim ID badge" because I wear one everyday for all to see.

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Help! How Do I Tell My Family I’m Muslim?

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Mom, Im a Muslim Mom, Im a Muslim
Mom, Im a Muslim Mom, Im a Muslim
Mom, Im a Muslim Mom, Im a Muslim
Mom, Im a Muslim Mom, Im a Muslim
Mom, Im a Muslim Mom, Im a Muslim

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