Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce.

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For the right information to be available when and where it is needed requires people and systems to talk to one another.

Ethical Issues in eCommerce

For too many years, our information systems have not consistently met this goal. Sharing and using information across multiple technologies is referred to as interoperability, and for too long we have failed to achieve it to the desired degree. In healthcare, we all want two-way, plug-and-play interoperability — the ability for the technologies we use to seamlessly exchange information. We want it to be easier; we want it to be less expensive; and we know it will be safer for our patients and the people who care for them.

When it comes to getting technologies to share data, healthcare organizations grapple with layers of complexity and redundancy. The current tools don't enjoy the simple data portability like that of email or a USB drive.

Describe The Mobile Computing Environment That Supports M-commerce (Devices, Software, Services).

Picture a patient in a hospital bed surrounded by monitors, an infusion pump, a ventilator and a pulse oximeter. This equipment is typically purchased from different manufacturers and each comes with its own proprietary interface technology. This means hospitals have to spend scarce time and money setting up each technology in a different way instead of the devices being equipped with a consistent means for connectivity.

Furthermore, hospitals are usually forced to invest in a separate "middleware" system to pull together all these disparate pieces of technology to feed data from bedside devices to EHRs, data warehouses and other applications that aid in clinical decision-making, research and analytics. Many, especially older, devices don't even connect; they require manual reading and data entry. This lack of plug-and-play interoperability can compromise patient safety, impact care quality and outcomes, contribute to clinician fatigue and waste billions of dollars a year.

As healthcare professionals, and as an industry, we can no longer accept the status quo. It is possible to have real-time, two-way, low-cost, standards-based connectivity that enables improved decision-making and assures safety at lower cost. A dilemma is a situation in which there are at least two diametrically opposed actions, each of which supports a desirable outcome. When confronted with a situation that seems to present ethical dilemmas, how can you analyze and reason about the situation?

The following is a five step process that should help. The Internet and the Web provide an ideal environment for invading the personal privacy of millions of users on a scale unprecedented in history. Perhaps no other recent issue has raised as much widespread social and political concern as protecting the privacy of over million Web users in the United States alone.

Ecommerce 12222

The major ethical issues related to ecommerce and privacy includes the following:Under what conditions should we invade the privacy of others? What legitimates intruding into others lives through unobtrusive surveillance, market research, or other means? The major political issues related to ecommerce and privacy concern the development of statutes that govern the relations between record keepers and individuals. Privacy is the moral right of individuals to be left alone, free from surveillance or interference from other individuals or organizations, including the state.

M-Commerce - A Channel of Distribution for SMEs.

Privacy is a girder supporting freedom: Without the privacy required to think, write, plan, and associate independently and without fear, social and political freedom is weakened, and perhaps destroyed. Information privacy is a subset of privacy.


The right to information privacy includes both the claim that certain information should not be collected at all by governments or business firms, and the claim of individuals to control over personal of whatever information that is collected about them. Individual control over personal information is at the core of the privacy concept. Due process also plays an important role in defining privacy. The best statement of due process in record keeping is given by the Fair Information Practices doctrine developed in the early s and extended to the online privacy debate in the late s described below.

In the United States, Canada, and Germany, rights to privacy are explicitly granted in or can be derived from, founding documents such as constitutions, as well as in specific statutes. In England and the United States, there is also protection of privacy in the common law, a body of court decisions involving torts or personal injuries. Business Applications In E-commerce. E-commerce Payments And Security. E-commerce Concepts Interview Questions.

E-commerce Concepts Practice Tests. IT Skills. Management Skills. Communication Skills. Business Skills. Digital Marketing Skills. Human Resources Skills. Health Care Skills. Finance Skills. How does the company know that the user will not try to disrupt the server so that it is not available to others? Common security vulnerabilities and exposures CVEs : Publicly known computer security risks, which are collected, listed, and shared by a board of security-related organisations cve.

Among these factors, the following are paramount: Mixing data and executable instructions Increasingly homogenous computing environments Unprecedented connectivity Larger clueless user base. Use intelligent software to identify possibly questionable customers Identify warning signals for possibly fraudulent transactions Ask customers whose billing address is different from the shipping address to call their bank and have the alternate address added to their bank account.

Search communities 2. Trading communities 3. Education communities 4. Scheduled events communities 5. Subscriber-based communities 6. Community consulting firms based communities 8.

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Advocacy communities 9. CRM communities Mergers and acquisitions activities. This factor is a must. Significant investment is required Consider the cultural environment Provide several tools and activities for member use; communities are not just discussion groups Involve community members in activities and recruiting Guide discussions, provoke controversy, and raise sticky issues.

This keeps interest high. Have we budgeted enough for security? What are the business consequences of poor security? Which e-commerce sites are vulnerable to attack? What steps should businesses follow in establishing a security plan? Should organisations be concerned with internal security threats?

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Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce. Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce.
Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce. Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce.
Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce. Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce.
Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce. Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce.
Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce. Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce.

Related Ethical, legal, and health issues in m-commerce.

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