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I have spent the equivalent of three years in Spanish speaking countries; normal people would be fluent by now! She wanted to see a guy who runs it and to practice her French, which by the way is actually really good. This particular guy in my opinion was acting and treating her like a dick…funny thing, his name rhymes with dick, coincidence?? Soooooo wrong!

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We arrived to the pub where the French club was already in full swing. Not to worry I told her we will just sit together and get drunk, it will be fun! Meanwhile I find out she is originally from Switzerland and he first Language was French! I was the lone loser who could hardly utter two words in French. I could understand what they were all saying in French I mean I did study it in school so it is there somewhere hiding in a deep dark corner of my brain scared to come out.

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I was trying as well I really was but Spanish kept on popping out of my mouth, I would say a Spanish word with a horrible French accent. Dick was preoccupied with the other girl that came with us so I got stuck talking to snobby French lady. So what do you do when some old tart is being a language snob to you where you hardly know anyone?

Get another drink! I ran to the bar many times just to speak English and swig back another glass of red. How did I get stuck with this horrible old lady and why did she hate me so much? At least I was trying! There I was dashing up to the bar to get away from Mrs. Truman Capote died from an overdose at age 59 in August If I only had time to visit one city in Catalonia, it would be the ancient walled city of Girona, perched on a northern hillside close to the Costa Brava.

Barcelona, over-hyped and tourist overwhelmed is bigger, but for me, Girona is a much better alternative. Girona is located about km 62 miles north of Barcelona — perfect for a daytrip there. It is a stunningly beautiful city with plenty of inspiration, with an easy-to-stroll center and incredible food. Close to the French border, and with Catalan as the lingua franca , it has a distinct character not diluted by mass tourism.

The River Onyar divides the city, joined by a several footbridges, including Pont Eiffel. The walled medieval quarter Barri Vell runs uphill from the eastern bank and the 18th-century shopping district lies on the western bank. The Catedral de Santa Maria , with 91 ascending stone steps, is one of the most important examples of Catalan Gothic architecture. It has a Romanesque tower and cloister, a Gothic nave and a Baroque facade. In the cathedral square, the grand episcopal palace is now home to the Art Museum housing historical and modern Catalan works. The Passeig de la Muralla is a restored medieval defensive wall on the east side.

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It now forms a walking route high above the old city. There was a large Jewish community that flourished in Girona until their official expulsion in The old Jewish neighborhood or Call is one of the best preserved in Europe. The Museum of Jewish History Carrer de la Forca 8 tells the story of the community that lived in Girona for centuries.

Freshly washed clothes hanging out to dry in an old city street. Girona has an impressive number of local designers and craftspeople, with many small shops offering unique clothing and jewellry. There are so many places to relax, reflect and be inspired in very bohemian Girona. There is always something festive or cultural or both! I am spending the summer on the Costa Brava, in the northeastern corner of Catalonia.


Some areas are also overflowing with the damage that followed rapid tourist development beginning in the s, but, in general, it remains a relatively unspoiled region. The cultural heritage of the Costa Brava is tied to the fishing trade and ship-building. The town was a center of shipbuilding and also had a famous sailing school. Tourism is the major industry of Blanes today.

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  • One of the best ways to appreciate the Costa Brava is to walk the many coastal trails that connect traditional fishing villages. Certain parts of the old trails vanished with tourism development in the late 20th century but many trails have been recently restored.

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    • I find them very safe and well-marked. The strikingly beautiful coastal site is one of the most important Europe — and, for me, a very memorable visit. The site is open year-round and the Museum of Catalan Archaeology is located on the grounds. This is a region filled with medieval towns, churches and farmhouses.

      Small farms are everywhere, supplying the local markets. In the late 19th century a large number of inhabitants of the Costa Brava traveled or emigrated to Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic — it has been estimated that as much as one third of the average town here left to make their fortune. Many of these immigrants were financially successful in the Caribbean, especially Cuba, and returned to their towns and villages on the Costa Brava where they constructed large and ornate houses.

      Beyond the intense summer tourist season, there is year-round activity on the Costa Brava. How did the famous Catalan coast get its name?


      This spring I decided to visit Girona during the Temps de Flors Time of Flowers festival, celebrating its 60th anniversary. The festival is held for 9 days in the middle of May. The city of Girona is in northeastern Catalonia, beside the River Onyar. During Temps de Flors the narrow, winding streets, gardens, patios and monuments are imaginatively adorned with flowers. The festival is very popular and the crowds can be a challenge, as space is needed to fully appreciate the floral arrangements — this year there were installations — quite a lot to see in a day, even arriving early.

      There is a free map, with a well-organized route, available at the Girona tourist office.

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      The restaurants of Girona are renowned for both traditional Catalan and cutting-edge cuisine but as often happens during festival days they were either booked or offering special menus beyond my budget. Official Girona Tourist Office website. Modernisme Door, Cork Museum. Carving of cork cutters, Cork Museum. View from my apartment. Sant Feliu beach in winter. Local cliffs. The port of Sant Feliu.


      Spring in Sant Feliu — the best season to visit! The Monastery. Sant Elm. The Casino detail. Rescue Station. Sant Feliu Cemetary.

      Gringuita (French Edition) Gringuita (French Edition)
      Gringuita (French Edition) Gringuita (French Edition)
      Gringuita (French Edition) Gringuita (French Edition)
      Gringuita (French Edition) Gringuita (French Edition)
      Gringuita (French Edition) Gringuita (French Edition)
      Gringuita (French Edition) Gringuita (French Edition)
      Gringuita (French Edition) Gringuita (French Edition)
      Gringuita (French Edition) Gringuita (French Edition)
      Gringuita (French Edition)

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