It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA

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The worst part about this town is that there is only one way in by road and one way out. A few quiet ales at the local pub allowed me to kick back and relax before having to attempt the same drive the next day. Electricity is provided for these vehicles for overnight stays. Parking anywhere in the town itself overnight is forbidden. East fjords Iceland — driving the Ring Road. In Northern Iceland, we stopped for the night in Akureyri, the second largest city in the country.

We parked just out of town, at a large municipal car park facing the waters of the fjord. The views around us included the buildings of the historic old town. Always check before parking. Overnight stopover in Akureyri, Northern Iceland. From one window, the wildflowers and the softly flowing water caught our attention and from the other, a view across the fjord to the snow-capped mountains.

It is well outside an urban area. Not signage indicated parking was not possible on the road. It was definitely not off-road. Anytime we stopped for lunch, we always had a view. Travelling by campervan and larger motorhomes in Iceland is big business. There are a variety of rental companies, most of which operate out of Reykjavik.

Operating out of Reykjavik, we were able to pick up and drop off at the same location. Always remember, wherever you stop in a campervan, be a responsible traveller. Respect others around you and respect the environment. We flew into Keflavik Airport and stayed for several nights in Reykjavik first. We stayed at the City Town Apartments here, which were central for our time in Reykjavik and also for a pick up for from the CampEasy shuttle bus.

This article was written at a point in time when we were able to park where we did in locations that did not prohibit parking. We never left any rubbish and made no noise. As always, you should do your own research to find out the current legislation. As noted at the top of my article, a link provides further detail on the rules for camping.

Looks cold but beautiful. Wonderful photos and I love the coloured buildings. Very picturesque … even tempting! Iceland is probably one of the most stunning and magnificent travel destinations. Going there with a campervan seems like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing these spots. How long would you recommend spending there? Such a great post!

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Thanks for the tips! Found your blog via the Under Club on Facebook and following with interest. This is our kind of vacation! I love road trip and the best part of it is to camp wildly to be able to fall asleep in the nature and wake up in one! Makes me think of our Australia and the US road trip parking our campervan infront of the most gorgeus svenery one after another!

You post will come in handy for sure for us if we are lucky enough for a visit to the Iceland! This is exactly how I would travel around Iceland, I rented a campervan during my travels through New Zealand and I believe that I saw so much more of that amazing country that way. I drove around southern Iceland a few years ago and I think it would be awfully easy to find a place to park all night there. Outside of the capital region, there are tons of side roads where civilization runs out pretty quickly and not many cars would pass you.

I suppose one of the big challanges is finding an isolated spot but with the perfect view. I dream of waking up next to a waterfall every day! If I needed to be sold on Iceland, this has done it for me. I love the freedom that comes with travelling with a camper van and the places you get to explore and be a part of when all the people are gone. A truly beautiful place. Great info and striking photos. I had pushed Iceland off my list of places to visit, but I think it may have made its way back on. I have been to Iceland a couple of times with work and only got to experience one day of my own time there.

The vehicle's exterior was made up of double-walled Duralumin panels filled with Thermosote, a tar-impregnated wood fibre insulation board manufactured by the Agasote Millboard Co. The coach had a central aisle intermediate the two decks with single steps leading up and down into the thirteen 2-passenger compartments.

Headroom over the center aisle was 86 inches and its roof was composed of a central Duralumin backbone and framework covered by insulating board and a heavy nitrite-coated canvas cover. The Nite Coach's front-mounted engine was built into a removable carrier frame which was fitted with a horsepower Sterling Petrel 6-cylinder gasoline engine and Brown-Lipe transmission.

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From the center aisle, steel uprights ran up to the roof forming a central framework to which the various compartment partitions and braces were attached. The resulting steel and Duralumin honeycomb resulted in a durable two story coach weighing little more than a standard single deck passenger coach. The windows were made from shatterproof glass framed by composite Duralumin and Bakelite frames.

