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Shoop be doop Shoop be doop doop dah Shoop be doop Love's a funny thing Was only last night I felt you slip away, I tried so hard to hide the pain inside of me babe. I held you close but you weren't with me, I felt your mind a thousand miles away. I was a fool to let you break me down, You think by now that I would know, Just what to expect from you, oh.

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Everytime I fall, I make myself believe, That you are changing, And some day, the sun will shine through. Love is a funny thing, Your love is a funny thing, Love is a funny thing, Oooh. I like talking about relationships. So I decided to marry the two by asking comedians what makes them laugh about relationships and all the stuff that goes with it. To kick things off, I start with one of my favorite comedians, Kevin Hart. When you first hear the word, people expect it to be the white picket fence and the puppies. My wedding was hilarious, because it was in Vegas, and I got married with a blazer and some jeans on.

The more you open up the nastier you find out your partner is.

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If you think your lady is innocent, that makes you a bigger fool. The whole experience of getting to know someone over and over again, those are the things that make you laugh. Anything a woman does or goes through, she expects a man to know and understand, so a woman expecting me to understand them can make me laugh. You know that. You should understand that. I argue over everything. Any man should understand that.

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There is no love without hate. Follow Kevin Hart on Twitter. I actually agree with the principle here…not the method, lol. No two people will agree on everything. Kevin Hart won me over with Seriously Funny — I literally cried while watching it. How bout with every relationship things may get freakier. But then maybe I got into a new relationship and I was more comfortable with that person and in my own sexuality to try new things.

Loved it. Absolutely enjoyed! Looking forward to this new interview series.

Going on a fast drive you know its gonna give u a kick, adrenaline. Even if you are a sadist you know hurting yourself is a feeling, if so a bad one but in that case bad is good..

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  • Do we seek love because we need love? Or do we seek love because in the form of feel love is a strong, possibly the strongest one and there for it is widely spoken of, written about, encouraged and shown in all kinds of movies. And if I get to add one more thing. To love in combo with feelings we search. When you love doing things. But to be in love and feel strong towards a person and that person loves you back.

    Then you are able to feel love without lifting a finger. In forms of surprises your loved one made for you. Or wake you up with breakfast in the morning.

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    Or the single kiss on the forehead before they go off to work and you are home sick. Things we do for eachother. If you feel joy from giving. Then in the moment when you give you get something. Joy, pride, happiness, compassion and so on.. And if from you giving then getting something back.

    Loves A Funny Thing Loves A Funny Thing
    Loves A Funny Thing Loves A Funny Thing
    Loves A Funny Thing Loves A Funny Thing
    Loves A Funny Thing Loves A Funny Thing
    Loves A Funny Thing Loves A Funny Thing
    Loves A Funny Thing Loves A Funny Thing

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