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It is generally agreed that only four Nite Coaches were built Carlton Jackson claims five , the first of which was christened the Alsacia after Alsacia M. Wren, one of Charles F. Wren's two daughters. The Alsacia had an unusual flat rear roof over the rear-most first floor cabin, a feature not found on subsequent Nite Coaches which all featured a fastback rear roof with an enclosed luggage compartment.

Wren, Charles F. Wren's second daughter. The third coach constructed was christened the Morpheus, after the Greek god of dreams and sleep, while the name of the fourth and final first series Nite Coach has been lost to history. In an interview with author Curtis Jackson, T. Davis, a former Nite Coach driver, recalled that driving the highway behemoths was a generally miserable experience and although the driver was isolated from the passengers by a glass partition, he was forced to sit directly over the poorly insulated, hot and noisy, engine compartment for hours at a time.

On long overnight runs, the Nite Coach was typically staffed by a porter and two drivers, one of whom typically slept while the other drove. According to Davis, the porter, who was normally African-American, had the best job of all:. The soft drink and food concessions were entirely theirs, and the ice they used was furnished free by the company. At the end of the line, the porter usually tipped the drivers anywhere from five to ten dollars each. The following letter to the editor appeared in the June 25, issue of Time magazine:.

These stages now have upper decks, raised pilot houses for drivers, lavatory, radio, kitchen, and chef who prepares and serves hot meals while the cars are in motion. Wren, of Los Angeles, is the guiding spirit and president of the Pickwick System, who has consistently pushed motor stage service across from West to East, and who has sponsored the many original features of equipment and service begun by this company. Movie star Clara Bow was pictured with the vehicle and its picture was published in numerous newspapers and magazines, many of which included re-formatted versions of Pickwick's press release.

Three slightly different versions follow. Its construction was finished on July 30, and the coach was to be shown at the Long Beach Pacific Southwest exposition before making its maiden trip. Following are the complete details of the new road monster.

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Here are a few points of interest:. Duralumin stronger than steel and as light as aluminum. No wood in body or coachwork. The compartments are arranged in upper and lower decks with an aisle running down the center or the coach. Single step from aisle to either upper or lower deck. Each compartment accommodates 2 people and is equipped with upper and lower berths.

Passengers, sit facing each other during the daytime and the seats are used to form the berths at night. Each berth is 6 ft. Adjoining the bed is a dressing space with full head room and heavy draw curtains to cut it off from the rest of the car. In each compartment are five lights, a thermos jug of ice water, a wash basin with running water, an extra seat for convenience in dressing, two large drawers for the clothing and personal effects of passengers and space to store two suitcases. Large center window closed at night and smaller windows on each end of berth are opened.

Portholes supply ventilation to lower berths.

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Fan ventilation system supplies warm or cold air to individual compartments as desired. The floor is of composite composition. Seats upholstered in brown-green upholstery which blends with the finish of the coach. Artistic drape curtains over all windows. Unbreakable glass divisions between compartments and aisle space are provided with curtains for privacy.

The kitchen is located in the entranceway of the car and is complete in every detail. Range, percolator, toaster, ice box and cooking utensils as well as table wear for 20 passengers carried. Meals will be served on tables in the compartments. Portholes and windows make it resemble an ocean liner. Finished in blue, black and grey lacquer. An unusual feature is the fact that the motor, transmission and all units around the motor can be slid out and replaced by a new power plant in a few minutes time by merely loosening 4 bolts and disconnecting electric, gas and oil lines.

This will be used on all future Pickwick equipment and will eliminate delays due to motor trouble. Reserve motors will be kept at all terminal points. Motor generates horsepower. Austin personally drafted plans for the Nitecoach on a specially constructed 30 foot drawing board. A slightly altered version of the release was published in the August 26, Pittsburgh Press:.

Its has been christened by Clara Bow, vivacious screen star, in the presence of more than 20, people at the exposition. At first glance, it appears to be a gleaming blue and gray submarine on bulging balloon tires, for it is gracefully streamlined and is equipped with portholes as well as big observation windows. The entrance is an arched doorway near the front of the car, opening immediately on a compact kitchen which is part of the regular equipment.

His section opens into a high-roofed center aisle running the length of the car, on either side of which are found 13 compartments on the upper and lower decks. By an ingenious arrangement, upper and lower compartments are made to interlock, reducing the height of the car to only a few inches above the ordinary single-deck stage. The center aisle is located half way between the floors of upper and lower decks, so that it is but a short step down or up to either level. Heavy sliding curtains give privacy to each compartment at night.

With curtains drawn aside, each compartment is revealed as a little stateroom, with two deep cushioned chairs facing each other and a wide three-paneled window extending its full length. These windows, all moveable, have both shades and draw curtains. Two sliding drawers, measuring 14 by 17 inches, are for clothing and personal effects.

There is space where a suitcase may be stored, making it completely accessible at all times. It is almost impossible, until one has seen the car, to imagine where all this space in each compartment can be.

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He deftly swings up the back of each seat, which is hinged at the top, until lower ends join, thus forming a single bed 24 inches wide. This makes the upper berth. From under the seats he produces a mattress and lays it over the cushioned seat backs, adding linen and blankets to make a snug and inviting bed. The lower berth is just as easily made up. The lower portion of each seat is in two sections, which are arranged along the floor to form a continuous cushion. This trailer has all the upgraded options including stainless appliances, white cabinets, red velour accents!

Instant Book. Step into this beauty and take off! Drive anywhere in the USA and Canada A touch longer than 19' long. Can sleep 6 up to 4 adults 2 kids. Dining table. Class A. Fun family camper. One queen size bed and a bunk bed, kitchen dinette can also become addition queen bed.

Camper sleeps 6 max. Kitchen includes microwave and stove top. Thor Motor Coach Four Winds. Thor Family Truckster - very low mileage and usage, looks nearly new only 30, or so miles to date. Camper Van. Falcon with Agile Offroad 4x4 conversion. Two tanks, gen, full size shower, hot water, furnice, fridge, range microwave and AC. Cassette toilet and modern.

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Large 12' slide out and beautifully maintained. This beauty has only 35, miles on it and has been garaged most its life. The RV comes with everything you need to have an awesome. See All RV Rentals. Search Home Delivery RVs. Destination Delivery Have an RV delivered directly to a campground, festival, or sporting event, and camp in style—without having to get behind the wheel. Search Destination Delivery RVs. Airport Delivery Have an RV delivered directly to your arriving airport and start your adventure straight out the gate—no connecting rides necessary.

Search Airport Delivery RVs. Custom Teardrop Trailer. Camper Rentals near Sacramento, CA. Country Coach 40 Allure. Our beautiful triple slide, feature-packed roadtrip vehicle of awesomeness! Beautiful, Pet Friendly RV - reduces winter rates book now! Exploring the City Sacramento is famous as a farm-to-table town, with lots of restaurants featuring local produce, meat and other flavors.

What's around Sacramento, CA Check out local hikes, campgrounds, dumpstations, and more! The world famous Folsom Lake offers a ton of RV camping options along the scenic shores. As a bonus the American River trail ends here allowing you to hop on the bikes and ride a paved multi-use trail all the way down into Sacramento just not that down part because it is uphill all the way back! RV sites are available both with and without hookups so if you want to save some money on a campsite get a RV rental with a generator and book a primitive site.

This is the only RV park in Sacramento that is right on the river. You'll have a great view of the river, old growth trees that provide shade and the marina offers a place to take a dip and park your boat. There is an onsite convenience store and free wireless, but if you want a taste of town, Old Sacramento is just 10 minutes away. A nice destination in your RV rental. The first public art museum founded in the Western United States, today it's one of the most important art museums in California.

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It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA
It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA
It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA
It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA
It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA
It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA
It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA
It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA
It Isnt A Bus:Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA

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